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Ishida & Pesche, the United Attack of Friendship?
Kanji 石田&ペッシェ、友情の合体攻撃?
Romanji Ishida & Pesshe, yūjō no gattai kōgeki
Episode Number 156
Manga Chapters Chapter 256 (pages 5-19), Chapter 257
Arc The Hueco Mundo arc Part 1
Previous Episode Rukia Retaliates! Release the Desperate Kidō
Next Episode Ishida's Trump Card, the Cutter of Souls
Japanese January 16, 2008
English October 10, 2009
Theme Music
Opening After Dark
Ending Kansha
Episode 156 Screenshots

Ishida & Pesche, the United Attack of Friendship? is the one hundred and fifty-sixth episode of the Bleach anime.

Uryū Ishida and Pesche Guatiche battle against Cirucci Sanderwicci.



Pesche Guatiche ranks Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends based on how strong they look.

As a wounded Uryū Ishida faces off against Cirucci Sanderwicci, a frightened Pesche Guatiche watches from behind a doorway leading into the chamber and chastises himself for following the weakest-looking member of the group, having ranked Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends from strongest to weakest as Yasutora Sado, 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai, Ichigo, Rukia Kuchiki, and Uryū, before pondering whether or not to help Uryū since Cirucci is so strong.


Pesche barely avoids a strike from Cirucci Sanderwicci's Zanpakutō.

Though he is uncertain of whether or not he can do anything even though he cannot simply stand by and watch, Pesche notices how short Cirucci's skirt is and realizes that he can almost see her underwear. Atop her pillar, Cirucci mockingly asks Uryū if he has been hurt and assumes that he is too injured to respond prior to noticing Pesche attempting to sneak into the room. Annoyed by this, Cirucci yanks her Zanpakutō's blade disc upward and over Uryū to smash into Pesche's location, forcing him to evade by leaping to the side while she demands to know who he is.


Pesche presumes that Uryū Ishida has feelings for him.

After Pesche tumbles several meters away and smacks against a pillar to rest on his head and neck, Uryū addresses him by his full name and smiles when Pesche identifies Uryū by his full name in turn, which leads Pesche to presume that Uryū has romantic feelings for him if he can respectively remember this after only hearing it once and react in such a way, to Uryū's consternation. Sending them both flying with another attack, an irritated Cirucci wonders if Pesche is some sort of termite, and when an outraged Pesche proclaims that he is actually a stag beetle, an exasperated Uryū asks him if it even matters.


Uryū and Pesche argue over their choices in clothing.

When Pesche turns this back on him and observes that Uryū is also dressed entirely in white, a flustered Uryū claims that there is nothing wrong with white clothing and that he takes pride in his, but an unnerved Pesche notes that this makes Uryū sound like a commercial for laundry detergent, to the latter's chagrin. Suddenly, Cirucci interrupts this by sending the two of them flying with another strike from her bladed disk, which she pulls back up to grind in place on the handle of her Zanpakutō, and determines Pesche is with Uryū, who frantically denies this due to Pesche being a Hollow and tells the latter to shut up when he protests this.


Uryū and Pesche run away from Cirucci's attack together.

Amused by this, Cirucci begins chasing Uryū and Pesche with her blade disc as Uryū clarifies that he said this in an attempt to prevent Cirucci from attacking Pesche, who is touched by his kindness. With Uryū demanding to know why he is even here when Ichigo told him to go home earlier, Pesche details how he is searching for Nel due to her running off after Ichigo and questions where she is, who Ichigo is, and how he will find her prior to inquiring if Uryū is Ichigo, leaving the latter completely vexed as he reminds Pesche that the latter just addressed him by name a second ago and that Ichigo is the spiky-haired Shinigami.


Pesche elbows Uryū out of the way to take on Cirucci.

