Renji's Confrontation
Kanji 立ちはだかる恋次
Romanji Tachihadakaru Renji
Episode Number 30
Manga Chapters Chapter 94, Chapter 95
Arc Soul Society: The Sneak Entry arc
Previous Episode Breakthrough! The Shinigami's Encompassing Net
Next Episode The Resolution to Kill
Japanese May 3, 2005
English April 22, 2007
Theme Music
Opening D-tecnoLife
Ending Houkiboshi
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Renji's Confrontation is the thirtieth episode of the Bleach anime.

Having been led to the base of Senzaikyū, Ichigo Kurosaki begins his rematch with 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai.



Hanatarō Yamada guides Ichigo Kurosaki and Ganju Shiba.

4th Division 7th Seat Hanatarō Yamada guides Ichigo Kurosaki and Ganju Shiba through the canal network underneath the Seireitei, and when Ganju admits that he never would have thought to use it like this, Hanatarō explains that the network spans the entirety of the Seireitei, allowing them to go anywhere they like unimpeded. Though Ganju points out that the canals seem easily accessible due to the entrance being underneath a tile, Hanatarō dismisses the idea of them being caught by the Shinigami.


Hanatarō reveals that the Fourth Division cleans the canals.

Upon being asked by Ichigo why he thinks this, Hanatarō reveals that the only ones who fully comprehend the complex network are the members of the Fourth Division who specialize in relief and aid. However, when Ganju assumes that this is the case because the canals are used as a pathway for relief and aid, thus only requiring those who specialize in it to memorize the routes, Hanatarō stops and bashfully clarifies that the Fourth Division is simply tasked with cleaning the canals as part of the menial chores they are assigned due to being weak.


Hanatarō expresses his desire for Ichigo to save Rukia Kuchiki.

As Ganju expresses pity for him and his comrades, Hanatarō claims it is not that bad and resumes walking forward, but Ichigo remains still and inquires why Hanatarō is doing all this for them despite being their enemy. With Ganju protesting this, Ichigo demands to know why Hanatarō is guiding them without question even though they plan to go to a notorious prisoner being held in Senzaikyū, only to be surprised when Hanatarō reveals that he has heard a lot about Ichigo from Rukia Kuchiki before expressing his desire for Ichigo to save Rukia. Meanwhile, at the First Division barracks, 4th Division 7th Seat Yasochika Iemura delivers a situation report to the lieutenants.


Yasochika Iemura delivers a situation report to the lieutenants.

With 7th Division Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba, 10th Division Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto, 9th Division Lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi, 3rd Division Lieutenant Izuru Kira, 8th Division Lieutenant Nanao Ise, 4th Division Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu, 2nd Division Lieutenant Marechiyo Ōmaeda, 12th Division Lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi, 5th Division Lieutenant Momo Hinamori, 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai, and 1st Division Lieutenant Chōjirō Sasakibe standing before him, Iemura reports that 11th Division 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame and 5th Seat Yumichika Ayasegawa are withdrawing from the front lines due to serious injuries.


The lieutenants are shocked to learn of the 11th Division's defeat.

While the lieutenants murmur in surprise, Iemura notes that a detailed damage report for the individual divisions is still pending investigation before revealing that the Eleventh Division was nearly annihilated, to the shock of those present. With Hinamori expressing disbelief and Hisagi observing that the Ryoka have wreaked a lot of havoc in just a few hours since they entered the Seireitei, Marechiyo asserts that this is pathetic as Iemura continues by detailing how they have confirmed the presence of three Ryoka and have intelligence that two of them have taken a member of the Fourth Division hostage and are headed this way with him.


Tetsuzaemon Iba reveals that Jirōbō has not been in contact.

Listening intently as Iemura concludes that the location of these two Ryoka is unknown because they have been unable to detect their Reiatsu for a considerable period of time, a stunned Renji recalls being overpowered by Ichigo during their first fight while Rangiku observes that they need to collect more information regardless. After recalling that he has not heard from 7th Division 4th Seat Jirōbō Ikkanzaka in some time, Iba admits that he believes Jirōbō has been defeated and requests that they check the area of twenty west for him. With a surprised Rangiku inquiring if he is referring to Kamaitachi Jirōbō, which Iba confirms, Hisagi notes that he is Jidanbō Ikkanzaka's brother.


