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KING OF THE KILL is the thirty-fourth volume of the Bleach manga series.

Publisher's summary

To Ichigo Kurosaki's surprise, his childlike friend Nel Tu reverts to her true form to shield her Human protectors. And yet, an unforeseen turn of events leaves Nel and everyone at the mercy of the enemy, who is a heartbeat away from exterminating them. What hope is there for Ichigo and his friends now?

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Ep190NnoitraCharaPic2.png ネリエル
Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
Ep190SzayelCharaPic.png ノイトラ

Ep269UryuCharaPic.png 朽木 ルキア
Rukia Kuchiki
石田 雨竜
Uryū Ishida
Ep320RukiaCharaPic.png 黒崎 一護
Ichigo Kurosaki


296. Changed Again And Again

Nel goes into her Resurrección and Pesche and Dondochakka use their strongest technique.

Summary :

Cover of 296. Changed Again And Again

Nelliel goes into her Resurrección and becomes a centaur-like beast with a double-sided lance. She uses a technique called Lanzador Verde and throws her lance at an extreme speed towards Nnoitra, who uses his Zanpakutō to defend himself. The power she put into throwing her lance is too much, though, and easily breaks through his Zanpakutō. The lance goes through Nnoitra's chest and sends him straight towards a rock.

Meanwhile Pesche takes out his Zanpakutō and is able to cut Szayelaporro's arms. Pesche tells him his Zanpakutō is called Última and that it is made out of overflowing spirit particles. Szayelaporro decides to send his minions to take care of Bawabawa while he fights Pesche and Dondochakka. Dondochakka takes out his own Zanpakutō from his mouth though and easily defeats Szayelaporro's minions. Pesche explains to Szayelaporro that his biggest flaw was underestimating them, since they have trained endlessly to protect Nelliel. He then tells Szayelaporro that they will destroy him with a technique called Cero Sincrético and the two of them begin charging up a Cero.

Nelliel goes up to Nnoitra and explains to him that she's going to end the battle, but won't kill him. Before she can though she reverts back to her child form and everyone looks on in shock. Nnoitra then gets up and stomps on Nel's head, telling her that the battle is over.

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Nel goes back into her kid form and Pesche's attack fails against Szayelaporro.

Summary :

Cover of 297. KING OF THE KILL

Nnoitra kicks Nel away and Ichigo attempts to save her, but Nnoitra easily stops him and explains that Nel was the last hope they had and now they have no chance. Nnoitra sees that Ichigo is too wounded to fight anymore and decides to have Tesra finish him off. Tesra goes into his Resurrección form and becomes a large warthog-like creature. He goes to attack Ichigo and Orihime yells out his name. Nnoitra puts his fingers in her mouth to stop her from talking and tells her to watch as the man who came to save her gets sliced into pieces.

Pesche is shocked that his Cero Sincrético didn't defeat Szayelaporro, who explains that they had allowed him too much time. He knew that they were Nelliel's Fracción from the start and was able to analyze everything about them. He tells them if they had used that technique from the start he would have been killed. Szayelaporro then assumes that they're all out of tricks and decides to end the battle.

Zommari goes up to Aaroniero's dead body and is saddened to see the last of the original Espada go through such a tragic demise. He sees Rukia's unconscious body and says that Aaroniero didn't take this seriously enough and decides to cut off Rukia's head to make sure she's dead and to make up for Aaroniero's carelessness.

The Exequias go up to an unconscious Chad and Gantenbainne and they decide to finish them off.

Tesra continues fighting a weakened Ichigo and defeats him easily. He decides to finish him off by crushing him in the ground with his huge fist. Ichigo is unexpectedly saved by Captain Kenpachi Zaraki, though, who asks him why he's getting beat up so easily.

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Gotei 13 captains arrive in Hueco Mundo.

Summary :

Cover of 298. INTRUDERZ3

Ichigo is shocked to see Kenpachi and questions if it's really him, and Kenpachi mocks him asking if he got hit so hard that he lost his mind. While Nnoitra is using Pesquisa, Tesra goes up to Kenpachi and asks who he is, but he doesn't reply. Tesra then decides to attack Kenpachi and Nnoitra warns him to stop. It is too late, as Kenpachi nearly cuts him in half and Tesra falls down defeated. Kenpachi looks over at Nnoitra and tells him that he's going to dispose of him next.

