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Isshin Kurosaki, Kisuke Urahara, & Yoruichi Shihōin vs. Sōsuke Aizen is one of the last battles to take place in the Fake Karakura Town. It details Isshin Kurosaki, Kisuke Urahara, and Yoruichi Shihōin's battle against Sōsuke Aizen, who has been empowered by the Hōgyoku.


Yamamoto uses Hadō #96. Ittō Kasō against Aizen.

Noticing Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto's charred arm beginning to crack, Aizen notes that this technique can only be invoked by using one's body as a catalyst before realizing it is the self-sacrificial Hadō #96. Ittō Kasō as a pillar of flame in the shape of a katana's tip erupts around him. As several buildings in the nearby vicinity break apart, Aizen leaps out of the flames and notes he underestimated Yamamoto.[2]

Aizen is wounded by Ichigo's point-blank Getsuga Tenshō.

Aizen expresses disbelief at Yamamoto immediately sacrificing his burnt body and turning it into a weapon before being shocked by the appearance of Ichigo Kurosaki before him. Ichigo hits Aizen with a point-blank Getsuga Tenshō, cutting the building beneath him in half in the process and leaving a deep cut in Aizen's left shoulder. As they land on the building, Ichigo states he is not done yet before firing another Getsuga Tenshō at Aizen.[3]

Ichigo clashes with Aizen after the latter disperses his Getsuga Tenshō.

When Aizen moves past him with Shunpo in order to evade his attack, Ichigo turns around and fires a third Getsuga Tenshō at him, only for Aizen to effortlessly disperse it with a slash of his sword. Ichigo rushes forward and clashes with Aizen as fragments of his Getsuga Tenshō hit the ground before demanding to know what is so funny upon seeing Aizen smiling. Noting Ichigo failed to kill him, Aizen claims this was Ichigo's last chance.[4]

Aizen's shoulder begins to heal.

Ichigo points out how he wounded Aizen and states this was enough, but Aizen asks him if he believes the cut in Aizen's shoulder is a wound as cracks begin to spread over his injured shoulder, which causes a shocked Ichigo to believe it is High-Speed Regeneration. However, Aizen reveals it is not High-Speed Regeneration and asks Ichigo if he believes Aizen would undergo mere Hollowfication before pushing Ichigo back with a single slash.[5]

Aizen reveals the Hōgyoku embedded in his chest.

When Aizen states this is simply the protective instinct of a servant toward its master, Ichigo wonders what he is talking about, prompting Aizen to pull his jacket away, which reveals that the Hōgyoku has been embedded in his chest and is the source of the cracks in his body. As Ichigo recognizes the Hōgyoku, Aizen confirms his observation and pulls some of Ichigo's lingering Reiatsu away from his body before complimenting how well-developed it is and stating this is exactly as he planned. Surprised by this, Ichigo wonders what he means.[6]

Aizen claims responsibility for all of Ichigo's battles.

Aizen notes that Ichigo met Rukia Kuchiki; became aware of his Shinigami powers through his battle with Uryū Ishida; learned the power of his Zanpakutō in his fight with Renji Abarai; took a step toward achieving Bankai during his battle with Kenpachi Zaraki; advanced down the path of Hollowfication during his final confrontation with Byakuya Kuchiki; mastered his Hollowfication in his final battle with Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez; and gained an even greater power during his last fight with Ulquiorra Cifer before claiming that all of Ichigo's battles have played out in the palm of his hand.[7]

Ichigo demands to know what Aizen is talking about.

Recalling all of his previous major opponents, Ichigo expresses disbelief at Aizen's claim and demands to know what he is talking about, only for Aizen to silence him by holding up a single finger and telling Ichigo to not raise his voice like this. Aizen goes on to explain how there is nothing to be very surprised about and reveals he believed Ichigo would be the best subject for his research before stating this is why he assisted in Ichigo's development. When Ichigo fails to respond, Aizen asks him if he did not find it strange that he had never encountered a Hollow prior to meeting Rukia.[8]

Aizen describes the coincidences of Ichigo's battles.

Aizen notes that this was when Ichigo was first attacked by a Hollow before asking Ichigo if he did not find it strange that the Quincy bait used to attract and exterminate weak Hollows managed to summon a Menos Grande. Pointing out how Rukia was discovered and reported to Soul Society despite her Reiatsu not even being detectable around the time that Ichigo was beginning to grow accustomed to fighting as a Shinigami, Aizen notes that Ichigo fought Renji, Kenpachi, and Byakuya when his power was at a level for him to do so before asking Ichigo if he did not find any of this strange.[9]

Aizen grabs Tensa Zangetsu by the blade.

