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MY LAST WORDS is the seventy-second volume of the Bleach manga series.

Publisher's summary

With Shunsui Kyōraku gravely injured, it'll be up to his lieutenant Nanao Ise to protect him. But can she master her newly revealed sword in time to make a difference? Meanwhile, Uryū Ishida's plans will become clear when he comes face-to-face with Ichigo Kurosaki!

Bleach All Stars

浦原 喜助
Kisuke Urahara
Ep246YoruichiCharaPic.png 黒崎 一護
Ichigo Kurosaki
Ep329UraharaProfileOption4.png 四楓院 夜一
Yoruichi Shihōin

Ch537Pg16UryuCharaPic.png アスキン・ナックルヴァール
Askin Nakk Le Vaar
647Gerard profile.png
石田 雨竜
Uryū Ishida
Chap543Pg14AskinCharaPic.png ジェラルド・ヴァルキリー
Gerard Valkyrie


653. The Theatre Suicide SCENE 7 "簪二つ 影一つ"

Shunsui helps Nanao finish the fight against Lille.

The cover pages of 653. The Theatre Suicide SCENE 7 "簪二つ 影一つ".[2]

In the past, Nanao's mother gives Shunsui's brother one of her hairpins, saying that while he is away fighting Hollows, knowing that they he has one of her pins will help comfort her. Upon seeing a young Shunsui leering at him, his brother headbutts him before telling him to go home and study. However, when Shunsui claims that he has mellowed out in his old age, his brother clarifies that this is simply the goodness of Nanao's mother finally showing on him.

In the present, Nanao tumbles to the ground after slicing off Lille's hand and notes that she did not realize fighting with a sword could be this frightening before realizing that the light which burst out of the wound has cut her leg. As Nanao panics over how much it hurts and how she cannot move her legs, Shunsui appears behind her, prompting Lille to note that he has finally emerged before calling him pathetic for hiding behind his subordinate. Forming an enormous Reishi trumpet in the air above him, Lille tells Shunsui and Nanao to listen to his Trompete and perish as Shunsui assures Nanao that he will always be right behind her. Nanao notes that Shunsui is providing support for her like he always has as Trompete fires, erasing a large chunk of the city below. However, Lille suddenly has a large portion of his body blown off and sees Nanao and Shunsui standing on a sliver of ground below, with Nanao having reflected the blast at him. Calling the idea of reflecting a god's power a grave sin, Lille crumbles away.

Characters in order of appearance:

  1. Nanao's Mother (flashback)
  2. Shunsui's brother (flashback)
  3. Shunsui Kyōraku (flashback)
  4. Nanao Ise
  5. Lille Barro

654. Deadman Standing

Izuru Kira returns to fight Lille as Gerard is overwhelmed by Renji and Byakuya.

The cover page of 654. Deadman Standing.

Pieces of Lille fall below the Royal Realm as Nanao collapses into Shunsui's arms. Commending Nanao for giving her all, Shunsui decides to return to the others before collapsing himself, which he notes is a sign that he should rest.

Meanwhile, in the Seireitei, Aizen and several unseated Shinigami witness Lille's pieces crashing into the ground below and wonder what is going on. After blowing up one of the Shinigami, Lille emerges from the rubble in a new form while realizing that his halo is gone. Claiming that he has become sinful, Lille fires blasts in multiple directions while proclaiming that he will destroy Seireitei as revenge against Shunsui as several clones of him appear. However, Lille has his head split in half and explodes as Izuru Kira notes how annoying the clones are as he appears with his repaired body. Cutting through more clones, Izuru wonders how he survived this destruction before challenging the rest of the clones to battle.

In the Soul King Palace, a wounded Gerard is thrown into rubble as Renji reprimands him for thinking he could defeat multiple captains and lieutenants. However, Gerard merely grins while noting that doing so would be considered a miracle.

Characters in order of appearance:


Gerard reveals the power of The Miracle.

The cover page of 655. THE MIRACLE.