Ichigo asks Kenpachi why he's here, since Soul Society wasn't supposed to get involved in this fight, and Kenpachi begins to explain that Urahara was given orders from Yamamoto to stabilize the Garganta for captain-level Shinigami to pass through in three months, and that he was able to get it done in just one month. He is suddenly interrupted by Yachiru who says because of that, Kenpachi can actually fit through Garganta, which angers him.

Szayelaporro is confronted by someone and he asks who it is.

Kenpachi continues to explain that he alone would have been enough to send, but says that that wasn't the case. Byakuya, Unohana, and Mayuri are then shown to have entered Hueco Mundo as well.

Byakuya confronts Zommari, who asks him who he is.

Unohana and Isane confront the Exequias and introduce themselves. Rudbornn is shocked to be confronted by someone of captain level.

Zommari is able to figure out that Byakuya's a captain due to his haori and introduces himself as the 7th Espada. He then asks Byakuya to introduce himself again.

Mayuri is shown as the one who confronted Szayelaporro and decides not to answer his question.

Byakuya tells Zommari that he is the enemy to which Zommari agrees.

Unohana tells Rudbornn that they aren't here to fight and only want to heal the injured.

Mayuri is happy about seeing an Arrancar and wants to study him.

Byakuya asks Zommari if he was the one who injured Rukia, and he tells him that he didn't, but he was going to finish her off.

Nnoitra attacks Kenpachi and asks for his name. He does so and Nnoitra introduces himself as well.

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299. The Verbal Warfare

The captains begin battling the Espada.

Summary :

Cover of 299. The Verbal Warfare

Kenpachi and Nnoitra begin their battle with each other.

Rudbornn and the Exequias decide to retreat and Isane attempts to stop them. Unohana stops her, telling her that their duty is not to spill blood, but to stop it. She then goes over to heal Chad and Gantenbainne.

Uryū asks Mayuri what he's doing here and he claims not to remember him. Szayelaporro tells them to stop arguing and begins to ask Mayuri for his name again but decides against it since he'll be killed soon anyway. Mayuri tells him that he's now been put in a difficult position since not being able to hear his name won't allow him to label him properly as a specimen.

Zommari asks Byakuya if something's wrong, since he's not attacking, and speculates that if he is trying to save Rukia his attempts will be futile. Byakuya tells him he doesn't understand what he means by futile and moves behind him, but another Zommari appears behind Byakuya and attacks him. Byakuya is able to dodge the attack and asks what that technique is. He boasts to Byakuya that his Sonído is the fastest among the Espada and that the technique he used is called Gemelos Sonído, which allows him to create afterimages of himself to surprise the enemy. Byakuya mocks him, since he has revealed his power to him and attacks his afterimage and then Zommari himself. However, that turns out to be an afterimage as well, and Zommari explains that he isn't limited to just two afterimages. Byakuya says he figured as much and uses Hadō #4: Byakurai to counter attack. However, even this turns out to be an afterimage and Zommari explains that he can create up to five afterimages at a time. He then attacks Byakuya and stabs his chest, but this turns out to be an afterimage. Byakuya tells him he used Utsusemi and thinks to himself that he didn't want to use any techniques he had learned from Yoruichi. He then tells Zommari that he's the arrogant one, but that won't be the cause of his downfall. It would simply be the difference in their power.

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Zommari goes into his Resurrección.

Summary :

Cover of 300. CURSE NAMED LOVE

Hanatarō is seen trying to catch up to Byakuya and complaining about how it's unfair that he used Shunpo, since he can't use Shunpo himself. He then trips.

Zommari lectures Byakuya that he shouldn't feel pride and that they should both consider themselves equals and should act that way. Byakuya counters him by saying that an Arrancar thinking that he's equal to him is a form of pride in itself. Zommari comes to the conclusion that arrogance is simply part of his nature and goes into his Resurrección, Brujería. Zommari then takes a stance as if to attack and Byakuya uses Shunpo to get away, but Zommari does nothing. He then tells Byakuya that the attack had already happened and he has now gained control over his left leg. Byakuya asks what he has done and Zommari explains that his ability, called Amor, is to control anything he can see. He then attempts to make Byakuya come towards him, but Byakuya cuts the nerves on his left leg making it impossible to move. Zommari commends him for what he had done, but then decides to control Rukia's body instead. Byakuya immediately uses Shunpo to get in front of her despite losing control over one of his legs. Hanatarō then arrives complaining to Byakuya about leaving him behind, but is then shocked to see that his leg is injured and that Rukia is unconscious. Byakuya tells Hanatarō to stand back, since there is no guarantee he won't kill him by mistake.

