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Rangiku Matsumoto & Momo Hinamori vs. Haineko & Tobiume

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Rangiku and Momo defeat and capture their Zanpakutō Spirits.

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Damage Sustained/Casualties
  • Rangiku and Momo are uninjured.
  • Haineko and Tobiume are uninjured.

Rangiku Matsumoto & Momo Hinamori vs. Haineko & Tobiume is a fight which takes place during the Zanpakutō Rebellion. It involves 5th Division Lieutenant Momo Hinamori and 10th Division Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto battling against their respective Zanpakutō Spirits.


Haineko wonders where the green-haired man went.

Haineko and Tobiume walk through the forest. When Haineko notes the green-haired man is nowhere to be found and wonders where he went, Tobiume states he probably ran away because Haineko was so pushy. Blushing, Haineko says Tobiume does not know what she is talking about and states the green-haired man is very shy. When Tobiume says she does not believe this at all, Haineko smiles and chuckles. Stopping, Tobiume expresses surprise and points something out to Haineko.[1]

Haineko and Tobiume arrive at a waterfall.

As Haineko and Tobiume see a bright light in another part of the forest, Tobiume walks towards it. Telling her to hold on, Haineko wonders what is going on before running after Tobiume. When Haineko and Tobiume arrive at a waterfall with the bright moon reflected in its stream, Tobiume looks down and states she was sure she saw the green-haired man standing here.[1]

Haineko says Tobiume should get her eyes checked.

Expressing disbelief, Haineko says Tobiume is letting her eyes play tricks on her and sighs. When Haineko wonders where the green-haired man could have gone, an irritated Tobiume states she can find him much faster than Haineko can, for this might shut her up. When Haineko says Tobiume will be finding imaginary people again if she does not get her eyes checked, Tobiume states her eyesight is fine and says she is not the one referring to the green-haired man as "my little darling".[1]

Haineko says Tobiume's breasts are flat.

When Tobiume states Haineko may need to get her brain checked, Haineko proclaims high-minded people like Tobiume have boring personalities, prompting Tobiume to proclaim overbearing people like Haineko are usually petty and do not have any personality at all. When an angered Haineko says Tobiume's breasts are flat, Tobiume states Haineko is fat. Denying this, Haineko proclaims Tobiume does not know what a decent body looks like and tells Tobiume to not bother looking in her mirror.[1]

Haineko and Tobiume express shock.

As Tobiume says Haineko would not know anything about her breasts because she has never seen them, Senbonzakura appears in front of them, shocking Haineko and Tobiume. As they leap back, Haineko states Senbonzakura scared her as Tobiume asks him how long he has been there. When Senbonzakura asks them where Muramasa is, Tobiume reveals she has not seen them as Haineko asks Senbonzakura why he is looking for Muramasa. As Haineko asks him what is going on, Senbonzakura turns and walks away.[1]

Tobiume bites Haineko's hand.

When Senbonzakura moves away, Haineko wonders what his problem is, prompting Tobiume to say she has never figured out what Senbonzakura's problem is. Grabbing Tobiume's breasts, Haineko proclaims Tobiume has not seen them either, prompting Tobiume to bite Haineko's hand. As Haineko cradles her injured hand and states this hurt, an irritated Tobiume floats over the river and proclaims she is petite. Telling Tobiume to come back, Haineko leaps to the other side of the river.[1]

Haineko and Tobiume see Ichigo running along a path.

As Haineko lands beside her, Tobiume wonders who is approaching, prompting Haineko to express surprise. When they see Ichigo running along a path, Haineko recognizes him as Tobiume says Muramasa was very interested in him. When Haineko asks Tobiume what she said, Tobiume states they should play a game with Ichigo for fun and moves away as Haineko expresses surprise. As Ichigo runs along the path, Tobiume's sash floats in front of him, prompting Ichigo to wonder what it is.[1]

Tobiume's sash wraps around Ichigo's throat.

Wrapping around Ichigo's throat, Tobiume's sash pulls him back before unwrapping, leaving Ichigo sprawled on the ground. Getting up, Ichigo sees Tobiume standing in front of him. As Tobiume greets Ichigo, Haineko appears beside her and says Tobiume is a cheater because she was trying to get a head start. Standing up, Ichigo grabs the tang of Zangetsu and demands to know who they are. When Haineko states he must be Ichigo, he confirms this and asks her what she wants.[1]

Haineko states she will take care of Ichigo.

