Kanji クシャナーダ
Romaji Kushanāda
Additional Information
Primary Power Unknown

Kushanāda (クシャナーダ, Kushanāda) are the guardians of Hell.


The Kushanāda are the guardians of Hell. They are all very large beings who walk on all fours. They have elongated skull-like heads and a large piece of armor on their right shoulders. The Kushanāda watch over the Togabito, punishing them for their crimes they committed while they were alive. If they catch a Togabito, they will eat it, only for it to revive itself sometime later.[1]

If a Shinigami kills a Hollow who has committed heinous acts while alive, the gates of Hell will appear and a Kushanāda will stab the Hollow, dragging it into Hell. In the same sense, if a Togabito escapes Hell and loses their mask, the gates of Hell will appear and the Kushanāda will drag them back into Hell. Also, when a Togabito attempts to escape from one of the Kushanāda, it has the ability to grab the normally invisible chains of the Togabito.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Intangibility: Kushanāda have the power to walk through solid structures in Hell.[1]

Enhanced Durability: Kushanāda possess considerable durability befitting their massive size; a single one withstood the combined assault of Renji Abarai's Zabimaru, Rukia Kuchiki's Tsugi no mai, Hakuren, and Uryū Ishida's Licht Wind, walking through the attacks without any visible damage.[1]


Ichigo's Skull-Clad form.

Skull-Clad (スカルクラッド, Sukarukuraddo):[2] Kushanāda can pool its Reiatsu into those it deems worthy, dissolving into a yellow light, which immerses the person in question. This gives them a form clad in a skull-like armor, as was the case with Ichigo Kurosaki. This form allows the user to achieve feats that would be deemed impossible in Hell, such as severing chains of people bound to Hell or binding enemies in chains and then sending them to a lower level of Hell to atone for their sins. The users and their allies are considered friendly to the Kushanāda while the armor is active.[1]


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