As Ichigo stares at him in shock and tells him to hold on, Aizen asks Ichigo if he thought that those encounters were fated and that those attacks were coincidences before wondering if Ichigo believed his victories were a result of his own effort, prompting Ichigo to leap forward and clash with Aizen, pushing him into the air. However, Aizen merely grabs Tensa Zangetsu by the blade and tells a surprised Ichigo to not disappoint him now before stating Ichigo's power should be far beyond this. When Aizen asks him if he does not believe what Aizen is saying, Ichigo confirms this.[10]

Ichigo points out the contradiction in Aizen's words.

Aizen states it is a fact, only for Ichigo to proclaim it is a lie before demanding to know who would believe that all of Ichigo's battles up until this point were staged by Aizen. When Ichigo points out the contradiction between Aizen previously saying that he only discovered Rukia after she went missing in the Human World and him currently saying that he has known about Ichigo ever since he met Rukia, Aizen states this is amusing before pointing out how Ichigo believes that what Aizen is currently saying is a lie, but does not believe that what he previously stated could have been a lie instead.[11]

Aizen explains his view of truth and lies to Ichigo.

Admitting this is understandable, Aizen tells Ichigo he has Aizen's sympathy before stating that there are only facts in the world and no truth or lies. Aizen goes on to explain how everyone in the world lives by identifying only the facts which are convenient to them as the truth, as they do not have any other way to live, before claiming that the powerless who make up the majority of the world's population have the truth composed of the facts which are inconvenient to their self-affirmation. When Ichigo fails to respond, Aizen asks him if he knows all of the facts.[12]

Ichigo notes Aizen's statement of him being the best subject.

Asking Ichigo who it was that sent Rukia on a tour of duty to the Human World, added the ability to detect Reiatsu to Renji's equipment, and added details of the direction of Ichigo's progress to the report which the lieutenants received during the Ryoka Invasion, Aizen wonders if Ichigo believes that he was unable to ascertain the location of the Hōgyoku in more than one hundred years since its completion. However, Ichigo reveals there is one thing which he wishes to ask Aizen before noting that Aizen previously said that he believed Ichigo would be the best subject for his research.[13]

Isshin arrives before Ichigo in his Shinigami form.

Ichigo wonders why Aizen believed this and what he based this belief on before asking Aizen when he started believing this if he has been watching Ichigo only since he met Rukia, prompting Aizen to reveal he has held this belief from the very start. When Ichigo tells him to stop saying such vague things, Aizen asks him if he does not understand and repeats his statement before claiming he has known about Ichigo since the latter was born. As Ichigo expresses shock, Aizen attempts to reveal Ichigo's lineage, only to be interrupted by Isshin arriving before Ichigo in his Shinigami form while telling Aizen he talks too much.[14]

Isshin uses Chōhigezutsuki on Ichigo.

Noting Aizen's attempt to reveal the races of his parents, Ichigo mentally notes that Aizen's last word was drowned out by the arrival of Isshin before admitting he did not need to hear it because the answer appeared before his eyes. When Ichigo tells him to say something, Isshin turns to face him before using Chōhigezutsuki to headbutt Ichigo, sending him flying back a considerable distance. Ichigo manages to grab onto the edge of the building's roof while noting this was close, but Isshin kicks him off, prompting Ichigo to curse him as he falls.[15]

Isshin restrains Ichigo while telling him to be quiet.

Isshin looks at Aizen before moving away with Shunpo, prompting Aizen to state it was a good decision for him to keep his distance before noting he and Ichigo are very alike. Meanwhile, Isshin moves a struggling Ichigo to a back alley and holds him down with his hand over Ichigo's mouth while telling him he knows what Ichigo wants to ask him. As Isshin begins to tell him to be quiet, Ichigo kicks him in the face and angrily proclaims that he knows he has to be quiet before revealing that he was trying to tell Isshin that he could not breathe, prompting Isshin to apologize.[16]

Ichigo reveals he does not have any questions for Isshin.

