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Ninny Spangcole (ニニー・スパンコール, Ninī Supankōru) is a Witch working for Wing Bind in Reverse London. She is the partner of Noel Niihashi. Ninny is also a singer in the band Cecile Die Twice (セシルは2度死ぬ (セシル・ダイ・トゥワイス), Seshiru Dai Tuwaisu), having performed alongside Macy Baljure.[2]


Ninny is a green-eyed young woman with blond hair that she keeps tied up in two long pigtails with red, spiked metal bands. She wears a green suit unbuttoned over a white undershirt with a red-and-black plaid cape emblazoned with the symbol of the Conservation Rangers that is fastened at the front with a large red bow, as well as a black shorts held up by two straps around her shoulder that features a golden gemstone on the front. On her right thigh, she keeps a holster for her Witch Kit, while her legs are covered by stockings - the left stocking reaches her thigh and features three white horizontal stripes toward the top, while her right stocking is rolled down to accommodate the Witch Kit holster. She wears black boots with gemstones on the ankles.[3]


Ninny is fairly abrasive, rude, and temperamental, as demonstrated when she loudly berated two repairmen for not finishing their reconstruction of the Western Branch gate fast enough despite having told them to prioritize the installation of a large monitor to display her latest product advertisement.[4] She is very insistent on Noel not referring to her as "Ninii-chan" since she is her elder,[5] and constantly criticizes her obsession with Japanese culture due to her not actually being Japanese.[6] She is very vocal in her dislike of her and Noel's commanding officer, Billy Banx Jr., constantly yelling at and insulting him when in his presence.[7] She has a fervent desire to join the Sabres and defend the streets of London,[8] to the point of preventing Noel from calling in the Sabres when they are confronted by a Dark Dragon so she can prove her strength by fighting it,[9] and is enraged when Billy is promoted to the squad instead of her after she and Noel take out Shelby;[10] she also cares more about achievement points than money when being rewarded for performing her duties, as another way of getting a promotion.[11] Consequently, when Noel ended up making the front page of the Reverse London Press newspaper as a Wing Bind Headliner after they defeated the Dark Dragon attacking Reverse London, Ninny was enraged over not receiving this recognition instead, believing that she did more to earn it than Noel did.[12]

Ninny has no interest in doing extra work for no pay in addition to her normal duties, including looking after Balgo and Osushi, though she can be motivated to do so if promised overtime pay.[13] At times, she is left frustrated by the Dragons she is tasked with overseeing; while harvesting grapes in Ninebrook Pastures, Ninny admits to Noel that she prefers Japan's policy of simply killing all of their monsters to Reverse London's policies of protecting and domesticating Dragons.[14] She is also disillusioned with the concept of fairy tales due to how often they fail to live up to expectations and looks down on those who idolize the princesses therein, preferring to be the one casting the magic spells that set the stories in motion instead.[15] Due to her celebrity life as a popular singer, Ninny has no patience for overeager fans who accost her in public and inconvenience others, to the point of being willing to briefly blind them with magic in order to get away;[16] she is also well-accustomed to being lied about by media outlets seeking controversy for a story and no longer cares about companies like "The Realist's" twisting the meaning of her statements and actions.[17]

However, she does have a softer side to her: after being attacked by Shelby and realizing Balgo Parks was near her, Ninny immediately told him to run away.[18] Additionally, though she acknowledges that her fellow singer, Macy Baljure, is mentally unbalanced regarding their relationship and hates the latter's tendency to complain,[19] Ninny still cares greatly about the latter and attempted to protect Macy from repercussions when the latter revealed that she owned a Dragon named Elly, knowing that Macy did not understand this constituted a felony in Reverse London;[20] additionally, when fleeing from Bruno Bangnyfe with Noel and Balgo, Ninny made sure to save Macy as well.[21]


Noel and Ninny depart for Ninebrook Pastures.