Gerard explains that miracles should only occur under certain circumstances so that people recognize them for what they are, prompting Renji to ask him if he always talks like this. As Gerard proclaims that he will show the Shinigami a true miracle, Byakuya engulfs his head with Senbonzakura before flicking the blades sideways, which causes Gerard's bloody helmet to fly off. Seeing this, Momo wonders if they needed to go so far for someone who was close to death, only for Shinji to point out that Gerard would have likely turned the entire situation around with a single attack if they had let him live and figure out how their abilities worked. After blasting Gerard with Senbonzakura a second time, Byakuya attempts to leave alongside the other Shinigami, only to be interrupted by a giant foot smashing into the ground next to them.

As the Shinigami wonder what is going on, an enormous Gerard appears before them, smashing through nearby structures in the process, and reveals that The Miracle allows him to convert damage that he takes into increases in size and power before admitting that he has never been damaged to this extent before. Gerard breaks off and throws a tower at the Shinigami, forcing them to scatter as Shinji grabs Momo by the hand when she begins to fall off. After Gerard smashes his hand into the area where Shinji and Momo are, Byakuya attacks him with Senbonzakura, only for Gerard to block the petals with his hand before destroying the building where Byakuya is standing. After blowing away Rukia and Renji with his breath, Gerard proclaims that there are no miracles coming to save the Shinigami.

Characters in order of appearance:


Askin defeats Ichigo, Sado, and Orihime, but Yoruichi Shihōin confronts and overwhelms him.

The cover pages of 656. GOD OF THUNDER.

As Gerard smashes through more buildings, Askin observes him from afar while noting that Gerard has unleashed his Schrift before admitting that Gerard probably does not know that Lille has been defeated. Revealing that Lille was the leader of the Schutzstaffel, Askin notes that Gerard and Pernida Parnkgjas had possessed powers prior to Yhwach bestowing a Schrift upon them and that Pernida was rumored to be the left hand of the Soul King while Gerard is rumored to be his heart. Asking Ichigo if this was a short enough summary for him, Askin notes that it is probably difficult for him to take it all in as Ichigo lies motionless on the ground.

Upon seeing Orihime and Sado moving toward him, Ichigo warns them to stay back, only for Sado to attack Askin with Brazo Derecha de Gigante. However, as Askin leaps back, Orihime and Sado fall to their knees and wonder why they cannot stand, prompting Askin to reveal that they have entered his Gift Bad and explains how those who enter it can have their resistance to something lowered before stating that he has lowered their resistance to Reishi, which is causing them to be "poisoned" by the dense Reishi of the Royal Realm. As Askin explains how he has to take a substance into his body in order to lower the resistance of others to that substance, Yoruichi appears on a ledge behind him and notes that he should just strangle his opponents while they cannot move, prompting Askin to inform her that Bambietta Basterbine said the same thing to him before kicking at her while asking if it is too hard for her to have any delicacy.

Dodging Askin's kick, Yoruichi asks him if he believes his opponents are beneath him, only for Askin to claim that controlling lethal doses has much more finesse than strangling people. When Yoruichi activates Shunkō and claims Askin is trying to explain how the beautiful must do things, Askin summons his Heilig Bogen before proclaiming that a woman's value lies in her style and presentation. Askin fires two Heilig Pfeil at Yoruichi, who dodges one before throwing the other back at Askin, who is hit in the shoulder. Stating that Askin will let them through now, Yoruichi activates Shunkō: Raijin Senkei before engulfing Askin in a massive blast.

Characters in order of appearance:


Yūshirō joins his sister in the battle against Askin.

The cover pages of 657. GOD OF THUNDER 2.

As her Shunkō: Raijin Senkei levels the nearby buildings, Yoruichi rescues Orihime from Gift Bad and tells her to heal herself and the others before promising to follow them once she confirms Askin is dead. However, she is interrupted when Yūshirō attempts to hug her from behind, only for her to casually dodge before headbutting him when he moves behind her. When Yoruichi questions why he is not with Urahara and the others, Yūshirō claims that he came to her rescue because there were already several captain-level combatants in his group. Yoruichi sarcastically praises Yūshirō's growth, only for him to believe it is genuine, before the two of them are interrupted by Askin, who apologizes for ruining the family reunion. Seeing Ichigo getting to his feet behind her, Yoruichi tells him to go on ahead, prompting him to do so alongside Orihime and Sado. When Askin wonders if Yoruichi is going to attack him with her "Wonder Dog" technique again, Yūshirō angrily corrects him and, upon being addressed as a girl, punches Askin in the face multiple times. Proclaiming his title as the head of the Shihōin family, Yūshirō activates his Shunkō and uses Bakuen Musō, engulfing Askin in an enormous explosion. As Yoruichi grudgingly commends Yūshirō for having developed his Shunkō so far despite having only recently learned it, Askin, having survived the attack, thanks them for attacking him with so much Reiatsu before revealing that they will not be able to harm him with it any longer.

