Kanji 麒麟殿
English Qilin Palace
Location Statistics
Type Main City
Located In Tenjirō Kirinji's City, Soul King Palace
Controlled By Tenjirō Kirinji
Primary Function HQ of Tenjirō Kirinji
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 519
Anime N/A

Kirinden (麒麟殿, Qilin Palace) is a building in the city that forms the headquarters of the Royal Guard member, Tenjirō Kirinji. Housed within are a number of healing hot springs.[1]


The building itself takes the shape of a wooden, feudal-era onsen that serves as the home of Tenjirō Kirinji. The only distinguishing feature denoting the importance of the building are two signs on either side of the entrance stating in kanji the building's name, Kirinden.[2]


The main feature of this palace is a pair of large hot springs housed within its large open interior, which are each filled by pools of specialized healing water.[1] Kisuke Urahara has analyzed these hot springs, and constructed his own variation of healing hot spring.[3]

Hot Springs
Name Description Picture
White Bone Hell (白骨地獄, Hakkotsu Jigoku) A clear hot spring surrounded by a number of small waterfalls and featuring a giant sōzu. By submerging the injured beneath the waters of this spring, any damaged reiatsu within their body is slowly driven out along with their blood. 519White Bone Hell
Blood Pond Hell (血の池地獄, Chi no Ike Jigoku) A steaming hot spring that looks to be filled by a pool of boiling blood. Its purpose is to replenish the blood of those who have already undergone treatment in the White Bone Hell. 519Blood Pond Hell

Healing Spring Process

520Kazuo and Kazuhiro profile

The effects the hot springs have on the average soul even with protective gear.

The process involves submerging a patient in the waters of the White Bone Hell for a considerable amount of time and then taking them and submerging them in the Blood Pond Hell. By repeating this process over and over again, the body is completely cleansed of the wounded Reiatsu and blood. The waters can heal moderate wounds within a night, making a subject healthier than they were previously.[1]

An average soul or Shinigami without a considerable level of spiritual power can, upon contact with the water from the White Bone Hell and/or the Blood Pond Hell, decompose and be ripped asunder by the hyper-recovery qualities of the water. To be able to use the hot springs at all, let alone while naked and with no adverse effects, is a considerable feat. Even with special garments made from super spirit-thread, anyone coming into contact with the water will have burn scars wherever the water has touched.[4]


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