Karakura Town: Secrets of the Seven Mysteries
Kanji 空座町 七不思議のヒミツ
Romaji karakura-chou shichi fushigi no himitsu
Host None
Type Short gag stories
Episode Span Episode 280 - Episode 286

Karakura Town: Secrets of the Seven Mysteries (空座町 七不思議のヒミツ, karakura-chou shichi fushigi no himitsu) is first featured at the end of Episode 280.


The omake features Ichigo investigating the supernatural urban legends in Karakura Town, which are usually the results of the Shinigami's numerous antics.


  • Episode 280: Legend: Late at night when no one is around, a terrible guitar noise can be heard coming from the music room.
Truth: Shūhei haunts Karakura High School with his horrible guitar skills.
  • Episode 281: Legend: Dead Spirits are said to haunt the outskirts of the town.
Truth: Renji secretly trains with Rukia to improve his Kidō skills.
  • Episode 282: Legend: Mysterious footsteps can be heard in an abandoned building in Karakura Town.
Truth: Matsumoto and other Shinigami use a Senkaimon located in this building for their excursions to the world of the living.
  • Episode 283: Legend: A ghost wearing white is floating through the streets of Karakura Town.
Truth: Uryū Ishida in his white Quincy uniform hovers on a Reishi platform while combating Hollows.
  • Episode 284: Legend: Hordes of cats have developed the ability to speak like humans.
Truth: While in her cat form, Yoruichi tries to teach cats to meow such that it sounds like they are saying "I want tuna".
  • Episode 285: Legend: Inside a mall, there is a moving mannequin.
Truth: The mannequins were Matsumoto and Ikkaku's Gigais.
  • Episode 286: Legend: A mysterious assailant with super leg strength attacks pretty females at night.
Truth: Kon has been accosting females while in Ichigo's body.


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