Characters in order of appearance:

658. Fatal Matters Are Cold

Askin takes down Yūshirō as Hitsugaya and the remaining Visored confront Gerard.

The cover pages of 658. Fatal Matters Are Cold.

Noticing Askin's burns disappearing, Yoruichi asks him if he has healed his wounds, prompting Askin to confirm that he has become immune by raising the lethal dosage before reminding Yoruichi that she will be killed without even scratching him once if she keeps being shocked by this. Yūshirō rushes toward Askin and attempts to hit him with another Shunkō attack, but the attack dissipates as Askin shoots him through the chest with three Heilig Pfeil while reminding Yūshirō that he already acquired immunity to this. As Yoruichi rushes over to a collapsed Yūshirō, Askin informs her that taking this long to understand his true power was lethal.

Meanwhile, as Gerard continues to walk around the city, Hiyori Sarugaki and Hachigen Ushōda hide within a building as Hiyori notes the others must have already been defeated. Lamenting how the captain-class fighters of the Gotei 13 have already been defeated, Gerard notes that he will simply have to search through the rubble for survivors before smashing another building while proclaiming that making the impossible possible is the definition of a miracle. However, he is interrupted by Hiyori, who tells him to shut up about miracles before donning her Hollow mask and firing a Cero. When Gerard brushes off the Cero and claims that it will take more than that to defeat him, Hiyori notes that no one said the Cero was meant to kill him as Hachigen, Love Aikawa, and Lisa Yadōmaru attack Gerard from behind, only for Gerard to easily withstand their attacks before sending all four of them flying into nearby buildings. Gerard decides to simply flatten the whole area, but has his right arm frozen in place as Hitsugaya tells him to stay frozen there for all eternity.

Characters in order of appearance:

659. There Will Be Frost

Hitsugaya begins battling Gerard as Uryū is confronted by Haschwalth and later Ichigo.

The cover pages of 659. There Will Be Frost.

After Hitsugaya introduces himself as the captain of the 10th Division, Gerard introduces himself as a member of the "benevolent" Schutzstaffel and shatters the ice covering his arm before proclaiming that they should be friends as he smashes the area where Hitsugaya is standing. However, Hitsugaya merely dodges and claims that he is not accepting any new applications before activating his Bankai, Daiguren Hyōrinmaru, and engulfing the upper half of Gerard's body in ice as Momo, who is supporting a wounded Shinji, looks on from below.

In the past, a young Uryū finds his father cutting into the corpse of his mother, Kanae Katagiri, and asks him to stop because she has been dead for a while now. Several years later, Ichigo asks Uryū if it is alright for him to be attending a normal high school when he is the son of a doctor, prompting Uryū to reveal that he no longer has the desire to become a doctor as he notes that he would never want a job that requires him to mutilate the body of his dead wife.

In the present, Uryū is confronted by Haschwalth, who points out that Uryū appears to have a lot on his mind. When Uryū claims that Haschwalth appears to have been thinking heavily, Haschwalth reminds him that his powers and Yhwach's switch at night before admitting that being able to see into the future reveals nothing but worry. Seeing Haschwalth's multiple pupils and irises, Uryū wonders if he is implying Uryū's betrayal, only for Haschwalth to note that he has not said anything about what he has seen before revealing that he has only found countless chips that Uryū has scattered over Wahrwelt. Uryū claims to have never seen the chips before, but Haschwalth notes that they are very similar to the one used by the Leiden Hant taken by Sōken Ishida. As Uryū states that he has the wrong idea, Haschwalth decides to confirm his suspicions of Uryū being a traitor before unsheathing his sword and attacking Uryū, who is sent flying back. Telling Haschwalth to wait, Uryū finds himself confronted by Ichigo.

Characters in order of appearance:

660. The Visible Answer

Uryū reveals his intentions of destroying Wahrwelt, but is confronted by Haschwalth.

The cover pages of 660. The Visible Answer.

