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This article contains information from anime sources that were not written by Tite Kubo and therefore are not considered canon material by the wiki.

Renji Abarai vs. Zabimaru is a fight which takes place during the Zanpakutō Rebellion. It focuses on the conflict between 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai and his Zanpakutō Spirit, Zabimaru.


234Renji states

Renji expresses frustration at being unable to find a clue about Byakuya's whereabouts.

Renji walks past the debris of a destroyed building while noting he came here to find something. Cursing, Renji states there has to be a clue somewhere and recalls his captain, Byakuya Kuchiki, being engulfed in blade petals and slammed into a building before wondering where Byakuya could have possibly gone. When Hebi tells him to give up, Renji expresses surprise. Renji demands to know who is there, prompting Hebi to say he is over here as Saru states an idiot like Renji will never be able to find a clue regardless of how hard he tries. Turning, Renji sees Saru and Hebi standing on the stairs behind him.[1]

234Saru says

Saru says Renji is unbelievable for not recognizing her.

As he looks toward Saru, who is sitting on the steps, Renji asks her who she is. Saying he is unbelievable, an irritated Saru asks Renji if he really does not know who she is and stands up before proclaiming Renji is hopeless. Saru states she thought he would remember her after all of the years they spent together, prompting a confused Renji to smirk before saying he does not recall knowing any woman as hairy as she is as Hebi walks out from behind Saru. As Renji expresses surprise, Saru asks if Renji remembers Hebi, who lifts himself into the air with his tail.[1]

234Saru asks

Saru asks Renji what is wrong after the latter realizes what she is saying.

Saru asks Renji if he is going to say he does not remember either of them and states Renji could never forget while walking down the steps with Hebi following her. When Renji realizes Saru is saying they are his Zanpakutō Spirit, Saru asks Renji what is wrong and wonders why he is so surprised before saying this is not like Renji. An incredulous Renji points out how they used to be a monkey and a snake, only for Saru to claim he is stuck on petty details, which prompts an angry Renji to proclaim they have completely changed. When Saru says she is not sure Renji appreciates how much he used to rely on them, Renji expresses surprise.[1]

234Saru hits

Saru hits Hebi for not paying attention.

Stopping in front of Renji, Saru asks Hebi to confirm her words. When Hebi picks his nose, an irritated Saru tells him to cut it out and hits the back of his head, prompting Hebi to state he got it before noting it is a big one. As Saru tells Hebi to pay attention, Hebi asks her why she hit him and says it hurt, prompting Saru to state she would not always have to be the one doing all of the talking if Hebi paid more attention to what was going on. Hebi claims he did not want to interrupt her because Saru likes the sound of her own voice as the two of them to continue to argue.[1]

234Reiatsu flares

Red Reiatsu flares up between Saru and Hebi.

A perplexed Renji asks Saru and Hebi to come back later if they do not have any important business to discuss with him before stating that he does not have time for this right now. As Saru and Hebi turn to Renji and ask him what he said, Saru tells Renji to listen and says they will not be leaving as Hebi states Renji will not be going anywhere either, confusing Renji. Saru says Renji seems to have the wrong idea about them, and Hebi reveals they came here to find Renji so they could eliminate him before joining hands with Saru, causing a large amount of red Reiatsu to flare up between them.[1]

234Renji asks

Renji asks Saru and Hebi why they are doing this.

Telling Saru and Hebi to wait, Renji states he wishes to know and asks them why they are doing this. When Hebi says they heard the voice, Saru confirms this and states it told them to follow their instinct. A shocked Renji expresses confusion as Hebi says they will fight and Saru states this is their natural instinct. The Reiatsu dissipates, revealing Saru and Hebi are holding Zabimaru with their joined hands.[1]


234Hebi tells

Hebi tells Saru to shut up when she tells him to stop playing around when fighting Renji.

Hebi attacks Renji with Zabimaru. As Renji sidesteps the attack, Zabimaru crashes into the ground as Hebi laughs. When the chain connected to the collar around his neck is pulled taut, Hebi is yanked backwards and hits the ground, prompting him to claim this hurt. Saru tells Hebi to stop playing around, prompting Hebi to tell her to shut up because she is simply standing there. Asking Hebi why this matters, Saru tells Renji he does not seem to be taking them seriously because he has not even drawn his sword. A panting Renji asks Saru if she is crazy and states he cannot get serious against a small boy like Hebi.[1]

235Renji blocks

Renji blocks Hebi's attack with his Zanpakutō after Saru throws Hebi at him.

