Macy Baljure (メイシー・バルジャー, Meishī Barujā) is a former lead singer of the band Cecile Die Twice (セシルは2度死ぬ (セシル・ダイ・トゥワイス), Seshiru Dai Tuwaisu), having performed alongside Ninny Spangcole.[1] She is also a Watcher[2] and a Dragonclad.[3]


Macy is a tall, slim woman with pink, chin-length hair parted into a large cowlick on the right side of her forehead, as well as short, dark eyebrows that do not fully cover her delicate eyes and a small nose. She wears a turtleneck shirt underneath a tan trench coat with furred shoulders, long sleeves ending in lace at the wrists, four medium-size buttons on the chest, a sash tightening it at the waist that is covered in fur at both ends, a large and deep pocket on either hip, lace at the knee-length bottom, and light-colored boots with fur covering her ankles.[4]

While performing as part of Cecile Die Twice, Macy instead wears her hair in a large swirl covering her forehead and right eye, with a portion over her left ear coiffed over the top and back of her head, as well as eyeliner[1] and a sleek black outfit exposing her cleavage.[5]

After becoming a Dragonclad, Macy wears a light-colored, knee-length dress with a tapered collar and elbow-length sleeves that is fastened at the front by seven buttons and a white belt, as well as a watch on her left wrist and a thin black collar around her neck.[3]


Though normally timid and reserved when not performing as part of Cecile Die Twice, Macy is infatuated with her fellow singer Ninny Spangcole;[6] this drives her to go to extreme lengths against those who target Ninny, such as "The Realist's", whose office in Reverse London she attempted to destroy in order to inflict the same fate upon their office in Front London after the latter published a false story about Ninny hating her.[7] She also becomes hysterical and violent upon seeing other women acting friendly toward Ninny, causing her to attack them.[8] Despite this, when in a sufficiently tense situation, Macy will even target Ninny herself, as she did when the latter attempted to take Cinderella away from her for Macy's own protection.[9]

Underneath all this, Macy is a depressed woman who struggles to find a purpose in life and desires to feel special; having never felt comfortable in Cecile Die Twice, she only stayed because Ninny was there and because she would have lost all recognition had she left. However, this changed when she found an infant Cinderella, whom she took home to raise and feels gives her strength with the ultimate goal of taking her someplace special one day.[10] She is highly affectionate toward Cinderella, whom she refers to as "little one", and does not understand the danger posed by a rogue Dragon;[11] even after Cinderella molted into her true form and began indiscriminately destroying Reverse London, Macy insisted that Noel and Ninny find a nonlethal way to subdue her and even tried to talk Cinderella down herself, not realizing that the Dragon could no longer understand her.[12] She also has a habit of crying and complaining, according to Ninny.[13] However, after becoming a Dragonclad and learning that she would be staying with Ninny, Macy became much happier and more amiable.[3]


Macy finds an infant Cinderella after bumping into Balgo Parks, awakening her Watcher abilities.

Some time ago, Macy joined the band Cecile Die Twice as a singer alongside Ninny Spangcole. Though she did not enjoy being in the band because she felt she lacked the talent for the profession as someone who simply knows how to dance and can be made to look beautiful, Macy stayed in the band because Ninny was there and because she feared losing all fame and recognition if she left. However, two months ago, after bumping into Balgo Parks,[14] she found an infant Cinderella sleeping on a rock during a rainy day; initially believing Cinderella to be a hallucination, Macy realized she was real when Cinderella drank some water upon being brought home.[15]

Macy raises Cinderella as a pet.

As time went on and she ate more food, Cinderella grew larger and began to look more like a proper Dragon, and as she learned that only she could see Cinderella, Macy began to feel special and bonded with Cinderella, whom she believed was giving her strength and would take her someplace special one day, eventually naming her Elly.[16]


Macy and Cinderella watch the evening news.

