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This article contains information from anime sources that were not written by Tite Kubo and therefore are not considered canon material by the wiki.

Momo Hinamori (雛森 桃, Hinamori Momo) is the lieutenant of the 5th Division, formerly under Captain Sōsuke Aizen.


Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc[]

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

230Momo says

Momo tells the others of how Tobiume has supported her.

The Shinigami in Soul Society grow uneasy when their Zanpakutō begin ignoring them. Momo chooses not to get angry at Tobiume after how much she has been there for her. Later, she, along with all the other Shinigami with awakened Zanpakutō, is called to the Sōkyoku Hill by Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto. To the Shinigami's shock, it is revealed a mysterious man named Muramasa called them, and has sealed Yamamoto away. Muramasa reveals he has used his powers to "free" all the Zanpakutō Spirits from their bonds with the Shinigami and let them loose throughout Soul Society.[3]

After Ichigo Kurosaki, regaining his Zangetsu, proves the Zanpakutō spirits can be returned to their original state, Momo goes off with Rangiku to get back their respective partners. After finding Tobiume, the rogue spirit tells Momo how much she hated Momo's naivety towards people's natures, foolishly believing everyone has good in them. Teaming up with Rangiku and using a Kidō combo to attack the other's Zanpakutō Spirit, Momo uses a binding Kidō to finally subdue the Zanpakutō Spirits. As Haineko mocks Rangiku about being too old, Momo states she cannot wait to get older so she can overcome her naiveness.[4]


Momo and Rangiku stand over their defeated Zanpakutō.

After the battle, Rangiku and Momo, having a few Shinigami take their Zanpakutō Spirits to the 4th Division, travel until they run into Ichigo, whom Rangiku collides with. Ichigo reveals to Momo and Rangiku Hitsugaya has fought his Zanpakutō Spirit, which returned to him, and he left Hitsugaya to rest. During their conversation, Muramasa arrives at their location through a Garganta. Muramasa begins to fight Ichigo, but is having trouble adjusting to his "new" body, something both Rangiku and Momo notice. When Muramasa decides to restrain them with a binding attack, his weakened condition causes the effect to wear off. As Ichigo tries to fight Muramasa again, Senbonzakura, arriving, fights Ichigo instead. Senbonzakura, activating his Bankai, attacks Ichigo, Rangiku, and Momo. When Momo protects them with a Kidō spell, they watch Ichigo and Senbonzakura fight until Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, arriving, stops Senbonzakura from fighting. Byakuya reveals to them he is not there to fight his Zanpakutō, but is following his inner desires: to protect his pride. Byakuya retreats along with Muramasa and Senbonzakura, the latter using his technique to cover their escape.[5]


The four lieutenants try to outrun Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō.

Later, Momo and Rangiku watch over Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya while he rests. Later, when the Zanpakutō Spirits launch a full scale attack, she and Rangiku, arriving on the scene, intercept Tobiume and Haineko as they attack Isane Kotetsu and Tetsuzaemon Iba. As she and Rangiku prepares to take on their Zanpakutō again, Ashisogi Jizō, appearing, breathes a cloud of poison at them. All of the lieutenants try to outrun Ashisogi Jizō, but it keeps up with them. When Momo attacks it with Shakkahō, though she does not hit it, it, becoming irritated with her attacks, activates its Bankai. They all try to outrun it, but Ashisogi Jizō catches up to and passes them. Momo and the others soon collapse, all of them having breathed in Ashisogi Jizō's poison, but are all found and treated by the 4th Division.[6]


Momo arrives to do battle with her partner at her side once more.

Later, in the Human World, when Muramasa's unstable powers cause him to become a Hollow, Momo, once again allied with Tobiume, joins her fellow Shinigami and the Zanpakutō spirits.[7] Freed from Muramasa's brainwashing by Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Tobiume voices her resentment to being lied to and used by Muramasa. Momo reminds her to focus on their mission, and together they destroy several Gillians. As Muramasa's Garganta continues to call forth more Gillians, Momo and Tobiume join their allies in sealing the Garganta with their Reiatsu.[8] After Momo and her allies defeat the remaining Gillians, Ichigo emerges from the destroyed dome with a defeated Muramasa.[9]

Beast Swords arc[]

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Tobiume tell Momo about being controlled by Muramasa

Tobiume tells Momo about being controlled by Muramasa.

Despite Momo regaining her Zanpakutō Spirit, Tobiume can freely manifest herself whenever she pleases. Momo and Tobiume take advantage of this by chatting with each other, Tobiume telling Momo what her experience of being controlled by Muramasa felt like.[10] When Zabimaru and Senbonzakura are trapped in the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, they stumble upon the room where Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi has been spying on the inhabitants of Soul Society through the use of hidden cameras. She, along with the other members of the Shinigami Women's Association, gathers in a hidden room located in the Kuchiki Manor. When Senbonzakura crashes the system, their secret hiding spot is discovered by Captain Byakuya Kuchiki. She is present when Zabimaru ultimately destroys the Twelfth Division's barracks.[11]


Momo comes to help Tobiume battle Kirikaze.

When most of the Tōjū have been dealt with, Momo has dinner at Kamenoya Bar & Grill with Lieutenant Nanao Ise, Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto, Tobiume, Haineko, and the shorter half of Katen Kyōkotsu. When a drunken Rangiku reprimands Momo for not have drunk any saké, she states she came to the restaurant to enjoy the food. Rangiku angrily inquires if Momo thinks she is too good to drink with her. When Tobiume indignantly stands up for her master, Haineko calms Rangiku down by offering to drink with her instead. After dinner, Momo and Nanao are forced to carry Rangiku back to her quarters. Momo motions for Tobiume to come with them, but Tobiume apologetically refuses, saying she would like to spend some time with her friends. Momo says it is alright for her to want to be with her friends sometimes. When the Zanpakutō spirits struggle in their attempt to subdue the Tōjū Kirikaze, they are saved by the timely arrival of their Shinigami masters. Unable to defeat Kirikaze separately, the Shinigami and Zanpakutō reunite with each other. Tobiume returns to her sword form, and, together, Momo and Tobiume help defeat Kirikaze. Momo understands there is no reason to be sad over Tobiume losing her materialized form, because they can see each other whenever they want to, and they will always be together.[12]

Powers & Abilities[]

Kidō Expert: Momo excels at Kidō, and can use a single Kidō technique on two separate targets at once.[13]

Shunpo Practitioner: Momo is skilled enough in the use of Shunpo to keep up with other lieutenant-level Shinigami.[14]


  • (To Rangiku Matsumoto, Tobiume and Haineko) "I can't wait until I'm older. There's nothing great about being young. Being young means that you're still naive. That's why it feels like you're soaring in the sky or sinking beneath the ocean when someone you admire betrays you. Those emotions control your entire life and can make you lose sight of who you are. By growing older, your heart grows more experienced. You grow one step further away from being controlled by your feelings and are able to keep from soaring through the sky or sinking to the depths of the ocean. That's what it means to grow older."[13]


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