"Red like blood.
White like bone.
Red like solitude.
White like silence.
Red like the senses of a beast.
White like the heart of a god.
Red like molten hatred.
White like chilling cries of pain.
Red like the shadows that feed on the night.
Like a sigh piercing the moon
It shines white, and scatters red."
Cover Yoruichi Shihōin
Volume 17
Pages 216
Anime Episodes 52 - 54
Release Data
Print (J) June 3, 2005
ISBN (J) 4-08-873817-9[1]
Print (US) February 6, 2007
ISBN (US) 1-4215-1041-3[2]
Chapter List
Shueisha 140. Bite at the Moon

141. Kneel to The Baboon King
142. 月を捉ものへ告ぐ[3]
143. Blazing Souls[4]
144. Rosa Rubicundior,Lilio Candidior[5]
145. Shaken
146. Demon Loves the Dark
147. Countdown to The End:3 [Blind Light,Deaf Beat]
148. Countdown to The End:2 [Lady Lennon~Frankenstein]
149. Countdown to The End:1 [Only Mercifully]

Viz Media 140. Bite at the Moon

141. Kneel to The Baboon King
142. To Those Capturing the Moon
143. Blazing Souls
144. Rosa Rubicundior, Lilio Candidior[5]
145. Shaken
146. Demon Loves the Dark
147. Countdown to the End: 3 (Blind Light, Deaf Beat)
148. Countdown to the End: 2 (Lady Lennon~Frankenstein)
149. Countdown to the End: 1 (Only Mercifully)

ROSA RUBICUNDIOR, LILIO CANDIDIOR is the seventeenth volume of the Bleach manga series.

Publisher's summary

The rebellion within the Soul Society grows as doubts spread about the death sentence of ex-Shinigami Rukia Kuchiki. Determined to save her, Rukia's childhood friend, Renji Abarai, vows to cut down the captain of his own division, unaware of the terrifying fate that awaits him.

Bleach All Stars

東仙 要
Kaname Tōsen
Ep199KenpachiCharaPic 市丸 ギン
Gin Ichimaru
Ep38TosenCharaPic 更木 剣八
Kenpachi Zaraki

Ep320RukiaCharaPic 朽木 白哉
Byakuya Kuchiki
朽木 ルキア
Rukia Kuchiki
Ep286ByakuyaCharaPic 阿散井 恋次
Renji Abarai


140. Bite at the Moon

Renji Abarai begins battling Byakuya Kuchiki and reveals he has a Bankai.



Cover of 140. Bite at the Moon

Renji goes to save Rukia and attacks some Shinigami who are in his way while they beg for him to stop. On the way there, he is confronted by Byakuya who tells him he won't let him save Rukia. Renji tries to convince him to let him through, but he doesn't listen. Byakuya then Shunpo's behind Renji and slashes at him, but he is able to block the blow. Renji tells him that because he used Senka, a technique that can seal Shinigami powers, he was able to block it since he's seen it many times. Byakuya asks why he's so confident and releases his Zanpakutō, Senbonzakura, but Renji releases his own Zanpakutō, Zabimaru, and is able to block it easily. Byakuya realizes that Renji was able to release his Zanpakutō without calling its name and Renji tells him he will finally surpass him and uses Bankai.

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141. Kneel to The Baboon King

Renji uses his Bankai and gains the upper hand.

Summary :


Cover of 141. Kneel to The Baboon King

Renji tells Byakuya that he will surpass him and uses his Bankai. His Zanpakutō becomes a much larger version of his Shikai and takes on the appearance of the skeleton of a snake. Byakuya asks when he learned Bankai and Renji tells him he'll never know since he doesn't care about his subordinates. Renji tries one last time to convince Byakuya to let him pass, but Byakuya is too arrogant and believes that his Bankai poses no threat and that it won't even bring him down to his knees.

The two begin fighting and Renji swings his Zanpakutō around destroying most of the area around him. Byakuya decides to end the battle and releases his own Zanpakutō, causing Renji's Zanpakutō to fall apart into tiny pieces. However, the Zanpakutō forms back together and Renji explains that the parts of his Zanpakutō are connected by his Reiatsu and that they can't be cut apart with knives. He continues to explain that he made the segments separate on purpose to dodge all of Byakuya's blades and that he knows his Zanpakutō inside and out. He then attacks Byakuya again which forces him on his knees. Renji then tells him that he's going to bring an end to this battle.

