Race Hollow
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives None
First Appearance
Manga Volume 5, Chapter 40
Anime Episode 13
Japanese Yōko Soumi
English Barbara Goodson

Numb Chandelier (ナム シャンデリア, Namu Shanderia) is one of the Hollows who were attracted to Karakura Town by Uryū Ishida's bait, during the Agent of the Shinigami arc. She attacked many Karakura High School students, including Tatsuki Arisawa and Chizuru Honshō and was eventually defeated by Orihime Inoue.


Numb Chandelier's mask has the appearance of a jellyfish with six appendages at the bottom and three circles of protrusions at the top. Her body is composed of twelve tentacles light blue or lavender in color. Her Hollow hole is above her mask, at the meeting point of her tentacles.[1]


This Hollow likes to avoid conflicts, as she attests on her own. Unlike other Hollows of her caliber, she does not rush to attack, but instead bides her time until she spots her opponents at their most vulnerable moment. She also demonstrates sadism when she wishes to savor the attack on Orihime by her possessed classmates.[2] After Tatsuki foils the attack she shows her petty and vindictive character by threatening her with intricate atrocities which she plans aloud.[3]


Agent of the Shinigami arc


When she arrives in the Human World, Numb Chandelier takes position on the top of the Karakura High School gym and waits.[4] She notices Orihime Inoue is a Human with high levels of spiritual power and sets her sights on her. When she sees Tatsuki leaving to change she decides the time is right for her to attack and descends into the yard. She approaches Orihime, asking her if she can see her. Orihime shouts for Chizuru to run, but this merely amuses Chandelier, who shoots projectiles out of the top of her mask in all directions, breaking many of the school's windows. Orihime is not hurt, but Chizuru is hit and lying on the floor. When Orihime rushes to her side, Chizuru suddenly grabs Orihime's throat and starts choking her. Chandelier gloatingly asks if Orihime is in pain as she sets down in the yard, at some distance from the two girls. She explains that, as she dislikes conflicts, her ability is to plant seeds in the bodies of Humans and thus possess their bodies, using them as her murder weapons against each other.[5]

File:13Chizuru under control of Numb Chandelier.PNG

Chizuru's hand suddenly lets go of Orihime and punches her in the face. Chandelier tells Orihime it has been a long time since she has seen such a pretty girl of her abilities getting helplessly killed by her own classmates, as many other possessed students arrive in the yard and assault Orihime, beginning to tear off her clothes. At that moment, Tatsuki returns and attacks the other students. Tatsuki cannot see the Hollow, except as a blur, but she challenges her to a fight nonetheless - for making Orihime cry.[6] Chandelier sends a new group of students to attack, but Tatsuki easily defeats them as well. Chandelier is unfazed, saying that although Tatsuki is wild, breaking her spirit will be enjoyable. She manages to catch Tatsuki by surprise when she has Chizuru grab her shoulder, and then has the other students hit Tatsuki and grab her, before shooting one of her seeds into her.[7]

File:13Tatsuki resists control.PNG

Chandelier says she would soon possess full control over Tatsuki's body and begins to wonder aloud how she would punish her for interfering with her pleasure. The first option is to have Tatsuki kill herself after being raped by every boy in the school. The second option is to have her strip naked, hang herself from a roof and then cut the rope. When she begins to think about a third option she notices Orihime is nearly breaking loose and has the boys holding her smash her face into the ground. Since she cannot think of a good way to torture and murder Tatsuki she offers her to suggest ideas of her own, but Tatsuki tells her to shut up and let go of Orihime. Chandelier asks Tatsuki if she understands her current situation, saying her life lies in her hands, as she caresses Tatsuki's face with one of her mask tentacles. However, the Hollow was careless. Her control of Tatsuki's body wasn't complete yet, and Tatsuki takes her toll when she bites down on the tentacle. Chandelier tries to make the Human let go by striking her, but she eventually has to fire three more seeds into her body to force her off.[8]

Seeing this, Orihime struggles to escape her captors and tries to make it to Tatsuki's side, since the girl took one of the seeds in her forehead and is critically injured. As she comes closer, Chandelier uses Tatsuki's leg to kick Orihime in the face, causing her to fall to the ground. She then proceeds to have Tatsuki kick Orihime in the stomach, however Orihime gets up and embraces her friend, telling her it is now her turn to protect her. As she says this, Orihime's hairpins suddenly gleam and break into six projectiles, one of which strikes Chandelier, cutting off one of the appendages on her mask, and the wary Hollow backs away into relative safety. Orihime tells Chandelier she made a mistake picking her as her victim, as she will not forgive those who hurt Tatsuki.[9]

File:13Numb Chandelier is killed.png

Chandelier mocks Orihime for her words, but is genuinely intimidated by the look in her eyes and asks her about the projectiles flying around her. Orihime notices the flying objects for the first time and Chandelier asks in amazement if she was unaware of this power, however, one of the objects speaks and says she had to have been aware of their existence. Chandelier watches from afar as the spirits known as the Shun Shun Rikka introduce themselves to Orihime, but eventually loses her patience and cautiously approaches the girl. She asks Orihime what she is up to, but before she gets an answer, she shoots her seeds at her. Orihime wows her by creating a triangular shield, protecting herself. Next she creates a different shield over the injured Tatsuki, repairing the damage caused by Chandelier's seeds. Orihime's third technique cuts Numb Chandelier in half, killing her.[10]

Powers and Abilities

Bulb Scatter (バルブスキャッター, Barubusukyattā)[11]: The protrusions on Numb Chandelier's mask are in fact seeds which she can fire as projectiles. A Human hit by those seeds will have his or her body possessed by Chandelier's will.[12]

Spiritual power: Being a Hollow, Numb Chandelier possesses an unknown level of spiritual power.

Flight: Throughout her attack on the Karakura High School, she demonstrates her ability to fly or at least float through the air.

Appearances in Other Media

Numb Chandelier is a common enemy in Bleach: The 3rd Phantom, and has been renamed Numb Jelly.


  • Numb Chandelier was left unnamed in the manga. Her name was only revealed in the SOULs databook.[13]
  • Unlike most Hollows, Numb Chandelier's mask appears to be flexible, as she uses the appendages on its bottom like tentacles.[14]


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