Omake (御負け) means extra in Japanese. The term is used to denote extra or bonus content.

Anime Omakes

Each Bleach anime episode features a short comedic omake segment, which is like a mini-episode that airs at the end of the episode. They offer extra information about the episode, such as techniques or more character information. They also show other characters in different situations, such as the Shinigami Women's Association. Some omakes are also manga-based.

The Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book is the default omake segment for the anime and often has its own arc that strings together multiple omake segments to tell a large story. Other omake segments tend to be more episodic in format. To date, the anime has featured seven different omake segments.

List of Anime Omakes

Manga Omakes

These are extra chapters that have been released to mark special occasions such as New Years, Christmas etc. Alternatively, these were short gag stories and canon tie-in chapters that were released with Bleach Databooks but never included as part of any manga volumes. To date, there has been nine such chapters released.

List of Manga Omakes

Other Omakes

These are extra stories told in the manga format, that do not fit the definition of Manga Omake.

List of Other Omakes


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Bleach Omakes
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