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142. 月を捉ものへ告ぐ

Byakuya uses his Bankai and defeats Renji.

Summary :


Cover of 142. 月を捉ものへ告ぐ

Byakuya agrees with Renji's assessment that the battle must end and tells him that he will finish him off right now. Renji reiterates that he knows his sword inside and out and that he'll be the one to finish this battle. Renji goes to attack him, but Byakuya uses Hadō #33 Sōkatsui. Renji uses his Zanpakutō to defend himself from the blast which causes smoke to appear around him. He feels Byakuya's presence in the smoke and says that sneaking around won't do him any good and goes to attack. Renji loses control of his Zanpakutō though, and ends up breaking part of it.

Byakuya appears again and explains to Renji that he didn't use Kidō to blind his sight, but to disrupt the rhythm of his Bankai. He tells him that his Bankai's biggest flaw is the overwhelming power it releases and the form it takes. Byakuya tells him that to be able to completely control a Bankai you must train for ten years and that he is too unskilled to use Bankai in battle yet. Renji tells him he already knows, but doesn't care, since even if his Zanpakutō loses a segment or two he can still fight. Byakuya then uses Bakudō #61 Rikujōkōrō which causes six wide beams of light to go on Renji's midsection holding him in place.

Byakuya reminds Renji that he also has a Bankai too and uses it. The blades formed from his Bankai destroy the buildings behind Renji and also shred Renji himself across his entire body, which causes him to fall to the ground. He then explains to Renji that his fangs will never be able to reach him and leaves him for dead.

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143. Blazing Souls

Renji attacks Byakuya with one final technique.

Summary :


Cover of 143. Blazing Souls

Kenpachi senses the Reiatsu from Byakuya and Renji's fight, but doesn't know who it's from and thinks that they must be deep in the heat of battle. He smiles at this and asks Tōsen and Komamura if it makes their blood boil like it does his.

Byakuya explains to Renji that his Bankai forms countless blades to attack the enemy and that he doesn't even know how many blades are produced. He continues to explain that these blades move so fast that they're virtually invisible to the naked eye and that all anyone can do is stand and wait for their death. He then tells Renji to be proud that he can still maintain the form of his body after being hit from his Bankai. He begins to leave him for dead, but Renji is able to get up. Byakuya tells him not to move for it will only shorten his life, but Renji tells him he can still fight and goes to attack him. Byakuya uses his Bankai technique Senkai to hold Renji in place and congratulates for being able to live after a hit from his Bankai. He then explains to Renji that his Bankai disappearing shows he will die soon and that if he continues to fight he'll be forced to finish him off even sooner. He then asks Renji if he still dreams of saving Rukia.

Renji believes that this is the end and that he's going to die until he remembers Ichigo's resolve to save Rukia. He then tells Byakuya that he definitely will because he swore he would. Byakuya asks who he swore to and Renji tells him that he swore to himself. He then breaks out of the swords from Byakuya's Bankai holding him down and goes to attack him.

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144. Rosa Rubicundior,Lilio Candidior

Renji falls to the ground unconscious while Gin confronts Rukia.

Summary :


Cover of 144. Rosa Rubicundior,Lilio Candidior

Renji attacks Byakuya one last time and attempts to pierce his heart with his Zanpakutō. However, Byakuya's immense spiritual pressure causes Renji's Zanpakutō to break on contact. Finally defeated, Renji falls to the ground and Byakuya congratulates him, as his fangs finally reached him. As he becomes unconscious, Renji has flashbacks of his fellow Shinigami telling him that he shouldn't go after Rukia or try to surpass Byakuya and that he should just give up.

While being led to her execution Rukia senses Renji's Reiatsu disappear and gets worried. Ichimaru then confronts Rukia and asks her how she's feeling.

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145. Shaken

Ichimaru shakes Rukia's resolve.

