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QUINCY ARCHER HATES YOU is the fourth volume of the Bleach manga series.

Publisher's summary

A new reality-show craze is sweeping the nation, garnering legions of screaming fans (the majority of them being teenage girls). But this program comes with a supernatural twist--the host, a media-savvy spiritualist, travels to local hot spots and performs exorcisms, live on national TV! Surely Shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki has his doubts about this primetime prima donna, and his assumptions are about to be put to the test--the show is heading straight for his neighborhood! What effect will this unprovoked media presence have on the fragile balance between Earth and the spirit world? Find out more in the fourth action-packed volume of Tite Kubo's mega-manga hit Bleach.

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Don Kanonji
Ep320KonCharaPic2.png 有沢 竜貴
Tatsuki Arisawa
Ep50DonCharaPic.png コン

Ep215OrihimeCharaPic.png 朽木 ルキア
Rukia Kuchiki
井上 織姫
Orihime Inoue
Ep320RukiaCharaPic.png 黒崎 一護
Ichigo Kurosaki


026. Paradise is Nowhere

Angered by Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki's treatment of him, Kon decides to leave the Kurosaki Clinic and find more suitable company.


The cover page of 026. Paradise is Nowhere.

As he hangs upside-down, Kon narrates to himself that his name stands for King of New York, which he quickly admits is not true, and details how his day-to-day life consists of taking care of Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki, whom he describes as a brainless violent teenager and a raven-haired savior goddess respectively, before noting that he is currently in dire straits as Yuzu Kurosaki holds him aloft by his foot with a vacuum cleaner in her other hand and observes that he is a very dirty plushie. While Yuzu wonders if he belongs to Karin Kurosaki, Kon recalls how he ended up in this situation.

That Sunday morning, at 10:05 AM in his bedroom, Ichigo repeatedly slams Kon against the wall outside his window and explains that he is knocking the dirt out of him when Kon demands to know what he is doing. Though Kon points out that this is not an ordinary situation for him and that there are other ways of cleaning him, Ichigo continues to smack him into the side of the house, prompting Kon to insult him and call for help. Telling Ichigo to stop, Rukia reveals that she has brought the proper equipment to clean Kon, who expresses relief before staring in shock alongside Ichigo when Rukia brings out a push broom. As Rukia pins Kon to the ground and begins scrubbing his face with the broom despite his pain and protests, Ichigo realizes that she is using Karakura High School's bathroom broom and asks her where she got it before telling her to take it back when Rukia admits that she took it from the school. Rukia dismisses this as Ichigo being lame, but Ichigo asserts that this is just common sense as he tries to keep her from putting the broom on his floor. Lying on the ground nearby, an irritated Kon wonders why they treat him like this even though he is their equal before deciding to leave in search of someone who will love him and provide a place where he truly belongs.

Some time later, Kon walks down the road and notes that this seemed like a good idea when he was worked up earlier before observing that he will not get very far like this without any money or transportation. Upon seeing Orihime Inoue standing in the baseball field nearby and encouraging Tatsuki Arisawa to pass the ball to her, Kon excitedly runs toward her while planning to trick Orihime into picking him up and holding him against her breasts by pretending to be a lifeless stuffed animal, only for Tatsuki to suddenly kick a soccer ball directly into him with her Dragon Bazooka shot. As a screaming Kon hurtles toward her on the soccer ball, Orihime assumes a batting stance with a baseball bat and unleashes a powerful swing, sending Kon flying away as the soccer ball flies out of Tatsuki's reach. Celebrating her victory, Orihime prepares to open a bottle of champagne, but Tatsuki points out that the defending team is at a huge disadvantage in this baseball-soccer combination game that Orihime devised and tells her to not celebrate just yet.

After landing, a battered Kon trudges along the sidewalk while noting that he forgot to account for Orihime's brain and expressing disbelief at having been toppled by such a bizarre game. However, upon seeing Ryō Kunieda, Michiru Ogawa, and Chizuru Honshō walking nearby, Kon perks up and recognizes them as girls from Ichigo's class whose names he cannot remember due to their smaller breast sizes. Chizuru tells Michiru that she is her type and proposes that they get a hotel room together, but Michiru declines and claims that this is the most pathetic pick-up line that Chizuru has used all day as an annoyed Ryō mentally notes that she would prefer to walk alone. While Ryō stops in her tracks upon seeing him lying on the ground in front of her, Kon mentally encourages them to pick him up and take him home so they can take a bath together, only for Ryō to step on him while decrying him as a filthy stuffed animal, causing Kon to cry out in pain. With the surprised girls staring at him, Kon realizes that he just made a sound in front of them and wonders if they suspect something. When Chizuru declares that they should capture this talking stuffed animal and sell it to a TV station, Kon begins frantically fleeing, prompting Chizuru to attempt to chase after him alongside Michiru. However, Ryō tells her friends to leave this to her and reminds them that she can run 100 meters in 12 seconds as she dashes after a terrified Kon, who wonders why all of Ichigo's friends are out of their minds. Upon crossing paths with Yasutora Sado, Kon finds himself fleeing from Sado as well because the latter likes cute things and begins praying to just get home safely. Eventually, Kon shakes off his pursuers and returns to the Kurosaki Clinic, but cannot bring himself to enter Ichigo's room, so he sneaks into a different room before collapsing and losing consciousness.

