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Kon (コン, Kon) is an Underpod (部下強化型 (アンダーポッド), Andāpoddo; Japanese for "Lower Part-Strengthened Form") Modified Soul created during Project Spearhead.[3] His name is short for Kaizō Konpaku (改造 魂魄, Modified soul).[4] Kon typically inhabits a stuffed lion, but occasionally doubles as a Soul Candy pill for Ichigo Kurosaki, taking charge of Ichigo's Human body.


Soul Society arc[]

Kon is recruited by Don Kanonji to the Karakura Superheroes and receives the name Karakura King. The team members use him as a crash test dummy for painful, seemingly useless, and unnecessary experiments. Kon jumps from the frying pan into the fire though, when he decides to quit and is then abducted by a female Hollow who wishes to keep him as a pet. The Hollow is finally vanquished by the team with Kon utilized as a weapon. Kon is passed from Ururu like a volleyball to Jinta Hanakari, hit by a Jinta Homerun towards Karin and finally kicked at the Hollow with the Karin Impact Kick.[5]

Bount arc[]


Kon using the string during the Mod-Soul training.

At the beginning, Kon meets his fellow modified souls, Ririn, Kurōdo, and Noba. He does not get along well with his new companions. Ririn views him as a fool and they often fight, and Kon is jealous of Kurōdo's assignment to guard Orihime. They do work together, however, most notably when they collaborate in the construction of several elaborate, yet useless, anti-doll traps.[6]

When the Bounts infiltrate Soul Society, Kon joins Ichigo and the others to find them (partly due to fear of falling victim to Don Kanonji if he stays behind in the real world again).[7]

Hueco Mundo arc[]


Konsō Cop Karakura-Raizer.

While Ichigo is off fighting in Hueco Mundo, Urahara makes Kon an offer to make him into a superhero to fight the Hollows in Karakura Town. Kon initially refuses, but jumps at the chance when Kisuke mentions he could become a "babe magnet". He becomes Konsō Cop Karakura-Raizer, and Urahara provides a background story for him: Kon, an evil space alien hiding among inhabitants of earth in order to carry out nefarious schemes, is captured by Dr. Urahara, a scientist on the side of justice, and turns him into the superhero Konsō Cop Karakura-Raizer. Now, to return to his old alien self, he must lay to rest the 108 Hollows that murdered Dr. Urahara's daughter![8]

He first destroys a large Hollow called Zonzain with his Raizer Beam. When other Hollow arrive so does the Karakura-Raizer Team. He and his team destroy every Hollow but then spot a large fortress flying in the air.[8] After the destruction of the Hollow fortress, Kon soon falls asleep as Urahara's plans are completed for the final showdown in Karakura Town.[9]

Beast Swords arc[]

Kon takes over Ichigo's body for a time, and falls asleep during one of Ichigo's classes.[10]

Gotei 13 Invading Army arc[]


Kon trips over a girl.

While Ichigo and Rukia head out dealing with a Hollow, Kon is placed inside Ichigo's body. He later leaves the house in search of an unusual Reiatsu he sensed earlier and stumbles across a naked girl. He attempts to check whether or not she is alive, only to be branded as a pervert. He brings her back to the Kurosaki Clinic and places her in Ichigo's room. Ichigo berates him for bringing a stranger into his house. Kon explains where he found the girl, and Rukia realizes that is the location of where the Senkaimon opened earlier.[11]


Kon greets Kagerōza Inaba and the other Reigai.

The next morning, Kon wakes to find that the girl is missing. He races down to the living room, and finds her watching television. Kon tells her not to leave the confines of the room, as there is no telling what the family will do. Later, Kon opens the door at the Kurosaki Clinic to find Kagerōza Inaba and two other Shinigami. They ask him for the whereabouts of Nozomi Kujō. He rushes upstairs, informing the girl of the current situation. To his surprise, Nozomi escapes through the window and is pursued by the two Shinigami. Realizing that this is a dangerous situation, Kon pursues them. However, he is unable to help her, as the Shinigami catch up to her.[12]

Inaba prepares to kill Kon

Kon struggles to free himself, as Inaba approaches him.