When Ichigo looks at him, Isshin tells him that his eyes are not deceiving him, prompting Ichigo to admit he is right. Stating they will talk later, Isshin notes Ichigo likely has a lot of questions and promises he will answer all of them, only for Ichigo to cut him off by revealing he does not have any questions. As a surprised Isshin looks at him, Ichigo repeats his statement and points out how Isshin must have had a reason for not revealing this to him for so long before admitting he does not know how to ask about this in a way that does not trample on Isshin's feelings about it.[17]

Ichigo states that he feels like he has come home.

Ichigo says he will wait until Isshin thinks it is okay to talk about it or feels like talking about it, prompting Isshin to note that he has learned to express things very well. However, Ichigo admits that he borrowed it from someone who said it to him and states he remembered that it made him feel a lot better before thanking Isshin for hitting him because it feels like he has come home. When Isshin points out that he actually headbutted Ichigo instead of simply hitting him, Ichigo asks him if this really matters before complaining about Isshin ruining a nice moment like this.[18]

Ichigo attacks Gin, who blocks with his Zanpakutō.

Meanwhile, Aizen notes that Ichigo and Isshin must have put up a powerful barrier to make their Reiatsu vanish like this. When Gin Ichimaru appears behind him, Aizen notes that he has been spectating for a long time now, prompting Gin to claim he simply did not find a chance to make himself useful. However, he is interrupted when Ichigo leaps up behind him and attacks, prompting Gin to block with his Zanpakutō. As the corner of the building which he is standing on is sliced off by the force of Ichigo's attack, Aizen sees Isshin standing on the ground before him with his Zanpakutō drawn.[19]


Aizen prepares to fire Hadō #63. Raikōhō at Isshin.

Isshin leaps forward and attacks Aizen, who blocks with his own Zanpakutō. As he and Aizen clash in midair, Isshin lifts his left hand before using Oni Dekopin, sending Aizen crashing through several buildings.[20] When Aizen manages to slow himself down and land on top of another building, Isshin appears in front of him with Shunpo before slashing downward. Aizen moves to the right in order to avoid the attack, only for Isshin to slash at him horizontally in response. However, Aizen dodges with Shunpo and appears next to Isshin before firing Hadō #63. Raikōhō at him.[21]

Aizen reaches his limit as a Shinigami against Isshin.

Soon afterward, Aizen slides across the ground before coming to a stop on his feet while breathing heavily. Standing before Aizen, Isshin asks him what is wrong and notes his movements are becoming very slow before asking Aizen if he is already at his limit, prompting Aizen to admit this is true before clarifying that he has reached his limit as a Shinigami. When Isshin expresses confusion, Aizen claims his soul will undergo a metamorphosis, prompting Isshin to ask him what he is talking about. In response to this, Aizen reveals the will of the Hōgyoku has finally begun to understand his mind.[22]

Aizen reveals the Hōgyoku has a will of its own.

When Isshin wonders if he has resorted to speaking nonsense, Aizen asks him if he does not understand before revealing the Hōgyoku possesses a will of its own. Isshin states this just sounds like more nonsense to him, prompting Aizen to admit he cannot blame Isshin for not feeling it as well before revealing that he himself did not know about the Hōgyoku having a will until he became its master. Asking Isshin if he believes that the power of the Hōgyoku is to control the boundary between the incompatible beings that are Shinigami and Hollows, Aizen states this is incorrect.[23]

Aizen attributes different miraculous events to the interference of the Hōgyoku in the lives of those around it.

Aizen reveals that the true power of the Hōgyoku is to read the minds of those around it and manifest what it finds there in reality, confusing Isshin. When Aizen claims that all of the miracles which have occurred around Ichigo, Rukia, and Urahara were manifested by the Hōgyoku, Isshin demands to know what he is talking about. Aizen claims that Urahara misidentified the power of the Hōgyoku as controlling the boundary between Shinigami and Hollows because that was his wish as his creator, that Rukia transferred all her powers to Ichigo because she still felt guilty about killing Kaien Shiba, and that Orihime Inoue and Yasutora Sado gained their unique powers because they cursed their powerlessness from the bottom of their hearts.[24]

Aizen explains the true nature of The Hollowfication Incident.

Claiming that he realized the true power of the Hōgyoku, Aizen corrects himself and admits that this is an inaccurate statement before clarifying that he knew its power was not manipulating the boundary between Shinigami and Hollow, which is what Urahara believed, because Shinji Hirako and the other Hollowfied Shinigami should not have become complete Visored if this was its power. Aizen goes on to explain how The Hollowfication Incident was simultaneously an experiment with Hollowfication and a way for him to deduce the true nature and abilities of the Hōgyoku.[25]

Aizen details the limits of the Hōgyoku.

