Imprisonment?! Senbonzakura & Zabimaru
Kanji 幽閉?!千本桜&蛇尾丸
Romanji Yūhei?! Senbonzakura & Zabimaru
Episode Number 263
Manga Chapters None
Arc Beast Swords arc
Previous Episode The Tragic Sword Fiend! Haineko Cries!
Next Episode Battle of the Females? Katen Kyōkotsu vs. Nanao!
Japanese March 23, 2010
English July 22, 2012
Theme Music
Opening Anima Rossa
Ending Tabidatsu Kimi e
Episode 263 Screenshots

Imprisonment?! Senbonzakura & Zabimaru is the two hundred and sixty-third episode of the Bleach anime.

Zabimaru and Senbonzakura are trapped in the Shinigami Research and Development Institute.


263Saru confronts

Saru confronts the Hammer Tōjū.

In the Seireitei, a hammer-wielding Tōjū grins as he sits in a pot. Upon hearing a Shinigami proclaim it went this way, the Hammer Tōjū ducks down as several Shinigami run past, with one of them telling the others to not let it escape. Leaping out of the pot, the Hammer Tōjū chuckles before turning around to see Saru.

263Hebi pops

Hebi pops up behind the Hammer Tōjū.

Stating it has been fun, Saru says hide-and-seek is over as the Hammer Tōjū backs up in surprise. Telling him they should call it a day, Saru sends Zabimaru at the Hammer Tōjū, who knocks it back with his hammer. As Zabimaru glows red and disappears from Saru's hand, Hebi pops up behind the Hammer Tōjū with Zabimaru in his hand, startling and angering the Hammer Tōjū.

Zabimaru (spirit) fights Hammer-Wielding Toju

Saru kicks the Hammer Tōjū in the face as Hebi crouches.

As the Hammer Tōjū attempts to hit him several times, Hebi dodges and moves to either side of the Hammer Tōjū several times before appearing behind him, prompting the Hammer Tōjū to turn around and swing his hammer at Hebi. Blocking the hammer with Zabimaru, Hebi crouches as Saru kicks the Hammer Tōjū in the face. As Saru and Hebi leap away, the Hammer Tōjū falls over as Hebi states they can check this one off of the list. As several Shinigami run up to Saru and Hebi, one of them expresses surprise at Saru and Hebi having already taken the Hammer Tōjū down as another Shinigami says this is what they would expect of 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai's Zanpakutō Spirit.

263Hammer Toju attacks

The laughing Hammer Tōjū attacks the Shinigami with his hammer.

Saru happily tells them to to stop as Hebi states this was a walk in the park before asking Saru if she agrees. Confirming this, Saru says this is nothing to get excited about and states they have taken down bigger opponents. When the Hammer Tōjū stands up behind them, Saru and Hebi express surprise before looking over their shoulders at the Hammer Tōjū. Raising his hammer over his head, the Hammer Tōjū slams it into the ground, causing a large amount of dirt to fly up before engulfing a panicking Saru and Hebi. As Saru and Hebi stick their heads out of the resulting mound of soil and cough repeatedly, the laughing Hammer Tōjū attacks the Shinigami with his hammer.

263Hammer Toju is defeated

The Hammer Tōjū is defeated by Senbonzakura and snaps in two.

As Saru tells Hebi they have to save the Shinigami, they struggle to free themselves, only to stop in surprise upon seeing the Hammer Tōjū standing over them. As Saru and Hebi repeatedly tell him to wait, the Hammer Tōjū prepares to swing his hammer at them as Senbonzakura releases Senbonzakura. Looking over his shoulder in surprise, the Hammer Tōjū is engulfed by a mass of blade petals and glows orange before returning to his sealed sword form, which snaps in two and falls on Saru and Hebi's heads. As Senbonzakura reforms into its sealed state, Senbonzakura stands over Saru and Hebi before telling them they let their guard down, prompting Saru and Hebi to express annoyance.

263Saru listens

Saru listens to Shinigami praising Senbonzakura and deriding her and Hebi.