After Nozomi temporarily incapacitates the two Shinigami, Kon meets up with her at an abandoned facility, but is quickly subdued with Inaba's Kidō. Kon watches helplessly as Inaba strikes Nozomi in the gut with his cane.[12] However, Uryū comes to their defense. When he asks Kon whether Ichigo allowed him to walk out on his own, Kon replies that Ichigo is not his master. After Uryū is cut down by Inaba, he states that he will eliminate Kon, who is just a mere Mod-Soul. Kon tries to free himself, but Uryū staggers up, distracting Inaba. Kon then watches as Inaba declares that he will take over the Human World as well as Soul Society, once Nozomi is in his possession.[13]


Kon attacks the Reigai.

The next day, as Nozomi recovers from her ordeal, Kon asks her why Inaba was so interested in her. As they engage in a heated argument, Ichigo tells him to let it go. Kon later arrives at a welcoming barbecue for Nozomi at the Urahara Shop. Kon goes over to talk to her, but after a while Nozomi wanders off. Kon finds her walking by the riverbed and questions her motives behind this, which she ignores. Rangiku Matsumoto then appears before him, telling him that she will sort things out with her. After he leaves them, Kon encounters the real Rangiku. Not realizing this, he asks her where Nozomi went, but is told that she hasn't seen her all day. Realizing what happened, Kon runs back to Nozomi's location. As the impostor of Rangiku prepares to attack her, Kon and the others intervene. As they regroup back at the Urahara Shop, Kon is glad that Nozomi is okay, gratefully handing her a skewer of meat.[14]


Kon tied up by Nozomi.

The next day, Ichigo finds Kon tied up inside his closet.[15] He tracks Nozomi down as the others search as well demanding to know why she keeps running away before she slams him into a tree. Nozomi reveals that she has to go somewhere, but doesn't know where. She also informs Kon that coming to Karakura Town is part of her plan to save Ichigo.[16] At the Urahara Shop, Ichigo asks Urahara to send him to Soul Society. Kon protests, saying that if he were to leave, there would be no one left to protect them. He tries to get him to stop, but Nozomi helps Ichigo by healing his Reiatsu. Kon tries once more to stop him and asks the others for help, but Uryū tells him it would not matter as Ichigo is stubborn. Giving up, Kon makes him promise that he will return safely.[17]

Urahara Gets The News

Kon waits patiently as Urahara receives signals.

Kon then goes to sit with the others as Urahara gathers information on Soul Society's situation. As Uryū looks over at Nozomi, Kon yells at him and Uryū grabs him, taking him outside to talk. Uryū asks Kon if he noticed anything strange about Nozomi because Inaba is after her. Uryū reflects on the conclusion the others came to: that something is hidden within Nozomi. He wonders what could be hidden within her. He voices this to Kon, but he just imagines her naked and gets embarrassed. He asks Uryū why he asked and he says it is obvious that Kon likes her. Kon tries to say he does not and leaves Uryū, heading inside. As he enters, Nozomi crushes him in the door. He asks why and Nozomi says just because.[18]

Urahara explains Inaba dangai research

Kon listens as Urahara explains about Inaba's research.

Urahara tells everyone that Ichigo has disappeared, and Nozomi blames herself, though Kon reassures Nozomi, stating that it would take a lot more than this to kill Ichigo. She remains silent, which Kon interprets as a sign that she doesn't trust what he says. Kon then tells Nozomi to trust him and wait patiently, prompting her to stare unnervingly at him. Nozomi asks him why he has so much faith in Ichigo, stating that the two of them are always arguing. Kon starts to blush, instantly denying that he ever had faith in Ichigo's abilities.[19] When Urahara reports that he still cannot locate Ichigo, Kon tries to cheer everyone up, but Rukia stops him.[20] As Ichigo awakens back at the Urahara Shop, Kon sits with the others at his side. When Urahara explains that Inaba was after Mod-Soul data in the Dangai, Orihime asks what a Mod-Soul is and Kon tries to explain before Rukia takes over. Ichigo tells Rukia that she is ruining things with her drawings, but Kon tells her to continue. After Nozomi reveals that Inaba created Mod-Souls, Kon curses him and can't believe that Inaba created him, but Nozomi says he didn't, when questioned, she reveals to everyone that she was the first Mod-Soul.[21]

E330 Kon Nozomi struggle to talk

Kon and Nozomi struggle to talk to each other.