Momo Hinamori discovers that Renji Abarai has left.

An unnerved Izuru questions what is going on, and as Marechiyo decries the defeated Shinigami as pathetic, Hinamori turns to Renji in search of solidarity over how strange these events are, only to discover that he has left through a nearby window while the other lieutenants bicker over the Eleventh Division's conduct. During this, with Rukia sitting next to the narrow window in the Shishinrō in Senzaikyū and staring at a bird sitting next to her in the light of the window, Hanatarō explains to Ichigo and Ganju how she was held in the Sixth Division's prison ward prior to her transferal to Senzaikyū, where he was assigned to cleaning duty.


Hanatarō meets Rukia for the first time during her imprisonment.

Sitting with Ichigo and Ganju in an alcove along one of the canal paths, Hanatarō admits that he was scared of Rukia on his first day due to her being nobility. In the past, Hanatarō holds a broom while in Rukia's cell and formally informs her that he will start cleaning now, only to be surprised when Rukia requests that he address her normally instead. After Rukia smiles and thanks him when he calls her Rukia, Hanatarō expresses happiness. In the present, Hanatarō explains that Rukia's voice was much kinder than he had expected and that his daily cleaning at the barracks became something he looked forward to because Rukia began telling him things.


Hanatarō asks Rukia about eating and drinking in the Human World.

In the past, Hanatarō sits next to Rukia and asks her what it is like to eat and drink in the Human World, but as Hanatarō immediately apologizes for his bluntness and assures her that she does not have to answer, Rukia reveals that they have a beverage called juice which comes in a paper package. When Hanatarō inquires what kind of drink this is, Rukia describes it as a difficult beverage, to his confusion, and clarifies that there is a trick to drinking it which even she had trouble with. While Hanatarō expresses amazement at there being a drink even she had difficulties with, Rukia asserts that he may not be able to drink it even after hearing the trick.


Rukia recounts how Ichigo put a Mod Soul into a stuffed doll.

With Hanatarō shocked by this, Rukia looks up and recalls having been taught the trick by Ichigo. Some time later, upon being asked by Hanatarō if there was anything unusual in the Human World, Rukia asks Hanatarō if he was aware that a Kaizō Konpaku can be inserted into an inanimate object, and as a stunned Hanatarō notes that those are illegal, Rukia recounts how Ichigo inserted one into a stuffed doll that he found on the street. Hanatarō clarifies that stuffed dolls are the things made with cotton and expresses exasperation at how reckless some people can be to put a Kaizō Konpaku into one, though Rukia merely smiles at the description of Ichigo as reckless.


Rukia claims that she hurt Ichigo and twisted his destiny.

In the present, Hanatarō observes that the majority of the stories which Rukia told him about the Human World revolved around one person before recalling how she received an official execution order soon afterward. In the past, while cleaning Rukia's cell, Hanatarō questions if the person whom Rukia transferred her Shinigami powers to is the same person she is always speaking of, prompting Rukia to tell Hanatarō Ichigo's name as she admits that she always felt she could trust him from the bottom of her heart despite only spending two months with him. However, Rukia clenches her fists and tearfully claims that Ichigo became hurt and had his destiny twisted because of her.


Ichigo resumes walking after learning of Rukia's thoughts.

After shaking the tears out of her eyes, Rukia asserts that she can never atone for this. In the present, Hanatarō describes her as looking very sad as she said this, which leads a stunned Ganju to state that she is a strange Shinigami. Agreeing with this, Ichigo stands up and declares that this is why they are here to save her before walking off, to the confusion of Ganju and Hanatarō, who wonders if he said something wrong while he and Ganju chase after Ichigo. As he recalls Rukia's statement about being able to trust him completely despite the short period of time she spent with him, Ichigo remembers the various battles and events he and Rukia found themselves involved in.


Hanatarō, Ichigo, and Ganju climb out of the canal entrance.

