Morning of the Sentence
Kanji 処刑の朝
Romanji Shokei no asa
Episode Number 51
Manga Chapters Chapter 137, Chapter 138, Chapter 139
Arc Soul Society: The Rescue arc
Previous Episode The Reviving Lion
Next Episode Renji, Oath of the Soul! Death Match with Byakuya
Japanese September 27, 2005
English October 6, 2007
Theme Music
Opening D-tecnoLife
Ending Happypeople
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Morning of the Sentence is the fifty-first episode of the Bleach anime.

As the day of Rukia Kuchiki's execution arrives, various groups around the Seireitei move out and clash with one another.



Rukia Kuchiki is escorted out of her cell.

As dawn breaks on the day of Rukia Kuchiki's execution, 10th Division Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya walks with his lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto, while 3rd Division Lieutenant Izuru Kira follows his captain, Gin Ichimaru. At the entrance to the Shishinrō within Senzaikyū, Rukia is escorted out of her cell by members of the Kidō Corps with the same collar around her neck attached to four cords on poles that was used to bring her there prior.


The younger Shinigami threatens to kill his comrade.

Elsewhere in the Seireitei, two birds sit together on a roof while a member of the Eleventh Division sits in the shade with a broom and bemoans how unwell he feels due to the alcohol he drank last night, only for the older Shinigami on the other side of the street with another broom to assert that it was actually the tobacco he smoked that is causing him to feel this way. Warning the older Shinigami to not pick a fight with him just because he lost yesterday, the younger Shinigami threatens to kill him.


Kenpachi Zaraki rushes past the two Shinigami.

With the older Shinigami throwing aside his broom to grip the handle of his Zanpakutō and promising to clean him up before cleaning the streets, the younger Shinigami stands up and mocks this outdated language as he grips his own Zanpakutō, only for both of them to pause upon hearing something in the distance. Suddenly, 11th Division Captain Kenpachi Zaraki slides into view at the intersection several meters away and rushes past the shocked Shinigami with Orihime Inoue and his lieutenant, Yachiru Kusajishi, holding onto his shoulders, leaving the two Shinigami to spin around from the resulting force while claiming to be honored to be sweeping streets.


Makizō Aramaki encourages the two Shinigami to do their best.

The two Shinigami stare at this in shock before turning to see 11th Division 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame, 5th Seat Yumichika Ayasegawa, and Makizō Aramaki approaching them as well. After Ikkaku admonishes for being so obvious about slacking off, Yumichika promises to kill them if he finds even one piece of lint lying around, and Aramaki encourages them to do their best, the three of them run off after Kenpachi. While the older Shinigami wonders what Aramaki is doing with Kenpachi, the younger Shinigami realizes that there were two people riding on Kenpachi's back. Up ahead, Kenpachi asks Orihime which direction he should be running in now.


Yachiru Kusajishi interrupts Orihime Inoue's attempt to give directions.

However, as Orihime attempts to indicate a direction, Yachiru interrupts her with a headbutt while pointing in the opposite direction. With Orihime protesting this, Yachiru asserts that Kenpachi also thinks it is this way, and when Ikkaku suggests that she leave the guidance to Orihime since her own sense of direction is as bad as Kenpachi's is, Yachiru insults his baldness and spits on his head, causing an angered Ikkaku to attempt to unsheathe his Zanpakutō, only for Yumichika to tell him to calm down and note that he was asking for that one. With this, Kenpachi decides to simply follow his instincts and decide on his own, to Yachiru's delight.


Uryū Ishida and Ganju Shiba argue about their familiarity.

Meanwhile, within one of the underground relief cells of the Sōgō Kyūgo Tsumesho, Uryū Ishida sees a white cabbage butterfly flutter into the room through the narrow slatted window and comments that it must be spring here. Watching the butterfly briefly land on Uryū's forehead before fluttering away, Ganju Shiba observes that he must have cracked under the pressure and teasingly offers to let Uryū chase the butterfly if he wants. Irritated by this, Uryū berates Ganju for addressing him by his first name because he does not think they are on friendly terms, prompting a startled Ganju to counter by claiming that he does not believe so either.


Uryū and Ganju are shocked by a hole busting open in the ceiling.

With Uryū and Ganju continuing to argue about this, where Ganju claims that being friendly is a Shiba Clan tradition and Uryū denies having ever heard of such a tradition, an embarrassed Yasutora Sado sits by and listens before telling them to be quiet upon hearing a commotion outside. As the three of them listen to Shinigami screaming in panic and terror, Ganju notes that the commotion seems to be drawing closer to their location and Uryū comments on it reminding him of a typical samurai drama. Suddenly, a hole bursts open in the ceiling above them, causing Uryū and Ganju to fall back in shock while Ganju wonders what is going on.