Later, as Saru listens to a Shinigami say they owe their lives to Senbonzakura today, Hebi listens to another Shinigami agree and state this is what they would expect of 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki's Zanpakutō Spirit, prompting a third Shinigami to say Senbonzakura is cool and collected and possesses unparalleled skill. Stating Senbonzakura is a revelation, a fourth Shinigami says he is the opposite of "you-know-who", prompting Saru and Hebi to express anger. As the Shinigami laugh, Saru and Hebi sit in another room with brushes, ink, and papers before them and break their brushes in anger.

Renji berates his Zanpakuto spirit

Renji forces Saru and Hebi to write letters of apology to the Shinigami.

Stating the Shinigami are a lousy bunch of jerks, Saru notes they know she and Hebi can hear them. As Hebi proclaims he is going to go set them straight, Renji grabs his and Saru's heads and says this will not be happening before telling them to finish writing their letters of apology, prompting Saru and Hebi to push his hands away. Asking Renji why they must write these letters in the first place, Saru states it is a complete waste of time, prompting Hebi to agree. Proclaiming he does not want to hear it, Renji says Saru and Hebi can stay in their sword forms if they do not like it before stating he is tired of cleaning up their messes and of them sticking their noses where they do not belong.

263Saru reminds

Saru reminds Renji of how they inherited his fighting style.

Rubbing his head against Renji's face, Hebi says it is boring to stay in their sword form because they can manifest their physical form. Telling Hebi to cry him a river, Renji stretches Hebi's ears while asking him what the point of them being manifested is if they are not effective against the enemy. Telling Renji to not blame them, Saru states a Zanpakutō Spirit's fighting techniques are passed down from its master, prompting Renji to drop Hebi while expressing annoyance at Saru mentioning this. Noting everyone compares Saru and Hebi to Senbonzakura, Renji says it gets embarrassing after a while, prompting Saru and Hebi to express shock.

263Renji sees

Renji sees Saru and Hebi wrote an insult on the table instead of writing their letters.

Apologizing for the inconvenience, Saru gets up, prompting a confused Renji to ask her and Hebi where they are going. Stating they are going to turn the defeated Hammer Tōjū over to the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, Saru opens the door as Renji asks her what they are going to do about their apology letter. Revealing they are all done, Saru and Hebi exit, prompting Renji to say they are becoming more trouble than they are worth before expressing shock and outrage upon seeing Saru and Hebi wrote an insult on the table instead of writing their letters. At the SRDI, Saru and Hebi stand at the main door as Saru wonders if anyone is here.

263Saru and Hebi break

Saru and Hebi break into the SRDI after realizing no one is there.

As Saru looks into the camera on the door, Hebi notes they may have stepped out, prompting Saru to admit this appears to be the case. When Hebi asks her if they should come back later, Saru states this would be too much trouble. Later, Saru bends the bars of one of the windows apart, allowing Hebi to leap inside. When Saru attempts to follow, her hips bang into the bars, preventing Saru from moving forward. Noticing this, Saru is pulled off of her feet and hangs between the bars by her hips, prompting her to look down to see Hebi being choked by his collar. Expressing concern, Saru tells Hebi to talk to her, prompting Hebi to demand to know what is wrong with her.

263Senbonzakura confronts

Senbonzakura confronts Saru and Hebi after they break into the SRDI.

When Saru tells him to stop complaining and pull her out of the bars, Hebi walks up the side of the wall using his chain and pulls on Saru, who strains to free herself from between the bars as Senbonzakura asks them what they are doing up there. Asking Senbonzakura if he is blind, Saru says she is stuck up here before popping out from between the bars, prompting her and Hebi to crash into the ground below. As Saru and Hebi look up to see him, Senbonzakura states they have sunk very low if they are willing to sneak around in someone else's barracks. When Hebi leaps up and expresses outrage, Saru gets up and tells Hebi to calm down.

Senbonzakura explains how he entered the building

Saru and Hebi berate Senbonzakura for accusing them of sinking to a new level when he also broke into the SRDI.

