Kanji 地獄蝶
English Hell Butterfly
Item Statistics
Use Communication and travel
Used By Shinigami

Jigokuchō (地獄蝶, Hell Butterfly) are black butterflies used by Shinigami to serve a variety of purposes.


The bodies of Jigokuchō are completely black, while the wings are purple with a black outline.[1] They guide the Shinigami through the Senkaimon when traveling between Soul Society and the Human World, thereby saving them from the inconvenience of passing through the Dangai.[2] Jigokuchō are also used as messengers among Shinigami, often carrying important orders.[3] Hell Butterflies are taken care of by Shinigami in Seireitei, this task usually being carried out by new and inexperienced members of the Gotei 13.[4] Jigokuchō, like the Shinigami themselves, are only visible to spiritually aware beings.[5]


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