Ganju is shocked when Kenpachi and Yumichika Ayasegawa arrive.

Upon seeing Kenpachi standing in the clearing dust cloud, a terrified Ganju identifies him before being further shocked to see Yumichika stepping out from behind Kenpachi alongside Ikkaku. When Ganju describes him as a narcissist with a bowl cut, an annoyed Yumichika partially unsheathes his Zanpakutō and inquires who Ganju is since he cannot remember ugly faces. Ganju asserts that others have said he looks better bandaged up and points out that Yumichika should not be able to recognize him with his face covered anyway, and as he observes that Ganju did not deny being ugly, Uryū is surprised alongside his friends when Orihime begins pulling herself up to Kenpachi's shoulder.


Byakuya Kuchiki visits Hisana Kuchiki's shrine.

Expressing relief at her friends being alright, Orihime struggles to stay up and begs Yachiru to stop while the latter swings from Orihime's waist in an attempt to make her fall down. Elsewhere, in the Sixth Division barracks, Captain Byakuya Kuchiki stands before a shrine to Hisana Kuchiki, where he is informed by someone kneeling outside the entrance that it is time to depart for Sōkyoku Hill. After acknowledging this, Byakuya tells Hisana that he is going and closes the shrine. Meanwhile, in the Seventh Division barracks, Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba declares that this is terrible and runs along the courtyard hallway toward the quarters of his captain, Sajin Komamura.


Tetsuzaemon Iba apologizes to Sajin Komamura for being late.

As he leaps into the air and tucks his legs underneath him, Iba holds his fists out on either side of his body and bows his head while sliding along the floor into Komamura's view, where he comes to a halt and apologizes for falling asleep on the toilet before promising to kill himself in order to atone. However, Komamura assures him that this is unnecessary since his preparations are complete, and as Iba expresses surprise at this, Komamura instructs him to not take responsibility for everything. Though Iba attempts to deny doing so, Komamura tells him to not hide his feelings and notes that Iba is worried Komamura might still have doubts about the execution.


Komamura explains why he has no doubts about the execution.

After Komamura concludes that Iba was trying to buy time so he could think about the situation and make a decision, Iba admits that he is right, prompting Komamura to assert that he has no doubts because his dedication and loyalty to Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto are absolute. Detailing how Yamamoto was the only one to believe in him when he was shunned and cast out for his appearance, Komamura proclaims that he would spend his entire spirit in order to repay that debt and has no doubts before declaring that he would give his life if Yamamoto requested it. With 9th Division Captain Kaname Tōsen standing behind Iba, Komamura asks him what he thinks.


Marechiyo Ōmaeda bemoans those arguing about the execution.

While an alarmed Iba turns to see him standing with his lieutenant, Shūhei Hisagi, Tōsen states that he is the same as he has always been due to his blind eyes only seeing the paths not stained red with blood, which he believes is the same path that Komamura walks. During this, in the Second Division, Lieutenant Marechiyo Ōmaeda walks down a corridor while eating crackers and bemoans how people are arguing over the morality of today's execution on top of the trouble brought by the entrance of the Ryoka and the murder of 5th Division Captain Sōsuke Aizen. Marechiyo asserts that there is no point in arguing since it is a decision made by the higher-ups.


Suì-Fēng warns Marechiyo to not become her enemy.

Upon being asked what she thinks by Marechiyo, his captain, Suì-Fēng, dismisses this as ridiculous because she has no interest in right or wrong, instead focusing on her duties as a captain of the Gotei 13 and the missions she must carry out to kill the enemies that get in her way. With an unnerved Marechiyo picking his nose and acknowledging this, Suì-Fēng reminds him that this holds true for him as well and promises to kill him should he become her enemy before walking off, leaving an irritated Marechiyo to assure her that he will remember this as he eats another cracker. Elsewhere, 8th Division Captain Shunsui Kyōraku lies on a rooftop with a straw in his mouth.


Nanao Ise yanks the blade of grass out of Shunsui Kyōraku's mouth.

When his lieutenant, Nanao Ise, approaches him and expresses annoyance at having to look all over the place for him while revealing that he needs to get ready to depart, a humming Shunsui claims to have a problem and requests that Nanao listen to it. Agreeing to do so, Nanao is alerted when Shunsui explains that the blade of grass he put in his mouth to make him look cool might be poisonous since the inside of his mouth is burning, causing her to yank it out while admonishing Shunsui for not doing so himself. As Shunsui asks her what he should do, Nanao questions why he is asking her because he will always do as he wishes regardless of what she says.


Kenpachi, his subordinates, and the Ryoka reach a dead end.