Orihime and Sado notice the blast created by Haschwalth's attack and rush to Ichigo's location, only to be shocked upon seeing Uryū standing before them. Noting that all the players have arrived, Haschwalth steps through the hole in the wall and tells Uryū that he should prove his loyalty by killing Ichigo, Orihime, and Sado before claiming that he can already see how Uryū is going to respond. Uryū fires two Heilig Pfeil at Ichigo, who dodges before leaping forward and clashing with Uryū. As Ichigo demands to know why Uryū is fighting them at Haschwalth's behest, Uryū pushes him back with a Seele Schneider before firing it at the ground underneath Ichigo, who is initially caught by Sado before falling down along with him and Orihime, who manages to cushion their fall with Santen Kesshun. However, Uryū follows them down there, prompting Ichigo to ask him why he is siding with the Quincies. Uryū tosses him a Sun Key and explains that it will allow Ichigo and his friends to get down to the Sun Gate connected to the Human World. Revealing that he intends to stay behind and destroy Wahrwelt, Uryū explains how the chips he has scattered will activate and obliterate the city. Ichigo demands to know why he has to do this alone, prompting Uryū to reveal that only his Reiatsu can activate them because they were handed down to him by Sōken Ishida. As Uryū tells Ichigo to leave before Haschwalth notices something is wrong, Haschwalth interrupts and reminds Uryū that he already knew how Uryū would respond.

Characters in order of appearance:


Uryū stays to deal with Haschwalth as Ichigo's group heads up to Yhwach.

The cover pages of 661. MY LAST WORDS.

As Haschwalth walks toward them, Uryū tells Ichigo to head for the Sun Gate and that he will deal with Haschwalth. Ichigo attempts to protest, but Uryū shouts at him to leave now. However, Haschwalth reminds Uryū that he had already seen this happening, and the Sun Gate connecting to the real world had already been destroyed. Haschwalth says that he will put an end to this before Yhwach awakens, and he begins warping the shadows around him. Ichigo prepares to fight, but Uryū realizes a meaning behind what Haschwalth said. He tells Ichigo that since Haschwalth currently has The Almighty, Yhwach no longer possesses omniscience and omnipotence. Uryū then says to head up to Yhwach's location, and Ichigo asks in shock if Uryū is staying. However, the Quincy replies that he had no intention of dying, and Ichigo smiles and heads upward with Sado and Orihime.

Uryū asks Haschwalth why he is not making an effort to chase them down, but Haschwalth has seen that they will perish. Uryū forms a Heilig Bogen and replies that fate could be changed, and his sudden change in demeanor surprises Haschwalth. Uryū realizes in delight that Haschwalth had not foreseen what he would say then, and says that Haschwalth has yet to fully grasp The Almighty as the two begin to clash.

Ichigo, Sado, and Orihime run up the stairs to Yhwach, and Ichigo notices tears forming on Orihime's eyes. Orihime says that she was relieved that Uryū directly confirmed his allegiance and that he was still on their side. Suddenly, two large Quincy statues appear behind them, and Ichigo pulls Orihime away as the statues attack them with rock spears. They are suddenly attacked again by another statue, but its strike is blocked by Sado. The force of the blow creates a chasm separating Ichigo and Orihime from Sado and the statues, and Sado tells his friends to keep going. Sado faces the statues, when suddenly Ganju jumps out of a sand hole in the ground. Revealing that he got lost and wandered here, Ganju shouts that he will unleash flashy and powerful attacks on the statues. Sado tells him to keep it simple and that it was their task to get rid of all the statues and clear the way for Ichigo to return.

Characters in order of appearance:


Kisuke arrives and saves Yoruichi from Askin, forcing her to activate a Shunkō form against her will.

The cover pages of 662. GOD OF THUNDER 3.

As parts of Silbern fall away due to the clash inside it, the pieces fall toward Askin and miss him. Askin lies on the ground, commenting that no matter what he went through, he could not die, and asks Yoruichi for her opinion. Yoruichi ignores Askin as she struggles to keep herself up due to being blasted with a Gift Ball containing Reishi, oxygen, and nitrogen. Askin expresses his surprise that Yoruichi is still alive, and Yoruichi replies that she does not know what to think about him playing with her. However, Askin says that he was trying his best to kill her and tells her to stop putting him down just to make herself look stronger. Yoruichi looks at the fallen Yūshirō, knowing he could not last much longer in his state but she did not have the strength to heal him. However, Askin gets right in front of her, saying that she is as good as dead if he could get this close to her.

