La Muerte
La Muerte
English One Strike of the Demon
Rōmaji ra muerute
Kanji 魔人の一撃 (ラ・ムエルテ)
Technique Type Fullbring
User Yasutora Sado

La Muerte (魔人の一撃 (ラ・ムエルテ), ra muerute; Spanish for "The Death", Japanese for "One Strike of the Demon"; Viz "Death") is a technique used by Yasutora Sado while utilizing his Fullbring, Brazo Izquierda del Diablo.


As five disks of crackling spiritual energy form at his fingertips, Sado forms a fist and punches his opponent. The blow is devastating, and upon contact, a huge skull shape is gouged into the surface behind the target. This technique can easily defeat a Privaron Espada.[1][2] Those who are struck by it are like sacrifices crucified and offered to the devil.[3]


  • In the Viz release of Volume 30, this technique's name is written in grammatically correct Spanish as El Muerte.


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