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Kenpachi Zaraki vs. The Onmitsukidō is a fight taking place in the Reigai Uprising. It focuses upon the conflict between Captain Kenpachi Zaraki and a multitude of Onmitsukidō members, under control of Reigai-Suì-Fēng.


Kenpachi and Yachiru walk through bamboo forest

Zaraki and Yachiru walk through a bamboo forest.

Captain Zaraki walks through a bamboo forest alongside his Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi, who asks whether he should have rested longer. Yachiru comments that he is barely walking properly, to which Zaraki refutes this, stating that he is at the top of his game. Zaraki stops suddenly, as the two of them look above the tree-line. Reigai-Suì-Fēng stands before them, her eyes crackling with purple electricity. Yachiru points an accusatory finger at her, stating that she is probably a Reigai. [1]

Zaraki agrees with her, but states that it doesn't matter either way. Reigai-Suì-Fēng grips her katana, proceeding to draw her sword. Zaraki interrupts her, proclaiming that he knows what she is planning. He goes on to explain that when the Head of the Onmitsukidō draws her blade, that an execution battle will soon commence. As if on cue, numerous Onmitsukidō members draw into the clearing, prompting Zaraki to smirk wickedly.[1]

He draws his sword, telling the Onmitsukidō members to make their battle fun. Reigai-Suì-Fēng draws her sword, pointing it at Zaraki, telling the Onmitsukidō to move out.[1]


Kenpachi attacks Onmitsukido

Zaraki faces off against the Onmitsukidō.

The Onmitsukidō proceed to lunge at Zaraki in their huge numbers, which he counters with a slash from his Zanpakutō. Zaraki beats away several of the Onmitsukidō, their blades unable to withstand his barrage of attacks. They are knocked to the ground, but are quickly replaced by uninjured members.[1]

Zaraki again is able to defeat them all, as an Onmitsukidō member lunges down from the treetops. He clashes with Zaraki briefly, before being kicked away. Zaraki faces off against two more of the Onmitsukidō, whose attacks prove ineffective, being defeated with relative ease. As the fight is progressing, Yachiru laughs happily, commenting that the fight is awesome. As Zaraki continues fighting against the tide of Onmitsukidō members, he comments that the battle will not end so soon.[1]

Reigai-SuiFeng berates Kenpachi

Reigai-Suì-Fēng berates Zaraki's foolhardy nature.

He continues, stating that he was able to face off against Reigai-Kenpachi Zaraki and emerge victorious. Zaraki explains that his body is still trembling with anticipation, proclaiming that he wants to fight more. Whilst Zaraki fights against her Onmitsukidō members, Reigai-Suì-Fēng states that he doesn't know the definition of defeat, proclaiming that he should no longer be standing after two fights in a row. Zaraki laughs, stating that she doesn't know the limits of his strength. [1]

Onmitskido Unable To Pierce Kenpachi

The Onmitsukidō find themselves unable to pierce Zaraki.

Reigai-Suì-Fēng signals the Onmitsukidō with her hand, who proceed to surround Zaraki. Yachiru states that they are planning to attack him all at once, to which Zaraki states that he will have no choice but to take them out with one hit. He turns to Yachiru, telling her to dodge their swords. She agrees, as Reigai-Suì-Fēng gives the command for the Onmitsukidō. They charge at Zaraki, who stands his ground, as they plunge their katana into his body.[1]

Kenpachi knocks the Onmitsukido away

Zaraki defeats the Onmitsukidō in one strike.

She smiles briefly, believing the battle to be over. However, the Onmitsukidō's dull blades are unable to pierce Zaraki's skin, as Yachiru evades all their strikes. Reigai-Suì-Fēng is surprised at his tenacity, as Zaraki proceeds to defeat all of the astounded Onmitsukidō in one fell swoop. As the members fall defeated to the ground, only one Onmitsukidō remains. He comments upon Zaraki's sheer Reiatsu to be able to deflect all their attacks, before being kicked in the face by Yachiru.[1]


Zaraki turns to Yachiru, asking whether she is alright. She confirms that she is, asking Zaraki the same question. Zaraki comments that the Onmitsukidō were not difficult at all to defeat, stating that he is unsatisfied. He points his Zanpakutō at Reigai-Suì-Fēng, asking whether she will make things fun for him. Reigai-Suì-Fēng leaps down from the treetops, lunging at Zaraki. However, she uses Shunpo to appear behind him, as Yachiru calls out in distress.[1]


Sajin Komamura protects Zaraki from Reigai-Suì-Fēng's strike.

However, before Reigai-Suì-Fēng can pierce him with her Suzumebachi, it is blocked by another blade. This amounts in an enormous explosion, as Reigai-Suì-Fēng retreats back. She pants heavily, looking back at the scene. As the smoke clouds recede, Captain Sajin Komamura appears before the Reigai, leaving her surprised. Zaraki comments that he is still alive, to which Komamura apologizes for his lateness. He states that he will make it up by assisting him, to which Zaraki scoffs at the idea.[1]

Zaraki tells him not to interfere with his fight, as Komamura informs him that although it took him time to escape from the Dangai, his body is tougher than it seems. He comments that no-one is concerned about his well being, telling him to stay out of his way. However, Komamura interrupts him, informing Reigai-Suì-Fēng that he will be her opponent. Yachiru cheers Komamura on, as Zaraki leaves the scene in boredom. Zaraki informs him that he is going ahead to find Kagerōza Inaba.[1]


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