Aizen states this experiment was successful because Urahara's use of the Hōgyoku allowed Shinji and the other Hollowfied Shinigami to evolve into complete Visored. Noting that he now possessed a hypothesis about the abilities of the Hōgyoku, Aizen reveals that he was the one who sent Rukia in the direction of Ichigo. As Isshin stares at him in shock, Aizen admits there are limits to the abilities of the Hōgyoku and explains how it can only manifest a subject's desire if the subject possesses the power to fulfill that desire before noting that this power guides people toward their desires.[26]

Aizen is interrupted by Ichigo hurtling past him.

Noting that living creatures are strange, Aizen states that they can only actualize what their minds wish for, prompting Isshin to curse him. However, they are interrupted by Ichigo slamming through a building next to them before crashing into another building further away, having been propelled by Gin's Kamishini no Yari. When Ichigo pushes Kamishini no Yari off of himself and moves to him, Isshin says his name, only for Ichigo to proclaim that Isshin is getting on his nerves before telling him to stay out of his way because he has almost got Gin figured out.[27]

Aizen is pierced through the shoulder by Jūgeki Byakurai.

Isshin smiles upon hearing this as Gin asks Aizen if he interrupted his conversation with Isshin, only for Aizen to state it is fine before claiming they were just finishing up as a white substance begins to cover his body. Upon seeing this, Ichigo asks Isshin what it is, only for Isshin to angrily respond that he does not know before telling Ichigo to ask Aizen himself. As Aizen proclaims the Hōgyoku is the power that will dissolve the boundary between the mortal and the divine, he is pierced through the shoulder by Jūgeki Byakurai and turns to see Urahara standing behind him.[28]

Urahara notes that Aizen has gained an interesting appearance.

As Aizen greets him, Urahara notes it has been a while and tells Aizen that he has an interesting appearance, prompting Aizen to state that the process of evolution is always frightful to behold as the hole in his chest closes up. Pointing out that he did not mention that it frightened him, Urahara notes that Aizen is fusing with the Hōgyoku, only for Aizen to deny that it is a fusion and claim that he has bent the Hōgyoku to his will before stating that Urahara was never able to fully control it. Urahara notes Aizen's claim and admits this is true before confirming that he could not do so back then.[29]

Aizen impales Urahara through the chest with his Zanpakutō.

Claiming that Urahara's words are empty, Aizen states it does not matter whether or not his words hold any meaning before appearing in front of Urahara and impaling him through the chest with his Zanpakutō while proclaiming Urahara has lost his opportunity to master the Hōgyoku forever. However, Urahara's body bursts like a balloon as Aizen sees Urahara standing behind him and recalls the portable Gigai which Urahara used in his battle with Yammy Llargo. Urahara places his hand on Aizen's back and uses Bakudō #61. Rikujōkōrō, immobilizing Aizen with six bands of light.[30]

Urahara binds Aizen with Bakudō #63. Sajō Sabaku and Bakudō #79. Kuyō Shibari.

Aizen states that he recalls Urahara's portable Gigai being mentioned in Yammy's battle records and admits that he was careless to assume he would not use such petty tricks at this point in the battle before asking Urahara what he hopes to achieve by binding him with such a meager Bakudō spell. Noting Aizen's description of his Bakudō, Urahara asks him if he would classify these as meager before using Bakudō #63. Sajō Sabaku, which further binds Aizen with a glowing chain, and Bakudō #79. Kuyō Shibari, which causes eight circles of darkness to appear around Aizen and a ninth one to appear on his chest.[31]

Urahara blasts Aizen with Hadō #91. Senju Kōten Taihō.

Holding his hands in front of him, Urahara begins to chant the incantation for a Kidō spell as several projectiles of pink energy appear in the air around him. Shocked by this, Aizen attempts to tell Urahara he will not let him use this Kidō, but Urahara tells him it is too late before using Hadō #91. Senju Kōten Taihō, which causes the projectiles to launch forward and converge on Aizen, resulting in a massive explosion. Urahara notes that absorbing the power of the Hōgyoku made Aizen very careless, only to be surprised when an unharmed Aizen appears behind him and confirms this.[32]

Aizen is engulfed in a massive explosion after Urahara seals the Reiatsu vents in his wrists with Fūsatsu Kakei.