Back in the present, Kon concludes that this is how he ended up in Yuzu's clutches and mentally resigns himself to whatever fate Yuzu has planned for him, only to be surprised when Yuzu declares that they should take a bath together. As Yuzu washes, cleans, and dries him, a blissful Kon asserts that Yuzu was the savior he had been waiting for all along and wishes that she was a little older and curvier, only to be snapped out of his reverie when Yuzu dresses him in frilly clothes she had made for a doll she just bought. Placing Kon alongside a large gorilla plushie and alien plushie on her bed, Yuzu happily compliments his appearance and notes that he looks happy alongside his mother and father while Kon mentally disagrees with her and wonders how the two plushies can be his parents as he observes that he is dressed while they are not. As Yuzu refers to the two plushies as Melon and Cookie, whom she tells Kon to follow the orders of, and names Kon himself as Bostov, a bewildered Kon wonders why he is getting stuck with the ugly name before nervously inquiring what Yuzu is doing as she glues a small flower to his ear, causing him to scream silently. Soon afterward, Ichigo walks to his room after taking a shower, only to be shocked when Kon tearfully runs up to him in his new garments and apologizes for leaving before declaring that he likes Ichigo's room the best. While Ichigo wonders why Kon is wearing such a strange outfit, Rukia opens his bedroom door and asks him what the commotion is as Kon expresses his belief that Ichigo and Rukia just have a hard time expressing their love for him, only to begin screaming in pain as Ichigo tries to pull the flower off his ear.

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027. Spirits Ain't Always WITH US

Ichigo learns that a spirit medium show called Casual Soul Realm Assault Trip led by Don Kanonji, which he hates, is coming to Karakura Town.


The cover page of 027. Spirits Ain't Always WITH US.

Reading the astrology section of a magazine, Ichigo Kurosaki expresses his dislike of astrology and all psychic-oriented practices that make money by exploiting the hopes of the gullible before declaring that he is not worried about the magazine's prediction that those with the sign of Cancer will have abysmal luck this week, even though he has tripped on nothing three times, had his shoelaces snap twice, and lost his wallet this week, because he does not believe it. As Isshin Kurosaki and Yuzu Kurosaki watch the television, an announcer introduces Don Kanonji, who declares that spirits are always with the viewers while performing his signature crossed-arm pose, which Isshin and Yuzu imitate as they copy his laugh as well. Ichigo notes that he refuses to believe this spiritual nonsense even if his family has become obsessed with a TV psychic he cannot stand and asks Yuzu what she is doing, prompting Yuzu to explain that this is the highly popular spirit medium Don Kanonji, who leads a show called Casual Soul Realm Assault Trip. While Ichigo states that he knows who Don Kanonji is and clarifies that he is referring to the pose and laugh his sister and father just performed, Don Kanonji tells his audience that he is going to let them hear the whispers of the spirits again this week and performs his signature laugh once more as Isshin and Yuzu follow suit.

Ichigo details how they have been watching Casual Soul Realm Assault Trip, a spirit medium show that airs on Wednesday nights at 8 PM and has become enormously popular despite seeming phony to him, with 25% of Japan's population watching every week. As Ichigo observes that the star is Misaomaru Kanonji, aka Don Kanonji, who has become even more popular with teenage girls than any rock star, Don Kanonji inspects a vase and declares that it "smells like bad spirits", which Ichigo notes is his catchphrase. Declaring that Don Kanonji is cool, Yuzu asks Ichigo if he also thinks Don Kanonji is amazing for always getting it right, and when Ichigo does not give a definitive answer, Yuzu presses him, leading Ichigo to cave and claim that Don Kanonji probably can see spirits if he claims to be able to. While Yuzu expresses her adoration of Don Kanonji and wishes that she could also see spirits like this, Ichigo sees Karin Kurosaki staring at him from across the table and points out that his juice is gone if she is looking for some, only for Karin to nervously look away and deny this. When Ichigo asks her if she is not going to watch the television with Isshin and Yuzu, Karin points out that they are only invested because they cannot see spirits and asserts that Don Kanonji does not do much for her even if she cannot see spirits as well as Ichigo can. Noting that Karin saw Fishbone D when it came after his family, Ichigo wonders if she can also see Shinigami before being startled by Yuzu drawing their attention to the television, which announces that Casual Soul Realm Assault Trip is coming to Karakura Town next week in order to visit an abandoned hospital there, to Ichigo's shock.

The following day, at Karakura High School, Orihime Inoue performs Don Kanonji's pose and laugh in front of Ichigo, only to express confusion when Ichigo does not respond in kind and ask him if he knows what it is. After Ichigo identifies it as stemming from Casual Soul Realm Assault Trip, Orihime confirms this and tries to get him to perform it with her, but Tatsuki Arisawa intervenes and pulls Orihime away while promising to perform it with her instead. As he watches this, Ichigo notes that 25% of Japan watching every airing of the show means that 1 out of every 4 Japanese people watches it and that middle-aged people not being interested must mean most of Japan's young population is tuning in. Keigo Asano and Mizuiro Kojima perform the gesture and laugh in front of Ichigo, and Yasutora Sado silently poses as well, to Ichigo's disbelief. Shortly afterward, Keigo is astonished by Ichigo's refusal to attend the recording of Japan's top show in their town and asserts that he may as well be dead if he does not do so, only for Ichigo to brush this off and point out that Keigo lives in Naruki City, which would mean Karakura Town is not his town. Stunned by this, Keigo tearfully declares that he went to the trouble of asking Rukia Kuchiki to go too as Rukia greets Ichigo, who mentally identifies her as an imposter. While Rukia politely declines to perform the pose and laugh with Keigo, leading Ichigo to note that she is expanding her repertoire, Orihime asks Tatsuki what she is going to do if Ichigo does not attend as a teacher tells them to get to class.