When Renji says he has no reason to fight them, Saru laughs and states he is saying this because Renji knows he cannot beat them. Hebi stands up as Saru says Renji is very pathetic, prompting Renji's eye to twitch as Renji asks Saru if this is so. Stating there is no reason for Renji to get so excited, Saru claims that they do not have time to play around with a weakling like Renji before spinning the chain above her head. Hebi screams as he crashes into a surprised Renji.[1] Later, Saru spins her chain over her head before throwing Hebi at Renji, who blocks Hebi's attack before being pushed back by the force of the blow.[2]

235Zabimaru disappears

Zabimaru disappears from Hebi's hand after he attacks Renji with it.

Regaining his footing, Renji pushes Hebi away. As Zabimaru disappears from his hand, Hebi lands and asks Renji if he is ready before spinning his chain over his head, causing Saru to hurtle toward Renji. As Zabimaru manifests in her hand, Saru attacks Renji, who attempts to block, only to be sent flying back into a building. Saru reattaches the segments of Zabimaru as Hebi walks up and notes this is not good before telling Saru that he thought Renji would be better than this. When Hebi says Renji is very weak, Saru tells him there is no need for this attitude and states they cannot have Renji give up yet. The dust clears to reveal a panting Renji standing in the hole in the wall.[2]

235Saru and Hebi look

Saru and Hebi look at Renji when he tells them to stop bickering with each other.

When Hebi happily notes that Renji stood up, Saru tells him to cut it out and to not overreact before slapping the back of his head. Expressing pain, an angry Hebi says Saru does not have to hit him and slaps her in return, prompting Saru to clutch her backside before angrily restraining Hebi. Saru stretches Hebi's mouth and tells him to shut up as Hebi tells her to let him go. As Saru and Hebi continue to bicker, a dazed Renji watches before telling them this is enough, prompting Saru and Hebi to look at him in surprise. When Renji tells them to not argue like this and states they are fighting him, Saru pushes Hebi's hand away and stands up before saying Renji does not understand anything.[2]

235Saru proclaims

Saru proclaims it is their true instinct.

Renji asks Saru what she means by this, prompting Saru to yawn before stating that they feel like they are wasting their time by fighting a weakling like Renji. When Hebi enthusiastically agrees with her, Saru prepares to attack him again, prompting Renji to tell them to stop once more. As a surprised Saru and Hebi look at him, Renji says they are insulting him before wondering what is behind them acting like this. Standing up, Saru states there is a lot behind it and proclaims it is their true instinct, prompting Renji to ask Saru what this means before claiming she is not making any sense.[2]

235Renji glows

Renji glows with red Reiatsu while unsuccessfully trying to release his Zanpakutō.

When Hebi states they do not wish to be weak, Saru confirms this and states they wish to be stronger before revealing that they have grown tired of Renji's weakness and clarifying that they wish to leave Renji because of this. Raising his Zanpakutō, Renji tells Saru to keep talking and yells as he glows with red Reiatsu before trying and failing to release Zabimaru, prompting Saru to ask him how he intends to fight them. Saru leaps back and swings her chain around before throwing Hebi at Renji, who leaps into the air. As Hebi crashes into the ground, Saru leaps towards Renji and manifests Zabimaru in her hand before slashing at Renji.[2]

235Hebi swings

Hebi swings Zabimaru at Renji after Saru sends him crashing to the ground.

The segments of Zabimaru grind across Renji's blade before the pick-like protrusion on the end catches onto Renji's sword and propels him downward. As Renji lands, Zabimaru disappears from Saru's hand and reappears in Hebi's hands as Hebi swings Zabimaru at Renji, who blocks, only to be sent flying back as Zabimaru cuts off part of his left sleeve and injures his left arm. As Renji pants, Saru walks up and calls him a coward. Looking up, Renji lists the names they have called him and demands to know what he has done to deserve these names, prompting Saru to state she is calling Renji a coward because he is one.[2]

235Saru states

Saru tells Hebi that he needs to remain focused.

As Saru claims this is the only way to describe him, Hebi yawns and states he has had enough. When Hebi says he quits, Saru hits him on the head and tells him that he needs to remain focused. Hebi asks Saru why he needs to do so and says Renji still refuses to fight seriously even after all they have done before stating that nothing about this is fun. Saru turns to Renji and asks him if he has forgotten they know everything about them. Noting Renji once gave up something very dear to him, Saru states that they saw how desperately he tried to get it back.[2]

235Saru moves

Saru moves in front of Renji after claiming he no longer has confidence in himself.

