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Kagizaki (拘咲, Arrested Bloom; Viz "Bound Blossom") is a Kidō spell used by the Shiba Clan as one of the launch methods for their Kakaku Taihō; specifically, it is referred to as the Flower Crane Archery 2nd Style (花鶴射法二番, Kakaku Shahō Niban; Viz "Flower Crane Launch Method Two").[1]


This spell requires two practitioners to function properly. With the individual(s) inside the Kakaku Taihō encased in a cannonball barrier through pouring their Reiryoku into the Reishukaku, the first practitioner binds the Kakaku Taihō with four ceremonial ropes tied to the edges of the platform and paints a black circle around the base with a large brush before stabbing their sword into the platform and beginning the incantation. As they continue to chant the incantation with two others lending their power, the practitioner wraps a bandage around their arm, which is engulfed in flame, and slams it into the circle, igniting it as the fire splits and travels around the length of the circle in both directions. Once the flames complete their circuits and return to their arm, the practitioner redirects it onto the floor and up the side of the Kakaku Taihō, severing the ceremonial ropes, before concluding the incantation as the cannon fires its occupant(s) high into the air.[2]


Ganju Shiba performs the second half of Kagizaki.

Once in the air, the cannonball abruptly changes direction and begins hurtling toward the target destination as the other practitioner within begins chanting the second incantation, determining the speed and angle of the cannonball's movement while those present maintain the cannonball's integrity with a steady flow of Reiryoku. Upon completion, the cannonball hits its target with incredible force.[3]


Uniquely, Kagizaki requires two incantations to function properly; the first is uttered by the one firing the Kakaku Taihō in order to launch the target and control their initial direction, while the second (recited from inside the cannonball) controls trajectory and acceleration. This method allows for precision guidance.[4] The second incantation is not fully known, as Ganju Shiba was distracted before he could finish it properly when he and the Ryoka were launching themselves into the Seireitei.[5]

First Incantation[]

"Far away! Copper-colored greed desires the domination of 36 degrees!! Seventy-two pairs of illusions, thirteen pairs of horns, the right hand of the monkey grabs the star!! Embraced by the 25 wheels of the sun, the cradle of sand bleeds."

"彼方! 赤銅色の強欲が36度の支配を欲している!! 72対の幻 13対の角笛 猿の右手が星を摑む!! 25輪の太陽に抱かれて 砂の揺籃は血を流す"

"Kanata! Shakudōiro no gōyoku ga sanjūrokudo no shihai o hosshiteiru!! Nanajūnitsui no mabaroshi, jūsantsui no tsunobue, saru no migite ga hoshi o tsukamu!! Nijūgorin no taiyō ni dakarete, suna no yurikago wa chi o nagasu."[6]

Second Incantation[]

"The fate of the three sparrows, the fate of the four dragons, enclosed on five sides, unable to return six ri. Winds of heaven, orangutan, spoon, cane of elm… A thousand ashes and a thousand wisdoms, the plan of the white clouds… Close to the moon, not stepping on the shadow of scarlet."

"三雀の縁四竜の縁 五方塞がりて 六里還らず 天風・猩々・匙・楡の杖… 千灰千智 白雲の計… 太陰に寄りて 緋の影を踏まず"

"Sanjaku no enishi, shiryū no enishi, gohō fusagarite, rokuri kaerazu. Tenpū, shōjō, saji, nire no tsue… Senkai senchi, hakuun no kei… Taiin ni yorite, hi no kage o fumazu."[7]

Known Practitioners[]


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