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301. Nothing Like Equal

Byakuya uses his Bankai and overwhelms Zommari.


Cover of 301. Nothing Like Equal

Byakuya realizes he's lost control over his left arm as well and cuts off its nerves. Hanatarō asks him what he's doing and Byakuya tells him to fall back while performing Hadō #1: Sho on Rukia to get her out of the way. Zommari congratulates Byakuya on being able to make such bold decisions, but tells him that it was also careless, since he only has his right arm and right leg left and that it would be arrogant even for him to believe that he'll be able to win. Byakuya counters though, saying that the difference in their powers is so high that even losing his left arm and leg doesn't make them on the same level. Zommari is surprised at how arrogant he is and decides to explain something else to him.

He tells him that each of his eyes can take control of one thing and that when he went to protect Rukia, he had activated two of his eyes and took control over Rukia as well. Rukia then gets up and slashes across Hanatarō's body causing him to fall to the ground. Byakuya attempts to go after her, but Zommari tells him to stop and has Rukia put her Zanpakutō to her neck. He explains to Byakuya that if he controls the brain of the opponent he can control their entire body and tells him he has lost this battle. This doesn't effect Byakuya, though, as he uses Bakudō #61: Rikujōkōrō to hold Rukia in place.

He explains to Zommari that the word "control" has no meaning in a battle against him and he activates his Bankai. A bunch of tiny blades surround Zommari and he tells Byakuya that he'll simply control all of the blades with his ability. Byakuya tells him to not bother, since there are only 50 eyes on his body which is nothing compared to the millions of blades surrounding him. He then tells Zommari that this is the type of situation that should be called futile and has the blades attack him. The entire area is then destroyed in the attack.

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302. Pride on the Blade

Zommari is killed by Byakuya.

Summary :

Cover of 302. Pride on the Blade

As the area is being destroyed by Byakuya's Bankai, Byakuya explains that the technique he had used is called Gōkei which produces even mores blades than usual and gets rid of anything in its path. He begins to leave his enemy for dead, but Zommari was able to survive by using his defensive sphere. Zommari then activates one of his eyes and attempts to control Byakuya, but he uses Bakudō #81: Dankū to block the attack. He explains to Zommari that the Kidō spell he used blocks all Hadō spells up to #89, and that he had used it because he could tell his ability was similar to Kidō. Zommari continues to use Amor in an attempt to destroy the barrier, but it proves unsuccessful and Byakuya appears directly behind him. He begs for his life, but realizes that Byakuya isn't a compassionate person, so he decides to explain to him that Shinigami have no right to kill Hollows and that they should all be equal. In the middle of his statement, however, Byakuya attacks him and nearly cuts him in half. He tells Zommari that his actions have nothing to do with how the Shinigami feel, but with how he hurt his pride, referring to Rukia. Before fading into the wind, Zommari praises Aizen one last time.

Byakuya senses Isane's presence and tells her to come out, asking if she had come because Unohana told her to. She confirms it as true and was told to come because Hanatarō's Reiatsu disappeared. Byakuya then decides to take his leave.

Mayuri is shown to be breathing heavily and is seemingly getting beaten by Szayelaporro.

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303. Dumdum-Dummy-Dumbstruck

Mayuri uses his Bankai against Szayelaporro.

Summary :

Cover of 303. Dumdun-Dummy-Dumbstruck

Szayelaporro holds a doll of Mayuri and begins destroying his body parts. Mayuri screams out in pain, unable to do anything, and it looks as if the battle has already been lost. Mayuri then tells Szayelaporro that he was just kidding and stands up with no problem. Szayelaporro is shocked at this and begins destroying more of his body parts, but it does nothing. Mayuri tells him to stop and calls Nemu over to help him. Szayelaporro destroys the doll of Mayuri in anger and tells him that there's no way he should be fine, since he destroyed his body parts and asks if he has some ability. Mayuri tells him he has no ability and begins to explain that he had infected Uryū with bacteria for surveillance reasons and that he saw the entire battle. He then tells him that he had replaced all of his body parts with dummies before coming here. Szayelaporro tells him that that's impossible, since he only revealed this ability in the past hour. Mayuri counters him though saying that if it were impossible, he wouldn't be standing here right now.