Noting these are not Senbonzakura's barracks either, Saru asks him what he is doing here. When Senbonzakura reveals Byakuya asked him to bring the Hammer Tōjū here and holds up the blade of the Hammer Tōjū's, Hebi reveals this is what they are here to do as well. When Saru notes they are all out of luck because the SRDI is empty today, Senbonzakura says he noticed before revealing all of the SRDI members are performing experiments elsewhere today. As Saru notes it is careless of the SRDI members to leave the building unguarded, Hebi realizes something and asks Senbonzakura how he got in. Pointing at a hole in the wall behind him, Senbonzakura states he came in through the front, prompting Saru and Hebi to point out how it is hypocritical of him to say they have sunk to a new level because he also broke in.

263Saru, Hebi, and Senbonzakura find

Saru, Hebi, and Senbonzakura find an empty tube for the Hammer Tōjū's broken sword form.

Stating it would have been a waste of time to come back later, Senbonzakura walks away while saying they should go. As he and Saru huddle together, Hebi states it is like talking to a little kid as Saru notes none of the Shinigami knows because Senbonzakura has all of them fooled. Later, Saru, Hebi, and Senbonzakura enter a room filled with glowing blue tubes, which have the various defeated Tōjū inside of them. Screaming at the sight of the Tōjū, Hebi tells Saru this place is creepy, prompting Saru to note he is acting like a little kid before telling him to get it together. Seeing an empty tube, Saru grabs a remote and presses several buttons, causing a section of the tube to lower in front of them as a receptacle for the broken sword form of the Hammer Tōjū.

The trio are sealed away

A glass case traps Saru, Hebi, and Senbonzakura after the latter presses several buttons on the remote without warning.

When Hebi asks her how she knows how to use the remote properly, Saru says she has been here several times with Renji and sets the remote down as Senbonzakura looks at it. As Hebi puts the broken sword into the receptacle, it slides back into the tube as Saru begins to ask Senbonzakura if he wishes to see something, only to see Senbonzakura pressing buttons on the remote. When Saru angrily demands to know what he is doing, a startled Senbonzakura fumbles with the remote before accidentally sending it flying several feet away. As Senbonzakura states she should not have startled him because she caused him to drop it, Saru tells him to stop messing around. As a red light glows and a klaxon blares, a glass case extends from the ceiling and seals off the platform which Saru, Hebi, and Senbonzakura are on.

263Senbonzakura releases

Senbonzakura releases Senbonzakura in an attempt to destroy the glass case.

When Senbonzakura wonders what happened, an angered Saru reveals Senbonzakura set off the security system and got them locked inside of the glass case as Hebi demands to know what they are supposed to do now. When Senbonzakura says it is simple, Saru and Hebi express confusion as Senbonzakura releases Senbonzakura. As Saru and Hebi express shock, blade petals surge around the inside of the glass case as Saru and Hebi dodge several streams of blade petals. Moving the blade petals away, Senbonzakura sees the glass case is intact and notes it is very sturdy before preparing to attack the glass case once more.

263Saru reveals

Saru reveals the glass case is unbreakable to prevent violent Tōjū from escaping.

Telling Senbonzakura he has done enough, Saru tells him to slow down as she and Hebi cling to a piece of metal. As Hebi notes he though he was going to be snake sashimi, he and Saru hit the glass case repeatedly as Saru reveals the walls are unbreakable. When Saru states the walls are highly reinforced to prevent violent Tōjū from escaping, Hebi confirms this before asking Saru if this is true. Noting they are an annoying pair, Senbonzakura asks Saru and Hebi what they propose, prompting Saru to note they do not have many options before saying they will have to wait for the staff of the SRDI to return.

263Senbonzakura holds

Senbonzakura holds his sword in front of a shocked Saru's face.

Noting it is out of their hands, Senbonzakura sits cross-legged on the floor, prompting Saru and Hebi to look at each other as Saru sighs. When Senbonzakura wonders if the SRDI staff members are here yet, Saru and Hebi express surprise as a shaking Senbonzakura wonders how long they expect him to wait. As Saru asks him if he is okay, Senbonzakura proclaims he will not wait any longer and draws his sword, prompting a frightened Saru and Hebi to beg him to calm down. Holding his sword in front of a shocked Saru's face, Senbonzakura states he has already counted to ten in his head before saying there is a limit to his patience.