However, Pesche brings up how both he and Renji match this description, leaving Uryū flabbergasted by the workings of Pesche's brain. Upon seeing the blade disc flying through the air next to him, Uryū realizes that Cirucci has caught up to them and narrowly dodges her subsequent attack while readying his Heilig Bogen, Ginrei Kojaku, only for Pesche to elbow him out of the way and tell Uryū to leave this to him. Though Uryū points out how much stronger Cirucci is, a trembling Pesche assures Uryū that he has a secret weapon in the form of a liquid he can spit out that makes anything it touches highly slippery.


Pesche is protected from harm by Infinite Slick.

Despite an aghast Uryū wondering how this could possibly be helpful, Pesche fires Infinite Slick at the blade disc, which is coated in the substance and bounces harmlessly off Pesche upon slamming into him, to Cirucci and Uryū's surprise. Turning his gaze upward, Pesche confidently declares that Cirucci's attacks are useless against him and that he does not really want to see her underwear, and when a startled Cirucci presses down her skirt and accuses him of peeking, Pesche clarifies that he has not seen it yet and that this is why he does not want to, leaving an unimpressed Uryū staring at him in disappointment.


Pesche pleads with Uryū to believe his innocence.

With Pesche pleading with Uryū to believe in his innocence and Uryū wondering why he should, an angered Cirucci demands that they stop mocking her and throws her blade disc down again at Uryū and Pesche, who leap to the side just before it hits the ground. After landing on his head once more, Pesche observes that Cirucci did not learn her lesson from his super attack earlier, only for Cirucci to question why she would and throw her blade disc in a weaving pattern between the pillars toward a stunned Pesche, who is pulled out of the way by Uryū at the last second just before the blade disc smashes down and begins rolling through the area where he was standing.


Pesche's Infinite Slick coats every pillar around Cirucci.

When Pesche thanks him for this, Uryū denies there being a need for him to do so and requests that Pesche not be so rash, but Pesche insists he repay Uryū for his kindness by defeating Cirucci, leaving Uryū to observe he does not seem to understand at all while Pesche responds to Cirucci inquiring if he is going to fight her by proclaiming that no one else will. After Cirucci notes he is probably just going to create that strange liquid again, Pesche fires more Infinite Slick at the pillar she is standing on, but when Cirucci jumps into the air and mocks Pesche for believing he could hit her with it, she sees the Infinite Slick coating every pillar around her.


Cirucci activates her Resurrección, Golondrina.

A startled Cirucci's foot slips upon landing on one of the pillars, causing her to flip over, hit her head on the pillar, and fall off the top to the ground below with enough force to crater it while a triumphant Pesche criticizes Cirucci for underestimating him since he can release the Infinite Slick forever, which Uryū expresses pity toward her for, and announces the name of his technique, which Uryū is annoyed at due to it sounding somewhat cool. With Uryū urging Pesche to run away before Cirucci regains consciousness since he simply got a lucky shot on her, an enraged Cirucci activates her Resurrección, Golondrina.


Cirucci attacks Uryū and Pesche with Ala Cortadola.

Clad in a large pair of wings, a long tail, and lengthened arms and hands with a large mane of hair while the winds created by her release cut through the pillars surrounding her, Cirucci proclaims that she is going to crush Uryū and Pesche rather than continue playing around even though they are the first enemies she has encountered in a while and introduces herself as Arrancar #105. As Cirucci wonders who to slice up first, Uryū and Pesche begin running, leading Cirucci to uses one of her wings to attack them with Ala Cortadola, which chops through several more pillars as they evade and prompts Cirucci to mockingly praise Uryū for being so good at running away.


Uryū and Pesche are blocked by one of Cirucci's wings.

Continuing to run through the falling pillar slices while Pesche panics next to him, Uryū is stopped when one of Cirucci's wings embeds itself in the ground in front of him and refuses to be stopped here, only to ignore Pesche when the latter promises to fight alongside him, to Pesche's aggravation. With Cirucci vowing to slice them into paper-thin chips, Pesche observes that she definitely enjoys doing evil things, though Uryū points out that he is not one to talk and leaps away as Pesche declares that this is the sort of reply he was hoping for. In turn, Cirucci refuses to let Uryū get away and slices through another pillar with Ala Cortadola.