The following Wednesday at 7:31 PM, Ichigo's friends assemble outside of the abandoned hospital and see a visibly annoyed Ichigo arrive with his family, prompting Keigo and Mizuiro to declare that he came after all. While Ichigo threatens to mangle them, Orihime approaches and apologizes for her behavior the other day because Tatsuki told her that Ichigo hates Casual Soul Realm Assault Trip afterward, only for Ichigo to assure her that it is alright because Keigo and Mizuiro continue to tease him about it even though they know of his dislike for it. When Orihime asks him why he came anyway, Ichigo notes that Yuzu and Isshin are big fans and clarifies that he could not let them come alone when a surprised Orihime wonders if this is why he came even though he hates the show. Orihime tells Ichigo that he is very kind, but when he asserts that it is nothing, Orihime changes her mind and agrees with him. As Ichigo observes the crowd of people that have gathered for this show and notes that the people running the show will be wondering if they have any social lives at all, Rukia tells him to cheer up and performs Don Kanonji's pose and laugh, to Ichigo's chagrin. Asserting that Ichigo should try to enjoy himself now that he is here, Rukia states that he must be tired from his school and Shinigami work before telling him to take the opportunity to unwind, leading a surprised Ichigo to note that she has a surprisingly nice side. However, Ichigo is shocked to learn that Rukia does not actually know what this is all about and explains that it is a TV show, which she still does not understand.

Wondering if there is really a Soul here, Ichigo notes that it sounds like a horror movie cliché and asks Rukia if the Shinigami would not have taken care of any Souls here, leading Rukia to explain that locations like this hospital are usually haunted by fixed-location Jibakurei that blend in with their environment so Soul Society's sensors cannot detect them. As Rukia begins to reveal the only thing that will make a Jibakurei reveal itself, an assistant runs past them with a lighting prop and sets foot on the property, leading to an unearthly scream being heard as Rukia finishes her explanation by noting that a Jibakurei can only be drawn out by someone invading its territory.

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028. Symptom of Synesthesia

Rukia Kuchiki explains the circumstances surrounding the creation of a Jibakurei as Don Kanonji begins his exorcism of the hospital.


The cover page of 028. Symptom of Synesthesia.

As Keigo Asano performs Don Kanonji's pose and laugh, Mizuiro berates him for doing so while no one is around before revealing that the others have left to find better vantage points and that Ichigo Kurosaki not being around to irritate means there is no point in doing the pose and laugh. Bemoaning the fact that they got together for nothing, Keigo tries to force Mizuiro to do the pose and laugh with him, despite Mizuiro's protests. Suddenly, the two of them notice two attractive women looking their way, leading Keigo to adopt a suave persona as he tries to coax Mizuiro into doing the pose with him, which catches the women's attention. When Mizuiro responds by feigning innocence and claiming that he does not know how to do it, the women are overwhelmed by his cute demeanor and pull Mizuiro away to do the pose with them as they promise to take him in hand and teach him how to do it, leaving Keigo behind to agonize over being defeated by Mizuiro. However, Keigo is quieted when Yasutora Sado walks up to him and asks him if he hears a weird scream, leading a nervous Keigo to assert that he does not hear anything and chide Sado for bringing up such a thing here of all places as Sado apologizes.

As they listen to the scream, Ichigo asks Rukia Kuchiki who is screaming, prompting her to state that it is the cry of a Jibakurei and that there really is one here. When Ichigo notes that it sounds like a Hollow to him, Rukia explains that it is a Plus in the process of becoming a Hollow, making it a Demi-Hollow, and draws Ichigo's attention to the Jibakurei, who is bound by chains to the hospital. The Jibakurei resumes his screaming, leading an unnerved Karin Kurosaki to say that she should not have come here, to Isshin Kurosaki's concern, as she mentally admits that she did not think there would really be a nasty spirit here and wonders if Don Kanonji can really do something about it. Noting that it is making her feel sick, Karin wonders where Ichigo is as Tatsuki Arisawa expresses confusion at the sound she is hearing. Orihime Inoue grabs Tatsuki's sleeve and nervously asks her if she can hear it too.

Admitting that it does feel a lot like a Hollow, Ichigo observes that the Jibakurei is not wearing a Hollow's white mask and the hole in his chest has not completely opened up yet, leading Rukia to explain that the hole in the center of a Hollow's chest represents its lost center that makes it a raging mass of instinct and that its mask shields its naked instincts from the outside world, neither of which are necessary if one has a center. Rukia details how dying causes one's Chain of Fate to be severed and notes that Souls with no strong attachments simply wait for a Shinigami to help them cross over before revealing that Souls with regrets are anchored to them by their chains. As she clarifies that Souls attached to people are called Tsukirei and Souls attached to places are called Jibakurei, Rukia notes that this means the Jibakurei here is attached to the hospital because of the building itself or something that happened there. The Jibakurei declares that he will not let anyone take the hospital from him and details how he had planned on making himself extremely wealthy off of it by inheriting it from his father before angrily cursing his younger brother for inheriting it instead, leading an unimpressed Ichigo to comment on his self-centered nature.

