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Medazeppi (メダゼピ, Medazepi) was one of Szayelaporro Granz's Fracción and an Arrancar in Sōsuke Aizen's army.


Medazeppi was much larger than any of Szayelaporro's other Fracción, with disproportionately long arms. He has clown-like black hair protruding from each side of his head and the remnants of his Hollow mask cover his right eye and nose with teeth coming out of the bottom. His left eye is completely yellow and he has a dark pink stigma as an eyebrow. He wears the typical uniform of the Arrancar.[1][2]


Medazeppi does not talk, instead making noises to show what he is thinking. He has an extremely low tolerance of pain and becomes somewhat berserk after being cut by Renji Abarai.[2]


Along with Szayelaporro's other Fracción, Medazeppi was modified by the Octava Espada and transformed into an Arrancar by Sōsuke Aizen.[3]


Hueco Mundo arc

Medazeppi is killed by Uryū.

Medazeppi is among the Fracción that Szayelaporro summons when he becomes bored of teasing Renji Abarai. He emerges from a panel from the ceiling. As their master explains about Fracción to Renji, Medazeppi and the others gather behind Szayelaporro.[4] He briefly attacks Renji, knocking the lieutenant into the ground, but is unable to finish him off.[2] He is pierced through his midsection by an arrow from Uryū Ishida's bow, and collapses[1] and dies.[5]

Powers & Abilities

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Medazeppi primarily engages in hand to hand combat. He is able to overwhelm a Shinigami lieutenant by punching, grabbing and throwing his opponent.[2]


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