As Tobiume smiles, she and Haineko walk to either side of Ichigo, who asks them if they are Zanpakutō Spirits. Saying men like this are her specialty, Haineko states she will take care of Ichigo, prompting Tobiume to say Haineko does not have a specialty. Stating she is beginning to despise Haineko, Tobiume says Haineko always does this. When Haineko asks Tobiume what she is talking about, Tobiume states Haineko tries to claim every man she sees and says she is indecent.[1]

Ichigo fires a Getsuga Tenshō.

Expressing irritation, Haineko states Tobiume is right and asks her why this matters. Extending her hand, Haineko says her release command, causing a large amount of ash to swirl around Ichigo. Giggling, Haineko asks Ichigo if he wishes to know what will happen if the ash touches him and gestures with her hand. As the ash begins to obscure Ichigo from view, Ichigo fires a Getsuga Tenshō, which disperses the ash, prompting Haineko to state she likes Ichigo's "little thingy".[1]

Haineko says Tobiume is lacking in terms of appearance.

When Tobiume says she hates Haineko talking in such a vulgar manner, Haineko states Tobiume hates how she is lacking in terms of appearance. When Tobiume angrily asks her who is lacking, Haineko points at her and says Tobiume is. When Haineko states Tobiume needs to admit she is jealous of her beautiful body, a blushing Tobiume demands to know how she can be jealous of something stuck to an empty head, prompting Haineko to ask Tobiume what her gripe really is.[1]

Ichigo attempts to draw their attention.

As Ichigo attempts to draw their attention, Tobiume proclaims she has a list of gripes with Haineko, starting with how Haineko does not play fair. When Haineko says the winner is the first one to make Ichigo squeal, Tobiume states she agrees despite not liking how Haineko puts it. As Haineko says it is about who is the strongest, Ichigo wonders if they are serious. When Ichigo states he does not have time to listen to Haineko and Tobiume argue and runs off, Haineko tells him to come back.[1]

Tobiume tells Ichigo to keep running.

As Tobiume says they are not through with him, Haineko proclaims Ichigo should be ashamed of running away from a beautiful woman like this. As Haineko says her release command, a large amount of ash swirls in front of her. Looking back, Ichigo leaps away as the ash crashes into the area where he was standing. Telling Ichigo to keep running, Tobiume proclaims it makes this even more fun and hurls two fireballs at him. As the fireballs hurtle past him, Ichigo curses.[1]

Momo and Rangiku appear on a tree branch.

When Haineko lands in front of him and grins, Ichigo stops as Tobiume lands behind him and smiles. As Ichigo states they leave him no choice and assumes a battle stance, Rangiku says this is enough. As Momo tells them to stop this immediately, she and Rangiku appear on a tree branch. As Haineko, Tobiume, and Ichigo express surprise, Rangiku and Momo move to them with Shunpo as Rangiku asks Ichigo if he minds them trading places, prompting Ichigo to express surprise.[1]

Rangiku says she cannot believe she never saw this in Haineko.

Stating Haineko and Tobiume need to be personally dealt with by herself and Rangiku, Momo says she hopes Ichigo understands and assumes a battle stance. Agreeing, Ichigo moves away with Shunpo as Momo and Rangiku face Tobiume and Haineko, who sighs and states this is annoying because Rangiku made her lose her "boy toy". As Rangiku expresses surprise, Haineko says Rangiku is very lame, prompting Rangiku to ask Haineko what she is trying to say. Stating this is very boring, Haineko says Rangiku is still an annoying old lady. Stating Haineko has become a blathering monster, Rangiku says she cannot believe she never saw this in Haineko.[1]

Haineko asks Rangiku what she means.

When Haineko asks her what she means, Rangiku states Haineko is enjoying her newfound freedom. Saying it is amazing to be free, Haineko states she begins to feel old when she is around an old lady like Rangiku, who expresses irritation. Asking Tobiume if this is really her, Momo says she missed Tobiume, who states she was glad to get away from Hinamori. Expressing surprise, Momo says Tobiume was always there for her when she was most needed while they were united.[1]


Momo says she is taking Tobiume back with her.

