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Kenpachi Zaraki vs. Kaname Tōsen & Sajin Komamura is a fight taking place during the Ryoka Invasion, consisting of 11th Division Captain Kenpachi Zaraki's battle against 7th Division Captain Sajin Komamura and 9th Division Captain Kaname Tōsen after he is discovered aiding the Ryoka by the latter.


Kenpachi Zaraki leads his subordinates and the Ryoka toward the execution grounds.

After being broken out of prison by 11th Division Captain Kenpachi Zaraki, Yasutora Sado, Uryū Ishida, and Ganju Shiba follow him, 11th Division Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi, 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame, 5th Seat Yumichika Ayasegawa, Orihime Inoue, and Makizō Aramaki to a large, empty pavilion atop a building in search of the execution grounds, where Uryū nervously observes that finding the right street seems to take luck as Orihime affirms that ten or twenty dead-ends is not uncommon. With Yachiru irritated by this, Ikkaku points to this as proof of why he did not want her leading them, leading Yachiru to angrily bite his head in response.[2]

Sajin Komamura, Kaname Tōsen, and their lieutenants confront the group.

Suddenly, Yumichika senses an intense Reiatsu in front of them, and upon being alerted of this, Kenpachi criticizes such sneaking around and demands that they show themselves as he claims that captains should not be concealing their Reiatsu. Berating Kenpachi for his arrogance and questioning if he knows what he is doing, Tōsen appears on the rooftop in front of the group alongside Komamura, Iba, and Hisagi. As Tōsen inquires where Kenpachi is going with the Ryoka and if lost his honor when he was defeated, a terrified Aramaki identifies him, Komamura, Iba, and Hisagi while expressing disbelief at being confronted by four powerful opponents like this.[3]

Kenpachi decides to fight all four Shinigami at once to test his sword and get a workout.

However, though Yumichika assures Aramaki that they are outnumbered by the Ryoka's group and Aramaki asserts that it is not about numbers, Kenpachi tells them to be quiet and reminds Yumichika that he never said he would let the others fight before declaring that he will be fighting all four of the Shinigami at once, though he does not believe it will be enough to test his sword.[4] Moving to the ground alongside the others, Komamura picks up on Kenpachi's comment about testing his sword and inquires if the latter intends to fight all four of them at once. With Komamura asserting that he may be overrating himself despite his impressive skill, Kenpachi exerts his Reiatsu as he draws his Zanpakutō and demands that they fight instead of talking before advising them to attack from all sides at once so one of them might have a chance at cutting him.[5]

Kenpachi denies having ever had sanity.

After telling Kenpachi that they will look for Ichigo Kurosaki ahead and asking him to not take too long, which Kenpachi responds to by promising to be there soon, Yachiru pulls the Ryoka and Aramaki away while addressing them by their nicknames, with Uryū being insulted by the comment on his thin physique. As they run off, Tōsen notes Kenpachi's promise to catch up with the group quickly and questions if this was bluster or him being serious, only to conclude that Kenpachi has lost his sanity in addition to his honor either way. However, a grinning Kenpachi merely asserts that he has never had anything like sanity to begin with.[6]

Ikkaku Madarame and Yumichika Ayasegawa arrive to fight the lieutenants.

Iba and Hisagi approach Kenpachi as they request that their captains let them take care of this, and as a disappointed Kenpachi reminds them of his advice to attack him all at once, Ikkaku echoes his criticism and declares that he knew it would be like this before appearing in front of Kenpachi alongside Yumichika, who asserts that they will have to step in if this is how Iba and Hisagi want to do things. Though Kenpachi is confused as to why they are still here, Ikkaku berates Iba and Hisagi for thinking they would have the privilege to take on a captain despite being only lieutenants, and after Kenpachi realizes that they want to fight as well and orders them to do so somewhere else at risk of being killed if they get in his way, Ikkaku and Yumichika comply, prompting Iba to question when Ikkaku gained the right to speak to him like this.[7]

Ikkaku and Yumichika leave with Tetsuzaemon Iba and Shūhei Hisagi.

When Ikkaku claims that he does not need lessons on how to talk from a coward who left the Eleventh Division because he could not become the lieutenant, Iba is visibly irritated by this, but Ikkaku tells him to save this for later and to go somewhere else because he does not want Kenpachi to kill him, which Yumichika echoes. Upon being requested by Yumichika to go somewhere else with him, Hisagi asserts that it will not matter regardless of what he does. Ikkaku, Iba, Yumichika, and Hisagi all disappear with Shunpo, leaving Kenpachi to observe that they can finally fight and claim that he could not refuse the wishes of his subordinates even if it meant halving the number of his opponents, though he believes this can at least be his morning workout.[8]


Komamura attacks Kenpachi with his Shikai, Tenken, causing a massive sword to slam into him.

