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Magic (マジック, Majikku; Viz "Spells") is a form of combat practiced by members of Wing Bind that is based on the use of advanced spells, similar to Kidō.


Witches and Wizards can use their handguns in several different manners in order to perform powerful spells of varying effects, ranging from offensive to defensive to incapacitating. These spells draw on an unknown energy source when used.[1]

Members of Wing Bind can all use a general protective technique known as Shield (魔防壁 (シールド), Shīrudo; Japanese for "Magic Barrier") that forms a small, rectangular protective barrier in front of their bodies.[2][3]

Inks use a different variety of spells performed by drawing symbols with spray cans: these spells are designated with Release Codes (解放番号 (リリース コード), Rirīsu Kōdo; Japanese for "Release Number") and have their usage punctuated by the command "Unlock!" (解錠 (アンロック), Anrokku; Japanese for "Unlock").[4]


Notable Users

Magic Masters

Magic masters possess advanced knowledge of various spells. They can use powerful spells to great effect without reciting the incantation or even the name.

Magic Experts

Magic experts possess considerable knowledge of various spells. They can use mid-level spells to great effect even without incantation, though they generally use incantations for higher-level spells to ensure maximum power.


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