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Human World
Ep286HumanWorld Human World The Human World, or the World of the Living, is where living Humans reside. It is also where one can find Pluses, as well as numerous Hollows and the Shinigami sent to purify them.
Ep303UraharaShop Karakura Town A town in western Tokyo, Japan, where the Kurosaki Family lives. Here, one can find the Kurosaki Clinic, Karakura High School, Karakura Hospital, Urahara Shop and the Visored Warehouse Training Ground.
Naruki City Naruki City Bordering Karakura Town on the west side, Naruki City is home to the headquarters of the Xcution group and is also where some of Ichigo's school friends live.
Ep215KagaminoCity Kagamino City Located over 20km east of Karakura Town, Kagimino City is a settlement in Japan.
Ep76BountMansion Bount Mansion A large mansion in Japan that served as base of operations fo the Bount until they entered Soul Society.
BTWFFront London London Located in the United Kingdom, London is home to Dragons that are controlled and protected by the agents of Wing Bind in Reverse London.
Soul Society
Ep97SoulSociety Soul Society Soul Society is the spirit world where Shinigami live and where most Souls dwell until they are reincarnated into the Human World.
Ep326Seireitei Seireitei (瀞霊廷, Court of Pure Souls) Seireitei is the city at the center of Soul Society where the Shinigami live. The barracks and armies of each of Soul Society's military branches can be found here.
Ep22Rukongai Rukongai (流魂街, Wandering Soul City) Rukongai is the area surrounding Seireitei in Soul Society, where most souls dwell until they are reincarnated into the Human World. It is divided into 80 districts in each of the north, south, east and west, including Junrinan, Hokutan, Inuzuri, Kusajishi, Zaraki and North Alley of Wandering Spirits.
Ep59Central46Compound Central 46 Compound The Central 46 Compound is a highly restricted area in the Seireitei that serves as the headquarters of the Central 46. It contains an Underground Assembly Hall, the Seijōtōkyorin residential quarters and the Daireishokairō, the repository of all records and knowledge in Soul Society.
Ep184Shin'oAcademy Shin'ō Academy Sometimes called the Shinigami Academy, the Shin'ō Academy is an institution founded by Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto which trains Souls with spiritual powers for each of the three military arms of Soul Society.
Ep227Senzaikyu Senzaikyū (懺罪宮, Palace of Penitence) The prison tower where those destined to be executed by the Sōkyoku are held.
Ep57SokyokuHill Sōkyoku Hill The Sōkyoku Hill is the large ediface at the centre of Seireitei where the Sōkyoku is used to perform executions. There is a Study Chamber underneath the Sōkyoku Hill.
Ep317SRDIEntrance Shinigami Research and Development Institute Founded by Kisuke Urahara, the SRDI is the principal scientific organization in Soul Society, performing tasks such as developing new technology as well as monitoring communications and activity that may affect the balance of the worlds.
617Aizen emerges Central Great Underground Prison The Central Great Underground Prison is an eight underground prison underneath the First Division's barracks where Shinigami who broke the laws of Soul Society are sentenced to. Its levels include Shugo and Muken.
Ep208NestOfMaggots Nest of Maggots The Nest of Maggots is an underground prison under the supervision of the Onmitsukidō that handles former Shinigami.
Ep208KuchikiFamilyCompound Kuchiki Manor This is the primary residence of the Kuchiki Family, one of Soul Society's great noble families.
Episode 317 Senkaimon Senkaimon (穿界門, World Penetration Gate) The Senkaimon is a dimensional gateway which Shinigami use to enter and leave Soul Society.
Ep204GinTonbo Gin Tonbo (銀蜻蛉, Silver Dragonfly) The Gin Tonbo is a store in Seireitei that specializes in eye-wear.
518Soul King Palace Soul King Palace The official residence of the Soul King, located in a separate dimension within Soul Society and above Seireitei, accessible with the Ōken.
547Shunsui and Nanao watch Schatten Bereich (影の領域, Shadow Realm) The Schatten Bereich is a hidden dimension within Seireitei created by the Quincy. The group known as the Wandenreich live here in a large city hidden within Seireitei.
484Silbern Silbern (銀架城, Silver Cross Fortress) Located within the Schatten Bereich, Silbern is the headquarters of the Wandenreich. It is part of a large city complex within which the Wandenreich bide their time until they are ready to attack Soul Society.
628Zeichen Palace Wahrwelt (真世界城, True World Castle) Wahrwelt is the city that Yhwach created by connecting the various floating structures of the Soul King Palace to the Wandenreich city, intending for it to be the cornerstone of his new world.
BTWReverse London Western Branch The Western Branch of Soul Society is accessed via Coin Gate, allowing travel between the United Kingdom capital city of London and Reverse London. It is a home of Dragons which are controlled and protected by the agents of Wing Bind.
Hueco Mundo
Ep122HuecoMundo Hueco Mundo (虚圏, Hollow World) Hueco Mundo is the dimension in which Hollow and Arrancar usually reside. In perpetual darkness, it lies in between the Human World and Soul Society.
Ep281Las Noches Las Noches (虚夜宮, Hollow Night Palace) Las Noches is the fortress located in Hueco Mundo which served as the base of operations of Sōsuke Aizen after his defection from Soul Society. Prior to this, the much less developed structure belonged to Baraggan Louisenbairn.
Ep153CirucciArea Tres Cifras (三桁の巣, Nest of Three Digits) The Tres Cifras is a part of Las Noches where the demoted Espada, or Privaron Espada, live. It consists of a number of areas in widely varied styles.
544Sado at Negal Ruins Negal Ruins During the Quincy Blood War, Kisuke Urahara establishes a temporary base at the Negal Ruins in Hueco Mundo from which he analysis the Wandenreich threat.
Ep147ForestOfMenos Forest of Menos The Forest of Menos is an area below the surface of Hueco Mundo's desert where the average Hollows hide from the Arrancar.
Miscellaneous Dimensions
Ep5GatesOfHell Hell (地獄, Jigoku; Viz "The Underworld") Hell is the place where Hollows are sent if they were wicked when they were alive. Upon being purified by a Shingiami's Zanpakutō, the Gates of Hell appear and the Soul is dragged inside.
UnohanaIchigoGarganta288 Garganta (黒腔, Black Cavity) The Garganta is the void between worlds; it is mainly used by Arrancar and Hollows to move between Hueco Mundo, the Human World, and Soul Society.
Ep139Dangai Dangai (断界, Parsing World) The Dangai is the dimension between Soul Society and the Human World that non-Shinigami must pass through when travelling between the two realms. It is separated from space and time, and once served as a penal colony.
625Valley of Screams Valley of Screams (叫谷, Kyōgoku) Valleys of Screams are pockets of space, varying drastically in size, that are composed of souls ejected from the reincarnation cycle and reside in the space known as the Garganta.