After departing her band, Cecile Die Twice, and not giving any interviews or announcements after doing so, Macy watches a discussion panel speculating on the reason for her departure and showing a video of Ninny Spangcole seemingly disparaging Macy for doing so, which was published by "The Realist's". Knowing that this footage is likely altered or being presented out-of-context to manufacture controversy, Macy thanks Cinderella when the latter angrily fires an energy blast at the monitor, destroying it.[17] That night, Bruno Bangnyfe approached Macy and asked for her and Cinderella to help him.[18]

An enraged Macy prepares to throw a desk at Noel Niihashi for being friendly with Ninny Spangcole.

The next day, Macy has Cinderella blow up part of "The Realist's" office building in Reverse London.[19] When Ninny sees her in the building and confronts her to inquire about her presence here, Macy brings up the false narrative pushed by "The Realist's" about Ninny loathing her for her departure from the band and concludes that she came here to destroy "The Realist's" because they only publish bad stories about Ninny. Though Ninny attempts to have her hand over Cinderella because she is committing a felony, Macy refuses to listen and has Cinderella attack Ninny, only for Noel Niihashi to incapacitate Cinderella with a blast from her Witch Kit. Upon seeing Noel speaking cordially to Ninny, an enraged Macy throws a desk at her.[20]

Ninny flies away from the building with Macy.

After Noel and Ninny exit the building and confront Bruno, who reveals he orchestrated the incident, Noel provides a distraction with two large explosions while Ninny pulls Macy onto Marshall and flies away, leaving Macy distressed at having left Cinderella behind. Some time later, Macy is brought to a tower that Noel obscures with Cloth, where she explains why she left Cecile Die Twice and how she came to raise Cinderella. Suddenly, Bruno crashes through the barrier on Rickenbacker's back.[21] Macy watches as Bruno confronts Noel and Ninny before realizing she can hear Cinderella's voice getting closer.[22]

Macy pleads with Cinderella, now in her true form, to stop her rampage, but is not understood.

Macy stares in shock and confusion as Cinderella arrives and molts into her true form, revealing herself to be a Märchen. Listening to Noel's explanation of Cinderella's true name, Macy is aghast when Cinderella's Star Ash heavily damages dozens of nearby buildings, and Noel and Ninny are forced to evacuate her and Balgo from the building when more Star Ash reaches them. Moved to a different building, Macy sees Cinderella overpower Noel, Ninny, and Bruno, leading her to request that they try to subdue Cinderella non-lethally, but Ninny admonishes her for still believing she has a connection to Cinderella. The next day, having killed Cinderella, Billy Banx Jr. appoints Noel and Ninny to take care of Macy, who is now a Dragonclad.[23]

Powers & Abilities

Enhanced Strength: Despite her slim build, Macy possesses considerable strength when angered, allowing her to pick up and throw a desk with no visible effort.[8]

Dragon Sight: As a Watcher, Macy can naturally see Dragons like Cinderella despite being born in Front London.[2]


  • (To Cinderella) "Thank you, Elly. You're angry. Thank you for your fury on my behalf."[24]
  • (To Ninny Spangcole) "Who was it who taught me to never believe anyone when they say they're doing something for my sake? That was you, Nina!"[25]
  • (To Noel Niihashi) "Who the hell are you?! Why're you talking to Nina like you're best buddies?! I'll kill you!"[8]
  • (To Ninny) "Nina, you know I didn't like being in the group, right? I'm just tall, clean up well and know how to dance. They put me in stylish clothes and fancy makeup and made me out to be this icon of cool or something...if that was all it was, I would've quit a long time ago. But I couldn't. You were there and if I'd quit, I'd have become a nobody again."[26]
  • (To Ninny) "Selling things, going on stage...you and the rest of the group were amazing. I was the only one who wasn't my true self. But if I quit, I'd have nothing. I was sure that no one would notice me. But once I took Elly home, things changed. I felt like Elly was giving me strength. I felt like Elly would take me somewhere special."[27]


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