When Ichigo goes to fight a Hollow, he places Kon in his body. Outside the Kurosaki Clinic, Kon is spotted by Sado and Orihime, who ask if Nozomi is home. Kon tells them that she is probably bored and asks them to keep her company before walking off. Kon walks through Karakura Town, recalling Nozomi's revelation that she is a Modified Soul. As he wonders what he can say to her now, he is given a lion charm as a promotional offer, but its mane comes apart. Kon goes to throw it away, but stops, commenting that if it is not going to be made correctly, then it should not have been made in the first place. He returns home to find Ichigo waiting impatiently for him in his Shinigami form. He asks him to swap back to their normal bodies. Kon watches Nozomi and Orihime cooking before walking off without changing forms. Later, Nozomi walks into Ichigo's room, where Kon is sitting. The two struggle to say anything to each other. Later, a much more energetic Kon, in Ichigo's body, has dinner with Nozomi and the others. He compliments Orihime on her cooking and urges the others to eat all of their meal, before misspeaking to Nozomi.[22]

E330 Kon and Nozomi

Kon finds Nozomi after she is attacked by a Hollow.

That night, Kon, after reflecting on Nozomi's revelation about being a Modified Soul, discovers she has left. Kon finds her being attacked by a Hollow and urges her to hurry up as the Hollow attacks. Nozomi's Zanpakutō appears and she fights the Hollow in Shinigami form , quickly dispatching it. Kon reminds her that she said she did not have a Zanpakutō and asks why she was outside. She says that she is a burden, but Kon tells her not to let them being Mod-Souls stop them from living. Kon then gives Nozomi his defective lion charm as a gift, which she ties to her sheath.[22]


Kon in the meeting.

Kon takes part in a meeting with the Shinigami regarding the situation. Later, he watches as Ichigo, Rukia, Uryū and Sado spar with Nozomi. He is concerned by the level of the training, but Nozomi insists that it is the only way to awaken her Zanpakutō and kicks him away, leaving him to watch with Orihime. After a while, they take a break and Kon offers Nozomi some of Orihime's special sports drink, but she declines and leaves. Yumichika Ayasegawa tells Ichigo that they are both unintentionally holding back and instructs him to attack her with real power, filled with killing intent. Nozomi agrees, agitating Kon, who claims that it is going overboard. She dismisses his concerns and continues fighting. Eventually the constant pressuring on Nozomi allows her to awaken her Shikai, who then rushes off to aid the Shinigami battling.[23] Eventually, the Reigai's collective strength proves too great for the Shinigami, forcing everyone to rely on Nozomi and her energy-absorbing Shikai. They fire their attacks at her, and she in turn launches the energy at the Reigai to defeat them. Kon, seeing the display, runs to Nozomi to congratulate her. However, his praise is premature as the Reigai-Byakuya emerges, having saved himself with the "Dankū". He then launches a blast that knocks everyone except for Ichigo and Nozomi. They are saved by the arrival of Yamamoto who quickly defeats the Reigai.[24]

As Yamamoto lands, he asks about Nozomi. Yamamoto makes it clear that he has no interest in her identity, viewing her as merely a Mod-Soul. This greatly angers Kon, who openly states his disapproval of Yamamoto's treatment to Nozomi. Before they can talk further, the Reigai of Shunsui Kyōraku and Jūshirō Ukitake appear. Ichigo and Nozomi quickly fight them. Kon notices how weak Ichigo has become and is worried about him facing such powerful enemies. Before the fight can conclude, Kagerōza appears and tells the Reigai to retreat while he takes over. Ichigo and Nozomi are then joined by Yamamoto, but Kagerōza also copies Nozomi's energy-absorbing ability and finally overtaxes Ichigo. Kagerōza then launches an attack from the accumulated energy on Yamamoto, only for Nozomi to appear in front of the blast and greatly worrying Kon.[25]

Nozomi's blade proves unable to absorb such large amounts of energy at once and shatters in two. Yamamoto intervenes, but he is greatly injured while Kagerōza is battered but still able to fight. Despite his current body, Kon resolves to fight with Ichigo, Rukia and Renji to stop Kagerōza. Kagerōza begins to laugh at how they act like they understand Nozomi, which Kon finds annoying at how easily amused Kagerōza is. Kagerōza explains that he and Nozomi are in fact created from the same Reiatsu of a Shinigami, but split into two. Kon asks Nozomi if this is true, which she doesn't respond to, but instead looks away with guilty demeanor. Ichigo and the others attack Kagerōza, but are quickly defeated. Kon then latches himself onto Kagerōza, trying to give Nozomi a chance to escape, only to get beaten off and stomped on until his pill form is pushed out of his stuffed toy body. Nozomi, however, saves him with a "Tenran" and retrieves his pill and body before retreating. After placing Kon back in his stuffed lion body, they continue running. However, Nozomi soon collapses from exhaustion and tells Kon to run and save himself. Kon refuses, but Nozomi uses "Shitotsu Sansen" to bind Kon to a rock before running off. Refusing to give up, Kon manages to break the rock out of the ground and run after her despite still being bound up. However, he finds Nozomi only in time to watch her be teleported away with Kagerōza.[26]

