Karakura Ichikou
Kanji 空座一校
English Karakura High School
Location Statistics
Type Education Facility
Located In Human World
Primary Function Educating Human teenagers
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 2
Anime Episode 2

Karakura High School (空座一校, Karakura Ichikou) is the school which Karakura Town residents Ichigo Kurosaki, Orihime Inoue, Yasutora Sado and Uryū Ishida, among others, attend.


Located in the Gakuenchō area of Karakura Town,[1] Karakura High School is a normal school containing normal teenagers. However, like the rest of the town, it contains an abnormally large amount of spiritually aware people. Surrounded by trees, the school complex consists of a number of buildings varying from one to four stories, along with open areas.[2] The roof, which is surrounded by railings, is frequently used by students as a venue for lunch.[3] The schools facilities include playing pitches, a six lane running track,[4] and a gym.[5] There are a number of clubs in the school, from soccer and basketball to Kendō.[6][5] The school is somewhat famous for its strong karate team.[7]

The school's uniform consists of grey trousers, a white short and grey blazer for boys and grey skirt, white shirt with red bow tie, and grey blazer for girls. There is also a beige sleeveless jumper.[8] Scholastically, Ichigo's class occupies the top three places in the 9th grade year's list of excellence, but at the same time contains mediocre and poor graded pupils, such as Keigo.[9] The school attracts a large number of applications from delinquents.[7]

Over the last year Karakura High School has seen an unusually large number of mid semester transfers, mostly into Ichigo Kurosaki's class. None of the newly transferred students have lasted more than a few months.[10][11][12]






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