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Keisuke Sorimachi (反町 圭助, Sorimachi Keisuke)[1] is a student of Karakura High School. He is Reiichi Ōshima's friend and right hand man.


Sorimachi has shoulder length brown hair which is kept back with the help of a hair fastener. His face is constantly pursed and his eyebrows lowered to keep up his tough guy act.


Sorimachi accompanies Reiichi as he and their gang attack Ichigo Kurosaki and Yasutora Sado.[2]


Sorimachi is backing Reiichi up when he confronts Ichigo during lunchtime. When Reiichi is tossed across the roof by Chad the concerned Sorimachi rushes to his aid while saying that's why he told Reiichi not to do this.[3]

Sorimachi is watching Don Kanonji's show, along with Reiichi, when Ichigo barges in during filming.[4]


  • Although he does not appear in the anime prior to episode 227 his name, along with Ōshima's, is mentioned by Misato Ochi in episode 65.[5] He is mentioned again by Misato Ochi in episode 110.[6]
  • Sorimachi has an older sister named Wakako Sorimachi (反町 和香子, Sorimachi Wakako) who was 24 years old when he enrolled at Karakura High School.[1]


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