Stating they always trusted each other, Momo raises her sword and says she is taking Tobiume back with her. When Tobiume states she refuses, a surprised Momo asks her why she will not come back. Saying she is stronger on her own, Tobiume states she cannot continue to stay with someone as weak as Momo is. Manifesting her Zanpakutō, Haineko slashes at Rangiku. Blocking, Rangiku clashes with Haineko several times before slashing at her, prompting Haineko to leap back.[1]

Rangiku attacks Haineko.

When Rangiku says Haineko will be defeated if she does not come back voluntarily, Haineko proclaims there is no way Rangiku can beat her because she is young and beautiful while Rangiku is old and washed up. Running towards Haineko, Rangiku attacks her, forcing Haineko to block. Asking Momo if she is going to attack, Tobiume asks her if she believes Tobiume will come back to her by standing there with a pathetic look on her face. When Tobiume asks Momo how she thinks everything will work itself out if she does not do anything about it, Momo expresses anger.[1]

Momo slashes at Tobiume.

When Tobiume states Momo would not harm a fly and allows people to walk all over her, Momo recalls Sōsuke Aizen and expresses shock. Saying Momo will be waiting forever if she believes Aizen will return and beg for her forgiveness, Tobiume states Aizen does not wish to be around Momo because she is weak. Expressing anger, Momo appears in front of Tobiume, who expresses surprise, and slashes at her, prompting Tobiume to leap into the air to avoid the attack.[1]

Haineko's blade cuts off some of Rangiku's hair.

Landing behind Momo, Tobiume stands up as Momo turns around to face her. Leaping into the air with her Zanpakutō raised above her head, Haineko chuckles and attacks Rangiku, who blocks. Slashing at Rangiku several times while Rangiku blocks, Haineko stabs at her. As Rangiku leans to the side, Haineko's blade cuts off some of Rangiku's hair. As Rangiku pulls out the loose hair and looks at it, Haineko laughs and tells Rangiku to give up before she goes bald.[1]

Rangiku runs away from the ash.

Telling Haineko to make note of her perfectly-shaped head, Rangiku says she will look fabulous even without her hair. Stating Rangiku should give up and run away, Haineko asks her if the size of her bottom prevents this, prompting Rangiku to say it is hard to believe what comes out of Haineko's mouth. When Rangiku states it should be wired shut, Haineko expresses irritation and sends a cloud of ash towards Rangiku, who runs away as the ash slams into the ground where she was standing.[1]

Tobiume crashes into Haineko.

When Rangiku jumps away, Haineko gestures with the hilt of her Zanpakutō. Landing, Rangiku leaps away once more as the ash crashes into the ground where she landed. When the ash follows her into the air, Rangiku looks back in surprise as the ash approaches her. As Haineko proclaims Rangiku will not be able to run away for much longer, Momo uses Bakudō #37. Tsuriboshi, which sends Tobiume crashing into a surprised Haineko.[1]

Haineko tells Tobiume to stay out of her way.

As the ash behind Rangiku disperses, she lands as Momo calls out to her and runs up to her. Standing up, Tobiume tells Haineko to watch where she is going, prompting Haineko to tell Tobiume to stay out of her way. Telling Haineko to stay out of her face, Tobiume says there is somewhere else Haineko could be. When Haineko states Tobiume is the one who crashed into her, Tobiume says Haineko could have jumped away if she were not so flabby.[1]

Rangiku wonders if they really have to take them back.

As Haineko and Tobiume continue to argue, Rangiku states there is something wrong with them, prompting Momo to agree. As she and Rangiku stand up, Momo notes Haineko and Tobiume do not seem to get along. Turning to them, Haineko and Tobiume demand to know if Rangiku and Momo have a problem, prompting Rangiku to wonder if they really have to take them back.[1] Later, Momo leaps through the trees.[2]

Tobiume tells Momo to admit what happened.

Telling Momo to come back, Tobiume follows her and proclaims Momo is always turning her back on reality. When Tobiume tells her to admit what happened, Momo lands on a tree branch and asks Tobiume what she is getting at. Saying Momo has been betrayed by the person she trusted the most, Tobiume states she was watching it happen despite not being able to say anything at the time. When Tobiume states this is frustrating, Momo looks down and says she understands.[2]

Tobiume throws two fireballs at Momo.