With Nanao assuring him that she will follow a few steps behind him so she does not get in trouble regardless, Shunsui smiles and sits up as he notes that this means he will be the only one getting scolded by Yamamoto again. In a different part of the Seireitei, Kenpachi, his subordinates, and the Ryoka arrive at an empty pavilion on top of a building, to their considerable confusion. While Uryū nervously claims that it takes luck to guide someone and Orihime asserts that it is normal to run into dozens of dead ends before finding the right path, Ikkaku bluntly states that this is why he did not want a visibly embarrassed Yachiru to lead the way.


Komamura, Iba, Kaname Tōsen, and Shūhei Hisagi appear.

Angered by this, Yachiru leaps onto Ikkaku and begins biting his head, to his shock. Suddenly, Yumichika senses something and alerts Kenpachi, who acknowledges this and admonishes those hiding nearby for doing so. With Kenpachi declaring that a captain hiding their Reiatsu is shameful, Komamura asserts that he is arrogant to be speaking like this despite what he is doing and appears on the far end of the pavilion's rooftop alongside Tōsen, Iba, and Hisagi, shocking those present other than Kenpachi with their combined Reiatsu. While Tōsen wonders if Kenpachi lost his self-respect when he was defeated, a frightened Aramaki identifies each of them.


Kenpachi decides to fight all four Shinigami at once.

Though Yumichika assures him that their group outnumbers the four Shinigami, Aramaki counters that this is not a matter of numbers. However, Kenpachi interrupts by reminding them that he did not say they could fight, and as Komamura, Iba, Tōsen, and Hisagi stare at him, a grinning Kenpachi asserts that four against one is not really enough to test his blade against. Appearing in front of Kenpachi alongside Tōsen, Iba, and Hisagi with Shunpo, Komamura inquires if Kenpachi is saying that he will take on all four of them by himself, which Komamura considers arrogant despite knowing how powerful Kenpachi is, only for Kenpachi to tell him to shut up.


Aramaki is dejected by Kenpachi's harsh words.

Kenpachi draws his Zanpakutō and points it at the four Shinigami while encouraging them to attack him from all sides at once, since he believes that this is the only way any of them will be able to cut him. Upon being asked by Aramaki what he and the other should do, Kenpachi callously tells him to get lost because he is in the way, leaving Aramaki dejected over his harsh words, and Yachiru insists that they should all leave so they do not get in Kenpachi's way as she refers to Aramaki by a new nickname, which he is startled by. With Yachiru promising to keep searching for Ichigo Kurosaki while he fights, Kenpachi assures her that he will catch up soon.


Kenpachi claims that he never had sanity to begin with.

Addressing Orihime, Sado, Uryū, and Ganju by descriptive nicknames, with Uryū unnerved by his referring to his thin body, Yachiru leads them and the other members of her division away from the pavilion, pulling Orihime by the arm in the process. After picking up on Kenpachi's promise to follow them soon, Tōsen questions if he was trying to provoke the Shinigami or if he really believes this, only to conclude that Kenpachi has lost his sanity in addition to his pride either way, which Kenpachi responds to by proclaiming that he never had such a bothersome thing to begin with. In the streets below, Orihime calls out to Yachiru while following her.


Ikkaku Madarame and Yumichika arrive to fight Iba and Hisagi.

When Orihime asks her if it was really such a good idea to leave Kenpachi behind, Yachiru asserts that Kenpachi will never lose no matter who his opponent is. Behind them, Aramaki is impressed by Orihime addressing Yachiru by her first name and turns to Ikkaku for his opinion on the matter, but finds that he and Yumichika are gone. Back at the pavilion, Iba and Hisagi step forward so they can be the first to take on Kenpachi, and as the latter berates them for not listening to his advice, Ikkaku declares that he knew they would not listen and appears in front of a surprised Kenpachi with Yumichika while asserting that they will have to fight as well.


Ikkaku asserts that Iba does not get to lecture him on how to speak.

As Kenpachi wonders why they did not leave with the rest of the group, Ikkaku berates Iba and Hisagi for thinking they can go up against Kenpachi when Ikkaku himself would prove a suitable opponent for them before turning to Kenpachi for approval, which leads Kenpachi to realizes that he and Yumichika want to be part of the fight. Kenpachi agrees to let them take on Iba and Hisagi if they move somewhere else and threatens to kill them if they get in his way, which Ikkaku and Yumichika comply with. Stepping forward, Iba claims that Ikkaku has gotten cocky since they last met, but Ikkaku asserts that Iba does not get to lecture him on how to speak.


Kenpachi is left to face Komamura and Tōsen alone.

