Kan'onji-Style Final Super Attack: Kan'onball
Rōmaji Kan'onji-ryū Saishū Ōgi: Kyanomboru
Kanji 観音寺流最終奥義・観音寺弾
Technique Type Human
User Don Kanonji

Kan'onji-Style Final Super Attack: Kan'onball (観音寺流最終奥義・観音寺弾, Kan'onji-ryū Saishū Ōgi: Kyanomboru) is an attack used by Don Kanonji.[1]


Don Kanonji focuses his power into the palm of his right hand and generates a tiny ball of blue Reiatsu. He then sends this ball of energy towards his target and while it moves very slowly, upon contact, it explodes with an exaggerated amount of power for its small size.[1]



Golden Kan'onball

  • Golden Kan'onball (ゴールデン・キャノンボール, Goruden Kyanomboru): Don Kanonji refers to this attack as the "Fatal Attack of Justice". Kanonji focuses more power into the attack and causes its speed to also accelerate. He can generate one large sphere of energy which is slow moving or split it into two rapidly spinning projectiles to attack his opponents.[2][3]


Raizer Kan'onball

  • Raizer Kan'onball (ライザーキャノンボール, Raiza Kyanomboru): This attack is almost identical to the original variation of the Kan'onji-Style Final Super Attack: Kan'onball except he is now in his Karakura-Raizer Spirit persona. Don Kanonji uses his power to create a tiny ball of energy that moves very slowly towards the target. He utilizes distractions in order to combat the speed weakness in this ability.[4] He is also able to create a ball of blue energy that is slightly larger and faster than the former technique.[5]


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