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Kan (環, Ring) is the currency of Soul Society. It is the currency in which Shinigami salary is paid and all items in Soul Society are priced.


The Kan coin is circular with a hole in the middle, resembling the ¥5 piece of the Japanese currency.[1]

Known Items Costs

  • Seireitei Communication: A standard issue costs 380 Kan.[2] Special issues costs vary but the special issue featuring the Ryoka Invasion cost 680 Kan.[3]
  • Gin Tonbo Glasses: The known product line-up of Gin Tonbo Eye-wear store costs between 62,800 Kan to 97,300 Kan.[4] It must be noted that Gin Tonbo products are considered expensive.
  • Shinigami Women's Association: Has a budget of 250,000 Kan.[5] They also sell their Captain's Photo Collection books for 2,480 Kan each.[6]
  • Shinigami Men's Association: Has a budget of 90,000 Kan.[5]
  • Calligraphy Club, Ikebana Club, Tea Ceremony Club: They each have a budget of 150,000 Kan.[5]
  • Calendars featuring Gotei 13 Shinigami: The Purgatory Company (煉獄商会, Rengoku Shōkai) sells these calendars for 2,415 Kan each. Although the one featuring Rangiku Matsumoto costs 3,415 Kan.[4]
  • Anti-Hollow Training Machine: The Purgatory Company sells these, which are essentially punching bags, for 19,800 Kan.[4]
  • Set of weights: The Purgatory Company sells a set of two dumbbells for 2,980 Kan.[4]
  • 4th Division Nurse Outfits: The Purgatory Company sells these, meant for cosplay, for 5,980 Kan.[4]


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