A day after a fight with a large Dragon in Reverse London, Ninny stands beneath the partially destroyed gate of the Western Branch of Soul Society and berates the repairmen for not fixing the gate in the week since it was damaged while her latest advertisement plays on a large monitor in the background. When she is told that the installation of the monitor was prioritized, Ninny claims this is just an excuse and, upon being interrupted by the arrival of Noel Niihashi behind her, demands to know why Noel is late again, leading Noel to state she had to fight off Balgo at the entrance as usual, to Ninny's chagrin. As she and Noel enter the Wing Bind headquarters and discuss their preferred names, Billy Banx Jr. walks up and notes that they seem to be having fun as usual before having them stamp their attendance sheets. Billy walks Ninny and Noel to their Broombuggy mounts before revealing they will be going to Ninebrook Pastures to assist with harvesting materials from a Dragon. While Ninny grows increasingly frustrated with her boss's flippant and casual remarks, Noel observes that they should get going, and the two of them take off on their Broombuggies.[22]

Ninny opens the Coin Gate to travel to Front London.

Later, in Ninebrook Pastures, Ninny complains about not being able to join the Sabres and protect the streets of London. Upon being approached by a farmhand, Noel introduces herself and Ninny, prompting the farmhand to request that they help him harvest a crop today. Shortly afterward, Ninny and Noel climb up the neck of an extremely large, camel-like Dragon to harvest grapes from its nose, which Ninny is grossed out by. Soon afterward, Noel receives a call from Billy, who asks her to finish up her harvest and perform an extermination for him; though Noel decides to hang up on him, Ninny overhears and convinces Noel to go through with it. As they speed through the air on their mounts, Ninny notes that they do not have time to go back to the phone gate and tells Noel to use her coin so they can open the Coin Gate, which they go through.[23]

Shelby attacks Ninny, revealing himself to be a Dark Dragon as well.

In London, Ninny and Noel burst out of the Coin Gate behind Osushi, who is terrorizing Balgo Parks and Shelby as a Dark Dragon. When the Dark Dragon demands to see Noel's panties, Ninny is amused to see Noel's flustered reaction and deduces that she knows who came into contact with this dragon. Upon noticing Osushi's limp body in Balgo's hands, Ninny deduces that he is dead and that the Dark Dragon is a Disguiser, which takes over corpses. When Shelby tries to flee the scene, Ninny pursues him despite Noel's warning that there are two Dragons present, only for Shelby to suddenly unfurl his body and attack Ninny. With her left arm broken by the attack, Ninny rolls to safety as Shelby reveals himself to be a Dark Dragon as well. While Noel saves her from Shelby's next attack, Ninny notes how unusual it is for a Dark Dragon to live peacefully among Humans for ten years as Shelby attacks her again, sending her crashing into the buildings below.[24]

Noel and Ninny learn that Balgo is being left in their care due to becoming a Haunted One.

When the dust clears to reveal Balgo next to her, Ninny tells him to run away, but Balgo protects her from Shelby's next attack, giving Noel the opportunity to destroy Shelby with Absolute Dragon Shatter. Later, Noel and Ninny learn that Billy has been promoted to the Sabre Squad due to his decision to send them in to handle the Dark Dragon, while they have been given Balgo to take care of after he became a Dragonclad due to being bitten by a Dark Dragon after living with one for ten years. Enraged, Ninny chases after Billy, but quickly loses sight of him.[25]

Ninny is accosted by reporters in the street, to her annoyance.

A month later, as she walks through the streets of London in a dark hoodie and glasses, Ninny ruminates on how pretentious fairy tales are and evades reporters accosting her on the street with a flash of light from her phone that briefly blinds them before entering Reverse London, where she finds Noel hurtling through the air with a Bud Buck and uses Magic #44. Flash Bumper to catch them. Afterward, Ninny and Noel return to Wing Bind headquarters and discuss their different preferences in rewards for performing their duties, with Ninny preferring achievement points while Noel aims for money.[26]

Ninny and Noel stop Osushi's rampage by grabbing him and Balgo out of the air, allowing Noel to calm Osushi down.