With Ikkaku bringing up how he left the Eleventh Division after realizing that he could not reach the rank of lieutenant there, Iba is angered by this, prompting Ikkaku to tell him to save it for later once they move to a different location because he does not want to be killed by Kenpachi. After Yumichika echoes this and requests that they move as well, Hisagi states that the end result of this fight will not change no matter what Yumichika does, and the four of them vanish with Shunpo, leaving Kenpachi to note that they can now start fighting even though the number of combatants has been cut in half and that it will at least provide a good warm-up for him.


Tōsen uses Suzumushi Nishiki: Benihikō.

Admonishing Kenpachi continuing to talk as further proof of his arrogance, Komamura draws his Zanpakutō and releases his Shikai, Tenken, before slashing at Kenpachi, creating a wave of force that gouges through the ground toward Kenpachi and destroys part of the building below. As the dust settles, Komamura takes two steps back at the request of Tōsen, who appears in the air above and asserts that he will break all of Kenpachi's limbs while performing Suzumushi Nishiki: Benihikō, creating hundreds of thin blades in the arc of his sword swing that proceed to rain down on Kenpachi's location and further damage the building below.


Kenpachi withstands Komamura and Tōsen's attacks.

However, after Tōsen lands and Komamura declares that not even Kenpachi could have survived this, the dust clears to reveal a laughing Kenpachi standing with several blades embedded in his chest. With Kenpachi questioning if this is all they have got, a stunned Komamura expresses disbelief at him remaining standing after both taking a hit from Tenken and being targeted by Suzumushi Nishiki: Benihikō. Kenpachi pulls out one of the blades embedded in his shoulder and retracts his previous statement due to now believing that this will not even wake him up. Meanwhile, 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai prepares to leave the Study Chamber in Sōkyoku Hill.


Zangetsu surrounds Ichigo Kurosaki with several clones.

Having tied up his hair and holstered his Zanpakutō, Renji bids Ichigo farewell, and as the latter acknowledges this while facing away with another sword in hand, Renji approaches Yoruichi Shihōin and asks her if she really thinks Ichigo will be alright. As a bloodied Ichigo breathes heavily and faces Zangetsu, Renji points out that they are out of time and questions if Ichigo will really be able to achieve Bankai. While Yoruichi remains silent, Zangetsu forms several clones of himself on the cliffs around Ichigo and asserts that he will not be going easy on him just because they are almost out of time to complete the training, only for Ichigo to claim that he does not intend to let Zangetsu do so either.


Yoruichi Shihōin explains why she believes Ichigo can achieve Bankai.

Upon being asked by Yoruichi if he remembers the first time he walked, a confused Renji denies this, leading Yoruichi to observe that he did not do so consciously if he does not remember it before inquiring why he stood up if this is the case. While Ichigo begins fighting off the various clones of Zangetsu, Yoruichi states that Humans are born knowing how to walk, birds know how to fly, and fish know how to swim, which she concludes is instinctual. Describing Ichigo as knowing instinctively that he has the potential to achieve Bankai, Yoruichi concludes that this is why she believes that he will achieve it as Ichigo continues fighting Zangetsu.

Next Episode Preview

Kon greets the audience and announces that his Ultimate Shinigami Illustrate Guide is coming to an end, with himself as the last on the list, and that the Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book will begin after the next episode, prompting Rukia Kuchiki to express shock at there being more.

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  • In the manga, Ichigo's final day of training with Zangetsu begins after Kenpachi rescues his friends from their cell; here, it begins after Kenpachi starts fighting Komamura and Tōsen.
  • In the manga, the Shinigami outside the cell do not begin screaming in terror until after all the Ryoka quiet down enough to hear the commotion; here, they start screaming while Uryū and Ganju are still arguing.
  • In the manga, when she greets her friends in their cell, Orihime is unimpeded; here, she is being dragged down by Yachiru, who is swinging from her waist in an attempt to get her to fall.
  • In the manga, Komamura is the second of the four Shinigami to confront Kenpachi; here, he is the last.
  • In the manga, the four Shinigami seemingly leap forward to move closer to Kenpachi; here, they use Shunpo.
  • Kenpachi does not exert his Reiatsu when advising the four Shinigami to attack him all at once.
  • In the manga, when Komamura attacks Kenpachi with Tenken, he does so by manifesting the giant's right hand and sword, which he brings down onto Kenpachi; here, he instead unleashes a slash at Kenpachi with his Zanpakutō that achieves the same effect of leaving a long fissure in the ground and destroying part of the building, which he later refers to as an attack with Tenken.
  • In the manga, Renji's outfit when leaving the Study Chamber bares a small portion of his right arm near the shoulder; here, it is instead bare from his shoulder to his elbow.


  • The younger Shinigami tasked with sweeping the streets is missing his lip ring for most of his appearance and has his hair change from brown to blue at the last second.


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