Commenting on Kenpachi's arrogance once more, Komamura draws his Zanpakutō, rupturing the ground in front of its blade in the process, and proclaims that this is why he thinks Kenpachi is overrating himself. With Kenpachi mildly impressed by his rupturing of the ground, Komamura inquires if the former is ready and releases his Shikai, Tenken, manifesting a large disembodied and armored hand wielding an equally massive sword that slams into a surprised Kenpachi, carving a large chasm into the ground and destroying the bridge leading to the pavilion behind him. As the dust settles, Tōsen tells Komamura to step back because Kenpachi might still attack and prepares to crush the latter's limbs.[9]

Kenpachi withstands Komamura and Tōsen's combined attacks.

Tōsen uses Suzumushi Nishiki: Benihikō, generating hundreds of thin blades in the arc of his Zanpakutō swing that rain down on the area where Kenpachi was standing, further damaging the building and causing part of it to collapse. However, though Komamura concludes that it is over because not even someone as powerful as Kenpachi could have survived this, the dust clears to reveal Kenpachi still standing with several of the blades embedded in his body, shocking Komamura and Tōsen. With Komamura in disbelief that he is still standing after a blow from Tenken and Suzumushi Nishiki: Benihikō, Kenpachi pulls one of the blades out of his left shoulder and retracts his comment about this making for a good workout because it will not even make him wake up before declaring that he is going to cut them to pieces.[10]

Kenpachi blocks Tōsen and Komamura's combined attacks.

While tearing the blades of Suzumushi Nishiki: Benihikō out of his body, Kenpachi senses the Reiatsu generated by the battle between 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai and his captain, Byakuya Kuchiki, leading him to conclude that his is not the only fight occurring in the Seireitei right now, which he likes, before preparing to continue the fight as he declares that it is finally getting festive around here.[11] Komamura and Tōsen attack Kenpachi in unison, only for him to effortlessly block both their strikes simultaneously with his Zanpakutō, to their surprise. Admonishing Tōsen for exposing his vulnerability by being fearful of every attack, Kenpachi kicks him in the chest, sending Tōsen crashing through the wall on the opposite end of the pavilion. With Komamura looking back and calling out to Tōsen in concern, Kenpachi asserts that this is true of him as well.[12]

Kenpachi flips Komamura over to slam him into the ground.

Kenpachi grabs Komamura's sword arm at the wrist with his free hand before flipping Komamura onto his back, cratering the ground with the impact. After berating Komamura and Tōsen for calling themselves captains, Kenpachi demands that they at least act likes captains and show him their Bankai before they die, and though Komamura refuses to use Bankai against a traitor like Kenpachi, Tōsen decides that he will do so as his Zanpakutō begins glowing with Reiatsu.[13] Tōsen rapidly spins his Zanpakutō as he recounts the three methods for becoming a captain of the Gotei 13: passing the captain's exam in front of three or more captains, including the Captain-Commander; receiving recommendations from six or more captains and having three of the seven remaining captains approve it; and defeating a captain in the presence of no less than 200 members of their division.[14]

Tōsen explains his negative view of Kenpachi stemming from the latter's bloodlust.

When Kenpachi questions why this is relevant because he already knows, Tōsen explains that he has had a strong suspicion of Kenpachi ever since he became the captain of the Eleventh Division by killing Kenpachi Kiganjō, with him believing that Kenpachi is a monster spreading carnage and thirsting for blood who is not like them and cannot be allowed to stay because he will eventually destroy the peace of the Gotei 13. With Kenpachi remaining silent, Tōsen points out how he is currently bringing chaos by assisting the Ryoka and fighting against Tōsen and Komamura due to his hunger for bloodshed. Upon being asked if he is wrong, Kenpachi bluntly tells Tōsen to preach this to someone who cares.[15]

Komamura leaves so Tōsen can fight Kenpachi alone.

However, as Kenpachi tells him to simply state he is the good guy while Kenpachi is the bad guy and encourages Tōsen to use his Bankai if he hates him so much, Tōsen clarifies he does not hate Kenpachi and holds out his Zanpakutō while proclaiming Kenpachi is beyond redemption through his breaking of the peace through word and deed, meaning he must eliminate Kenpachi to restore the peace even though their feud is not personal. Realizing Tōsen is serious, Komamura leaps onto the bridge on the other side of the chasm behind Kenpachi and expresses concern for Tōsen, who spins the ring on his Zanpakutō's hilt and drastically enlarges it to roughly his height before initiating his Bankai, Suzumushi Tsuishiki: Enma Kōrogi.[16]

Tōsen traps Kenpachi in his Bankai, Suzumushi Tsuishiki: Enma Kōrogi, a massive black void encompassing the pavilion.