Suddenly, an explosion rocks a tower in the distance, where Noel and Ninny see Balgo clinging to Osushi's leash as the latter flies through the air with a pair of large wings. Though initially apathetic toward helping Balgo, Noel and Ninny are convinced to help him when Billy reveals they will be paid overtime for doing so. Upon reaching the site of the disturbance, Noel and Ninny grab Osushi and Balgo, respectively, allowing Noel to calm Osushi down while Ninny berates Balgo for not putting the Fence Collar on him. However, Balgo reveals that Osushi transformed without warning and shrugged off the collar, leading Noel to realize this was the result of Osushi sensing danger nearby before a massive Dragon attacks them from behind.[27]

Ninny and Noel confront the Dark Dragon together.

Rolling out of the way with Balgo and Osushi, Ninny sets up Barrier Tape while Noel seemingly stuns the Dragon with Magic #4. Stunball. Suddenly, the Dragon quickly reveals itself to be a Dark Dragon in disguise and resumes its attack on Ninny and Noel, who are forced to call in an emergency blockade on the street. While the civilians move to shelters, Ninny and Noel move to a rooftop behind the Dark Dragon, where Ninny prevents Noel from calling in the Sabres so they can instead take down the Dark Dragon themselves and prove how powerful they are, which could get them promoted to the Sabres. Though Noel is reluctant to do so, Ninny takes off on her Broombuggy and rockets toward the Dark Dragon as she avoids its blasts.[28]

Ninny calls Noel to complain about not being featured as the Wing Bind Headliner.

The Saturday after Ninny defeats the Dark Dragon alongside Noel, she is shocked and angered to see that the Reverse London Press has made Noel its Wing Bind Headliner of the day instead of Ninny herself and moved her article to the front page, leading her to call Noel to vent about this, though the latter has Balgo answer the phone to redirect Ninny's wrath to him. Suddenly, Ninny and Noel are contacted by Billy, who calls them in despite it being their day off from work to respond to an anonymous tip about an illegally-reared Dragon being held in the west district of Reverse London and entices them with the promise of being paid five times more than usual, but with the caveat of having to bring Balgo with them.[29]

Ninny approaches the crowd to inquire about suspicious activity.

Ninny and Noel fly to the west district with Balgo, and while Noel gives Balgo a mantle and pipe to match their outfits, Ninny grows frustrated with his inability to sense anything awry that could lead them to the Dragon. Suddenly, an explosion rocks "The Realist's" office in the distance, leading Noel and Balgo to investigate the possibility of it being related to the Dragon as Ninny reluctantly follows. Upon reaching the crowd outside the building, Ninny begins asking onlookers about suspicious activity they saw in the area before and after the explosion, only to abruptly stop upon seeing Macy Baljure looking down from one of the windows on the upper floors, which prompts her to take off on Marshall and enter through the window after it is blown out.[30]

Ninny is sent flying off the rooftop alongside Marshall by a blast from Bruno Bangnyfe.

Inside, Ninny confronts Macy and learns that she intends to destroy both offices of "The Realist's" using the connected nature of Front and Reverse London in retaliation for them publishing a false story about Ninny, as well as that Macy is the owner of the illegally-reared Dragon, Elly, who reveals herself to Ninny and attacks. Noel intervenes by incapacitating Elly with a shot from her Witch Kit, but Macy is enraged upon seeing her interact with Ninny and attacks her, forcing Ninny to move outside with Noel and plan to sneak up on Macy. However, when Ninny flies up to the roof of the building, Bruno Bangnyfe attacks her with a powerful Magic spell that incapacitates Ninny and sends her flying back, leaving Noel to catch her.[31]

A briefly incapacitated Ninny informs Noel of Bruno's identity as the Inks Director.