Summary :


Cover of 145. Shaken

Ichimaru accuses Rukia of being rude. Saying that it is not "Ichimaru", but "Captain Ichimaru". Telling her that her brother will scold her if she keeps it up. Rukia quickly apologies and calls Ichimaru by his proper title. Ichimaru then says he was joking and sarcastically says that he and Rukia are friends. Rukia wonders what Ichimaru is doing there, he responds that he was just out for a walk and wanted to come tease her.

Rukia thinks about how much she hates Ichimaru. Thinking back to when Byakuya first became Captain, which was about the same time as Ichimaru himself became, she comments how sometimes when she was walking with her brother, Ichimaru would come over and start a conversation with Byakuya. She says that while to a casual observer it would be nothing special, just two Captains talking, that is not how it appeared to her. She says that that first time she saw Ichimaru she broke into a cold sweat. She claims that his fingers, to his lips and even the way his eyes moved reminded her of a hungry snake. That even when he was just talking to her brother, she felt as if he had his hands wrapped around her throat. She felt that she couldn't breath and before she knew it, she claims Ichimaru's poison had penetrated deep insider her and she felt terrible afraid every time she was around him. She explains that no matter how many times she spoke to Ichimaru, the feeling of fear never went away. She goes on to repeat that he hated Ichimaru and that even now, those feelings persist.

Ichimaru tells her that she seems distracted and then absently notes that Renji appears to be still alive. Rukia then realizes that the Reiatsu that she was sensing was Renji's and she comments that while it is weak, if she focuses, she can pick-up on it. Ichimaru tells her that Renji got hurt trying to save her, but Rukia doesn't believe him, wondering why Renji would do something like that. Ichimaru asks her if she is afraid. He says that the thought of the others fighting to save her must make her fear death. Rukia starts to get angry and Ichimaru suddenly asks her if she wants him to help her. Rukia and her guards are startled. With the guards wondering what Ichimaru is saying, Ichimaru presses on, saying that if she chooses to, he could save her and the others as well. Rukia wonder if Ichimaru has gone mad and tries to figure out what he would get out of helping them. She sees Ichimaru slowly raise his hand, but instead of dispatching her guards he puts a hand on her head and says he was just kidding. Ichimaru walks away telling her that he will see her at the execution. As Ichimaru walks away, Rukia says that while she thought she had resolved to die, Ichimaru's temptation has broken her resolve and she screams out in anguish as Ichimaru smiles in pleasure.

Elsewhere, Kenpachi continues to fight with Komamura and Tōsen. As Kenpachi easily blocks their combined attacks, Tōsen begins to panic. Kenpachi gets annoyed and tells Tōsen not to be afraid of every little attack and kicks him away. As Komamura turns to see if Tōsen is alright, Kenpachi tells him that it goes for him as well and tosses Komamura away. He then tells them to use their Bankai before he kills them. Komamura scoffs at the idea of using Bankai on a traitor like Kenpachi, but Tōsen says that he will use Bankai.

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146. Demon Loves the Dark

Tōsen releases his Bankai.

Summary :


Cover of 146. Demon Loves the Dark

Tōsen explains that there are three ways to become a captain of the Gotei 13. The first way is by passing the captain's exam in the presence of three or more captains, including the Captain-Commander. The second way is by receiving recommendations from six or more captains and having at least three of the remaining seven approve it. The third way is to defeat the former captain in front of at least 200 Shinigami. Kenpachi says that he knows that and wonders what Tōsen is getting at. Tōsen says that ever since Kenpachi became the Captain of the 11th Division by killing the old captain, he has thought of Kenpachi as a monster who cannot be allowed to remain in the Gotei 13. Suspecting that one day Kenpachi would one day destroy the peace of the Gotei 13, the fact that Kenpachi is currently helping the Ryoka is proof the Tōsen was right. Tōsen accuses of doing all this just because he likes bloodshed. Kenpachi tells to just come out and say that he thinks Kenpachi is the bad guy and that he is the good guy. Kenpachi tells Tōsen that if he hates him so much, then he should just use his Bankai on him. Tōsen corrects Kenpachi by saying that he doesn't hate Kenpachi, he just thinks Kenpachi is beyond redemption as he has broken the peace. Stating that it is nothing personal, but in order to restore the peace, he must kill Kenpachi. As Komamura jumps away to safety, Tōsen releases his Bankai, Suzumushi Tsuishiki: Enma Kōrogi.

