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Kenpachi Kuruyashiki
SAFWYKurayashiki profile.png
Race Soul
Gender Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Profession Shinigami
Previous Position Captain of the 11th Division
Previous Division 11.jpeg 11th Division
Partner Ashido Kanō
Base of Operations Seireitei, Soul Society
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Shikai Gagaku Kairō
Bankai Gagaku Kairō
First Appearance
Light Novel Bleach: Spirits Are Forever With You
Japanese N/A

Kenpachi Kuruyashiki (刳屋敷剣八, Kuruyashiki Kenpachi) was once a captain of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13. He was the 7th Kenpachi, until he was killed by his successor, Sōya Azashiro.[1][2]


Kuruyashiki is a tall, muscular Shinigami with dark messy hair. He wears the standard shihakushō, with his captain's haori which is sleeveless.


Kuruyashiki is friendly with Shunsui Kyōraku who knows him more than any captain in the Gotei 13. But his Division holds great respect for him, being noted to be "aniki" figure to Ashido Kano his lieutenant. He and Shunsui often drinks sake along with Captain Ukitake, and each of them held a drinking party for their own respective division. He refused to be promoted to the ranks of Zero Division as he is too lazy to guard the palace. He enjoys watching the end of the strong fighter he has fought before.



Bleach: Spirits Are Forever With You

Powers & Abilities

Master Swordsman: As a former captain of the 11th division, which specializes in swordsmanship, Kuruyashiki possessed a great deal of skill in this art being capable of killing his predecessor and defeating all of his challengers until he was defeated by Sōya Azashiro.

Great Spiritual Power: As a former captain of the Gotei 13, Kuruyashiki possessed a great amount of Reiryoku.


Gagaku Kairō (餓樂廻廊, Corridor of Hungering Music): The sealed form of Kuruyashiki's Zanpakutō is unknown.

  • Shikai: The release command is "Massacre the auspicious omens and come into being; respect the darkness as you become decrepit with age" (瑞祥屠りて生まれ出で 暗翳尊び老いさらばえよ, Zuishō hofurite umareide, an'ei tattobi oisarabae yo). Gagaku Kairō was stated to be a "living-type" Zanpakutō, similar to Retsu Unohana's Minazuki.[2] Upon activation the blade manifested a large, white sphere with enormous fangs. Stated to be the size of a bear, the creature had with no eyes, nose, ears, or limbs; it consisted solely of a mouth with large fangs.[2]
Shikai Special Ability: The creatures manifested by Gagaku Kairō were ravenous and would attack any enemies designated by Kuruyashiki. Kuruyashiki is able to manifest at least thirteen of these creatures at any given time.[2]
  • Bankai: Gagaku Kairō (餓樂廻廊, Corridor of Hungering Music): Kuruyashiki's Bankai summons an enormous pair of jaws from the ground.[2]
Bankai Special Ability: The jaws summoned by Kuruyashiki's Bankai are extremely ravenous and ferocious, devouring anything and everything within their reach, both living and inanimate, except for Kuruyashiki himself. Because of this, it was dangerous enough that Central 46 forbade Kuruyashiki from ever using it inside the Seireitei. The Bankai is powerful enough that Sōya Azashiro believed he would have lost against Kuruyashiki had the latter used it during their duel.[2]



Cooldown (Shikai, Bankai): Whenever Kuruyashiki used his Bankai, he would be unable to use his Zanpakutō powers for six months.[2]



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