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Ola Azul (波蒼砲 (オーラ・アズール), Ōra Azūru; Spanish for "Blue Wave", Japanese for "Blue Wave Gun"; Viz "Blue Wave Cannon") is a technique used by Tier Harribel while wielding her sealed Zanpakutō, Tiburón.


Pulling her sword back as it gathers yellow Reiryoku within the hollow portion of the blade, Harribel launches it towards her opponent in the form of an energy blade projectile.[1][2] She can keep the energy concentrated within the hollow portion of the blade and unleash it in the shape of a ribbon when attacking.[3]


  • This technique was originally called Proyectil Azul (蒼剣砲 (プロジェクティル・アズール), Purojekutiru Azūru; Spanish for "Blue Projectile", Japanese for "Blue Sword Gun") before the release of Volume 41.


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