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Las Noches (虚夜宮 (ラス・ノーチェス), Rasu Nōchesu; Spanish for "The Nights", Japanese for "Hollow Night Palace") is the fortress located in Hueco Mundo and the former base of operations of Sōsuke Aizen, Gin Ichimaru, and Kaname Tōsen after their defection from Soul Society.


Las Noches during the time of Baraggan Louisenbairn.

The Espada reside there with their army of Arrancar complete with medical facilities[1] and detention wings.[2] This was also Baraggan Louisenbairn's castle when he was still the King of Hueco Mundo, and he would station his army of Hollows here.[3] However, during Baraggan's reign it had no roof or walls. Indeed, Baraggan scorned at the idea of a roof claiming that as he was the King of Hueco Mundo, its sky was his ceiling.[4]

Las Noches is a massive fortress which can be seen for miles.[5] It consists of a main building with a domed center surrounded by several large towers and smaller buildings.[6] Atop the dome are five smaller towers,[7] which appear to contain areas such as Aizen's throne rooms[8][9] and the Espada meeting hall.[10] In the room where Orihime Inoue is kept, there is one large Middle-Eastern rug on the ground that is facing outside, much like those in rooms used for Islamic prayer.[2] Like everything else in Hueco Mundo, the main building is colored white.

Las Noches is an exceedingly large structure, appearing as large as (if not larger than) the Seireitei in Soul Society. Due to its immense size, Ichigo Kurosaki once speculated that it could be an illusion as he, Yasutora Sado, and Uryū Ishida did not seem to make any progress getting closer to it, despite running until they were exhausted.[11] Also, according to the Arrancar Nel Tu, it takes about three days to move from one spot to a gate.[12]

The inside of Las Noches' dome simulates the blue sky of the Human World, which Aaroniero Arruruerie claims is so the light of the sky will help Aizen observe anywhere he wishes.[13][14] However, since Aaroniero must stay out of the sunlight to use his abilities, Rukia Kuchiki speculates this is a lie.[15] The position of the halls within the palace can also be adjusted, allowing the one operating them to direct the movements of intruders.[16][17]

Due to their immense power, Espada ranked four and above are forbidden from releasing their Zanpakutō within Las Noches. It is also forbidden for any Espada to use a Gran Rey Cero inside Las Noches.[18]

Ruins of Las Noches.

Seventeen months after Aizen's defeat, with the Wandenreich conquering Hueco Mundo to conscript strong Arrancar for their army, Las Noches has sustained significant damage with more than half the fortress left in ruins.[19] The first Jagdarmee of Wandenreich seems to have made a camp here.[20][21]

Las Noches Locations

Illustrated Guide to Las Noches
Ep150TresCifrasEntrance.png Ep153CirucciArea.png Ep151DordoniArea.png Ep151GantenbainneArea.png
Entrance[22] Cirucci Sanderwicci's area[23] Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio's area[24] Gantenbainne Mosqueda's area[23]
Tres Cifras (三桁の巣 (トレス・シフラス), Toresu Shifurasu; Spanish for "Three Figures", Japanese for "Nest of Three Digits"; Viz "Three Digits") is a part of Las Noches where the Demoted Espada, or Privaron Espada, live.[25]
Ep161StarrkRestingRoom.png Ep166HarribelPalace.png Ep194NellielPalace.png Ep161ZommariMeditates.png
Coyote Starrk's Resting Room[26] Tier Harribel's Palace[27] Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck's former residence[28] Zommari Rureaux's Meditation Room[29]
Ep193SzayelaporroPalace.png Ep197AaronieroPalace.png
Szayelaporro Granz's Lab[30] Aaroniero Arruruerie's Palace[31]
The Palace of the Espada
Ep143ThroneRoom.png Ep153ThroneRoom.png
Throne room 1[32] Throne room 2[33]
Sōsuke Aizen's rooms, located in the 5th Tower of Las Noches[34][35]
Ep151ControlRoom.png Ep154GinControlRoom.png
Kaname Tōsen's Control Room[16] Gin Ichimaru's Control Room[17]
Control Rooms
Ep162OrihimeCell.png Ep145EspadaGathering.png
Orihime Inoue's Cell Espada Meeting Room
The room in which Orihime was kept.[2] The room in which the Espada hold their meetings.[10]


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