Penetrate the Center with an Enormous Bombshell?
Kanji 巨大砲弾で中央突破?
Romanji Kyodai hōdan de chūō toppa?
Episode Number 25
Manga Chapters Chapter 83, Chapter 84, Chapter 85
Arc Soul Society: The Sneak Entry arc
Previous Episode Assemble! The 13 Divisions
Next Episode Formation! The Worst Tag
Japanese March 29, 2005
English March 3, 2007
Theme Music
Opening *~Asterisk~
Ending Thank You!
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Penetrate the Center with an Enormous Bombshell? is the twenty-fifth episode of the Bleach anime.

Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends arrive in Seireitei.


Ichigo falls asleep, after being stomped on by Kūkaku Shiba several times. Ganju Shiba gets up, looking surprised as he too was blamed for Ichigo's recent action. Yoruichi Shihōin walks over to Ichigo and begins to explain what the Ryoka should expect once they enter the Seireitei, but instead starts screaming in pain. Later, Ganju is in the training hall with the knocked out Ichigo, reciting the second part of the Kakaku Shahou Niban Kagizaki, the spell that will be used to enter the Seireitei through its protective membrane, when Ichigo wakes up from a dream. Ganju refuses to answer Ichigo's questions, and the two former rivals are about to start another argument when Uryū Ishida walks into the hall and says they are ready to leave.


The Ryoka are launched towards Seireitei by Kūkaku's cannon.

Everyone gathers at the foot of Kūkaku's giant cannon to hear Yoruichi's final orders before being blown away, when Ichigo notices the strange shape of Yoruichi's tail and comments about it looking like a "flexible toothbrush". Yoruichi is enraged to hear this and Ichigo wisely backs off. Uryū informs him he was the one who gave that shape to the tail, while he was asleep, and suggests he never mentions it again. It had taken all of them to loosen his grip on her tail. Yoruichi walks away, lamenting her ruined tail. Kūkaku asks for the whereabouts of Ganju, and Ichigo replies that he last saw him "chanting something" in the training hall. Right then Ganju appears in his "custom battle costume", saying the hero is always the last to show up. Ichigo refuses to allow Ganju to go with them, but Ganju claims he believes Ichigo is different than the other Shinigami who killed his brother, Kaien Shiba. He will follow Ichigo because he believes he might learn something new about the Shinigami. Ichigo agrees and welcomes him.

Yoruichi then asks everyone if they're ready to use the cannon. They all say yes, but Ichigo asks if Yoruichi is able to use a spirit orb; to Yoruichi's request Ichigo sets the orb on the ground, Yoruichi stands on top of it and in a second manages to form a perfect cannonball. Ichigo seems crushed, but Yoruichi says there are many things she can do that are beyond his reach. Kūkaku asks Ganju if he was able to master the Kakaku Shahou Niban Kagizaki's second part. He assures her that he has. Kūkaku informs everyone that the final countdown has begun, she uses earth magic to create an entrance in the side of the cannon and Ichigo, Ganju, Yoruichi, Orihime Inoue, Uryū, and Yasutora Sado step inside. The sunrise will be the signal to begin the launch ceremony.

Inside the cannon Yoruichi instructs everyone not to get involved in unnecessary battles. If they encounter a captain they are to run, their goal is to save Rukia Kuchiki, and nothing more. Outside the sun is rising and Kūkaku begins the launch sequence. Yoruichi orders everyone to create the cannonball. Kūkaku finishes the first incantation and the cannonball is fired straight up. Looking up at the cannonball, Kūkaku wishes Ganju all the best.

Inside the ball, Ichigo is surprised to find that things are rather peaceful. Ganju, however, informs him that this was only the beginning. As if to confirm his statement, the ball suddenly sets off in an incredible speed towards Seireitei. Ganju pulls out a scroll which contains the directions for the second part of the Kakaku Shahou Niban Kagizaki. The first part is only used for the launch and general direction. He also explains that the others must keep the cannonball stable if they want to enter Seireitei safely. One mistake and they could all die.

Ganju begins reciting the incantation, but soon the others ask Ichigo to lower his energy output, but he is unable to do it fast enough and thoroughly enough. Their argument soon causes Ganju to get mixed up and repeat a line. Ganju and Ichigo start bickering among themselves while the cannonball draws near the Seireitei.


Aizen warns Gin in front of Hitsugaya.

In the Seireitei itself the alarms go off, cutting short a captain's meeting in which Captain Gin Ichimaru's encounter with the Ryoka was being discussed. Captain Kenpachi Zaraki runs off to seek out the strongest intruder, and is accompanied by Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi. Captain-Commander Yamamoto orders all divisions into battle stations, saying he will inform them later as to how Ichimaru will be dealt with. As the captains are leaving, Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya overhears a conversation between Captains Sōsuke Aizen and Ichimaru, Aizen tells Gin he should not underestimate him. In her prison cell, Rukia also sees the approaching cannonball.


Kidō sphere collapses inside Seireitei, creating whirlpool in mid air.

Back in the cannonball, the second incantation has failed. The only way to survive would be to pour all their energy into the spirit orb, strengthening the ball. The cannonball hits the protective membrane of the Seireitei and gets stuck in it rather than breaking through or disintegrating. With one final push, the ball breaks through the membrane and dissolves into a residual image, which keeps all of the Ryoka hovering in the air next to the membrane. Yoruichi orders everyone to stay together, saying the cannonball will now collapse into a whirlpool and then explode before vanishing. Anyone separated from the group will be blown away.


Kenpachi watches as the Ryoka fall away from each other.

When the whirlpool grabs them, Ganju frantically makes his way towards the nearest person, Ichigo. Chad grabs hold of Orihime. Yoruichi sits on Ichigo's shoulder. When Chad sees Uryū swept away, he leaves Orihime behind and flies towards Uryū, grabs him and throws him towards Orihime, but is now being swept away himself. As Chad makes his way to the ground, Yoruichi assures Ichigo that Chad will likely survive, but that he must ensure his own survival. Ichigo and Orihime make a desperate attempt to reach each other, but just when they are about to, the cannonball explodes and sends the people inside it to the ground in four different directions.

On the ground, Kenpachi watches the four separate trails of smoke in dismay. He now needs to find out which group contains the strongest warrior.

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The featured character is Shunsui Kyōraku.

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  • Kakaku Shahou Niban Kagizaki (Crane Flower Archery 2nd Style: Adhering Blossom)


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