Noel Niihashi
BTWfilm Noel profile
Race Human
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Wing Bind
Profession Witch
Position 1st Order Conservation Ranger "Pipers"
Partner Ninny Spangcole
Base of Operations Reverse London
Personal Status
First Appearance
Japanese Yuina Yamada

Noel Niihashi (新橋 (ニイハシ) のえる, Nīhashi Noeru) is a Witch working for Wing Bind in Reverse London. She is the partner of Ninny Spangcole.


Noel is a tall, curvaceous teenage girl with blue eyes, waist-length black hair, long bangs, a perpetually solemn expression, and a small, white, horn-like extension on her left temple. As a student in London, she wears a Blackstone uniform, which consists of a black 3-button suit over a white undershirt and thin dark ribbon tie, a short black skirt, knee-length black leggings, and brown dress shoes.[1] Her Witch attire consists of a green suit over a white undershirt with a thick red bow tie fastening a short, red-and-black plaid cape to her neck; a short green skirt with a holster for her gun on her right thigh; knee-length black leggings, with the left one featuring three horizontal white stripes near the top; and brown dress shoes.[2]


Noel is a fairly stoic young woman who reacts to most situations with a mixture of seriousness and deadpan observations.[3][4][5][6] She likes wearing uniforms, as they tell others who she is without her needing to do so herself,[7] and prefers that others call her by her first name.[8] However, she also has a somewhat sillier and less aloof side; she is fond of Balgo Parks's pet dog, Osushi, carrying treats to feed him with[9] and is very fond of Japanese culture, to the point of taking Noel as her first name because it is a girl's first name in Japan[8] and having the narration theme from the Dragon Ball anime as her cell phone ringtone.[10] Notably, even when displaying this softer side of hers, Noel remains calm and serious; the only two times she has ever lost her composure have both stemmed from Osushi (having absorbed negative emotions from Balgo and gaining the ability to speak the human language as a Dark Dragon) asking to see her panties, which resulted in her furiously screaming for Balgo to show himself the first time[11] and pursuing Balgo and Osushi with murderous intent the second time.[12]

Noel is the target of daily sexual harassment from Balgo, and rebuffs each of his attempts to see her panties with physical violence.[13] However, despite how angry she got at him upon seeing Osushi demand to see her panties as well after absorbing his negative emotions,[11] she expressed some concern that he might receive the death penalty for coming into contact with a Dragon[14] and later complimented him as being "kinda cool" after he defended Spangcole from Selvie.[15]


BTWNoel enters

Noel enters the phonebooth.

As Noel walks down the streets of London in her school uniform while musing on how uniforms tell others who she is, she comes across Osushi sitting on the ground and prepares to give him a dog treat, only to be accosted by Balgo, who wishes to see her panties as usual. Kicking Balgo away, Noel notes that he is now able to finish his sentences even after being kicked by her and throws a pipe at him, which he frantically dodges, before brushing off his claim that it could have hit someone by stating that if he could dodge it, even an elderly man could. Emboldened by her challenge of never being able to best her, Balgo tells her to not underestimate him, only to be swiftly incapacitated by a strike to the jaw. Noel enters a nearby phonebooth and deposits a coin emblazoned with the emblem of the Western Branch before saying that she is clocking into work to the receiver, causing the phonebooth to drop into the ground below, much to Balgo's bewilderment.[16]

BTWNoel and Spangcole depart

Noel and Spangcole depart for Ninebrook Pastures.