Suddenly, an announcer tells the crowd to be quiet and begins to count down to the beginning of the recording as those present react with excitement. As the countdown finishes, the announcer informs the audience that tonight's episode is an emergency broadcast that has brought the team of Casual Soul Realm Assault Trip to an abandoned hospital in the the Karakura district of Tokyo. Asserting that local residents are tormented by the cries of an evil spirit at night and will not come near this place, the announcer introduces Don Kanonji, who proceeds to drop out of a helicopter flying above the area while greeting the crowd below as Ichigo watches in exasperation. As Don Kanonji deploys a large parachute to land safely, Rukia performs his pose and laugh before praising his entrance. Bewildered by this, Ichigo asks Rukia if they should not perform Konsō on the Jibakurei, but Rukia asserts that it is fine because it will likely take months or even years for him to become a Hollow before noting that they should perform it after this is over because it would be a mess if a Hollow ran wild in a crowd like this. While Ichigo protests, Don Kanonji declares that this area smells like bad spirits as the crowd follows along, to Ichigo's chagrin. Rukia assures Ichigo that it is alright because Souls are in much more pain right before they become a Hollow and the Jibakurei does not appear to be in pain right now, which Ichigo grudgingly acknowledges. As Don Kanonji inspects the Jibakurei, who demands to know who he is, Rukia states that it will take at least six more months for the Jibakurei to become a Hollow as long as no one irritates the hole in his chest. Suddenly, Don Kanonji declares that he will have to use his Super Spirits Stick to finish him off quickly and jams the end of it into the hole of the Jibakurei, shocking Ichigo and Rukia.

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029. Stop that stupid!!

While Don Kanonji unwittingly speeds up the transformation of the Jibakurei into a Hollow, Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki are prevented from intervening by the show's security team.


The cover page of 029. Stop that stupid!!.

As he twists his Super Spirits Stick in the hole of the Jibakurei, Don Kanonji promises him that it will only hurt for a minute and that he will pass the spirit on quickly while Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki express disbelief at what he is doing. While the crowd cheers, the announcer details that Don Kanonji drawing his Super Spirits Stick so early is unprecedented and wonders if this means the mission is that dangerous. Noting that Kanonji is only going to hollow out the center of the Jibakurei faster if he does this and wondering if he really has the power to do so, Rukia asserts that this is going to wind up changing the Jibakurei into a Hollow right now. Don Kanonji tells the Jibakurei that it is time to free him from the nightmare chains binding him and begins chanting a lyric, which the crowd recognizes as the cleansing lyric, as the Jibakurei begins to scream in agony. Clutching her head in pain and doubling over, Karin Kurosaki wonders what Don Kanonji is doing while Rukia observes that this is not good.

Someone else in the crowd prepares to grab onto the rope barricade, but retracts his hand as Ichigo vaults over and runs toward Don Kanonji while demanding that he stop. Upon seeing this, one of the staff members orders security to stop him, leading to Ichigo being tackled by five uniformed men. As the announcer informs the audience that an overexcited young man has rushed into the battle zone and been restrained by security, Yuzu Kurosaki expresses embarrassment at Ichigo's actions before reprimanding Isshin Kurosaki for attempting to follow suit upon catching him beginning to step over the barricade. While Yasutora Sado, Mizuiro Kojima, Keigo Asano, Tatsuki Arisawa, and Orihime Inoue express their confusion at the situation, Ichigo tells the security team to let him go before something terrible happens, and the staff decide to cut to a commercial break. Donning her Gokon Tekkō, Rukia tells Ichigo to come over so she can push him out of his body, only to be quickly tackled by more security guards.

As Reiichi Ōshima, Sorimachi, Ryō Kunieda, Chizuru Honshō, and Misato Ochi watch the commercial for a toy replica of Don Kanonji's Super Spirits Stick at their homes and express shock at Ichigo's involvement, Ichigo tells Rukia to shake off the guards and get over here, prompting her to tell him to do the same since he is a man. Ichigo points out that Rukia only has two men restraining her while he has several as one of the guards punches him in the face and demands that he be quiet. While Mizuiro notes that Rukia sounds different somehow, Sado begins waking forward to help Ichigo, which leads Keigo to beg him to not intervene because it will only make things worse and Ichigo started it. As the Chain of Fate of the screaming Jibakurei begins breaking in several different places, Karin, Sado, Orihime, and Tatsuki express shock as Rukia cries out to Ichigo, who continues struggling with the guards. Suddenly, Kisuke Urahara pushes Ichigo's Soul out of his body with his cane, sending Ichigo tumbling away as the security team is left holding his limp body in shock.

Upon seeing Urahara standing with Tessai Tsukabishi behind him, Ichigo asks him why he is here, but Urahara merely tells him to go after Don Kanonji, which Ichigo does. When Rukia asks him if he is up to something crooked here, Urahara denies this and claims that he grudgingly came here because Jinta Hanakari and Ururu Tsumugiya are big fans of the show. As Urahara describes how he heard Rukia's scream from afar, which she asserts did not happen, one of the guards asks him if he knows Ichigo and Rukia before stating that he would like to have a word with Urahara. Fumbling for a response, Urahara uses a Kikanshinki on the entire security team, who collapse, and has Tessai grab Ichigo's body before running away as Rukia berates him for casually using Soul Society equipment like that, which Urahara claims was necessary so he did not get involved in this mess and end up in jail, leading Rukia to point out that he chose to get involved.

Meanwhile, as the Jibakurei continues to scream, Ichigo tells Don Kanonji to stop and tackles him, sending the two of them flying several feet back. As the announcer observes that Don Kanonji appears to have been thrown back with tremendous force, Don Kanonji demands to know why Ichigo is interfering when he is just a Soul. With Ichigo surprised that he can see him, Don Kanonji asserts that he is the new century's premiere spirit medium before voicing his belief that Ichigo is one of his deceased fans, prompting an irritated Ichigo to grab him by the throat while asking Don Kanonji if he wants to die. Suddenly, the Jibakurei begins cracking and turning white, and as Ichigo realizes that it may be too late, the Jibakurei shatters with great force, leading Ichigo to express confusion at him not turning into a Hollow while Urahara watches from afar.