When Noel fails to recognize Bruno, Ninny reveals his identity to her and wonders why he is here before being shocked to hear Bruno ordering his subordinates to detain Balgo as the culprit behind the terrorist attack on "The Realist's", leading her to realize that he is the one who instructed Billy to have them bring Balgo along and make him wear a Piper mantle, which Bruno confirms as he explains his plan to frame Balgo for this crime and bring him in for execution. Though Bruno makes it clear that he has no intention of killing them as long as they stay out of the way, he is enraged when Noel insults his hair, which prompts Ninny to praise her for doing so.[32]

Ninny holds her Witch Kit to Bruno's head and questions his involvement with Macy.

After Noel rescues Balgo from the Inks, Ninny appears behind Bruno, points her Witch Kit at the back of his head, and demands to know why he brought Macy to Reverse London and if he gave Elly to her. Though he confesses to bringing Macy here, Bruno reveals that he had nothing to do with Elly and that Macy found the Dragon on her own because she is a Watcher who can see them, stunning Ninny enough for Bruno to kick her Witch Kit out of her hand and into the air. Suddenly, Noel flies overhead and grabs Ninny's Witch Kit before firing it at Bruno alongside her own, creating two large explosions and giving Ninny time to fly away with Macy.[33]

Bruno catches up to Ninny, Noel, Macy, and Balgo.

Soon afterward, Ninny berates Macy for her tendency to cry and complain as the group takes shelter on a radio tower, which Noel conceals with Cloth. Listening somberly and intently as Macy explains why she left Cecile Die Twice and recounts how she raised Elly after finding her as an infant, Ninny is shocked when Bruno crashes through the Cloth barrier on Rickenbacker's back and informs them that Balgo is now designated a Punitive Dragon whom every Witch and Wizard will be hunting for.[34]

Ninny and Noel flee from Cinderella's Star Ash after the latter molts into her true form.

With Bruno mocking her and Noel not having informed a confused Balgo of this yet, Ninny formulates a plan with Noel to split up and take Balgo and Macy in separate directions, though Bruno points out that there is nowhere safe in Reverse London for them to take Balgo. Suddenly, Cinderella attacks Bruno and uses Stealth Scale to evade him, shocking Ninny and Noel, who watch as Cinderella proceeds to molt under the moonlight and assume her true form before being startled when Cinderella's Star Ash detonates across and heavily damages dozens of buildings near her. After Bruno takes off on Rickenbacker to confront Cinderella, Ninny and Noel are forced to flee from the building with Balgo, Osushi, and Macy when some of Cinderella's Star Ash reaches their location.[35]

Noel and Ninny trap Cinderella with a Magic #68. Supernal Jail cast in unison.

When Bruno fails to harm Cinderella with Hunger Shadow, Ninny and Noel fly up to him, having left Balgo and Macy somewhere safe, to formulate a plan of attack, refusing transfers to the Inks should they win in the process. Ninny and Noel fly around Cinderella and simultaneously chant the incantation to cast Magic #68. Supernal Jail, restraining Cinderella with a dozen large rods of light that Bruno follows up on with Greedy Curtain, but Cinderella destroys her restraints with a powerful energy blast that injures Ninny, Noel, and Bruno in addition to sending them flying, leaving Ninny to complain about how unfair Cinderella's durability is.[36]

Noel and Ninny protect Macy from Cinderella's Star Ash with their Shields.

Upon seeing Cinderella flying toward them, Ninny and Noel ready their Shields, only to be distracted when Macy pleads with them to subdue Cinderella non-lethally, allowing Cinderella to briefly incapacitate them with another energy blast. As Cinderella prepares to unleash more Star Ash despite Macy's pleas, Ninny and Noel appear between them and blast the Star Ash with their Witch Kits while Ninny berates Macy for believing she can still get through to Cinderella. However, before Ninny and Noel can resume the fight, Balgo, who had been instructed by Noel to clutch his Pipe, finds a sword blade comprised of energy sprouting from the end, stunning Ninny and Noel.[37]

Ninny learns of her and Noel's measly payment.