With Rukia's claim of having hurt him and twisted his fate ringing in his ears, Ichigo asserts that this is really his fault and begins running down the canal walkway as he proclaims that he will not let Rukia die. Soon afterward, in the misty area outside the steps leading up to Senzaikyū, Hanatarō peers around the area from underneath the entrance hatch to the canal network before assuring Ichigo and Ganju that it is safe for them to come up. As he and Ichigo climb out, Hanatarō notes that this is the closest entrance to Senzaikyū itself while Ganju pokes his head out of the entrance and expresses relief at being able to breathe fresh air again.


Renji appears before Ichigo's group on the steps.

Upon having Senzaikyū pointed out to him and Ichigo by Hanatarō, Ganju marvels at the size of the prison despite how close they are and observes that the road ahead will likely still be rough. Noting that the mist shrouding the area is clearing, Ichigo states that they should get going, and he, Ganju, and Hanatarō begin approaching the stairs leading up to Senzaikyū. However, Ichigo stops partway, and as a surprised Ganju inquires if something is wrong, Ichigo holds a hand up in front of him and reveals that someone is on the steps while the mist in front of them clears to reveal Renji standing on the steps, visibly shocking all three of them.


Hanatarō identifies Renji as the 6th Division Lieutenant.

As he lifts up his visor, Renji comments that it has been a long time since they last met and questions if Ichigo remembers his face, prompting Ichigo to admit that he would have preferred to forget it before asserting that he still owes Renji a mountain of payback and identifying him. Renji begins walking down the steps and grins while praising Ichigo for remembering his name, which Ichigo sarcastically thanks him for. When a stunned Ganju wonders who Renji is and observes that his Reiatsu is on a completely different level than the Shinigami they have faced up until now, a frightened Hanatarō identifies him as the 6th Division Lieutenant, further shocking Ganju.


Renji declares that this is as far as Ichigo goes.

Renji admits his surprise at Ichigo having survived 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki's attack as Ichigo begins approaching him despite Ganju's protests. Complimenting Ichigo's tenacity, Renji continues walking toward him and unsheathes his Zanpakutō while declaring that this is as far as Ichigo goes. With Renji reminding him of his promise to kill the one who stole Rukia's powers and claiming that Rukia cannot get her powers back as long as he is alive, Ichigo admonishes him for saying this after bringing her back to Soul Society just to kill her, and the two of them begin running toward each other while Ichigo draws his Shikai, Zangetsu.


Ichigo and Renji fiercely cross blades.

As Ichigo proclaims he is coming through, Renji dares him to do so if he can defeat Renji and clashes with Ichigo, causing sparks to fly from their crossing blades. Elsewhere, 11th Division Captain Kenpachi Zaraki runs along a rooftop with his lieutenant, Yachiru Kusajishi, on his shoulder before coming to a halt and observing that Renji is fighting the Ryoka who defeated Ikkaku before asserting that he will not be a fun opponent if he cannot defeat a lieutenant next. When Yachiru inquires how he can sense people fighting from far away despite his inability to detect Reiatsu, a grinning Kenpachi declares that he can do so because he is strong, to Yachiru's confusion.


Three Shinigami discuss their difficulty in finding the Ryoka.

In a different part of the Seireitei, three Shinigami discuss their inability to find the Ryoka despite them having been in the Seireitei for a few hours and their own casualties continuing to rise. While one of the Shinigami explains that this is due to the craftiness of the Ryoka and explains how the captains and lieutenants to obtain the latest status report details, another Shinigami frantically calls out to them and reveals that they have found Jirōbō defeated nearby. Alarmed by this, the three Shinigami run off to investigate as Uryū Ishida and Orihime Inoue move out of the shadows of a nearby alcove into the alley and express relief at them being gone.


Uryū is shocked by the appearance of Shun'ō and Ayame.

Uryū observes that security is tightening due to Ichigo and the others causing so much damage in other parts of the Seireitei, and as she asserts that they can at least handle unseated Shinigami by now, Orihime expresses concern upon seeing Uryū's serious expression and asks him what is wrong while Uryū senses the Reiatsu of Ichigo and Renji. Nervously stating that Ichigo has found a tough opponent, Uryū is left shocked when Shun'ō and Ayame appear in front of his face and inquire if he is okay. Though Ayame assumes that he has a fever, Uryū assures them and Orihime that he is fine before requesting that they not worry about him, to Orihime's relief.