Cirucci shields herself from Uryū's Heilig Pfeil.

Leaping off a severed pillar, Uryū turns around in midair and forms his Heilig Bogen, Ginrei Kojaku, to fire several Heilig Pfeil down at Cirucci. Upon seeing her deflect them with the blade feathers of one of her wings, Uryū deduces that the feathers are vibrating at high speeds due to the noise they are making and jumps down off the pillar he lands on to evade an attack from Cirucci's wing that destroys it prior to leaping up out of the dust cloud behind her and firing several more Heilig Pfeil down at Cirucci, only for her to easily block them with one of her wings and declare that this will not work against her now.


Pesche challenges Cirucci to pursue him instead of Uryū.

Down on the ground, Pesche asks Uryū, who has landed on another pillar, what he is doing, and when Uryū wonders why he is still here, Pesche assumes that Uryū used a useless attack in order to protect him. With Uryū insisting that Pesche run away, Cirucci prepares to resume her attack, but halts when Pesche gets her attention and recites an expression asserting that someone who chases after two hares will catch neither before concluding that Cirucci should pursue him instead. However, Cirucci states that she will not hesitate and immediately attacks Pesche with Ala Cortadola, forcing Uryū to move down to the ground and protect Pesche by relocating him.


Pesche insists on staying to fight alongside Uryū.

Though Pesche questions this maneuver since he was trying to draw Cirucci away, Uryū reiterates his desire for Pesche to get out of the way because the latter does not need to worry about him, and when Pesche insists on staying to fight with Uryū, Cirucci proclaims that she will slice up both of them at the same time and begins attacking with both of her wings at once, leading Uryū and Pesche to frantically run away while several pillars are cut through around and behind them. Moving to the tops of the nearby pillars, Uryū realizes that he needs to do something about Cirucci's blade feathers as Pesche inquires about what they are going to do from the ground.


Pesche reveals that he has run out of Infinite Slick.

Uryū asks Pesche to use his Infinite Slick again, only for Pesche to not recognize the name and have to be reminded by an irritated Uryū that it is the strange fluid he spit out earlier. With Pesche taking offense to it being described this way, an exasperated Uryū demands that he use it again, but when a confident Pesche turns his head and attempts to do so, nothing comes out of his protuberance, leading him to note with embarrassment that he seems to have run out. When an aghast Uryū points out that its name indicates that Pesche has an endless supply of it, Pesche attempts to clarify this as a slight exaggeration since it seems like it is nearly infinite.


Uryū saves Pesche from being attacked by Cirucci.

Despite this, Uryū insists that it is a lie, which Pesche eventually concedes to. Continuing to run with Uryū, Pesche admits that he thought the technique sounded cooler that way and that he wanted to fit in with the vibe of the moment, only for Uryū to deny there being a vibe in the middle of a battle and call Pesche frustrating just before the latter slips on a patch of Infinite Slick on the ground, to Uryū's chagrin. Suddenly, one of an annoyed Cirucci's wings slams down onto Uryū and Pesche from behind, and as Cirucci revels in this, Uryū asks her if she hit her target as he reappears on an intact pillar behind her with Pesche clinging to him.


Cirucci attacks Uryū and Pesche with Ala Cortadola Dispersion.

After Uryū corrects her assumption that this was Shunpo by asserting that his is called Hirenkyaku, Cirucci questions what is so special about Hirenkyaku and fires the blade feathers off her right wing toward him with Ala Cortadola Dispersion. Upon seeing the blades hurtling toward him, Uryū moves to the top of another pillar to Cirucci's right with Hirenkyaku, leaving the blade feathers to cut large chunks off of the pillar he was standing on. When Cirucci wonders how long Uryū can keep running away, Pesche realizes that Uryū cannot attack while carrying him just before Uryū evades another Ala Cortadola Dispersion with Hirenkyaku.


Pesche envisions himself sacrificing his life for Uryū.