Stating she cannot stand seeing this, Tobiume says Momo will end up destroying herself even with Tobiume trying to help her. Stating Tobiume is very harsh, Momo tells Tobiume to tell her what to do. Saying Momo needs her help, Tobiume states she wishes to put Momo to sleep forever. When Momo expresses confusion, Tobiume apologizes and says Momo has been asleep for some time now. Raising her bells, Tobiume throws two fireballs at Momo, who expresses surprise.[2]

Momo crashes into another tree.

As Momo attempts to move away from the fireballs, they crash into the tree she is standing on and explode, sending her crashing into another tree. As Momo falls to the ground, Tobiume asks her if it hurts and states what Momo is feeling now is the pain of reality, which is nothing like the naive world Momo lives in. Saying reality is harsh and painful, Tobiume states she will help change Momo's mind and raises her bell once more as Momo looks at her.[2]

Rangiku slashes at Haineko.

Elsewhere, 10th Division Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto and Haineko slash at each other. As their swords clash, Rangiku falls to the ground below before leaping up and clashing with Haineko twice more. As the two leap back, Haineko springs off of a tree and attacks Rangiku, who blocks with her sword. Forcing Haineko back, Rangiku slashes at her. Blocking, Haineko attacks Rangiku, prompting her to block with her sword as Haineko admits she did not think an old lady like Rangiku could move.[2]

Haineko punches Rangiku away.

When Haineko says she is impressed, Rangiku demands to know what Haineko called her. When an explosion occurs in the distance and Momo screams in pain, Rangiku calls out to her, prompting Haineko to punch Rangiku away. Landing on a tree branch, Rangiku groans and demands to know what Haineko is doing. Stating she is trying to get through to Rangiku, Haineko says Rangiku probably thinks she is attractive, prompting Rangiku to express confusion.[2]

Rangiku grabs Haineko by the head.

Stating women are just like milk, Haineko states they all have an expiration date and says Rangiku is past her expiration date. Expressing anger, Rangiku proclaims she has had enough of Haineko. Appearing on the branch Haineko is standing on with Shunpo, Rangiku pulls a floating Haineko down by the leg and attempts to punch her, only for Haineko to dodge. Grinning, Haineko states there is no way Rangiku could make her stop, prompting an angry Rangiku to grab Haineko by the head.[2]

Rangiku proclaims Haineko is dead.

Expressing pain, Haineko tells Rangiku to stop and slashes at Rangiku with her claws. Moving back, Rangiku notices part of her shihakushō has been torn and looks at Haineko, who licks her lips. Saying she thought it would make Rangiku look more attractive, Haineko states Rangiku will not be able to appeal to anyone because her expiration date has passed. Saying Rangiku should not be pushing herself, Haineko calls her an old lady once more, prompting Rangiku to angrily proclaim Haineko is dead before rushing forward.[2]

Tobiume says Momo having friends to trust is a joke.

Meanwhile, as wind rustles through the trees, Momo pants on the ground before getting to her feet. Landing in front of Momo, Tobiume states there is one more thing she wishes to tell Momo. As Momo expresses confusion, Tobiume says Momo having friends to trust is a joke. As Momo expresses surprise, Tobiume states none of Momo's friends are really her friends at all and are just pretending to be her friends because it is part of their jobs. Using Rangiku as an example, Tobiume says she only cares about herself.[2]

A large amount of ash swirls around Rangiku.

As Rangiku struggles with Haineko, Tobiume states Rangiku does not care about what Momo is struggling with and notes Rangiku is not paying any attention to Momo now. Asking why Rangiku is so angry, Haineko says Rangiku would not care if she were not an old lady. Stating it is sad and pathetic to see Rangiku acting like this, Haineko kicks Rangiku away and tells her to die before gesturing with her hand, As a large amount of ash swirls around Rangiku, Haineko says Rangiku is finished.[2]

An orb of red energy forms between Rangiku's hands.

Holding her hands apart, Rangiku begins chanting the incantation for Hadō #31. Shakkahō as an orb of red energy forms between her hands. As Haineko laughs and proclaims this is useless while the ash swirls higher around Rangiku, Momo extends her hands in front of her and begins chanting the incantation for Bakudō #9. Hōrin, prompting Tobiume to ask her what she is doing. Finishing the incantation, Momo sends a tendril of energy towards Tobiume, who dodges.[2]

Momo's tendril of energy extends toward Haineko.