Saru says Renji fought for it before claiming that he does not have confidence in himself despite what he did. When she asks him if killing Rukia Kuchiki and holding her severed head in front of Renji's face will get him to take this seriously, Renji curses and points his blade at Saru and Hebi. Renji's blade shakes as Saru says they can see Renji is angry and states they know why he cannot muster up the courage to kill them before moving in front of Renji. Claiming this is why Renji is weak, Saru slashes at him, prompting Renji to block, only to be sent flying back as Zabimaru cuts him, causing him to scream in pain.[2]

235Renji leans

Renji leans on his sword for support.

As Renji crashes into a building, Hebi walks up and states Saru has finally killed Renji, prompting Saru to say it does not matter because Renji was not half the man they had wanted him to be. Saru turns and tells Hebi they will go because Renji is hopeless, only for Renji to tell them to wait before asking Saru and Hebi where they think they are going, which prompts Saru to look over her shoulder. A panting Renji stands in the destroyed building while leaning on his sword for support. As Hebi notes Renji still wishes to fight, Renji states they are not leaving until they have beaten him.[2]

235Saru asks

Saru asks Renji if she is wrong about his reasoning for not destroying them while they are separated from him.

Claiming she and Hebi are through with him, Saru states Renji does not have the will to fight them before pointing out how they know him better than anyone else does. Turning to Renji, Saru asks him what he would do if beating them meant losing his own power and reveals she knows this is why Renji did not attack them. Saru admits that they do not know what will happen either because they are now separate from Renji and are likely capable of dying like Shinigami can. Noting that Renji refuses to destroy his Zanpakutō, Saru says this means he refuses to destroy them. Saru asks Renji if she is wrong and if he can really blame her for calling him a weakling before proclaiming true strength is not simply about having the ability to fight.[2]

235Hebi slams

Hebi slams Renji into the ground with his tail while mercilessly beating him.

Soon afterward, Hebi holds Renji by the throat and slams him against a wall. As Hebi slaps him with his tail, Renji wonders what he will do. When Hebi slaps him again, Renji tells himself he is too weak. Hebi slaps Renji once more as Renji wonders if this is the end for him. Renji wonders what he has been doing all this time as Hebi slaps him again before wrapping his tail around Renji's head. Telling him to do something, Hebi slams Renji into the ground as Renji looks up to see Saru standing in front of him. Renji thinks about how his Zanpakutō Spirit has deserted him after all this time and wonders what he should do.[2]

235Hebi manifests

Hebi manifests Zabimaru in his hand.

As Hebi whips him with his tail, Renji realizes the pain he is feeling is coming from his damaged soul and not his injuries. Knocking Renji away, Hebi walks over to Saru and says Renji has been beaten. When Hebi asks her what to do now, Saru looks away and tells Hebi to kill Renji, prompting a smirking Hebi to manifest Zabimaru in his hand before raising it above his head as Renji opens his eyes and recalls his fight with Byakuya. Realizing he did not change at all, Renji notes that he simply moved forward without actually thinking even though he boasted about becoming stronger. [2]

235Renji blocks Hebi's attack

Renji blocks Hebi's attack with his Zanpakutō.

Renji recalls his fight with Szayelaporro Granz and wonders if this is it before recalling his fight with Ichigo. Noting Ichigo has told him that he only fights to protect others and that this is what makes him strong, Renji wonders what he fights for and thinks of Byakuya. As Zabimaru comes down, Renji blocks it with his sword. As Hebi expresses surprise, Renji begins to force Zabimaru back, surprising Saru. Hebi is thrown back as Renji stands up and admits that he and Saru were right about him being weak and that he had forgotten before stating that his mindset is different now.[2]

235Renji successfully releases

Renji successfully releases Zabimaru.

When Renji proclaims he does not have time to argue about stupid things like this with Saru and Hebi, Saru expresses surprise as Renji states he only wishes to become stronger. Stating there is still someone whom he has to surpass in battle, Renji proclaims this is why it is his goal to become even stronger before revealing that facing Saru and Hebi reminded him of this. Renji states he cannot afford to lose and must win in order to achieve this goal. Putting his hand up to his blade, Renji successfully releases Zabimaru, shocking Saru and Hebi, and grins.[2]

236Saru says

Saru notes that Renji's claim of Zanpakutō existing to be used by their masters is a bold thing to say.