The ring in front of Tōsen splits apart into ten rings that hurtle apart and surround the pavilion as they fill with light. Suddenly, a black dome anchored by the ten rings, which now each contain a different kanji, envelops the entirety of the pavilion, leaving Kenpachi stunned, and Tōsen reveals that the entire space within the dome is his Bankai. Asking Kenpachi what he thinks as he approaches the latter, Tōsen asserts that even Kenpachi could not have imagined such a sight, only to note that Kenpachi cannot see anything at all right now while walking past Kenpachi, who remains still and does not react.[17]

Tōsen attacks Kenpachi, who is unable to sense him.

Internally, Kenpachi wonders what is going on because he cannot see or hear anything. Suddenly, Tōsen slashes Kenpachi's left shoulder and inquires how it feels to be in a world without light or sound. As he assumes that it must be terrifying, Tōsen details how his Bankai deprives its inhabitants of sight, hearing, smell, and the ability to sense Reiatsu, drawing them into an empty black hell which only he is immune to as the one holding Suzumushi. When Kenpachi attempts to reach out to him, Tōsen slashes him across the back and declares that it is useless to attempt to capture him by guessing where he will strike from next before elaborating that even the most skilled swordsman feels a twinge of fear in total darkness, which slows reactions.[18]

Kenpachi manages to dodge Tōsen's attacks at the last second.

While Tōsen begins to explain how being born into a world without light like he was removes this fear, he is interrupted when Kenpachi slams his Zanpakutō into the ground next to Tōsen, leaving him shocked. With Kenpachi grinning, Tōsen realizes that he really is a monster for being right at home in this black hell and never feeling a moment of fear, which leads Tōsen to proclaim that he will not waste any more time.[19] Later, a panting Tōsen stands several feet back from a smiling Kenpachi and wonders how Kenpachi is evading him despite his impaired senses as he rushes forward. When Kenpachi moves out of the way of Tōsen's slash, receiving only a moderate wound to his side, Tōsen is left incredulous at how he keeps missing Kenpachi's vital areas.[20]

Tōsen narrowly evades Kenpachi as the latter attacks him using instinct alone.

Tōsen narrowly evades a thrust of Kenpachi's Zanpakutō by leaning back, receiving a small cut on his left cheek, and flips backward to put distance between the two of them. Mentally noting Kenpachi is striking closer and closer each time he dodges an attack, Tōsen asserts he truly is a monster. As he holds up his Zanpakutō, Kenpachi observes he got Tōsen that time even if it was only a small scratch and ruminates on the trouble this Bankai is giving him by impairing his senses, though he observes retaining his sense of touch allows him to hold his sword and evade Tōsen's blade when he feels it cutting into his flesh. However, after noting he is even starting to find Tōsen with his Zanpakutō, Kenpachi mentally admits he will not beat Tōsen with just his reflexes and instincts because the latter is a captain as well.[21]

Kenpachi envisions Yumichika advising him to give up beautifully, which he realizes is actually a viable solution, after dismissing envisioned advice from Ikkaku and Yachiru Kusajishi.

Frustrated at not being able to cut into meat even though he considered this situation to be new and interesting at first, Kenpachi deduces that he has to home in on Tōsen's location in order to cut him and recounts how he cannot see or hear and was never any good at detecting Reiatsu while expressing his annoyance at having to think so hard during a fight rather than just getting to enjoy hacking each other to bits. Upon envisioning Yachiru suggesting that he take a wild swing, Kenpachi mentally states that he has been doing that, and when he envisions Ikkaku proposing that he use his mind's eye, Kenpachi bluntly asserts that Tōsen would be dead by now if he could do that. However, though he initially dismisses an envisioned Yumichika's suggestion to give up beautifully by telling him to die, Kenpachi realizes that this actually is the solution due to it presenting an easy way to figure out where Tōsen is.[22]

Kenpachi regains his senses by gripping Tōsen's Zanpakutō.