Urahara attempts to attack Aizen, who tells him that he is too slow before slashing Urahara across the chest with his hand. Asking Urahara why he should not be careless, Aizen states he no longer has any need to take care because his body has begun to surpass the unmatched capacity he once possessed due to his subjugation of the Hōgyoku. However, Urahara reveals he was not referring to Aizen's failure to dodge his Kidō before noting Aizen would have never touched him twice without good reason as two seals appear above Aizen's wrists. Urahara reveals he has sealed the Reiatsu vents in Aizen's wrists and states Aizen's Reiatsu will burn him to ash as Aizen is engulfed in a massive explosion.[33]

Aizen emerges from the explosion in a new form.

As the explosion dwarfs the Fake Karakura Town, Urahara lands on the ground below, prompting Ichigo to call out to him. Revealing it is not over yet, Urahara admits that it would be nice if something like that could end this battle because it would mean that Aizen is merely an ordinary monster before stating that he will soon emerge. Meanwhile, the explosion clears to reveal Aizen has taken on a new form, with his entire body covered in the white substance, completely black eyes, and a cross on his chest centered around the Hōgyoku and splitting the white substance into two sections near his legs.[34]

Aizen appears in the midst of Ichigo, Isshin, and Urahara.

Upon seeing Aizen's new form, a shocked Ichigo wonders what it is. Aizen appears in the midst of Ichigo, Isshin, and Urahara, surprising all of them with his new level of speed, before noting that Urahara used a level 90 Hadō spell as a decoy to tempt him to attack so he could burn Aizen from the inside out with a technique he developed himself. Aizen admits that the battle would most like be over already if it were anyone else besides himself after subjugating the Hōgyoku before pulling a large ring out of his wrist and informing Urahara that the Hōgyoku exceeds his comprehension.[35]

Aizen kicks Isshin and slashes at Urahara.

Holding up the ring for Urahara to see, Aizen states that the technique which Urahara likely developed in preparation for the battle with him will no longer have any effect. When Urahara draws his Zanpakutō, Aizen notes that he resorts to force if skill fails before stating he is fine with this as Urahara rushes toward him. Isshin rushes toward him from behind as well, only for Aizen to block Isshin's Zanpakutō with his foot before kicking into the air, knocking Isshin off-balance. As he lands, Aizen spins around and kicks Isshin in the side while slashing at Urahara with his Zanpakutō, sending both of them flying.[36]

Yoruichi uses Raiōken on Aizen, completely decimating the surrounding area.

However, Isshin and Urahara respond by wrapping chains around Aizen's right wrist and left leg before pulling them taut, leaving Aizen immobilized. As Aizen wonders what this is, Yoruichi appears above him with her arms and legs armored and smashes into Aizen, creating a large crater, before using Raiōken, which completely destroys the area around them. Yoruichi begins to ask Aizen how this was, only for Urahara to yell at her to get away as Aizen destroys the armor on her left leg. As Yoruichi moves away, Aizen gets up with his Zanpakutō fused to his arm before proclaiming that he will completely destroy all of their attacks.[37]

Aizen proclaims that he will crush all of their attacks.

Noting that the number of methods which they have created in order to defeat him is a testament to their power and effort, Aizen states it is also how many hopes they have and claims that it is his duty to crush all of them before telling Urahara, Yoruichi, and Isshin to reveal their next trick as Ichigo stares at him in shock. Urahara notes that they are in trouble now and explains how the armor was specifically designed to be used against Hierro before admitting that he never thought it would break so easily, prompting Yoruichi to point out how this makes it sound like it is her fault.[38]

Yoruichi punches Urahara for looking at her leg.

Urahara claims he did not mean this, but Yoruichi proclaims that Urahara wants say that it broke because she was not paying attention before telling Urahara that he is at fault for making a faulty product because he did not pay enough attention during the production stage, prompting Urahara to frantically state he understands. Looking at Yoruichi's unharmed foot, Aizen notes that her leg being unharmed means that it is definitely something special, prompting Yoruichi to raise her leg while asking Aizen if this is what he is referring to before punching Urahara for looking at it.[39]

Aizen uses his new speed to appear next to Yoruichi.

As Isshin watches Yoruichi and Urahara with an exasperated expression, Aizen begins to walk forward while stating that it is pointless to argue about what is special before pointing out how the other three special items on Yoruichi's body will disappear once he swings his sword three more times if that is what it takes to destroy them. Noting Aizen is coming, Urahara asks Yoruichi if she can do it, prompting Yoruichi to ask him who he believes he is talking to before stating that she just has to hit him with anything other than her left leg, only for Aizen to appear next to her before attacking Yoruichi.[40]

Yoruichi holds her right arm after Aizen shatters its armor.