Tōsen's Bankai takes the form of a black void inside a large, black dome centered at Tōsen's location and anchored to the ground with 10 rings. As Kenpachi realizes that he can't see or hear anything, Tōsen explains that the power of his Bankai is to deprive the opponent of his senses, including their ability to sense Reiatsu, drawing them into an empty black hell, and that the only person who can escape the hell is the one holding Suzumushi. Tōsen casually slashes Kenpachi who is unable to do anything. As Tōsen keeps on talking about how reactions are slowed in his Bankai dues to fear Kenpachi suddenly slashes at him and Tōsen barely dodges. Tōsen then comments that Kenpachi really is a monster and did not feel a moment's terror in the black hell. He then says he will not waste any more time.

Meanwhile on the Sōkyoku Hill, Yamamoto orders the execution to begin.

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147. Countdown to The End:3 [Blind Light,Deaf Beat]

Kenpachi begins his counterattack.

Summary :


Cover of 147. Countdown to The End:3 [Blind Light,Deaf Beat]

At the Sōkyoku Hill, Suì-Fēng notes the low attendance the execution is. She wonders what the missing Divisions are thinking when Byakuya arrives on the scene. Rukia starts to call out to her brother, but Byakuya pointedly turns away from her. As Rukia silently reacts to her brother's rejection, Yamamoto asks if she has any last words. Rukia replies that she does.

Elsewhere, noticing Tōsen's Bankai, Hisagi decided to hurry to this side, but Yumichika stops him. Yumichika tells him that in the 11th Division, defeat means death and since he is not dead yet, he has not yet been defeated. Hisagi comments on the difference in philosophy between the 11th Division and the 9th Division. Hisagi goes on to say that as a 5th seat, Yumichika has no chance against a Vice-captain. Yumichika, however, informs him that he is the fifth seat by choice and asks him to keep a secret. Yumichika explains that there is a tacit rule in the 11th Division that all Zanpakutō must me direct damage type and Kidō type Zanpakutō's are frowned upon. Yumichika then shows Hisagi the true power of his Zanpakutō, but tells him to not say anything to Ikkaku or Kenpachi, as Yumichika does not want to be hated by either of them.

Meanwhile Tōsen continues to try and cut Kenpachi, but despite being deprived of his senses, Kenpachi is able to keep dodging and even manages to land close blows by relying on the one sense Tōsen's Bankai did not rob him of, the sense of touch. However, Kenpachi grows bored with the fight as he can't land a blow on Tōsen, continuing to miss by a hair's breadth. He also concludes that since Tōsen is a captain as well, he can't keep this up forever. He complains about needing to think so hard in the middle of the fight when he starts to imagine what Yachiru and the others would say if they were there. First, Yachiru appears and tells him to swing wildly. He tells her that that's what he's doing. Then, Ikkaku appears and suggests he use his mind's eyes. Kenpachi comments that if he had something like that, Tōsen would be cut into pieces by now. Finally, Yumichika appears and suggests he gives up beautifully. Kenpachi tells him to go away at first before hitting upon a plan based on Yumichika's suggestion.

Kenpachi smiles and seeing his smile Tōsen is unnerved and charges him, saying that he is a threat to them and cannot be allowed to exist. This time Kenpachi does not dodge. Tōsen wonders why, but then thinks that in his lust for battle Kenpachi gave him an opening. Suddenly, Kenpachi grabs his sword and after greeting Tōsen, slashes him.

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148. Countdown to The End:2 [Lady Lennon~Frankenstein]

Kenpachi defeats Tōsen and Komamura's real face is revealed.

Summary :


Cover of 148. Countdown to The End:2 [Lady Lennon~Frankenstein]

Tōsen gets slashed by Kenpachi because he's regained his senses by touching Tōsen's sword with his hand. Kenpachi tells Tōsen to attack him again since he has got the hang of it. Next time he will catch Tōsen's hand again before his sword can pierce through him. Then Kenpachi releases Tōsen. Tōsen then charges at Kenpachi again, thinking that he can not lose to Kenpachi.