Incredulous at this strange development, Ninny turns around to see Billy shoot Cinderella through the head with a Magic beam all the way from Wing Bind Headquarters, piercing her Crown-Shaped Horn and killing her. The next day, Ninny and Noel learn that they are only receiving five pounds and five points each due to how much of their pay was docked to cover the extensive property damage inflicted by their battle, leaving Ninny outraged and further irritated when Billy reveals that they will also be taking care of Macy, who is now a Dragonclad as well.[38]


Ninny's Witch Kit.

Witch Kit: Ninny wields a small yellow Witch Kit. It has a thin, elongated barrel ending in a purple star and a grip decorated with purple stars.[39] It can fire explosive blasts.[40]

  • Coin Gate (コインゲート, Koin Gēto): By having Noel throw her coin in front of her while blowing into her Witch Kit like a trumpet, Ninny manifests a large tunnel that can transport her and others from Reverse London to Front London.[41]


Marshall (マーシャル, Māsharu) is Ninny's Broombuggy mount. His body is red with lightning bolt-shaped horns and a fire-like tail. Ninny is close to Marshall and considers him to have a handsome look.[42]

Powers and Abilities

Keen Intellect: Ninny has considerable knowledge of the existence, abilities, and history of the rare Disguiser breed of Dragons, which Noel was completely unaware of.[43]

Ninny blinds several reporters with a Magic flash from her phone.

Magic Expert: Ninny is adept with spells, able to cast both Magic #28. Rainy Wheel[44] and Magic #44. Flash Bumper without reciting their incantations and use them to great effect.[45] She can also easily use low-level Magic for mundane purposes like briefly blinding people around her in order to escape.[46] In unison with Noel and with a full incantation, Ninny cast a Magic #68. Supernal Jail that temporarily restrained Cinderella, a Märchen, in her fully-grown and molted form.[47]

Enhanced Durability: Ninny is a surprisingly durable young woman; when Shelby blasted her into a building from a considerable distance in the air, the building was reduced to rubble while Ninny was left with only minor scratches, though she could not move for a few minutes.[48] When sent flying by a powerful blast from Bruno Bangnyfe, Ninny suffered only some minor scrapes and quickly regained her ability to move.[49]

Enhanced Endurance: Upon having her arm broken by Shelby, Ninny largely ignored it and continued fighting him.[50] After taking the brunt of a powerful blast from a fully-grown and molted Cinderella, Ninny quickly got back on her feet to resume the battle.[51]

Enhanced Speed: Ninny is deceptively fast, having leaped in and saved Noel from the surprise attack of a Dark Dragon right before the latter's tongue made contact with her. [52]

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Promotional art of Ninny in Bleach: Brave Souls.

  • Ninny appears in Bleach: Brave Souls as a playable character for the BURN THE WITCH tie-in. She is a ranged strong attack character with the "Arrancar Killer" and "No Affiliation Killer" abilities. Her second strong attack is a barrier move, and her unlockable skills include "20% Havoc" and "Frenzy". She can unlock "Nullify Ranged Resistance 100%", making her ranged attacks incredible potent, and can also increase the effect of her "Reduced Strong Attack Cooldown" Soul Trait to -14%. Her special move is This Is Our Chance! (これはチャンスよ!, Kore wa chansu yo!), where Ninny fires her Witch Kit while riding Marshall, inflicting immense damage.

Ninny wearing a Christmas outfit.