Smiling, Tobiume states Momo's aim is awful and asks her if she has heard anything Tobiume has said. As Momo looks at Tobiume, Rangiku finishes the incantation and fires a large orb of red energy, which disperses the ash cloud and hurtles toward Haineko. Stepping to the side in order to dodge it, Haineko laughs and asks Rangiku what she is aiming at. Beginning to insult Rangiku again, Haineko stops mid-sentence when she sees Rangiku smiling and turns to see Momo's tendril of energy extending toward her.[2]

Rangiku's orb of red energy hurtles toward Tobiume.

Wrapping around Haineko, the tendril pulls her towards Momo. Realizing something, Tobiume turns to see Rangiku's orb of red energy hurtling towards her. As Tobiume moves to the side in order to dodge it, the orb hits a tree and explodes, causing Tobiume to scream. Extending her hand, Momo uses Bakudō #9. Hōrin once more. As a tendril of energy wraps around her, Tobiume tells Momo to let go of her. As Momo moves her arms, which are connected to the tendrils, Haineko and Tobiume crash into each other in midair.[2]


Rangiku states they showed them.

As the tendrils binding Haineko and Tobiume fuse together, Haineko tells Tobiume to stop pushing against her, prompting Tobiume to ask Haineko if she believes Tobiume is the one in control here. As Tobiume says she is not the one doing this, the rest of the tendrils dissipate, leaving Haineko and Tobiume bound together in midair. Falling to the ground below while screaming, Haineko and Tobiume land on their backs and proclaim this hurt. Giving Momo a high-five, Rangiku states they showed them.[2]

Haineko asks Rangiku what she is saying.

As Momo says she hoped Haineko and Tobiume paid attention, she and Rangiku giggle, prompting Haineko to ask Rangiku what she is saying. When Tobiume realizes this was planned from the beginning, Rangiku states it worked and asks Haineko if she believes Rangiku would ever take anything Haineko says seriously. As Momo states they needed to find a way to catch Haineko and Tobiume off-guard if they were to fight them, Rangiku says defeating them would be easy if she and Momo split them up.[2]

Rangiku says they deserve each other.

Stating they got Haineko and Tobiume paying attention to them individually in order to distract them, Rangiku walks up to Haineko and Tobiume and says they deserve each other. When Haineko states she must be kidding, Momo says they should try to get along better, prompting Tobiume to express disbelief at getting along with Haineko. When Rangiku states she feels sorry for Haineko and Tobiume after seeing how they treat each other, Haineko's ears twitch as she asks Rangiku why this is so.[2]

Tobiume proclaims this is not true.

Sitting against a tree, Rangiku says they are selfish and self-centered, and do not think of anyone other than themselves. When Tobiume proclaims this is not true, Haineko tells her to not pay attention to Rangiku because she is an old lady. When Rangiku angrily states Haineko will stop calling her an old lady immediately, Momo says it is not a bad thing. As Rangiku expresses surprise, Momo leaps down to Haineko and Tobiume and reveals she is looking forward to growing older.[2]

Momo says it is easy to lose sight of who you are.

As Haineko, Tobiume, and Rangiku express surprise, Momo states being young is not as great as it sounds because your heart is still unrefined, so your emotions are at risk every time someone in your life gains your respect or turns their back on you. Saying it can feel like you are flying or drowning, Momo states your emotions are always controlling you, and it is easy to lose sight of who you are, but your heart and mind are able to mature as you grow older, and you gain perspective on life.[2]

Haineko expresses disbelief at Rangiku believing this.

Saying you gain the ability to set aside your emotions and better understand who you really are, Momo states this is why she believes growing older is a good thing. As Momo says a person sounds simple when they use "expiration date" to refer to someone's age, Rangiku states this was well said. When Haineko expresses disbelief at Rangiku believing this, Rangiku walks over and says girls as immature as Haineko do not wish to understand as Tobiume lifts her nose.[2]

Rangiku and Momo sigh.

When Tobiume sarcastically states this was a touching and admirable speech, Haineko agrees and says it was a joke. When Tobiume snorts in derision, Haineko asks Tobiume what is going on with her and whose side she is on. When Tobiume states this is her own business, Haineko proclaims nothing goes on in Tobiume's head anyway as Rangiku and Momo sigh. When Tobiume says Haineko should not be talking about intelligence, Haineko states intelligence does not make a girl cute, prompting Tobiume to tell Haineko to shut up.[2]