Osushi (オスシ, Osushi) is a Dragon masquerading as Balgo Parks's pet dog in London.


In his dog form, Osushi is a small Pomeranian with white, fluffy fur and a brown muzzle, ears, and paws.[1]

In his Dark Dragon form, Osushi is a large, black dragon with a light underbelly, four thick legs and two enormous wings. He is heavily scaled and possesses many sharp teeth.[2]


In his dog form, Osushi is generally quiet and complacent with whatever Balgo tasks him to do, from acting as bait for Noel Niihashi to come across and feed[3] to being foisted upon Shelby to distract him with his cuteness.[4]

Upon becoming a Dark Dragon, Osushi is highly aggressive, attempting to eat Balgo and Shelby despite his companionship with them.[5] Because he has spent two months living with Balgo, Osushi will occasionally demand to see Noel's panties, though he does not seem to know what he is saying.[6]

According to Noel, Osushi becomes agitated and shows his Dragon wings whenever Balgo imitates him, sneezes, laughs loudly, or is in danger.[7] He can be calmed down and have his transformation reverted by being held and petted.[8]


The dog that Balgo Parks would call Osushi died on the streets of London at some point in the past, and was soon possessed by a Disguiser Dragon. Around two months prior to the events that would lead to Osushi revealing himself to be a Dragon, Balgo found him and began caring for him.[9]


During Noel Niihashi's walk to the Phone Gate, she comes across Osushi sitting on the sidewalk and prepares to give him a dog treat, but is interrupted by Balgo accosting her for a glimpse at her panties, which she violently prevents him from doing.[10] Later, Balgo cuddles Osushi while complaining about Noel's treatment of him and her mysterious disappearance to Shelby, whom he foists Osushi onto in order to convince him to hear Balgo out.[11] Some time later, Balgo takes Osushi and Shelby to the location where he saw Noel disappear. As Shelby attempts to leave, Osushi suddenly transforms into an enormous Dark Dragon.[12] While attempting to eat Balgo and Shelby, Osushi is confronted by Noel and Ninny Spangcole, prompting him to demand to see Noel's panties, which lets her deduce that Balgo is nearby.[13] While Spangcole is fighting Shelby, who reveals himself to be a Dragon as well, Noel somehow manages to get Osushi under control and back in his dog body before saving her.[14] Much later, Balgo brings Osushi with him to Reverse London, where Noel and Spangcole learn that they will be taking care of Balgo due to him becoming a Dragon-Possessed One. When Osushi asks to see Noel's panties, she chases after him and Balgo, intent on killing him.[15]

Noel and Ninny stop Osushi's rampage and save Balgo, allowing Noel to calm Osushi down and revert his transformation.

A month later, now living in Reverse London, Balgo goes for a walk with Osushi when the latter suddenly enters his partial transformation before pulling him on a rampage, leading to several buildings being damaged. As Balgo apologizes profusely to a man whose apartment Osushi busts a hole into, Noel and Ninny arrive and grab them both, with Noel successfully calming Osushi down while Ninny berates Balgo for not putting the Fence Collar on Osushi. However, when Balgo explains what happened, Noel realizes that Osushi transformed because he sensed danger just as they are attacked by a Dark Dragon. Moved out of harm's way by Noel and Ninny, Osushi is held by Balgo as the two Witches face off against the Dark Dragon.[16]

Balgo cuddles with Osushi at Noel's residence.

The Saturday after Noel and Ninny defeat the Dark Dragon, Balgo, now staying at Noel's residence for a week, cuddles with Osushi, who begins to inadvertently smother him by covering his nose and mouth while licking him.[17] Later, when Balgo accompanies Noel and Ninny to the west district in search of an illegally-reared Dragon, Osushi joins them by riding in Balgo's hood.[18] Soon afterward, Osushi accompanies Balgo as he is nearly detained by the Inks and rescued by Noel.[19] Staying with Balgo as he is protected from Cinderella, Osushi begins licking his neck when he unconsciously forms an energy sword with his Pipe. The next day, Osushi watches from an upstairs window as Noel embrace Balgo.[20]

Powers & Abilities

Human Speech: As a Dark Dragon, Osushi is capable of speaking the human language due to living with Balgo for two months and absorbing his negative emotions; however, he has thus far only been able to demand to see Noel's panties, and does not seem to know what he is saying.[6]

Partial Transformation: Osushi can partially transform into his Dark Dragon form when sufficiently agitated, resulting in him gaining a large pair of black wings. In this form, he can fly and is strong enough to carry around a teenager like Balgo with ease.[21]

Appearances in Other Media

Video Game Appearances
Blade Battlers
Blade Battlers 2nd
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Live-Action Film

  • Although not as a playable character, Osushi makes his video game debut in Bleach: Brave Souls for the first time as a collectable pet. He is obtainable via clearing the first chapter of the BURN THE WITCH event, and his all his power-up Spirits can be obtained from within. His pet primary skill is Knockback Resistance, which can only be used in Epic Raids.
  • In the official collab BURN THE WITCH home screen background of the same game, Osushi can also be seen running around near the Wing Bind entrance.


  • According to the Author's Notes of the BURN THE WITCH one-shot, Osushi was inspired by Tite Kubo's own pet dog.


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