BDSKai profile
Race Modified Soul
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself, Fellow Mod Souls
Primary Skill
First Appearance
Video Game Bleach: Dark Souls
Japanese N/A

Kai is a Mod-Soul.[1]


He is loyal to his fellow Mod-Souls, as continuously calling them his "friends" despite the fact they had tried to kill him.[1]


Dark Souls

Kai borrows the form of Rin Tsubokura and tries to take the other Mod-Souls, but they turned into Hollows. Ichigo Kurosaki saves him and brings him to the Human World, but Kon said he was already gone.[1]


"Kai" is the name Kon said he wanted when Ichigo named him, as both names are derived from "Kaizō Konpaku."[1][2]


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