263Ashisogi Jizo arrives

Ashisogi Jizō arrives after staying behind to guard the SRDI.

As Saru angrily states this is not a game of hide-and-seek, she and Hebi restrain Senbonzakura, who tells them to unhand him as Saru tells him to calm down. When a door opens, Saru, Hebi, and Senbonzakura stop struggling before turning around to see Ashisogi Jizō, whom they recognize. As Ashisogi Jizō moves in front of the glass case, Saru asks it if it stayed behind to guard the SRDI. As Hebi notes they are saved and asks Ashisogi Jizō if it can let them out of here, Ashisogi Jizō fails to hear anything because of the soundproof nature of the glass case and watches in confusion as Saru, Hebi, and Senbonzakura make various gestures and mouth movements.

263Senbonzakura threatens

Senbonzakura threatens to kill Ashisogi Jizō after it brings them bananas instead of the remote.

As Hebi wonders what is wrong, Saru sarcastically notes this day keeps getting better before saying Ashisogi Jizō cannot hear them. Pointing to the side, Senbonzakura tells Ashisogi Jizō to go over there immediately. When Ashisogi Jizō nods its head, Senbonzakura notes it understands, only for Ashisogi Jizō to float out of the room as Saru and Hebi tell it to wait. When Ashisogi Jizō returns with something under its cloak, Hebi notes it already came back as Ashisogi Jizō pulls a banana out from under its cloak. Expressing irritation, Senbonzakura proclaims he will kill Ashisogi Jizō and points his sword at it as Saru tells him to calm down. As Saru and Hebi struggle to restrain Senbonzakura, Ashisogi Jizō holds several bananas in its hands.

263Ashisogi Jizo destroys

Ashisogi Jizō accidentally destroys the remote when it attempts to free Saru, Hebi, and Senbonzakura.

When Ashisogi Jizō sees and picks up the remote, Saru, Hebi, and Senbonzakura stop struggling and run up to the side of the glass case. Nodding, Senbonzakura tells Ashisogi Jizō to push the button, prompting Ashisogi Jizō to reach for the button before pulling its hand back. Expressing irritation, Senbonzakura demands to know what Ashisogi Jizō is waiting for before telling it to push the button once more, prompting Ashisogi Jizō to push its finger through the remote, destroying it. As a horrified Saru, Hebi, and Senbonzakura demand to know why Ashisogi Jizō did this, Ashisogi Jizō looks at the broken remote in confusion before looking at Senbonzakura as white Reiatsu radiates from him.

263Saru and Hebi kick

Saru and Hebi kick Senbonzakura after he destroys the glass case with his Bankai.

Expressing terror, Ashisogi Jizō floats away and cowers as Senbonzakura asks it why it is running away. When Senbonzakura accuses Ashisogi Jizō of breaking the remote on purpose, an angered Saru proclaims Senbonzakura's murderous aura scared Ashisogi Jizō away. When Hebi asks her what they will do with the remote control in pieces, Saru states they will wait until someone from the SRDI returns. Exerting his Reiatsu, Senbonzakura proclaims he cannot wait any longer and activates his Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. As Saru and Hebi fall to the ground, blade petals fill the glass case, which glows pink before exploding. As the blade petals reform into his sword, Senbonzakura says this was child's play before being kicked by Saru and Hebi.

Senbonzakura and the others flee from the closing doors

Saru, Hebi, and Senbonzakura attempt to outrun the lowering panels and escape the SRDI.

When Senbonzakura demands to know what this was for, Saru states this is the same question she has for him before saying it is not helpful to destroy everything in sight. When Senbonzakura states it was necessary for them to escape, Saru says he went too far as Ashisogi Jizō lies among the rubble. When an alarm begins to blare, Hebi wonders what it is, prompting Saru to reveal the building's defense mechanisms are kicking in as a large panel begins covering a hole in the wall. As Hebi states they will be locked in all over again, Saru says they have to run for it. As he, Saru, and Senbonzakura run under several lowering panels, Hebi asks Senbonzakura how far away the exit is.

