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Nigeki Kessatsu (弐撃決殺, Death in Two Steps; Viz "Double-Strike Finisher") is the primary technique of Suì-Fēng's Shikai, Suzumebachi.


As its first step, Suì-Fēng stabs her enemy with Suzumebachi's blade. In addition to creating a rather deep wound, the attack leaves a butterfly-shaped stamp on the victim’s body. Spreading from the center of the wound, known as Hōmonka (蜂紋華, Hornet's Crest; Viz "Bee Crest Flower"), this stamp becomes the target of Suì-Fēng's second attack. If struck in the same spot that was hit the first time, the person will inevitably die, and thus illustrate "Death in Two Steps."[1] When the ability takes effect, a larger crest quickly spreads out from the two smaller ones, completely destroying the victim's body.[2][3]

The crests are maintained by Suì-Fēng's will, and are impossible to remove unless she wills it; when Yoruichi Shihōin was still in charge of the Onmitsukidō, Suì-Fēng could only maintain the crests for half an hour.[4] However, for a target of superior Reiatsu, such as Sōsuke Aizen, the crest can be forcefully removed.[5]

The mechanics behind Suzumebachi's ability take effect not through the point of entry, but rather the point of actual surface contact.[6] This ability is caused by a venom that Suzumebachi secretes. When it enters the target's body, it spreads throughout their body in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, destroying it without a trace.[7] The effect of the poison takes slightly longer to work for those who have enhanced spiritual power.[8]


  • Before the visual effects of Nigeki Kessatsu were shown in the manga, it was presented in a different manner in the movies in which it debuted. When Suì-Fēng makes the second strike on Benin and Yang, they simply disintegrate and crumble apart, respectively.[9][10]


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