Lumina and Verona
Race Arrancar
Gender Lumina: Female
Verona: Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Aizen's Arrancar Army
Previous Team Szayel's Fracción
Base of Operations Las Noches, Hueco Mundo
Resurrección Unknown
First Appearance
Manga Volume 30, Chapter 269
Anime Episode 161
Japanese Kōzō Shioya
English Lumina: Wendee Lee
Verona: Derek Stephen Prince

Lumina (ルミーナ, Rumīna) and Verona (ベローナ, Berōna) are two of Szayelaporro Granz's Fracción.


They are two very short, obese Arrancar who are almost identical in appearance, except for their hairstyle: Verona has a short black pony tail, while Lumina has black pigtails.


Lumina and Verona are almost identical in not just appearance, but their personalities as well. They are both very energetic Arrancar, and have a habit of repeating things that they have already stated. When Aaroniero Arruruerie was killed, the two finished each other's sentences and repeated the word "dead."[1] They adore Szayelaporro as well. When they believed him to be injured, they ran to his side immediately.[2]

However, when something negative happens, they channel their energy into their despair, such as when Lumina was killed. Verona wept for his fallen friend, shouting her name continuously until Szayelaporro angrily told him to be quiet, as he would make him a new one.[3]


Hueco Mundo arc

164Szayelaporro devours

Szayel devouring Lumina.

Lumina and Verona notify Szayelaporro of Aaroniero's death, acting as if it was any other event.[1] After this, they continued to watch the fight between him and the intruders. After Szayelaporro was heavily injured by Renji Abarai and Uryū Ishida's explosions, Lumina was eaten by Szayelaporro in order to heal his wounds. Upon seeing this, Verona started crying. Szayelaporro then shouted to him that he would simply make a new Lumina, which calmed Verona down.[3] Verona's current status is unknown, along with the rest of Szayelaporro's Fracción.

Powers & Abilities

Aside from the restorative effect Lumina had on Szayelaporro when eaten by him, he and Verona never use any abilities of their own.[3]


In the anime, Lumina is reduced to a purple orb then eaten, whereas in the original manga she was devoured unchanged, in a bloody manner by Szayelaporro, who then tosses her severed arm on the ground.


  • Lumina: "Aaroniero is dead!" Verona: "Dead!" Lumina: "Dead!" Verona: "Dead!"[1]
  • Verona: "Lumina! Lumina! Lumina!"[3]


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