Uryū begins yelling at Mayuri and asks when he had put the bacteria on him and Mayuri simply tells him to be quiet. All of a sudden, Nemu is captured by Szayelaporro and he mocks Mayuri for his carelessness. Nemu tells him that just because he had captured her doesn't mean she is a hostage and Szayelaporro begins yelling at her. This begins to annoy Mayuri and he activates his Bankai, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō. It releases poison into the air and then attempts to eat Szayelaporro.

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304. Battle of Barbarians

Szayelaporro survives being eaten.

Summary :

Cover of 304. Battle of Barbarians

Rukia wakes up and is greeted by Isane and Hanatarō. She begins asking questions as to what happened and they tell her to calm down. She spots Byakuya and he tells her to stay still until they finish healing her. She then notices that his haori is missing.

Kenpachi and Nnoitra are shown still battling each other and Orihime runs up to Ichigo.

Byakuya tells Rukia that it is none of her concern. She then notices that his arm is bleeding and Byakuya reiterates that she shouldn't be concerned and that she should only worry about herself. He then tells her that what awaits down this road will test every fiber of their being.

Orihime attempts to heal Ichigo, but he tells her to heal Nel first and she agrees and goes over to her.

Chad is shown to have been healed by Unohana and he looks over at her.

While Mayuri is attempting to hear the battle between Kenpachi and Nnoitra, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō gets up and is shown to have successfully eaten Szayelaporro, while dangling Nemu from his mouth. Renji and Uryū watch in shock until Uryū warns Renji that the poison has invaded his blood stream. Renji starts coughing up blood and he asks Uryū why he's fine. He tells Renji that he's already encountered this type of poison before and that his body has produced antibodies. He then yells at Mayuri for an antidote, but then begins coughing up blood himself. Mayuri explains to him that he wouldn't be foolish enough to use the same poison twice which angers Uryū. Nemu then asks Mayuri to let her down, but he just ignores her and throws an antidote for Uryū and Renji. All of a sudden, Nemu starts screaming in pain and Ishida yells at Mayuri to let her down. Szayelaporro is then heard telling them all that it is going to take a lot more than that to kill him. He then explains to them that he has used a technique called Gabriel, which allows him to reproduce inside a person's womb. Szayelaporro then comes out of Nemu's mouth and he falls to the ground. He tells Mayuri the only downside to this technique is it ruins his hair and Mayuri tells him he's seen worse.

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305. The Rising Phoenix

Szayelaporro is affected by the superhuman drug.

Summary :

Cover of 305. The Rising Phoenix

Szayelaporro explains to Mayuri that he will always be able to resurrect himself and that death has only become another part of his life cycle, making him the perfect being. He tells Mayuri that no matter what he does there is no way for him to win. Mayuri simply walks past Szayelaporro and goes up to Nemu. Szayelaporro thinks that Mayuri is saddened to see his subordinate dying, but Mayuri simply smiles at him and says he has an interesting ability. He then mocks Szayelaporro, asking if that's all he can do and Szayelaporro has Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō attempt to eat Mayuri. He explains to Mayuri that when he was eaten by his Zanpakutō, he was able to control its nerves from the inside, giving him complete control over it. All of a sudden, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō blows up and Mayuri tells him he would never allow a tool of his to defeat him. He explains to Szayelaporro that he made it so that if it ever betrayed him, it would blow up immediately.

Mayuri then decides to test a new drug on his opponent. Hearing this, Szayelaporro gets into a battle stance, but Mayuri tells him that there is no need as the "drug" has already taken effect. He explains to him that if anyone were to eat or invade Nemu's body they would be affected by one of several drugs placed in her body. From the area of her body through which Szayelaporro exited her, he has been affected by what Mayuri calls the Superhuman Drug. He tells him that everything should feel as if it's going incredibly slow right now and asks if it looks like his blade has stopped. He then tells him that one second should feel like a century and that his non-superhuman senses will fall terribly behind his superhuman senses causing the movements of his flesh to be left behind. Mayuri then stabs Szayelaporro's hand and says that the pain should last for over a hundred years. He continues bringing his Zanpakutō closer to Szayelaporro's heart as he looks on in fright.

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Author's Notes

Volume 34 Intro Image.png
Recently I've been meeting other manga artists so frequently I can't even believe it. It's fun. We meet and talk about manga. It's a lot of fun. Could it be that I actually like manga? I don't read too much of it though.

-Tite Kubo


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