263Saru, Hebi, and Senbonzakura arrive

Saru, Hebi, and Senbonzakura arrive in a room filled with computers and machines.

When Senbonzakura reveals he does not know, Hebi demands to know why he is leading the way. When Senbonzakura asks Hebi if he believes Senbonzakura would follow anyone other than his master, Saru and Hebi demand to know what this has to do with anything. Telling Saru and Hebi to forget about it, Senbonzakura states time is running out. Seeing a door being covered by a panel, Senbonzakura tells Saru and Hebi to go through there and slides under the panel through the open door as Saru and Hebi follow. As the dust clears, Senbonzakura, Saru, and Hebi sit in a room filled with computers and machines. When Senbonzakura asks her if she is okay, Saru confirms this before looking at Senbonzakura, who expresses confusion.

263Senbonzakura's mask crumbles

Senbonzakura's mask crumbles completely after being damaged.

As Senbonzakura's mask begins to crumble, Senbonzakura expresses annoyance as a surprised Saru and Hebi lean in close. When his mask completely crumbles, Senbonzakura says this is a pity before putting on another identical mask. As a shocked Saru asks him where this spare came from, Senbonzakura states he feels rejuvenated as Hebi asks them where they think they are now. When Senbonzakura notes this appears to be the control room, Saru says she will try to shut down the alarm. When Saru turns on a nearby computer, images of Renji bathing and a furnace outside the bathhouse appear onscreen.

263Images appear

Several images of Shinigami and Zanpakutō spirits appear onscreen.

As Saru, Hebi, and Senbonzakura express surprise, an image of 4th Division 3rd Seat Yasochika Iemura, 7th Division Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba, and 3rd Division Lieutenant Izuru Kira using the bathroom appears. As an image of 9th Division Lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi and Kazeshini making tea appears, Hebi wonders what this is as an image of 8th Division Lieutenant Nanao Ise washing 8th Division Captain Shunsui Kyōraku's captain's haori appears. As an image of 2nd Division Lieutenant Marechiyo Ōmaeda and Gegetsuburi eating kebabs together appears, Saru wonders if this room is set up to monitor every inch of the Seireitei.

263Renji leaps

Renji leaps out of his bath after the water becomes scalding hot.

As an image of 10th Division Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto and Haineko running on treadmills appears, a shocked Hebi wonders why this system even exists as an image of a Shinigami Women's Association meeting appears. Stating it is disgusting to peer into the personal lives of others, Senbonzakura presses one of the keys on the keyboard. When the water in his bath begins to bubble violently, Renji looks at it in confusion and turns red before leaping out of the water and proclaiming it is hot. As Senbonzakura expresses confusion, Saru demands to know why he did this, prompting Senbonzakura to say he was only trying to help.

263Senbonzakura presses

Senbonzakura presses several more keys in an attempt to stop the ensuing chaos.

As Saru tells Senbonzakura to stop messing with the controls, Hebi states he does not understand before asking them what is going on here as Renji peers out of his window to see the furnace blazing. Revealing most of the barracks were built by the SRDI, Saru notes it appears they can all be controlled remotely from here. Saying they must be cautious if this is the case, Senbonzakura presses another key, causing the water in the bathroom urinals to burst out onto Iemura, Iba, and Izuru. Expressing shock, Senbonzakura presses several more keys as the fire heating the kettle in front of Hisagi and Kazeshini flares up violently, shocking them. As the washing machine tears the haori apart, the grill roasting the kebabs flares up, reducing them to ash.

263Explosions occur

Several explosions occur around the Seireitei as a result of Senbonzakura's interference.