Tōsen recalls his past when he haven't become a Shinigami. He had a friend, who he has never seen her face, but he knew that she was beautiful. She told Tōsen that she likes the night sky because it's like the world they live in. Everything is shrouded in darkness, except for the stars still remain visible. But there are clouds that tried to cover up those light, so she wanted to wipe away those clouds. Tōsen really likes the clouds, but he never overcame his shyness to told her that. One day, she told Tōsen that she was getting married, and her husband is a Shinigami; so she's going to be a Shinigami too, and she will fight Hollows, she will create and maintain peace. Tōsen told her that he will help her if she needed anything. She told Tōsen that he could just stayed and be the same so that when she came back he can listen to her talk again. But after that day, she never came back. Her husband killed her because she scolded him for killing a comrade over some petty argument. She died before she could even start fighting for her beliefs. Tōsen thought that it's not enough to just have a strong will to fight for peace and justice. He then determined that he wants strength to help him creates peace. If it's not enough just to believe in justice then he will become justice. He took the Zanpakutō from his friend's grave and swear to wipe all evils out of this world.

Tōsen charges at Kenpachi again, but Kenpachi catches his hand before his sword can touch him. Then he slashes Tōsen. Tōsen's Bankai breaks. Tōsen still wants to fight, but Kenpachi says there's no point in fighting someone who got one leg in his grave. But Tōsen still rushes at him. Kenpachi says that if Tōsen wants to die that much then he will help him. But Komamura arrives in time to stop Kenpachi, but his sword still breaks his mask. Beneath his mask, Komamura looks like a wolf. But Kenpachi doesn't seem to be shocked because a guy's appearance isn't very important in a fight. What's important is since Komamura looks like a beast, does he fight ferociously like a beast. Komamura then tells Kenpachi that judging one's strength by his appearance is Kenpachi's greatest flaw. Then he warns Kenpachi that he's not as kind as Tōsen, and he activates his Bankai. It takes the form of a giant and wields a sword similar to Komamura's. Komamura tells Kenpachi to start his favorite game of carnage.

Characters in order of appearance :

  1. Kaname Tōsen
  2. Kenpachi Zaraki
  3. Kaname's Friend (flashback)
  4. Sajin Komamura

Episodes adapted from this chapter:

149. Countdown to The End:1 [Only Mercifully]

As everyone heads towards Rukia, Yamamoto begins the execution.

Summary :


Cover of 149. Countdown to The End:1 [Only Mercifully]

Komamura and Kenpachi are about to rush at each other when suddenly they feel something at the Sōkyoku: The execution has begun. Hitsugaya tells Rangiku to hurry, but they don't notice that someone is following them.

At the 13th Division barracks, Ukitake is done preparing and tells Sentarō and Kiyone to go and destroy the Sōkyoku.

Yachiru's group is near the Sōkyoku and Yachiru tells the others that she will go on ahead and takes care of the strong guys because she has to help Ichigo, since he is Kenpachi's friend. Then she heads off really fast with Orihime thanking her.

Rikichi broke Hanatarō out of the 4th Division cell so that he could heal Renji. Rikichi tells Renji that he wants Renji to survive, no matter what happens, he wants Renji to fight and be cool however Renji wants. He also brings clothes for Renji and tells him to put them on. Hanatarō says that he can't save Rukia no matter how hard he tries so he asks Renji to save her, which Renji agrees to.

At the Sōkyoku, Captain-General Yamamoto has agreed to Rukia's request about sending back the Ryoka to the real world. Isane says that it's cruel because he doesn't really plan to do that. Captain Unohana tells her that it's not cruelty, it's kindness, since Rukia's end is unavoidable. At the very least, this will let her pass away peacefully. Yamamoto orders to release the seal of the Sōkyoku.

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Author's Notes

Volume 17 Intro Image
The first ever Bleach game has been released (it's been out for a while) for the world's most anticipated console, the PSP (Playstation Portable)! I don't know what to say except that it's really cutting edge. This game is every boy's dream - a fighting game! Naturally, the first time you play, you've gotta be Ichigo. But on my very first go, I got my butt kicked by Orihime! C'mon, Ichigo, you can do better than that.
-Tite Kubo


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  4. This chapter originally appears as Parthian Shaft in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.
  5. 5.0 5.1 Note: This means Redder than the rose, whiter than the lily in Latin.


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