Kanji ロンドン
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Type Capital City
Located In United Kingdom, Human World
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London (ロンドン, Rondon) is the capital city of the United Kingdom.


Uniquely, London is divided into two "sides", completely separate from each other[1] and unable to be traveled between by conventional means; instead, people must use the Phone Gate (フォンゲート, Fon Gēto) or the Coin Gate to move from one side to the other.[2] Consequently, while the residents of Reverse London are fully aware of Front London, the residents of Front London largely believe Reverse London to be a myth.[3]

Front London

BTWFront London

Front London.

Front London (表(フロント) ロンドン, Furonto Rondon; Japanese for "Surface London") is the side of London inhabited by normal Humans and located in the Human World. It contains hundreds of buildings built in a modern brickwork style, including clock towers and ornate churches,[4] as well as large palaces.[1] The streets are rather narrow, with several back alleys, but are adorned with trees.[5] It also contains classical phone booths.[6] Normally, residents of Front London are unable to see Dragons and thus cannot protect themselves from these creatures;[1] however, Balgo Parks gained the ability to do so after living with Selvie for 10 years and later being bitten by him.[7]

Reverse London

BTWReverse London

Reverse London.

Reverse London (リバース・ロンドン, Ribāsu Rondon) is the city that spans across the "hidden side" of London.[1] Because its citizens can see Dragons, they have taken up the duty of controlling and protecting Dragons. The architecture and layout of the central city in Reverse London is similar to that of Front London,[8] and it contains modern technology such as digital monitors and escalators.[9] However, Reverse London also contains large swaths of farmland and nature, in contrast to Front London's entirely urban layout; this is used at least in part for Dragons to live in for domestication purposes.[10] The residents of Reverse London make use of the Dragons they protect to produce resources like food and minerals for use in their everyday lives.[11]


Main article: Dragon Dragons (ドラゴン, Doragon) are supernatural beings exclusive to London. Centuries ago, they were responsible for 72% of all deaths in London, which led to the residents of Reverse London establishing Wing Bind in order to protect, control, and in some cases exterminate them.[8] There are almost a dozen different known species of Dragon, each varying in size, appearance, temperament, physical qualities, and intelligence levels.[12]

West Branch

BTWWestern Soul Society Branch gate

The gate to the Western Branch of Soul Society, damaged in a recent battle.

Reverse London contains the Soul Society West Branch (尸魂界・西梢局 (ソウル・ソサエティ ウエスト・ブランチ), Souru Sosaeti Uesuto Buranchi; Japanese for "Dead Spirit World Western Office"). Unlike its eastern counterpart's role of managing the flow of souls between worlds and purifying Hollows,[13] the West Branch focuses on protecting and domesticating Dragons, specifically with its version of the Gotei 13, Wing Bind.[8]

Wing Bind

BTWWing Bind

The emblem of Wing Bind.

Wing Bind (ウイング・バインド, Uingu Baindo) is an agency in Reverse London that deals in the protection and control of Dragons.[8] Their headquarters, located directly behind the gate to the West Branch, is a large, rectangular office building with several floors and an ornate, classically-styled mansion on the roof, surrounded by greenery.[14] While the full scope of their authority and responsibilities outside their assigned positions are currently unknown, members of Wing Bind are the only ones allowed to directly interact with Dragons; anyone else who does so could be subjected to either 100 years in prison or execution.[15]

Witches and Wizards

BTWNoel and Spangcole depart

Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole, two Conservation Ranger Witches of Wing Bind.

Witches (魔女 (ウイッチ), Uicchi; Japanese for "Witch") and Wizards (魔法使い (ウイザード), Wizādo; Japanese for "Wizard") are agents of Wing Bind. Having passed a special exam to join the organization, they protect, tend to, and in some cases exterminate Dragons.[8] Though generally assigned to one division of the agency, a Witch or Wizard can be called upon to fulfill other duties in emergencies, such as when a Dragon is rampaging and no one else is present to stop it.[16] Selvie believes that if a Dragon consumes a Witch, it will become immortal.[17]


Witches and Wizards are divided into two known divisions: the Sabres (戦術隊 (サーベルズ), Sāberuzu; Japanese for "Tactics Squad") and the Conservation Rangers (保護官, Hogokan; lit. "Government Protection Service"; Viz "Conservationists"), the latter of which has a further subdivision of Pipers (笛吹き隊 (パイパーズ), Paipāzu; Japanese for "Flute Player Squad"); Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole are both part of this subdivision,[18] while Billy Banx Jr. is currently a member of the Sabres after being promoted from his former position as the commanding officer of Noel and Spangcole.[19] While the Sabres patrol the streets of London and protect its citizens from Dragons,[20] the Conservation Rangers oversee the domestication of Dragons and help harvest the resources they produce.[21]


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