Ashamed that he couldn't save Nozomi, Kon wonders around aimlessly, later finding Nozomi's lion charm. Upon arriving at Urahara's shop, he learns that Ichigo is going to attempt to regain his lost powers by first acquiring his remaining Reishi still in the Kōtotsu. Reaching his breaking point, Kon falls to his knees and cries, voices his anger at feeling so weak and powerless, hating how he must always rely on Ichigo and the others to fight for him. Seeing his pain, Ichigo tries to comfort Kon and insists that he is not powerless. As Ichigo prepares to enter the Dangai with a Reishi-collector, Kon gives Ichigo Nozomi's lion charm for good luck. Once Ichigo finds the Kōtotsu and is swallowed, communication is momentarily cut off, causing Kon to panic for Ichigo's safety. Soon after though, communication is restored and Ichigo tells Kon to be quiet. Ichigo ultimately succeeds in collecting his Reishi and upon returning, he thanks Kon for his help. While Kon is confused, Ichigo explains how he almost lost the Reishi-collector, but narrowly got it back thanks to the charm Kon gave him. While happy that he was able to help, Kon instead acts indifferent.[27]

Later, as Ichigo and Kisuke prepare to go to Soul Society, Kon insists on joining them as he wants to help save Nozomi. While knowing he may not be much help in his stuffed lion body, he is surprised that Ichigo agrees on letting Kon join as he has a personal involvement in this as well. Showing his support, Ichigo gives Kon back Nozomi's charm for good looks. Kon joins Ichigo and Kisuke through the natural Dangai Nozomi had previously attempted to use. Upon arriving in Soul Society, they sneak into the Shinigami Research and Development Institute and locate Inaba's lab. Using the Gikon technology, Kisuke begins rebuilding Ichigo's Reishi in the form of a Mod-Soul. However, the system self-destructs. Kon emerges from the explosion relatively unharmed except for a tear in his arm. Before the explosion, however, Ichigo swallowed the Mod-Soul and was able to restore his Reishi. However, the process was unstable and causes Ichigo's inner Hollow to begin raging out of control. Following Kisuke, Kon and Ichigo seek Inaba's backup data to stabilize Ichigo. They are cut off by several Reigai captains, but are then saved by the arrival of Yoruichi and the captains.[28]

Yoruichi and the captains engage the Reigai, allowing Kon and the others to escape. Along the way, Ichigo quickly becomes exhausted and affected by his Hollow again before finally fainting. After Ichigo awakes, Kisuke insists that he stay behind to be safe. While Ichigo initially refuses, Kon insists that he let him handle it. Accepting the request, Ichigo agrees and hands him the Reishi-collector. Kon then follows Kisuke back to the S.R.D.I. Once inside, Kisuke takes a quick look at the data before leaving for the library, not explaining himself. There, Kisuke again does a quick study and leave with no explanation, this time for the 10th Division headquarters. Tired of Kisuke's secrecy, Kon demands an explanation. Kisuke says that he came to the conclusion Nozomi and Inaba were originally a Mod-Soul created from the Reiatsu of the Mod-Soul creator, but split in two. Furthermore, unaltered data from the library showed a Shinigami from the 10th Division was transferred to the 12th Division. At the 10th Division headquarters, Kisuke and Kon discovered the identity of a man named Ōko Yushima who fits the time frame. Kisuke concludes that he was currently confined to the Nest of Maggots. There, they were confronted by two Reigai, one of which chases Kon around. With a well-timed maneuver, Kisuke quickly defeats the Reigai. They then find Yushima, who is in a comatose state.[29]

