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Reiichi Ōshima (大島麗一, Ōshima Reiichi) is a student at Karakura High School.


Reiichi is a tall teenager with bleached hair and bleached eyebrows. He has three earrings in his left ear and a ring on his lower left lip.


Reiichi was part of a sizeable group fighting with Ichigo and Chad during their first day at Karakura High School.[3]


Reiichi confronts Ichigo Kurosaki on the roof of the school during lunch. When Keigo Asano comments that his suspension has been lifted, Reiichi tells him that he is not talking to him and asks Ichigo when he is going to dye his hair, saying that he is copying his own look. Ichigo tells him that he has already told him that it is his natural hair color and that he is not copying him. Ichigo tells him to do something about his own hair color, calling him a chicken head and asking if he had laid any eggs lately, angering him. Keigo steps in between them, saying that they should not fight. Reiichi tells him to get lost and that he is going to beat up Ichigo. Keigo pleads with him to let them go, as he believes that everyone knows that he is stronger than them. Ichigo, however, tells Keigo not to be stupid, and that he is a thousand times stronger than the bully. Reiichi says that he knew he would have to settle things with him for good one day, and puts on brass knuckles. As Reiichi says that it is too late to apologize, he is knocked aside by Yasutora Sado, sending him flying into a wall.[4]

Reiichi is watching Don Kanonji's TV show when Ichigo is shown rushing towards Kanonji.[5]



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