Soon afterward, Isshin, Urahara, and Yoruichi stands in midair around Aizen, with Yoruichi no longer having armor on her right arm. When Urahara asks her if she is alright, Yoruichi repeats her question of whom Urahara believes he is talking to and states that she blocked because she was wearing Urahara's armor before proclaiming that she would have dodged otherwise, prompting Urahara to apologize before noticing Aizen looking at him and asking Aizen what he is looking at. Aizen reveals that he is watching Urahara because he believes that Urahara's concern is another one of his tactics.[41]

Urahara fires Hadō #32. Ōkasen at Aizen.

When Urahara points out how Aizen said he would not be on guard anymore, Aizen states he is merely observing before explaining how he is still interested in Urahara despite being more powerful than him because Urahara is the only one in all of Soul Society whose intellect exceeds his own. Stating that Aizen gives him too much credit, Urahara claims that he is only the humble owner of a small candy store before firing Hadō #32. Ōkasen at Aizen, who holds his Zanpakutō in front of himself, causing the blast to split around him, while noting that Urahara should know by now that a level 30 Hadō spell is meaningless.[42]

Yoruichi severely damages Aizen after activating Shunkō.

Aizen states that Urahara using this attack must mean he is planning a surprise attack before dispersing the blast with a slash from his Zanpakutō to reveal Yoruichi about to punch him. When Aizen blocks her punch with his forearm, Yoruichi yells before unleashing a flurry of blows on Aizen, who proclaims that Yoruichi will never defeat him regardless of how many times she hits him. Aizen moves to block Yoruichi's next punch with his forearm again, but Yoruichi activates Shunkō, allowing her to break through Aizen's forearm and hit his chest, severely cracking it, before punching him into the ground.[43]

Isshin hits Aizen with a point-blank Getsuga Tenshō.

As Yoruichi rushes toward the ground, Aizen emerges and catches her punch before stating she cannot defeat him. However, Urahara appears behind him and uses Shibari, Benihime, trapping Aizen with a crimson net. Aizen begins to ask him if he believes he can keep Aizen trapped with this, only for Urahara to use Hiasobi, Benihime, Juzutsunagi, causing the net to boil up before erupting in a massive explosion. Emerging from the flames and smoke, Aizen asks Urahara if this is his secret tactic and ridicules it, only for Isshin to appear in front of him before hitting Aizen with a point-blank Getsuga Tenshō.[44]

Aizen survives Isshin's Getsuga Tenshō with only a head wound.

As the blast demolishes the buildings behind Aizen, Urahara lands near Isshin, who notes that he does not know if this affected Aizen because his Reiatsu is currently unreadable before stating that he cannot feel anything when he fights Aizen despite his terrifying strength. Isshin theorizes that only someone who is standing on the same level as Aizen can feel his Reiatsu as Aizen states this was a good slash, surprising Isshin and Urahara. Walking forward with a hole in the substance covering his head, Aizen claims that he understood Isshin's attack before proclaiming that it is time for them to understand his power.[45]


Aizen enters a new form with longer hair and violet sclera.

Soon afterward, Aizen appears behind a shocked Ichigo in a large explosion as the defeated Isshin, Urahara, and Yoruichi crash into the ground around them. When Aizen asks him what he was going to do to Ichigo, Gin claims he was simply testing his power. Aizen orders Gin to open a Senkaimon before revealing that they are going to raid Karakura Town in Soul Society because it is more convenient. As Ichigo tells him to stop, the white substance covering him cracks and falls off to reveal Aizen with longer hair and violet sclera as Aizen notes that the chrysalis period has ended.[46]

Aizen and Gin enter the Senkaimon.

Proclaiming that he can now watch the demise of Soul Society with his own eyes, Aizen tells Ichigo that he will leave him here and return to devour him after all of this is over before entering the Senkaimon, which closes behind him, alongside Gin. As a stunned Ichigo wonders what is going on, Isshin calls out to him and asks him why he is simply standing there before telling him to open a Senkaimon. As Ichigo calls out to him, Isshin puts his arm around Ichigo's shoulders and tells him they will go before proclaiming that they will protect Karakura Town together.[47]


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