Later, Zabimaru hurtles toward Hebi, who leaps away as it crashes into the ground where he was standing before landing on a roof next to Saru, who tells him to be careful. As Hebi tells Saru that he knows this, Renji retracts Zabimaru. Hebi wonders out loud if something about Renji changed, prompting a smiling Saru to confirm this. Stating he has had enough of this, Renji proclaims Zanpakutō are supposed to be used by their master because this is the way it is, prompting an outraged Hebi to demand to know what he just said before leaping towards him. Saru pulls Hebi back by his chain and tells him to wait before noting this is a very bold thing to say.[3]

236Renji proclaims

Renji proclaims he will destroy Saru and Hebi.

When Saru says this means that Renji has found the will to fight them, Renji states he has more than will before proclaiming that he will destroy them with everything he has got, prompting Saru to tell him to not get ahead of himself as Hebi tells Renji he should watch his mouth. As Renji expresses surprise, Saru says Renji has got another thing coming if he believes he can defeat them with only his will to fight. Breaking free from Saru's grasp, Hebi agrees and states they are always stronger regardless of what Renji does as a smiling Saru asks Renji if he wishes to see it for himself.[3]

236Hebi manifests

Hebi manifests Zabimaru in his hand.

Renji asks Saru what she is referring to, prompting a grinning Saru to reveal she is talking about Renji's blade before leaping down, which surprises Renji. Saru runs toward Renji before swinging Zabimaru at him. When Renji extends the segments of Zabimaru towards her, Saru's Zabimaru glows red and disappears, surprising Renji. Saru leaps away as Hebi lands in front of Renji, who sends a wave through the segments of Zabimaru. Manifesting Zabimaru in his hand, Hebi slashes at the segments of Renji's Zabimaru and knocks them back before leaping backwards.[3]

236Saru activates

Saru activates her and Hebi's Bankai, Hihiō Zabimaru, after realizing Shikai will not be enough.

Hebi lands on a wall and jumps up to Saru before holding himself up with his tail. As Hebi admits this was not bad, Saru states Renji has more fight in him than she thought. Asking Saru if she is dense, Renji proclaims he has been training for his entire life. Saru looks at Renji and says they have no choice, prompting Hebi to say they will do it. As Zabimaru glows red and disappears from Hebi's hand, Saru holds her chain in front of her and activates their Bankai, causing steam to emanate from her hand and envelop a smirking Hebi. Hebi's eyes glow red as he transforms behind the steam, which dissipates to reveal Saru stands with Hihiō Zabimaru around her.[3]

236Renji blocks

Renji blocks the head of Hihiō Zabimaru with Zabimaru.

As Renji expresses shock at the sight of his Bankai, Saru claims he looks surprised before pointing out how he should have known they were capable of this because they are Zanpakutō Spirits. Saru gestures with the hilt of Hihiō Zabimaru before using Hikotsu Taihō. Opening its mouth, Hihiō Zabimaru fires several small blasts of red energy at the area around Renji before charging at him. Renji blocks the head of Hihiō Zabimaru with Zabimaru before being pushed away. As Renji yells, Hihiō Zabimaru slams him into a building.[3]

236Renji leaps

Renji leaps from building to building.

Zangetsu confirms this and tells Ichigo to not hold back. As Zangetsu tells him to hit him with everything he has got, Ichigo looks at Zangetsu as Hollow Ichigo tells Ichigo he is much more difficult to handle than Ichigo may think. Looking at Zangetsu, Ichigo states they will go. Meanwhile, Renji dodges Hikotsu Taihō and runs as Hihiō Zabimaru roars and follows him. Leaping from building to building as Hihiō Zabimaru follows him, Renji turns and sends Zabimaru towards Hihiō Zabimaru, only for the attack to miss. Renji lands and retracts Zabimaru before leaping away.[3]

236Renji struggles

Renji struggles to free himself from Hihiō Zabimaru.

Crashing into the ground where Renji was standing, Hihiō Zabimaru follows him into the air as Renji sends Zabimaru at it once more. However, Hihiō Zabimaru moves around Zabimaru before catching Renji in its mouth and flying off. As a yelling Renji struggles to free himself, Zabimaru is knocked from his grasp and falls to the ground below as Renji lands on a building. Renji lies on the ground as Saru looks over her shoulder and says their Bankai is nothing like the one Renji knows because it has no blind spots before turning to face Renji.[3]

236Hihio Zabimaru reverts

Hihiō Zabimaru reverts to Hebi as Saru deactivates their Bankai upon deciding the battle is over.