  • Ninny is also playable in winter clothing as part of the 2021 Christmas holiday event. In this form, Ninny is a ranged strong attack character with the "Heart" Attribute, as well as the "Shinigami Killer" and and "No Affiliation Killer" abilities, who has a chance to inflict Weaken with every attack and whose second Strong Attack is a crawling vortex move. She has three Innate Skills built in at ★5: "Sprinter +2", "Enervator Every 5 Seconds", and "Guard Break", and her unlockable skills are "Debilitator +5 secs.", "Devastation +60%", "Frenzy +2", "Havoc +20%", "Hit Hidden Enemy Chance: 100%", "Increased Status Ailment Chance Against Mind Attribute Soul Reapers/No Affiliation Enemies +10%", "Mind Link Slot Potions +5", and "Super Mind Link Slot Potions +5", while her Soul Trait is "Strong Attack Recharge Time -14%"; meanwhile, her Arena Traits are "Strong Attack Damage +13%" and "Spiritual Pressure +45", while her Arena Abilities other than "All Stats +5%" are "Strong Attack Damage +10%" at level 5 and "Strong Attack Damage +20%" at level 10. Ninny's special is Christmas Cracker (クリスマスクラッカー, Kurisumasu Kurakkā), where she bursts her cracker while flying on Marshall's back, inflicting immense damage and Weaken.



  • (To Noel Niihashi) "Of course they should fix the screen first! Everyone wants to see my commercial!"[54]
  • (To Noel, regarding the domestication of Dragons) "Honestly, I think they got the right idea over in Japan. They just kill them all, no questions asked."[55]
  • "Aren't fairy tales just full of it? Girl gets hit by a magic spell, turns into a princess, gets to wear a pretty dress, gets to make believe she's picking out some hot guy, but ends up getting chosen herself instead. And the magic disappears partway through, to boot. Isn't that just the worst? But everyone says they want to be the princess. Are they for real? They know the spell's gonna wear off in the middle of things, right? You broke a promise, so...oh, well? Time's up, so you're out of luck? Think again. You're all a bunch of idiots. None of you have any idea why the spell actually wears off. If idiots are the only ones who get bewitched...I'd rather be the one casting the spell."[15]
  • (To Noel) "I told you not to address me by my first name! I've got seniority!"[1]
  • (To Billy Banx Jr. regarding looking after Balgo Parks) "I don't want to do it. Managing a Dragonclad is just some nonsense HQ is forcing on us. We're not getting paid nearly enough money or achievement points to watch him 24/7 while holding down a normal job!"[56]
  • (To Noel) "It's our time to shine, Niiha! You're doing it for the money! I'm doing it for the achievements! And if anybody asks, we're doing it for social justice!"[57]
  • (Regarding the Reverse London BBC Dark Dragon warning) "That always gets to me. Doesn't it get on your nerves when they say 'Wing Bind is managing it'? I mean, it's fine if we say it, but the BBC shouldn't!"[58]
  • (To Noel) "Are you going to let the Sabres get all the credit? This is our chance to show personnel affairs how powerful we are! Like I said before, I want to get into Sabres!"[9]
  • (To Noel) "Niihaaaa! Why're today's Wing Bind Headliners about you instead of me? I obviously did more than you!"[59]
  • (To Noel) "I'm not upset because I don't get it! I'm mad because I'm unhappy! You'd be mad too if you got stuck with taking care of the class pet frog after drawing the short straw, wouldn't you?! I'd still do it anyway, though! That's the kind of upset I am!"[60]
  • (To Macy Baljure) "Naturally, you don't know since you don't live here in Reverse London, but direct contact with a Dragon is a felony! Right now, you'll be fine as long as I keep quiet. So hand it over! I'm telling you this for your own sake! If they find out, you'll wind up dead!"[61]
  • (To Noel) "I'd be a psycho if I were happy after finding out the culprit's somebody I know."[62]
  • (To Macy) "I already told you, that isn't going to work. No matter how much you love them, you just can't reach someone you can't get through to. How long are you going to keep insisting that the Dragon will give you strength or that it'll take you somewhere special? Can you stop talking like this is a fairy tale?"[63]
  • (To Macy) "You and everybody else have no idea why the spell wears off. But the reason it fades partway through is because the power was never yours. Macy, we're the ones who cast the magic, aren't we?"[64]


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