Suddenly, Kisuke arrives, touches Yoruichi's rear end, and comments on it, causing her to kick him in the chin. Kisuke is annoyed that Yoruichi treated him this way after he came to rescue her, and Yoruichi replies that he should not have touched her and said a vulgar line. Askin recognizes Kisuke, which flatters the Shinigami, but Askin says that he does not care for acquaintances and only knows that Kisuke was recognized as a special war power by Yhwach. Kisuke says that that was an overestimation as Yoruichi leaps up into the air, shocking Askin. Askin realizes that this was why Kisuke was part of the special war powers, five Shinigami chosen for specific qualities which were enough to be considered unknown variables: Ichigo Kurosaki for his latent ability, Kenpachi Zaraki for his fighting strength, Ichibē Hyōsube for his wisdom, Sōsuke Aizen for his Reiatsu, and Urahara for his unknown schemes. Askin realizes that this must be why he constantly has difficulties now.

Yoruichi asks Kisuke what he injected into her rear end, but figures out that it was an immunity strengthening drug. Kisuke confirms it, but since it was rushed, it will only last for about five minutes. Yoruichi activates Shunkō: Raijin Senkei again, but Kisuke stops her and suggests that she activate another technique. Yoruichi immediately refuses, saying she would never transform into that form again. However, Kisuke says it was unfortunate that she would need a nudge, and they dodge Askin's Heilig Pfeil. Yoruichi rushes toward Askin, but he dodges her strike and comments on how fast she is moving again as he punches her in the stomach. Yoruichi collapses again as Kisuke shows her a piece of paper, saying that once he peels it off, she would transform. Kisuke peels the paper, causing a massive explosion around Yoruichi which pushes Askin back. Askin looks in shock at Yoruichi, who has gained animalistic features with Shinshun Chōhenge.

Characters in order of appearance:


Yoruichi overwhelms Askin in her new form, but Askin enters his Quincy: Vollständig.

The cover pages of 663. GOD OF THUNDER 4.

Askin looks in shock at Yoruichi's new Shunkō form and asks what is going on with it, but gets no answer. Kisuke tells him that the name of the technique is Shunkō: Raiju Senkei: Shunryū Kokubyō Senkei, and Askin wonders why he is answering for her, but realizes that she cannot comprehend their language. Suddenly, Yoruichi leaps into the air and confronts Askin, slashing him in the shoulder before he can react. Yoruichi throws Askin through several buildings, but Askin quickly flies back up, wondering how his immunity to her Reiatsu is not working. Kisuke then gets behind him and explains that it was all because of the mood, as Yoruichi's moodiness was significantly increased, and this applied to her Reiatsu as well. Yoruichi briefly does not feel the mood to fight Askin and licks herself during Kisuke's explanation, but quickly returns and hits Askin, sending him flying. Kisuke tells Askin that the smallest change in a pathogen can get around the body's immunity, and though Askin has fast-acting immunity, he cannot possibly keep up with Yoruichi's Reiatsu because it changes 48 times per second. Yoruichi engulfs Askin in a large blast of Reiatsu, sending him flying into the ground far away.

Yoruichi stands on a rooftop, and Kisuke calls her over to play. She flies into him and licks him affectionately before resting on his lap, and Kisuke reflects that Yoruichi's form is bad since only he could reign her in and she was so fickle, but he thinks it is fine because of how adorable she is. Yoruichi begins moaning in pain, and Kisuke realizes that the immunity drug is wearing off. He promises to drain the poison from Yoruichi, but first he will go look for Askin's body. Suddenly, Kisuke and Yoruichi are engulfed by Askin's Gift Ball Deluxe, and Kisuke looks in shock as he sees Askin in his Quincy: Vollständig: Hasshein.

Characters in order of appearance:

Author's Notes

Volume 72 Intro Image.png
Every year I catch a cold and can only eat fruit for a while. Then I get better and eat so much meat that I get a bit sick of it. That's where I am right now.

I really like dekopon mandarin oranges.

-Tite Kubo


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