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030. Second Contact[it was outside the scope of our understanding]

The Jibakurei reforms into The Demi-Hollow and begins its assault on Ichigo Kurosaki and Don Kanonji.


The cover page of 030. Second Contact[it was outside the scope of our understanding].

In a household in Karakura Town, while two boys play with action figures behind her and argue over who won an imaginary battle between them, a girl watches the chaos at the hospital unfold on her television and angrily tells them to be quiet because she cannot hear what is happening, only to be startled along with the boys by the sound of the Jibakurei shattering.

At the hospital, as Ichigo Kurosaki express confusion at the Jibakurei not turning into a Hollow, the announcer wonders what just happened and if Don Kanonji is alright after the large explosion, prompting Don Kanonji to declare that he has accomplished his mission. While the crowd cheers and the announcer notes that this means Don Kanonji has completed his exorcism, Ichigo wonders if that actually worked, only for Rukia Kuchiki to mentally deny this as she pulls out her Denreishinki and notes that a Plus vaporizes and recomposes in a new location the instant it becomes a Hollow. Detailing how the Plus could recompose anywhere if it is not tied down to anything, Rukia scans the area on her Denreishinki and works out how the Plus would recompose nearby if it were tied down to an area before looking up in shock as Reishi begin to converge above. With the crowd cheering for him, Don Kanonji praises them as having a sweet vibe. When Ichigo asks him if he is sure that he purified the Jibakurei, Don Kanonji reminds him that he is the new century's premium spirit medium and asserts that those whom he purifies stay purified. While Don Kanonji promises to purify Ichigo free of charge later under the assumption that he is another spirit, Rukia frantically tells Ichigo to look up, leading Ichigo and Don Kanonji to stare in shock at the roof of the hospital, where The Demi-Hollow begins forming from the limbs up. When the body completely forms, the screaming head of the Jibakurei pops out of the neck and is covered in a white substance that bursts from its eyes and mouth to form a large mask, completing its transformation into a Hollow.

Ichigo realizes that it turned into a Hollow as a stunned Don Kanonji wonders what it is. When Ichigo asks him if he really does not know what a Hollow is, Don Kanonji claims that he has and reiterates that he is the new century's premium spirit medium before asserting that monster extermination is outside his area of expertise. As Ichigo begins explaining what a Hollow is, Don Kanonji declares that he can smell the powerful stench of a dangerous spirit and wonders if it is a demon that has come to avenge the other spirit, leading an exasperated Ichigo to criticize him for not listening when someone is explaining. Demanding that someone feed him a Soul, the Demi-Hollow leaps down the side of the hospital toward Ichigo and Don Kanonji, prompting Ichigo to prepare to battle it. However, as Ichigo tells him to run, Don Kanonji pushes Ichigo back and tells him to run away so he can handle this, to Ichigo's surprise. Don Kanonji declares that he will be the Demi-Hollow's opponent, but as the Demi-Hollow closes in with its mouth open, Ichigo berates Don Kanonji and draws his Zanpakutō before intercepting the Demi-Hollow's bite with it and pushing it back.

When Don Kanonji asks him why he did not run, Ichigo asserts that he is the one who needs to run, but Don Kanonji proclaims that he cannot run away, to Ichigo's confusion. Rearing up behind Ichigo, the Demi-Hollow attacks him, leading Ichigo to block its strike with his Zanpakutō. As she watches the commotion, Karin Kurosaki clearly sees Ichigo clashing with the Demi-Hollow and expresses shock while Yasutora Sado, Tatsuki Arisawa, and Orihime Inoue see only a blurry shape which they begin to recognize. In the midst of this, Kisuke Urahara notes that it is both impressive and terrible before asking Ichigo what he will do now.

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As the fight with The Demi-Hollow moves into the abandoned hospital, Don Kanonji explains his motivations for never running away to Ichigo Kurosaki.


The cover page of 031. HEROES CAN SAVE YOU.

Don Kanonji, Ichigo Kurosaki, and The Demi-Hollow yell as they run toward each other, only for Ichigo to grab Don Kanonji by the throat and push him out of the way as the Demi-Hollow crashes into the front of the hospital. With the Demi-Hollow struggling to pull itself out of the hole it has embedded itself in, Don Kanonji declares that this is a golden opportunity, but Ichigo grabs him by the collar and drags him away to retreat as the Demi-Hollow frees itself and chases after them. When the glass doors of the hospital entrance are shattered by the combatants, the audience recoils in fright while the announcer observes that Don Kanonji appears to have been dragged off by a powerful force while battling an invisible enemy prior to the glass shattering before concluding that he has been captured by the enemy. Asking Karin Kurosaki and Yuzu Kurosaki if they are okay and if the glass cut them, Isshin Kurosaki stands over them with his arms outstretched and declares that he can die happy if he can give his life for his daughters before collapsing unharmed, only for Yuzu to sidestep him as she wonders if Ichigo is alright. With Karin Kurosaki, Orihime Inoue, and Yasutora Sado expressing concern for Ichigo, Kisuke Urahara notes that confirms his theory of how Ichigo fights.

Inside the hospital, Ichigo continues to drag Don Kanonji along a hallway and reminds him that he told Ichigo to run. When Don Kanonji clarifies that he meant for Ichigo to run away alone and reiterates that he himself cannot run away, Ichigo angrily throws him against a wall and demands to know what he means by not being able to run away. Don Kanonji attempts to ask Ichigo the same question, but Ichigo asserts that he is asking the questions right now, which Don Kanonji acquiesces to. Upon Ichigo inquiring what his reason for saying that he cannot run away is, Don Kanonji claims that he does so because he is a hero and cannot show his back to any enemy even though he abhors conflict while an irritated Ichigo notes that Don Kanonji is asking to be smacked. Asking Ichigo if he knows what the ratings for his show are, Don Kanonji declares that 1 out of every 4 Japanese citizens watches before revealing that many of those viewers are children. Don Kanonji describes how these children are glued to the television when watching his show every week with their families and how he is a hero to them, which leads to them learning what courage is and being inspired by his heroism as he stands up to evil spirits. As Don Kanonji asserts that he cannot run from the enemy while those children are watching, Ichigo is left surprised and impressed.