Noel arrives in Reverse London to find Spangcole berating two repairmen for not reconstructing the gate to the Western Branch of Soul Society quickly enough. When Spangcole demands to know why Noel is late again, Noel states she had to fight off Balgo at the entrance as usual, to Spangcole's chagrin. As she and Spangcole enter the Wing Bind headquarters, Noel points out that Spangcole is the one who told the repairmen to prioritize the installation of the monitor, prompting Spangcole to defend her actions by claiming everyone wants to see her advertisements. As the two of them discuss their preferred names, Billy Banx Jr. walks up and notes that they seem to be having fun as usual before having them stamp their attendance sheets. Walking Noel and Spangcole to their Broombuggy mounts, Billy reveals they will be going to Ninebrook Pastures and claims that it is a fun place. As Spangcole grows increasingly frustrated with her boss's remarks, Noel states that they should get going, and the two of them take off on their mounts.[17]

BTWSpangcole opens

Spangcole opens the Coin Gate.

Later, in Ninebrook Pastures, Noel feeds her mount while Spangcole complains about not being able to join the Sabre Squad and protect the streets of London, leading Noel to note that she is content where she is in the Conservation Rangers. Upon being approached by a farmhand, Noel introduces herself and Spangcole, prompting the farmhand to request that they help him harvest a crop today. Shortly afterward, Noel and Spangcole climb up the neck of an extremely large, camel-like Dragon to harvest grapes from its nose. Some time later, Noel receives a call from Billy, who asks her to finish up her harvest and perform an extermination for him. Leaving Ninebrook Pastures, as the two witches speed through the air on their mounts, Spangcole notes that they do not have time to go back to the phone gate and has Noel use her coin to open the Coin Gate, which they go through.[18]

BTWNoel kicks

Noel kicks Selvie away from Balgo and Spangcole.

In London, as Osushi is terrorizing Balgo and Selvie in his Dark Dragon form, Noel and Spangcole burst out of the Coin Gate behind him, only to be stunned when Osushi demands to see Noel's panties. Immediately realizing Balgo is nearby, Noel demands that he come out. When Selvie tries to flee the scene, Spangcole pursues him despite Noel's warning that there are two Dragons present, only for Selvie to suddenly unfurl his body and attack Spangcole. As Selvie continues to attack Spangcole, Noel rescues her, only for Selvie to suddenly appear next to them and attack, sending Spangcole crashing into the city below as Noel cries out to her. After Balgo protects Spangcole from Selvie's next attack, Noel kicks Selvie away from them and destroys him with Absolute Dragon Shutter, after which she and Spangcole leave.[19]

BTWNoel and Spangcole learn

Noel and Spangcole learn that Balgo is being left in their care due to becoming a Haunted One.

Later, Noel and Spangcole learn that Billy has been promoted to the Sabre Squad due to his decision to send them in to handle the Dark Dragon, while they have been given Balgo to take care of after he became a Haunted One due to being bitten by a Dark Dragon after living with one for 10 years. While Spangcole hounds Billy, Osushi, now a dog again, asks to see Noel's panties, causing her to chase after him and Balgo, destroying the now-rebuilt Western Branch gate once again in the process.[20]


BTWNoel's gun

Noel's gun.

Gun: Noel wields a small, white handgun as a Witch. It has a thin, elongated barrel ending in three teal discs, and a thick stock with several teal circles and patterns on it.[21]

  • Absolute Dragon Shutter (対竜絶対殺害砲 (アブソリュート・ドラゴン・シャッター), Abusoryūto Doragon Shattā; Japanese for "Anti-Dragon Absolute Murder Gun"): Aiming at her target with her gun in one hand and bracing her arm with the other, Noel fires a powerful shot that blows her target to pieces, killing them.[22]

Powers & Abilities

Enhanced Strength: Noel is a fairly strong young woman, sending Balgo skidding several feet away with a single roundhouse kick.[3] When fighting Selvie, Noel sent the much larger Dragon flying several meters away, visibly damaging him in the process, with another powerful kick.[23]

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Noel possesses considerable proficiency in self-defense, having fended off dozens of Balgo's advances with expertly-placed punches and kicks.[24]


  • "I like uniforms. It means that I don't have to prove to anyone who I am."[25]


  • Spangcole sometimes addresses her as Niiha (ニーハ, Nīha).[27]


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