As the treadmills stop, causing Rangiku and Haineko to fall on their backs, the walls around the room which the Shinigami Women's Association is meeting in rise up, revealing the meeting to Byakuya, who glares at them. As a frantic Senbonzakura searches for the off button, Saru and Hebi restrain him and tell Senbonzakura to stop. Telling Saru and Hebi to release him, Senbonzakura throws them off of himself and presses several keys at once. As several explosions occur around the Seireitei, Saru demands to know what Senbonzakura intends to do about all of this. When Senbonzakura states there is no point in crying over spilled milk, Saru sarcastically asks him if he has any other pearls of wisdom.

Ashisogi Jizo's Bankai glares at them

An angered Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō appears in the doorway.

When Senbonzakura says they are both as guilty as he is because they are all in this together, Saru expresses outrage at Senbonzakura attempting to drag them into this as the door to the room opens, prompting Hebi to express happiness before expressing shock and leaping onto Saru's back. When an irritated Saru asks him what is wrong, Hebi states they are in trouble. Turning to see Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō in the doorway, a frightened Saru backs up to the other end of the room while noting Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō is probably angry at having been left behind. When Hebi tells her to do something, Saru sarcastically says this sounds easy.

263Light shines

A bright light shines on Senbonzakura as flower petals float through the air around him.

before expressing surprise upon seeing Senbonzakura standing before Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō, which is trying to force its way through the doorway. When Senbonzakura holds out its hand, a surprised Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō looks at him. As flower petals float through the air around them, a bright light shines on Senbonzakura. As the light fades, Senbonzakura states he understands and assumes a battle stance before saying he accepts the challenge of Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō, prompting a shocked Saru and Hebi to point out how no one said anything. As Senbonzakura activates his Bankai, two columns of large blades rise up on either side of him before dissipating into blade petals, which crash into Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō.

263Hihio Zabimaru fires

Hihiō Zabimaru fires Hikotsu Taihō after Saru becomes angered by the ongoing battle.

As Saru and Hebi are engulfed by the blade petals, Senbonzakura yells as Hebi is tossed around by the streams of blade petals. As Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō breathes out a light purple mist, a chunk of rock falls on Saru's head as Hebi rolls past her. Expressing rage, Saru pulls Hebi toward her and demands to know if Senbonzakura and Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō know what stop means before throwing Hebi toward them. Manifesting Zabimaru in his hand, Hebi activates their Bankai, Hihiō Zabimaru. As Hebi transforms into an enormous skeletal snake, Saru uses Hikotsu Taihō, prompting Hihiō Zabimaru to fire a beam of red energy from its mouth. Engulfing Senbonzakura and Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō, the beam bursts out of the SRDI.

263Renji stands

A furious Renji stands behind Saru and Hebi after they destroy the SRDI with Hikotsu Taihō.

As the dust settles on a destroyed SRDI, Renji gets up and wonders what is going on before expressing shock upon seeing Hihiō Zabimaru in the distance. As Ashisogi Jizō lies among the rubble, Saru and Hebi sit nearby as Saru expresses pain. As Hebi asks Saru if it is weird for him to feel the world spinning, Senbonzakura appears next to them and asks Saru and Hebi why they did this without any warning before stating it was dangerous. As an angered Saru and Hebi tell Senbonzakura to look at who is talking, a furious Renji stands behind them. As several Shinigami and Zanpakutō Spirits appear around him and Saru, Hebi says they can explain as Saru asks the assembled Shinigami and Zanpakutō Spirits what they are doing here.

263Renji berates

Renji berates Saru and Hebi for destroying the SRDI and causing mayhem across the Seireitei.

Angrily telling Saru and Hebi to shut up and listen, Renji states everyone knows they are behind all of this before proclaiming Saru and Hebi destroyed the entire area. Asking Renji why he always believes it is their fault, Saru and Hebi point at Senbonzakura and tell Renji to blame him before saying they were just dragged along when Senbonzakura went on a rampage. When Senbonzakura asks her and Hebi what basis they make these claims on, Saru states this whole mess began when Senbonzakura fiddled with the remote and got them locked up. When Senbonzakura points out how Ashisogi Jizō is the one who broke the remote and locked them in, Saru expresses surprise and wonders if this is true.

263Saru and Hebi attempt

Saru and Hebi attempt to figure out the order of events starting with their arrival at the SRDI.

