116Grimmjow's Fraccion
Kanji 数字持ち(ヌメロス)
Romaji Numerosu
Headquarters Las Noches, Hueco Mundo
Affiliation Sōsuke Aizen's Arrancar Army
Purpose Combat experts of Sōsuke Aizen's Arrancar Army

The Números (数字持ち(ヌメロス), Numerosu; Spanish for "Numbers", Japanese for "Number Holders") are the combat experts in Sōsuke Aizen's army of Arrancar.[1]


The moment they are "reborn" from Hollows into Arrancar, each member of Aizen's army is assigned a two-digit number, starting with 11. This number indicates not the order of the Números' strength, but of their birth. Thus, the higher an Arrancar's number, the younger they are.[2] The strongest among the Números can be handpicked by Aizen and promoted to Espada.[3][4]


Fracción (従属官 (フラシオン), Furashion; Spanish for "Fraction", Japanese for "Subordinate Officers") are Arrancar that serve a specific Espada. As proof of their status, the Espada have the right to select subordinates from among the Números to supervise directly. They can choose one or many Fracción, or even none at all.[5]

List of Números

List of Números
# Name Master in the Espada Zanpakutō
10 (pre-release)Yammy LlargoNoneIra
11Shawlong KoufangGrimmjow JaegerjaquezTijereta
12Grimmjow JaegerjaquezNonePantera
13Edrad LionesGrimmjow JaegerjaquezVolcánica
14Nakeem GrindinaGrimmjow JaegerjaquezUnknown
15Yylfordt GranzGrimmjow JaegerjaquezDel Toro
16Di Roy RinkerGrimmjow JaegerjaquezUnknown
17Aisslinger WernarrNoneUnknown
18Demoura ZoddNoneNone
20Charlotte ChuhlhourneBaraggan LouisenbairnReina De Rosas
22Abirama RedderBaraggan LouisenbairnÁguila
24Findorr Calius Baraggan LouisenbairnPinza Aguda
25Choe Neng PowwBaraggan LouisenbairnCalderón
26Ggio VegaBaraggan LouisenbairnTigre Estoque
27Nirgge ParduocBaraggan LouisenbairnMamut
33Loly AivirrneNoneEscolopendra
34Menoly MalliaNoneUnknown
41Pesche GuaticheNelliel Tu OdelschwanckÚltima
42Dondochakka BirstanneNelliel Tu OdelschwanckUnknown
50Tesra LindocruzNnoitra GilgaVerruga
54Emilou ApacciTier HarribelCierva
55Franceska Mila RoseTier HarribelLeona
56Cyan Sung-SunTier HarribelAnaconda
61Rudbornn CheluteNoneÁrbol
77Wonderweiss MargelaNoneExtinguir
??LuminaSzayelaporro GranzNone
??VeronaSzayelaporro GranzNone
??MedazeppiSzayelaporro GranzNone
??Unnamed Female ArrancarNoneUnknown


  • In the English language release of the anime and manga, Fracción is pluralized as Fracciónes.


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