Concluding that he is being a burden, Pesche envisions himself leaping off of Uryū's back and encourages the latter to use him as a shield so he can attack Cirucci before landing on one of Cirucci's blade feathers and letting it smash him into a far wall, only for Uryū to snap him back to reality by questioning why Pesche is crying. With Cirucci calling him an idiot and Pesche defensively explaining that he was just imagining the climax, Uryū warns Pesche that this may hurt, which leads Pesche to assume that Uryū will sacrifice him, and throws him off the pillar before firing a Heilig Pfeil after him that pins Pesche upside-down to the ground by his loincloth.


Cirucci easily reloads her blade feathers in her wing.

After apologizing to Pesche and asserting that he can focus on the battle now, Uryū responds to an irritated Cirucci attacking him with Ala Cortadola Dispersion once more by firing a Heilig Pfeil at one of them and leaping away after seeing it deflected without inflicting any damage, leaving the blade feathers to cut through the pillar he was standing on and embed themselves in the far wall. While mentally noting that the blade feathers continue to vibrate even after being fired, Uryū sees Cirucci call the blade feathers back from the wall to slot into place on her wing and observes that she can easily reload.


Uryū cuts through the blade feathers with a Seele Schneider.

While Uryū concludes that he has no other choice due to how the blade feathers are preventing him from attacking at any range with to their vibrational properties, Cirucci gleefully fires the blade feathers from her right wing at him once more, but Uryū calmly pulls a Seele Schneider out of a pouch on his hip, activates it, and effortlessly cuts through all the blades, leaving their halves to harmlessly fly past him. As a stunned Cirucci stares at him and wonders what this is, Uryū admits that he did not want to use this yet and stands with the Seele Schneider held like a sword as he invites her to continue their battle.

Arrancar Encyclopedia[]


Aaroniero berates Gin for assuming he has a group name.

Gin Ichimaru announces that he will be talking about a slightly odd Arrancar and explains that Aaroniero Arruruerie is the only Gillian in the Espada because he can absorbs the abilities and Reiatsu of a dead Hollow by consuming it with Glotonería, which Aaroniero demonstrates on the screen behind Gin by devouring Metastacia. When Aaroniero pops up and declares that no one can match him because he can evolve indefinitely, Gin wonders which of his two heads is named Aaro and which is named Niero, the deeper-voiced head names himself Aaro and the higher-pitched head names himself Niero before the two angrily tell a smiling Gin that Aaroniero is not a group name.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Uryū Ishida
  2. Pesche Guatiche
  3. Yasutora Sado (envisioned)
  4. Renji Abarai (envisioned)
  5. Ichigo Kurosaki (envisioned)
  6. Rukia Kuchiki (envisioned)
  7. Cirucci Sanderwicci


Powers and Techniques Used[]

Quincy Techniques:

Arrancar Techniques:

  • Infinite Slick (無限の滑走, Infinaito Surikku)
  • Ala Cortadola (断翼 (アラ・コルタドーラ), Ara Korutadōra; Spanish for "Wing Cutter", Japanese for "Severing Wing")
  • Ala Cortadola Dispersion (断翼“散” (アラ・コルタドーラ・ディスペルシオン), Ara Korutadōra Disuperushion; Spanish for "Wing Cutter Dispersion", Japanese for "Severing Wing Dispersion")

Resurrección released:

  • Golondrina (車輪鉄燕 (ゴロンドリーナ), Gorondorīna; Spanish for "Swallow", Japanese for "Car Wheel Iron Swallow")

Spirit Weapons:

  • Ginrei Kojaku (銀嶺弧雀, Arc Sparrow of the Silver Peak)
  • Seele Schneider (魂を切り裂くもの (ゼーレシュナイダー), Zēreshunaidā; German for "Soul Cutter", Japanese for "That Which Slits the Soul")