When Don Kanonji attempts to go back outside to fight the Demi-Hollow, Ichigo grabs his cape and declares that they cannot do this, prompting Don Kanonji to assert that he cannot fight here where there are no cameras. However, Ichigo reminds Don Kanonji that people could get hurt if they fight near the crowd outside and that heroes should protect their fans before explaining that the Demi-Hollow is drawn to beings with high Reiryoku like himself and Don Kanonji, which means that it will follow them into the hospital and no one besides them will get hurt in here. As Don Kanonji expresses amazement at Ichigo thinking of all this while fighting, the ground underneath Ichigo suddenly swells up as the Demi-Hollow bursts out from below, leading Ichigo to leap away as he draws his Zanpakutō. However, upon attempting to attack the Demi-Hollow, Ichigo finds his Zanpakutō stuck in the ceiling above and realizes with shock that the hallway is too small for him to fight properly. The Demi-Hollow uses Sticker Phlegm, binding Ichigo's hands to his Zanpakutō and leading him to decide to kick the Demi-Hollow to death. Suddenly, as the Demi-Hollow rushes forward, Don Kanonji intercepts it by propping open its mouth with his Super Spirits Stick and asks Ichigo if he is hurt, prompting a surprised Ichigo to tell him to run because he cannot defeat a Hollow. Affirming this, Don Kanonji states that he has been deeply moved by Ichigo's selfless act and asserts that Ichigo constantly fighting with the safety of the public in mind despite no one ever knowing of it is truly worthy of being called heroic. After asking to be allowed to call Ichigo comrade, which Ichigo declines, Don Kanonji proclaims that he will fall like a leaf in the autumn wind to protect Ichigo as his final act.

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032. Hero is Always With Me?

Don Kanonji frees Ichigo Kurosaki's Zanpakutō, allowing him to defeat The Demi-Hollow.


The cover page of 032. Hero is Always With Me?

As he continues to hold back The Demi-Hollow, Don Kanonji's Reiatsu flares up, prompting a surprised Ichigo Kurosaki to ask him what he is going to do. Holding his hand up, Don Kanonji uses Kanonji-Style Final Super Attack: Kanonball, creating a small blue sphere of energy. While Ichigo wonders if he really thinks he can kill a Hollow with this, Don Kanonji aims the sphere at him and orders it to destroy as the sphere slowly ascends to the end of Ichigo's Zanpakutō stuck in the ceiling, where it explodes with considerable force, freeing the blade. Ichigo admits that the attack was not bad and commends Don Kanonji as he rushes forward, prompting the Demi-Hollow to shove an exhausted Don Kanonji aside. Mentally declaring that it is now in Ichigo's hands, Don Kanonji proclaims that Ichigo will forever be his friend and wishes him luck as he collapses.

As he and the Demi-Hollow collide, Ichigo stabs his Zanpakutō through the Demi-Hollow's shoulder and mentally notes that he cannot deal a decisive blow to its head with his hands glued together. With Don Kanonji encouraging him to finish the Demi-Hollow off in one blow and affirming his belief in Ichigo, to his chagrin, the angered Demi-Hollow roars and crashes through the wall to the outside of the hospital, taking Ichigo with it. While Ichigo freaks out at how high above the neighboring houses he is, the Demi-Hollow runs up to the roof with him in tow. In the hospital, Don Kanonji begs Ichigo to not leave him before noticing the show's helicopter, which begins filming the hole in the wall as the announcer on board identifies Don Kanonji and notes that he appears to be shouting something. Forcing himself to his feet, Don Kanonji declares that the evil spirit has fled to the roof and will not escape him before telling the crew to cut to a commercial as he runs behind the wall, where he collapses once more and begins crawling as fast as possible to the roof while the helicopter begins ascending.

On the roof, Ichigo is thrown off of the Demi-Hollow, who stares him down before moving to bite him. Jumping over the Demi-Hollow, Ichigo asserts that he is tougher than it may think and details how he could not fight properly before due to the cramped area and presence of Don Kanonji. However, as Ichigo declares that the Demi-Hollow is finished now that this is no longer the case, Don Kanonji bursts through a nearby door on the roof and announces his arrival, to Ichigo's disbelief. When the Demi-Hollow begins growling at Don Kanonji, Ichigo tells him to run, but Don Kanonji reveals that he can barely stand at the moment, prompting a stunned Ichigo to demand to know why he came up here in such condition. With the Demi-Hollow rushing toward Don Kanonji, Ichigo leaps beside it and repels it with a slash, causing the Demi-Hollow to crash into a railing. As the Demi-Hollow looks up with a cracked mask, Ichigo asserts that it is over and slashes through its mask, prompting Don Kanonji to declare that he has done it. However, as Don Kanonji celebrates his victory, Ichigo tells him to not get too excited, and while a confused Don Kanonji questions why, the Demi-Hollow's body and mask crumble to reveal the Jibakurei lying underneath.

