Kasumiōji Clan
Family Head Rurichiyo Kasumiōji
Family Seat Kasumiōji Family Manor Compound, Seireitei, Soul Society
Affiliation Soul Society
Specialty Weapons Forging for the Royal Family.

The Kasumiōji Clan (霞大路家, kasumiōji ka; lit. "Misty Great Road Clan") is a high ranking noble family from Soul Society, with prestige just under that of the four great noble families.


The Kasumiōji Clan is a wealthy, noble family in Soul Society. High ranking nobles who didn't present themselves in public and their clan didn't associate themselves with Central 46 that much.[1] The high ranking Kasumiōji is second to the four noble families. The Kasumiōji Clan has always had a female sovereign, it is an iron clad law that has been passed down generation after generation for centuries, thus a male cannot head the clan.[2] As with all high ranking noble families the clan has immunity extraterritoriality.[3]

They have a loyal army of assassins that serve as their bodyguards who are led by Hanza Nukui and (after the former's death) 3rd Seat Makoto Kibune of the Third Division (until his death).


Years ago the steward Gyōkaku Kumoi began misusing the clans special techniques for the casting of royal swords. He exploited their ancient secrets in order for the development of the Bakkōtō. He then used the prototypes to do experiments with test subjects.[3]

Current Events

Their corrupt steward Kumoi had risen through the ranks by secretly assassinating several Kasumiōji vassal Members that are loyal to Rurichiyo Kasumiōji. The Kasumiōji Clan has lost a large amount of vassals due to Kumoi's actions. After Kumoi attempted a coup against Soul Society he was killed along with all of his conspirators, restoring Rurichiyo as head of her clan and stabilizing the volatile situation.

Clan Structure

  • Matriarch: Head of the Kasumiōji clan.[4]
  • Princess: Heir to the Kasumiōji throne.
  • Viceroy/Steward: A position that is used for a temporary governor of the family while the position of matriarch is vacant. The position is similar to a regent.
  • Vassals: a servant who pledges him/herself to a lord/lady by giving "aid" or military service.

Family Members

(† = confirmed death)

Name Relation Status
Princess Rurichiyo KasumiōjiHead and True Heir of the Kasumiōji throne.Active
Lord Shū KannogiRurichiyo's fiancé.Active

Associate Members

With the addition of some unnamed assassins, the following are the known assassins of the Kasumiōji Clan:

Name Relation Status
Gyōkaku KumoiCorrupt Steward of the Kasumiōji Noble Family, the producer of the Bakkōtō and one of the two catalysts of The Kasumiōji Crisis.Deceased †
Hanza NukuiThe leader of the Kasumiōji Assassins.Deceased †
Jinnai DōkoOne of the Kasumiōji Assassins.Deceased †
KuzuryūOne of the Kasumiōji Assassins.Deceased †
GengaOne of the Kasumiōji assassins.Deceased †
Shūsuke AmagaiGin Ichimaru's replacement Captain of the 3rd Division.Deceased †
Makoto Kibune3rd Seat of the 3rd Division. Kumoi's Unofficial 'Apprentice'.Deceased †


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