Saru proclaims the game is over and states Renji's Shikai cannot match her Bankai no matter what he does. As Renji gets up, Saru asks him if he understands and says Renji will never defeat them. Telling Saru to shut up, Renji stands up and notes Saru is right because his Shikai cannot hold up against their Bankai. Renji notes Saru and Hebi are reading all of his moves before he makes them and admits it makes sense because they know his usual pattern of attack better than anyone else does. As Renji wonders what he is going to do, Saru gestures with the hilt of Hihiō Zabimaru, which glows pink and reverts to Hebi.[3]

236Renji uses

Renji uses Bakudō #4. Hainawa when his Shikai fails.

Telling Renji to not bother trying to think his way out of this, Saru states Renji's lack of intelligence is the most pitiful of all of his weaknesses, causing Renji to realizes something. Renji looks at his hand and notes it is worth a shot as Hebi asks Saru what they will do now. Claiming Renji has probably realized it is pointless to continue fighting like this, Saru turns and begins to walk away, only for Renji to raise his clenched fists in front of him before using Bakudō #4. Hainawa, causing yellow Reishi ropes to wrap around Saru's right arm and Hebi's tail.[3]

236Saru glows

Saru forms a shield of red Reiatsu around herself.

Saru and Hebi turn around in surprise as Renji, who is holding the ends of the ropes in his hand, states it is not over yet. As Hebi claims Renji never learns, Saru states this is pathetic. Noting they never expect him to use Kidō because he is awful at it, Renji uses Hadō #31. Shakkahō. Saru says Renji is getting creative and notes this is what he was planning before raising her arm. Stating it is too bad Renji's level of Kidō is so weak, a grinning Saru glows with red Reiatsu. As Renji fires the energy blast, the Reiatsu around Saru solidifies, causing the blast to explode upon hitting it without injuring Saru.[3]

236Energy blast explodes

An energy blast explodes in Renji's hands.

Leaping into the air, Renji says there is more and fires more energy blasts at them. As the Reiatsu around Saru disperses, she and Hebi jump away as the blasts hit the area where they were standing. Renji lands in the same area and fires another energy blast. When Renji attempts to fire another one, it explodes in his hands, prompting him to fire another one through the smoke. Dodging the blasts, Hebi demands to know what Renji is doing and states his Kidō is dangerous to everyone, including himself. As Renji continues to fire energy blasts while running, another one explodes in his hands.[3]

236Segments fall apart

The segments of Zabimaru fall apart.

Renji runs through the smoke and fires more energy blasts at Saru, who climbs up the side of a nearby building and says Renji is trying out a new technique. Stating there is no way Renji can beat them with his pathetic Kidō, Saru jumps and lands on the top of the building before pulling on her chain. Hebi dodges the energy blasts and flies past Renji before grabbing Renji's Zabimaru. As a laughing Hebi proclaims he has got it, the segments of Zabimaru fall apart, surprising Hebi. Laughing, Saru says Renji's Zabimaru is worthless now and manifests her own Zabimaru as Renji grins.[3]

236Zabimaru shatters

Zabimaru breaks when Hebi uses it to block Renji's Hadō #31. Shakkahō.

Pulling Hebi towards Renji, Saru leaps towards him and bids him farewell, but Renji states this will not happen yet before firing another Hadō #31. Shakkahō at Hebi, who expresses disdain before blocking the blast with Renji's Zabimaru. When the cord connecting the segments of Renji's Zabimaru breaks and sends the segments flying away, Hebi expresses shock as Saru wonders what happened. Renji shields himself before using Higa Zekkō, causing the segments of Zabimaru to glow red before embedding themselves in Saru and Hebi, who scream in pain. Falling to the ground, Saru and Hebi glow red before reverting to Zabimaru, which embeds itself into the ground.[3]


236Renji learns

Renji learns that Saru and Hebi are still alive within his Zanpakutō after he defeats them.

Meanwhile, Renji walks up to Zabimaru and admits he possesses weakness before saying he thinks he will grow stronger as long as he continues to strive for greatness. Correcting himself, Renji states he knows he will become stronger and walks past Zabimaru. Within the blade, Hebi says Renji is full of himself. As Renji stops walking and expresses surprise, Saru states Renji's last attack hurt a little bit. When Hebi says Renji is actually pretty good, Renji turns around and smiles. Saru states they came to their senses as Hebi proclaims it is time they put an end to this ridiculous rebellion, prompting Renji to ask them what they mean.[3]


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