Watching the Jibakurei crumble away as well, a stunned Don Kanonji asserts that this is not possible because he purified the man's Soul and asks Ichigo what is going on, prompting Ichigo to explain how Souls that have a Chain of Fate attached to them are transformed into Hollows when they tear free of them. As he recalls tearing open the hole of the Jibakurei, Don Kanonji states that he thought opening the holes and breaking the chains of the spirits he encountered was freeing them before falling to his knees as he realizes what he has been doing all along. Ichigo points out that the other spirits whom Don Kanonji has exorcised did not become Hollows and that this time was different for some reason as he affirms that Don Kanonji did not know anything about Hollows and cannot help the situation by feeling bad about it. As a weeping Don Kanonji asserts that he was foolish, Ichigo points out that his public is waving to him, and while Don Kanonji looks at the cheering crowd below, Ichigo encourages him to wave back because this is what a hero does, prompting Don Kanonji to perform his signature pose and laugh. With the crowd copying him, Don Kanonji praises the fight and Ichigo's courage, quick thinking, and strength before asking that Ichigo keep lending him his help. Wondering if Don Kanonji considers him to be his partner, Ichigo agrees to do so on occasion and shakes his hand, only to be mortified when Don Kanonji proclaims that Ichigo will be his number one disciple.

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Ichigo Kurosaki deal with the aftermath of the incident at Don Kanonji's show.


The cover page of 033. ROCKIN' FUTURE 7.

In the principal's office at Karakura High School the day after the incident at the abandoned hospital, Kagine demands to know if those assembled know what they have done as Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki, Orihime Inoue, Tatsuki Arisawa, Yasutora Sado, Keigo Asano, and Mizuiro Kojima stand before him. Displaying a still frame of Ichigo struggling with the security team at Don Kanonji's show, Kagine reveals that this was broadcast live to the entire nation on a show recorded in their town as Misato Ochi expresses amazement. When Kagine asks him what he has to say for himself, Ichigo nervously states that it looks a lot like him, prompting Kagine to angrily assert that it is Ichigo beyond a doubt. Ichigo sarcastically asserts that it was actually his long-lost twin brother whom he never thought he would see again, further irritating Kagine as he declares that Ichigo has brought great shame upon Karakura High School with his actions. Upon Tatsuki asking him why she and Orihime are here, Kagine points out that they were present with Ichigo and Rukia, but Tatsuki claims that this was pure coincidence because they happened to encounter Rukia on the way there, which Keigo denies on the grounds that he invited them there.

While Ichigo wryly notes that Tatsuki is just trying to protect herself, Tatsuki taunts him and asserts that they are going back to class now before leaving with Orihime. When Keigo attempts to leave as well, Kagine grabs him by the collar and claims that Keigo is in trouble because he was with Ichigo and should have tried harder to stop him, prompting Keigo to demand humane treatment for students in the school. However, Rukia interrupts and somberly states that this is her fault for not being strong enough to stop Ichigo. As Rukia tearfully describes how Ichigo would not stop even though she humiliated herself by screaming, Kagine frantically tells her to not cry and assures her that she did nothing wrong, only to suddenly whirl around in surprise to see the other students climbing out of the window and running away. Threatening to suspend the students for running away, Kagine sees that Rukia has disappeared as well and demands to know why Misato did not stop them, only for Misato to note that it is not fair to condemn the students for simply appearing on television. Kagine turns to the principal, who asks him if he can make a copy of the tape so he can show his grandchildren that his students were on television, and angrily slams the door as he leaves the office, prompting the principal to declare that he will take the cost to repair the door out of Kagine's paycheck.

Outside, the students walk down the stairs as Keigo declares that they can live happily ever after now that they have escaped. When Keigo specifically praises Rukia, who modestly brushes this off, Ichigo points out how she tried to sell him out, leading Tatsuki to note that it was her performance that allowed Ichigo to escape as Rukia claims that she would never sell out her friend, to Ichigo's irritation. Tatsuki asserts that she would have tried to get on television if she knew that she was going to be yelled at regardless and fantasizes about being discovered for her beautiful singing voice, but Keigo states that she likely would have been drowned out by the announcer and reminds Ichigo that the same happened to him when he was shouting as Ichigo mentally thanks the announcer for preventing people from hearing him shout Rukia's name. Looking at Ichigo walking next to Rukia, Orihime quietly looks away.

Later, Ichigo responds to the doorbell ringing at the Kurosaki Clinic and opens the door as he asserts that they are closed during the afternoon on Thursdays, only to find it is Don Kanonji, who proclaims that he has Ichigo for a ride while referring to him as his number one disciple. Staring at Don Kanonji, Ichigo closes the door, prompting Don Kanonji to begin trying to open it and wondering why Ichigo is locking it as Ichigo demands to know how Don Kanonji found out where he lives. Don Kanonji asks Ichigo why he is being so mean and claims that he made a secret trip here because he thought Ichigo would be happy, but Ichigo points out how he is dressed like a colorblind king, leading Don Kanonji to bashfully state that these are his shabbiest clothes, to Ichigo's amazement. When Rukia pops up holding several packages and excitedly reveals that Don Kanonji bought her lots of gourmet rice dumplings, Ichigo angrily realizes that she is the one who told Don Kanonji where he lives. While Ichigo rebuffs Don Kanonji's request to go on a ride together by asserting that he just got bored on his day off, Yuzu Kurosaki opens the door and tells Ichigo to stop yelling, only to be stunned upon seeing Don Kanonji before screaming and running toward him.