Timestamp Track Listing
01:30 Bleach: Memories of Nobody OST - 12 - Turn The Tables
03:47 Bleach OST 2 - 18 - Back to the Wall
04:57 No Official Release
05:53 Bleach OST 1 - 03 - Comical World
07:29 Bleach OST 1 - 20 - Storm Center
09:00 Bleach 5th Anniversary Box CD 1 - 05 - BL_86
10:11 Bleach OST 1 - 04 - Oh so Tired
10:39 Bleach OST 2 - 09 - Phenomena
12:27 Bleach OST 3 - 01 - La Distancia Para Un Duelo
13:32 Bleach OST 1 - 18 - Battle Ignition
15:38 No Official Release
16:18 Bleach OST 1 - 08 - Raw Breath Of Danger
17:08 Bleach OST 2 - 07 - Splaaash Boogie
18:06 Bleach 5th Anniversary Box CD 1 - 04 - BL_75
19:05 No Official Release
19:55 Bleach OST 1 - 14 - Destiny Awaits
21:00 Bleach: Memories of Nobody OST - 07 - Senna

Anime Notes[]

  • Pesche leaping to his feet and identifying Uryū by his full name, with the latter smiling at this.
  • Pesche asserting that he believed he and Uryū were friends because the latter remembered his name.
  • Cirucci calling Pesche annoying as she attacks him, with Uryū urging him to retreat and Pesche insisting that he can do this.
  • Uryū shouting for Pesche to get out of the way.
  • Pesche declaring that Cirucci's attacks are nothing and that he does not actually want to see her underwear, which causes her to push down her skirt in embarrassment and Uryū to stare disappointedly at a contrite Pesche before Cirucci renews her assault on them and Pesche vows to battle Cirucci himself to repay Uryū for saving him.
  • Cirucci hitting her head on the pillar after slipping on the Infinite Slick coating it.
  • The winds generated by Cirucci's release cutting through two specific pillars to her left and right.
  • Uryū and Pesche running from Cirucci's Ala Cortadola attacks and finding their path blocked by one of her wings as she threatens to slice them into thin chips.
  • Uryū evading an attack from Cirucci and reappearing behind her to fire more Heilig Pfeil, only for these to be deflected as well before Pesche encourages Cirucci to focus on attacking him instead, which forces Uryū to protect him from her immediate strike before they begin running away again as Pesche wonders what they should do.
  • Cirucci declaring that she is the one who is annoyed by Pesche's antics and telling him and Uryū to die before attacking them.
  • Pesche responding to Uryū's warning about what he is about to do potentially being painful by assuming that the latter is going to sacrifice him.
  • Pesche noting that Uryū shot him directly in the crotch after having a Heilig Pfeil fired through his loincloth in midair.

  • In the manga, after evading Cirucci's attack, Pesche comes to a halt on his own after tumbling several times; here, he instead flips over once and smacks into a pillar.
  • In the manga, Pesche asks Uryū if the latter has feelings for him while resting upside-down on his neck and head; here, he instead does so while standing up.
  • In the manga, when Pesche points out how he has noticed something important, Uryū remains silent; here, he instead comments on how friendly Pesche has suddenly become.
  • In the manga, when Uryū notices Cirucci's blade disc has caught up with them, it is grinding through a wall to his right; here, it is instead hurtling through the air to his right.
  • In the manga, when Pesche attempts to use Infinite Slick again, he does so while running; here, he instead does so after coming to a halt.
  • In the manga, Uryū throws Pesche off and pins him down with a Heilig Pfeil immediately after carrying him to safety from Cirucci's surprise attack; here, he instead continues carrying Pesche around on his back while Cirucci begins attack them with Ala Cortadola Dispersion, which leads Pesche to realize that Uryū cannot attack while carrying him and envision a dramatic scenario where he sacrifices himself so Uryū can fight back before Uryū throws him off and pins him down with a Heilig Pfeil.
  • In the manga, when inviting Cirucci to continue their battle after bringing out a Seele Schneider, Uryū has Ginrei Kojaku formed on his right arm and is smiling while holding the Seele Schneider down; here, he instead does not have Ginrei Kojaku manifested and wears a stern expression while holding the Seele Schneider up toward Cirucci.

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