While Kon is discouraged that this man cannot give them any leads on Nozomi, Kisuke presents good news upon finding some of Inaba's blood on the ground. As Inaba's blood still has traces of Mayuri Kurotsuchi's drug in it, Kisuke can use his Reishi-collector to track him down. The trail leads them to the Senkaimon. Upon discovering that the lab is underneath it, they find a Reigai of Kisuke guarding it. Kisuke tells Kon to sneak in while he distracts the Reigai. Inside, Kon eventually finds the main lab and Nozomi submerged in a tub with pink fluid next to Inaba in the same state. Kon manages to wake her up by knocking on the glass, and she quickly tells him to leave before she is fused with Inaba. Nozomi explains that Yushima developed a great hatred for the Soul Society for denying his accomplishments and swore revenge. Inaba is the embodiment of Yushima's rage and ambition, while she represents his self-control. Because of how corrupt and deranged Yushima's mind has become, there is a good chance that Inaba's negative traits will overwhelm and erase Nozomi once they fuse together. However, Kon still refuses to leave, determined to save her. Seeing Kon's resolve, Nozomi finally admits that she sees Kon as a dear friend. As the merger process nears completion, Nozomi gains some of Inaba's memories. She then instructs Kon on how to operate the controls. Listening to her, Kon insert's Ichigo's collected Reishi and begins reforming it. However, the Reigai-Nemu Kurotsuchi appears and knocks him away from the controls. The force also knocks Kon's candy form out of the stuffed toy.[30]

Kon later awakens to find himself in the body of Reigai-Nemu thanks to Kisuke. After getting over being in a woman's body, Kisuke gives Kon a complete Mod-Soul pill of Ichigo's Reishi and tells him to give it to Ichigo. Taking advantage of the resurrected-Ōko Yushima calling earlier for medicine to stabilize his fusion body, Kon impersonates Reigai-Nemu long enough to get close to Ichigo. He then kicks Yushima away before bragging about his performance. Deeply disturbed by this sight, Rukia removes Kon from the Reigai and places him back on the stuffed toy. Kon then gives Ichigo his Reishi pill, restoring Ichigo's Shinigami powers. Proud to have kept his promise in helping Ichigo, Kon throws Ichigo the charm again for good luck. Yushima degrades Kon as a pathetic Mod-Soul, but Kon insists he is better than Yushima's puppet Mod-Souls. While forced again to simply watch, Kon is determined to save Nozomi from her loneliness and cheers Ichigo on as he actives his Bankai.[31]

While Ichigo manages to fight evenly against Yushima, Kon cannot stand doing nothing, insisting to the others that they can help Ichigo. While their group attacks are easily defeated by Yushima, it gives Ichigo an opening to land a powerful blow. Still wanting to save Nozomi, Uryū theorizes that if they destroy Yushima's "Saketsu" and "Hakusui", it may split him back in two. Kon quickly rushes to Ichigo to tell him this. Using this information, Ichigo strikes while Nozomi regains control over Yushima, but Yushima breaks free in time to block. After a final clash between Ichigo and Yushima, Ichigo ends the fight, causing the fusion to break down and restore Nozomi and Inaba. After Inaba dies and vanishes, Nozomi also begins to vanish. Kon is very sad about this, but Nozomi is alright because she wasn't alone thanks to her friends. She gives Kon a final hug and calls him a pervert one more time before completely vanishing. [32] Later, Kon and the others prepare to return home. Before leaving, Ukitake arrives and offers Kon a small Shinigami badge as thanks, but Kon proudly turns it down, preferring the charm he got back from Nozomi.[33]


  • Karakura-Raizer Watch: As part of the Karakura-Raizer team, he is given a task to defeat the Hollows in Karakura Town. For this, he needs powers of his own, so he is given a watch, which activates his suit. His suit is Karakura-Raizer.[34]

Kon, as Karakura-Raizer, using Raizer Beam.

    • Karakura-Raizer Suit: The Karakura-Raizer Suit gives Kon abilities of his own such as:
      • Raizer Beam (ライザービーム, Raizā Bīmu): As Karakura-Raizer he can fire a beam strong enough to kill a large Hollow. He first has to spell "Raizer" with his body in charades, otherwise he will be electrocuted.[8]

Powers & Abilities[]

Enhanced Strength: Even in his plush body, Kon was able to lift a large rock many times his weight and run at high speed, even with his upper body pinned to it by a Bakudo spell.[26]


  • (Daydreaming about being smothered by women) "Extra large...puffy wuffy...booby woobies!"[35]
  • (About Orihime Inoue) "Well, I could tell whether or not Orihime is the real one...if she would invite me into her Valley of the Gods!"[36]


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