Ise Clan
Family Head Nanao Ise
Family Seat Unknown
Affiliation Soul Society
Specialty Shinto Rites & Rituals

The Ise Clan (伊勢家, Ise-ke; lit. "Ise family") is a clan of Shinto Priests from Soul Society.


The Ise Clan is a long line of matrilineal Shinto Priests, who oversaw and carried out rituals and rites.[1]

As far as the records show, only females have ever been born into the clan, so they have always brought in husbands from other families into the clan. However, it is said that any man who joins the Ise Clan will die an early death, and this phenomenon is called the Ise Curse (伊勢の呪, Ise no Noro). This happened even if a family member left the family and married into another.[2]

The Ise Clan do not possess individual Zanpakutō. Instead, the head of the family in every generation inherits a single Zanpakutō. This Zanpakutō is considered a sacred treasure and is called Shinken Hakkyōken and was used for rituals and rites; because of this, it is impossible for the members of the Ise Clan to imprint their essence into an Asauchi.[3] It came into Shunsui Kyōraku's possession after Nanao Ise's mother tried breaking the curse by casting it away.[4] The loss of a sacred treasure was a crime, and the Central 46 had Nanao's mother executed for it.[5] However, during the Quincy Blood War, Shunsui returned the Zanpakutō to Nanao.[4]


  • Shinken Hakkyōken (神剣・八鏡剣, The Divine Sword, Sword of Eight Mirrors): Sacred Ceremonial Sword used in religious rites and rituals. Considered a sacred treasure of Soul Society.

Family Members

(† = confirmed death)

Ise Clan
Name Title Relation Status
Nanao IseHead of the Ise Clan Niece of Shunsui KyōrakuActive
Former Members
Unnamed IseHead of the Ise Clan Mother of Nanao Ise
Wife of Unnamed Kyōraku
Deceased †


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