Jinnai Dōko
Race Soul
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Kasumiōji Clan
Partner Hanza Nukui, Kuzuryū, Genga
Personal Status
First Appearance
Anime Episode 175
Japanese Jin Domon
English Spike Spencer

Jinnai Dōko (銅虎陣内, Dōko Jinnai) is one of Gyōkaku Kumoi's assassins, taking part in the Kasumiōji Conspiracy.


Like the rest of the assassins, Jinnai has a strange appearance. His teeth are square and spaced far apart, he has pink skin and no hair on the top of his head. What hair he does have is blonde. When fused with his Bakkōtō, his skin becomes jagged.


Jinnai seems psychopathic, as he follows most of his attacks with a maniacal laugh. He enjoys doing battle, and surprising opponents, as seen when he breaks through Rukia's ice.


The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai arc (anime only)

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.


Jinnai and the other assassins arrive.

He is part of the assassination squad set to catch Rurichiyo Kasumiōji under Hanza Nukui. He faces off against Rukia Kuchiki. After she refuses to give up Rurichiyo, she encases Jinnai in ice. However, he easily broke free, in response, he consumed a piece of Retsurai, giving him the ability to shoot blades from his back. He then threw Rukia into a building, and temporarily put her out of the battle. Then Kenryū confronts him, using his Zanpakutō's ability to dull Jinnai's blades, but is only able to keep him preoccupied for a short amount of time.[1]


Jinnai gets consumed by his Bakkōtō.

When Enryū and Rurichiyo attempt to escape, Jinnai stops them. Rukia returns to the fight and uses a Kidō spell to protect them. Excited about the battle, Jinnai eats another piece of his weapon and increases his powers once again, making it harder for Rukia to keep up with him. He dies in his own attempt to power up further due to not being able to control his Bakkōtō. With the battle now over, Rukia approaches Jinnai's Bakkōtō, but before she can reach it, some of Nukui's men retrieve it and carry it off.[2]

Powers and Abilities




Jinnai wields the Bakkōtō Retsurai (烈雷, Furious Thunder), which takes the form of a single edged scythe. On the end of its handle is a chain which can be used to throw the weapon, similar to Shūhei Hisagi's Shikai.


Jinnai's retractable blades.

  • Bakkōtō Special Ability: By devouring parts of it, Jinnai's skin becomes more rigid and blades protrude from his back. He can shoot these blades at will, and the more of the Bakkōtō he consumes, the more blades he gains.


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