Yasutora Sado runs through the Seireitei as he senses the fight.

As Orihime explains that she was worried because Uryū spaces out sometimes, Ayame expresses disappointment at not getting to use Sōten Kisshun, and Shun'ō bids Uryū farewell before returning to Orihime's hairpin alongside Ayame. After declaring that they should get going, Orihime runs off with Uryū. Meanwhile, Yasutora Sado runs along a road and up a set of stairs into an alley while observing that Ichigo's Reiryoku is rising and his opponent's Reiatsu is very strong before concluding that he needs to hurry. Back outside the stairs to Senzaikyū, Ichigo and Renji cross blades repeatedly, creating a shockwave of force around them.


Ichigo forces Renji back against the wall.

After staring each other down for a few seconds, Ichigo and Renji leap forward and clash once more, creating another shockwave of force that emanates outward. Watching this from afar, Ganju warns Ichigo that he cannot win because he is fighting against a lieutenant, but a stunned Hanatarō denies this and requests that Ganju look closely at Ichigo, who grunts as he presses back against Renji, forcing the latter back and eventually slamming him against the wall next to the steps. As he expresses amazement at Ichigo completely overpowering Renji like this, Hanatarō wonders what he is, though Ganju can only admit that he would like to know this as well.


Ichigo proclaims that he will defeat anyone who gets in his way.

Upon being asked by Renji how he plans to save Rukia, Ichigo is left confused as Renji elaborates that there are eleven lieutenants and thirteen captains for Ichigo to defeat even if he beats Renji if he wants to save Rukia. With Renji inquiring if he can really do this, Ichigo affirms this and proclaims that he will defeat anyone who gets in his way regardless of how many captains and lieutenants there are, though Renji merely questions where this confidence comes and why Ichigo is so worked up about this. After noting that Ichigo's Zanpakutō has changed, Renji warns him to not think that this makes him stronger and tilts his Zanpakutō, distracting Ichigo with the light reflection.


Ichigo is pushed back by Renji's Shikai, Zabimaru.

Renji forces Ichigo back and into the air with an outward thrust of his Zanpakutō before releasing his Shikai, Zabimaru, and sending it hurtling toward Ichigo, who blocks the tip with the broad side of Zangetsu. However, despite landing on the ground, Ichigo finds himself unable to stop Zabimaru as it stretches out and slams him into the side of a nearby building, to Ganju and Hanatarō's shock. As he retracts Zabimaru from the hole in the building, Renji observes that Ichigo seems to think he knows Renji's strength after fighting him once and reveals that captains and lieutenants have their Reiryoku suppressed when sent to the Human World as he approaches the hole.


Ichigo emerges from the hole with a head wound.

Explaining that this is done so their power does not adversely affect Humans, Renji declares that he is currently five times stronger than the last time he fought Ichigo and asserts that the latter cannot possibly defeat him no matter how strong he became. Despite this, Ichigo simply asks Renji if this means his last attack was the best he has got, and as he picks up Zangetsu and emerges from the hole, Ichigo proclaims that this attack did not affect him at all while standing with a head wound. With Ichigo thanking him and claiming that he can handle eleven more lieutenants of this level of power, a grinning Renji calls him an idiot. Above, Rukia opens her eyes in shock as a flock of birds flies by.

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Reminding Ichigo Kurosaki of his explanation of how captains and lieutenants have their Reiryoku severely limited while in the Human World, 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai declares that he is five times stronger than when he last fought Ichigo, only for the latter to assert that his training has led to him becoming ten times stronger than before, and when Renji claims to be a hundred times stronger than this, Ichigo proclaims that he is a thousand times stronger than that. Renji clarifies that he is actually ten thousand times stronger than this, and upon Ichigo asserting that he is a hundred thousand times stronger than that, Renji claims to a million times stronger in addition to this, leading Ichigo to angrily declare that he is an additional ten million times stronger before shouting over Renji's proclamation of being a hundred million times stronger on top of this that he is infinity times stronger.

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