As Yuzu tells Don Kanonji that she is a big fan and hugs him, Rukia informs Ichigo that she has received a Hollow alert and pushes him out of his body before running off with him while Don Kanonji wonders where Ichigo is going. Wondering what the commotion is, Karin looks out her window and is shocked to see Ichigo running off in his Shinigami attire. While he runs down the street with Rukia, Ichigo admits that he is actually relieved to have a Hollow show up, and when Rukia claims that he could make a mistake if he is too relaxed, Ichigo mocks her for saying this after showing off her rice dumpling collection, to her irritation. Behind them, Uryū Ishida looks intently at Ichigo as he runs off.

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Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki discover someone is defeating Hollows before they can.


The cover page of 034. Quincy Archer Hates You.

Yelling in frustration as the Fat Ghost cowers in an alleyway in the evening, Ichigo Kurosaki notes that there is no Hollow here yet again and asks Rukia Kuchiki if her Denreishinki is broken, prompting her to state that it should not be as she stares at it. Ichigo reminds Rukia that he is taking finals right now, which she asserts that she is also doing, and claims that this is her fault because of her busted Denreishinki before asking if there could be another Shinigami in Karakura Town who keeps purifying Hollows before they can show up, but Rukia denies this on the grounds that Shinigami have clearly defined territories to patrol. When the Fat Ghost flings himself forward while thanking them, Ichigo stomps him to the ground while telling him to go thank whoever saved him, and Rukia questions the Fat Ghost on who saved him from a Hollow earlier. However, the Fat Ghost admits that he did not see anything because he had his eyes closed in fright, and upon seeing Ichigo and Rukia staring at him in anger, he apologizes profusely and offers them his Magical Girl Megalon figurine as repayment, only to scream in terror when Ichigo and Rukia simultaneously smash the figurine with their fists. While Ichigo performs Konsō on the frightened Fat Ghost, who asks him if he is going to stab him with his Zanpakutō, Uryū Ishida watches from a roof nearby.

Later, Keigo Asano finishes his test and immediately tearfully declares that he is dead, prompting Mizuiro Kojima to observe that he must not have done well before admitting that he did not either. When Ichigo asserts that a single bad score is not a guarantee for a cashier lifestyle, Keigo thanks him and declares that they can wallow in misery together, only for Mizuiro to state that he should wait to see the test results before saying this. While Keigo wonders what he means, Mizuiro holds up the midterm rankings and notes that it has Ichigo's ranking on it, leading Keigo to take it while asking why Ichigo would be on it when only the top 50 students in the class are listed. However, Keigo is shocked to see Ichigo in eighteenth place, which he notes is out of all 322 students in the entire school, and Ichigo asserts that he just goes home and studies every night because he is not in any clubs at school. Realizing that this is why Ichigo kept turning down his invitations to hang out, Keigo decries him for wasting his time learning while his friends have been out having fun before offering a pair of nerd glasses he is wearing to Ichigo, who declines while jabbing Keigo in the face, breaking the glasses.

When Mizuiro notes that he studies hard, Ichigo explains that having orange hair makes his life rough because the older guys want to fight him even when he tells them that it is not dyed and the teachers always have their eyes on him before detailing how his bad temper leads him to get in fights and mouth off to the faculty frequently, which leads to them claiming that he has a behavior problem and the situation snowballing. As Ichigo concludes by asserting that he studies because the faculty is not as hard on him if he has good grades, a surprised Mizuiro admits that this must be rough even for Ichigo, who brushes this off. Noting that Ichigo referred to the teachers as "the faculty" to make them sound like institutional torture machines, Keigo realizes that Ichigo must have faced all sorts of discrimination which they cannot even imagine because of how he looks and tries to give him a nerd headband out of sympathy, only for Ichigo to cut it apart on Keigo's forehead while denying wanting this either.

Upon Mizuiro asking him where Rukia is, Ichigo flatly states that he does not know and elaborates that he has been avoiding her completely at school since the television incident because everyone has been giving them creepy looks when Mizuiro points out that they are usually together. As Ichigo bemoans how there are now all sorts of rumors about the true nature of their relationship, Mizuiro, who is the source of these rumors, expresses his sympathy while Keigo, who knows of this as well, watches with embarrassment. Outside, Rukia curses Kisuke Urahara for never being around when she needs him but always being present when he is not wanted before noting that she needs to get her Denreishinki looked at because she cannot tell if it is broken. Upon receiving another Hollow alert, Rukia runs into the school and grabs Ichigo by the shirt while claiming that they need to talk, which leads a flustered Ichigo to asks her if she is aware of the rumors flying around about them. Rukia states that she does not and asserts that a Hollow has appeared as Ichigo declares that there had better actually be one this time. As he is pulled past Uryū, who brushes off his shoulder, Ichigo promises that Rukia will witness some serious consternation if there is no Hollow once again.

Soon afterward, Ichigo berates the lack of a Hollow for the second time that day while Rukia tells him to get back into his body. As he does so, Ichigo tells Rukia that he is fed up with these false alarms, and when she claims to only be relaying what the Denreishinki tells her, Ichigo demands that she get it fixed. Suddenly, Uryū asks them if they are squabbling as he walks up and greets them by name. While Ichigo asks him who he is and makes fun of his attire, Uryū asserts that Ichigo can see spiritual beings, which he immediately tries to deny, before noting that a Hollow is coming as Rukia's Denreishinki suddenly alerts her. Berating Ichigo for calling himself a Shinigami while being unable to sense this Hollow, Uryū flourishes his Quincy Cross, which begins emitting Reishi that Uryū draws out to form a large Heilig Bogen, Kojaku, before firing a large Heilig Pfeil that hurtles across Karakura Town and smashes right into the head of a flying Hollow, which is destroyed. As a stunned Rukia notes that the Hollow's order has disappeared, Ichigo demands to know who Uryū is, leading him to introduce himself as a Quincy who hates Shinigami.

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