While rushing toward Kenpachi, Tōsen notes that he is smiling again and wants to fight even while hopelessly outmatched, leading him to proclaim that Kenpachi is too much of a threat to them to be allowed to live. When Tōsen's blade pierces Kenpachi's torso and emerges from his back without any effort from Kenpachi to dodge, Tōsen assumes that his warped love of combat provided an opening, but Kenpachi suddenly grabs Tōsen's hand and the hilt of his Zanpakutō with his free hand, causing him to regain his senses. Inquiring where a shocked Tōsen has been, Kenpachi slashes him across the chest.[23] Kenpachi grips Tōsen's sword hand and wonders if he can see and hear again because he caught Tōsen or because he is touching the latter's Zanpakutō.[24]

Tōsen is wounded by Kenpachi.

As he pulls Tōsen's Zanpakutō out of his chest and dismisses this as irrelevant, Kenpachi encourages Tōsen to do it again since he has the hang of it now and promises to grab Tōsen's arm before his blade sinks into Kenpachi next time. With Kenpachi letting go of his hand and losing his senses once more, Tōsen backsteps and pants heavily as the severed portion of his haori falls off. Tōsen's perception of the world begins to skew due to his injury, and as he mentally declares that he will not lose to Kenpachi, Tōsen rushes forward and recalls his past where he lost his friend to the psychotic Shinigami she married, an act which put him on the path to enforce justice.[25]

Kenpachi slashes Tōsen across the chest once more.

Despite this, Kenpachi succeeds in grabbing Tōsen's sword hand before his Zanpakutō can cut into Kenpachi's shoulder, and as Tōsen struggles to break free, Kenpachi slashes him across the chest once more, wounding Tōsen to the point where he can no longer maintain his Bankai, Suzumushi Tsuishiki: Enma Kōrogi, which shatters and collapses around the pavilion. However, despite the concern of 7th Division Captain Sajin Komamura as the latter watches from the broken bridge nearby, a heavily bleeding Tōsen remains standing and refuses to give up as he grips his Zanpakutō with both hands. Looking at Tōsen, Kenpachi declares that he quits because he will not fight someone who is half-dead.[26]

Tōsen attempts to stab Kenpachi in the back.

With Kenpachi bidding him farewell and remarking that dying is no fun since one cannot cut anybody after death, Tōsen rushes up to him and attempts to stab Kenpachi in the back, though his Zanpakutō fails to pierce Kenpachi's body, and asserts that he must stop Kenpachi in the name of justice. Annoyed by this, Kenpachi decides to kill Tōsen if he is this eager to die and swings his Zanpakutō at him, only for Komamura to appear between them and block Kenpachi's Zanpakutō with his left arm while pulling Tōsen back by his Zanpakutō with his right hand as a stunned Kenpachi's Zanpakutō cuts into Komamura's helmet, which begins to break apart.[27]

Komamura's wolf-like appearance is revealed once his helmet breaks.

Komamura pushes Kenpachi's Zanpakutō back with his arm and tells Tōsen that he has done enough because Kenpachi will never understand his point of view. Though Tōsen attempts to apologize for causing his helmet to break, Komamura assures him that it is fine, and with Kenpachi admitting his surprise at what Komamura really looks like, the rest of the helmet falls away to reveal Komamura as a humanoid wolf. When Komamura observes that he does not seem too surprised, Kenpachi simply states that looks counts for little in a fight and that it matters more if Komamura can fight like a beast than if he looks like one. However, Komamura asserts that Kenpachi's mistake lies in getting caught up in the the appearance of strength rather than seeing the true strength of his opponent.[28]

Komamura activates his Bankai, Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō.

Declaring that he is not as nice as Tōsen is, Komamura activates his Bankai, Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō, bringing forth the entire giant, which leans over the side of the pavilion and rests its left hand on the ground while Komamura proclaims that it is time for the killing which Kenpachi loves so much. Laughing maniacally, Kenpachi declares that he loves Komamura's resolve before promising to not hold back if this is what the latter wants. Preparing to resume the fight, Kenpachi encourages Komamura to come back as a ghost if he dies so they can do this again.[29]

Kenpachi and Komamura notice the beginning of the execution.

Suddenly, the two of them feel an immense amount of Reiatsu emanating from Sōkyoku Hill, and as they look toward it in unison, Kenpachi confirms Komamura's observation that the execution has begun.[30]


Kenpachi sits alone after Komamura leaves.

Some time later, while Kenpachi on the broken bridge across from the pavilion with his Zanpakutō embedded in the ground next to him, Yumichika cheerily approaches and wonders where he is. Upon spotting Kenpachi sitting alone, Yumichika inquires if the fight is over, prompting Kenpachi to reveal that Komamura sensed Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto fighting somewhere and rushed off to help him. With Yumichika cheerfully noting that this must be what he has been sensing, a perplexed Kenpachi questions why he is in such a good mood and turns around to see Yumichika completely unharmed, to his visible surprise.[31]


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