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Kukkapūro (クッカプーロ, Kukkapūro) is a Números in Sōsuke Aizen's army, holding the number 35,[1] and was a companion of Yammy Llargo.


Kukkapūro resembles a puppy with a Hollow mask. He is covered with soft, white fur, and his mask has large eye sockets and two small horns protruding above his long, drooping ears.[2] He has the number 35 tattooed on his back.[3]


Kukkapūro follows Yammy around because he looks similar to his owner when he was alive, even though Yammy does nothing to take care of Kukkapūro.[2] He cares greatly for Yammy, mourning his death.[4]


One day, Kukkapūro woke up in Hueco Mundo as a Hollow, having lost most of his memories about his past life. He remembered a large hand petting his head and calling him Kukkapūro. In Hueco Mundo, Kukkapūro survived by breathing the Reishi in the environment. At some point, he encountered Yammy Llargo. With just one glance, Kukkapūro noted the similarity between Yammy and his master. Trying his best to run after the much larger Yammy, Kukkapūro accompanied him thereafter.[2]


Fake Karakura Town arc

As Yammy is eating, Kukkapūro starts barking at him. When Yammy angrily throws a bone at him, Kukkapūro dodges it. Yammy leaves the room, with Kukkapūro following at his heels.[5] When Yammy is defeated in battle, Kukkapūro approaches him. As Kukkapūro barks at him, Yammy, briefly awakening, asks why he followed him before dying.[6]

Later, Kukkapūro, emerging from the ruins inside Las Noches to greet the returning Tier Harribel and her Fracción, stares at the four Arrancar as they talk among themselves. As they start to leave, Emilou Apacci, looking back at him, tells him he will be killed if he just sits there. When she, approaching, picks him up, Kukkapūro tries to get away from her. At Cyan Sung-Sun's behest, Apacci puts him down, for he wishes to stay put. After Franceska Mila Rose pats his head, they leave. Seeing them off, Kukkapūro thinks about his deceased master.[7]

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In Bleach: Brave Souls, Kukkapūro displays several abilities. His Reiatsu is light purple, and he can fire a small red Cero from in front of his mouth, as well as bark out red Bala. In addition to using Sonído, Kukkapūro can perform a dash attack and a barking howl attack.


  • In the anime, Kukkapūro's fur is a light brown, rather than the white stated in the UNMASKED character book.[4]


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