Saying Senbonzakura is the one who was messing around in the control room, Hebi states all of the mayhem in the Seireitei is Senbonzakura's fault. Pointing out how he is not the one who is spying on everyone, Senbonzakura says it is the SRDI whose morals are in question, prompting Hebi to express surprise. When Saru and Hebi state Senbonzakura is the one who went Bankai-crazy and reduced the laboratory to shambles, Senbonzakura says destroying the lab was actually their handiwork. As Saru and Hebi express confusion, Saru states the first thing which happened was Senbonzakura breaking down the door, prompting Hebi to say they were the ones who blew the door open.

263Shunsui and Ukitake arrive

Shunsui and Ukitake arrive with more papers for Saru and Hebi.

Expressing anger, a furious Renji tells Saru and Hebi to shut their mouths for once. Later, Renji slams a large stack of papers on a table and tells Saru and Hebi to start writing their apologies. When Saru demands to know why they are the only ones apologizing, Hebi states it is not fair. Drawing their attention, Shunsui stands next several more stacks of papers and says they have more apologies for Saru and Hebi to write as 13th Division Captain Jūshirō Ukitake tells them to finish up soon because they need Saru and Hebi to begin repairs on the building which they destroyed. As Hebi states they are exhausted, Renji tells them to hurry up and do it before pushing them down by their heads.

263Byakuya points

A young and angry Byakuya points a wooden sword at Shunsui.

As Saru says she never would have guessed Senbonzakura had such a short fuse, Hebi states he has zero consideration for those around him. When Saru says Senbonzakura is very different from Byakuya, Shunsui states he believes Senbonzakura mirrors Byakuya's temperament fairly well before saying Byakuya will do anything to get his way. When Shunsui asks him for confirmation, Ukitake agrees and states Byakuya has always had a short temper even when he was younger. In the past, a young Byakuya points a wooden sword at Shunsui, runs away from Yoruichi Shihōin, and expresses anger as Ukitake tries to calm him down.

263Saru, Hebi, and Renji express

Saru, Hebi, and Renji express surprise at the truth about Byakuya.

In the present, Shunsui says Byakuya was an arrogant little brat as Ukitake states he was always stirring up trouble. As he, Saru, and Hebi express surprise, Renji says this is crazy. Opening the door, a Shinigami tells those present a new Tōjū has appeared within the walls of the Seireitei before revealing Senbonzakura is leading a team of Shinigami from the 6th Division to confront it. As Saru notes there is no telling how much damage Senbonzakura will cause if he goes out there alone, she and Hebi get up and run off as Saru states they need to keep an eye on him. Telling Saru and Hebi to come back, Renji says they have got letters to write.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi Angered by destruction of SRDI

Mayuri expresses horror at the destruction of the SRDI in his absence.

Laughing, Shunsui states Saru and Hebi continuing to try to rein in Senbonzakura after everything which has happened is ironic. Noting it sounds like a thankless job, Ukitake realizes something and asks Shunsui what he believes they should do about the SRDI spying on everyone. Saying they should pretend it did not happen, Shunsui reveals all of the data has been destroyed before stating he believes they should just call it even. Meanwhile, at the wreckage of the SRDI, Mayuri expresses horror at what has happened. Proclaiming this is absolutely unacceptable, Mayuri expresses anger at returning to this after leaving for a short period of time.

Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book

263Shinigami cheer

The Shinigami cheer and thank Chōjirō for saving them.

As a Squid Tōjū holds up several unseated Shinigami with its tentacles, another Shinigami curses and notes it is too powerful. Apologizing for having kept them waiting, 1st Division Lieutenant Chōjirō Sasakibe stands on top of a nearby tower in his new clothes and proclaims there is no need to fear because he is here. Holding Gonryōmaru in front of his face, Chōjirō leaps off of the tower before cutting the Squid Tōjū into dozens of tiny pieces. As the Shinigami cheer and thank Chōjirō for saving them, Uryū Ishida proclaims it worked as Ichigo Kurosaki notes the Shinigami likely still do not know who Chōjirō is.

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