The Hell Verse special - Aaroniero and Szayelaporro arrive in Hell.



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Two figures land in an unfamiliar, dusty terrain. As the dust settles, the figures are revealed to be Szayelaporro Granz and Aaroniero Arruruerie. Szayelaporro is surprised to see Aaroniero with him, and even more surprised to see the 9th Espada's tank has not cracked during the fall. When Aaroniero believes he heard his former comrade wishing the tank had cracked, Szayelaporro, assuring him this is not his intention, simply states if the tank had cracked, he could have studied the liquid within it. Aaroniero says he does not know where they are, but it is a stroke of luck Sōsuke Aizen is not around because he can kill the 8th Espada and get away with murder. As he, beginning to release Glotonería, attacks, Szayelaporro, telling him to wait, claims fighting between themselves is illogical as long as they still do not know where they are. When Aaroniero insists he can always find out once he has killed Szayelaporro, the latter reminds him he stands beneath him in the Espada hierarchy, but Aaroniero states this was only valid in Hueco Mundo, and Szayelaporro is defenseless outside of his labs.

As a new voice interrupts their argument, a mysterious man, standing on a high rock above them, says he will tell them where they are: Hell. When Aaroniero demands the man comes down to speak to them, the stranger, mocking him, says the Espada's true intentions are aggressive. He states all this talk about killing is ludicrous, for the two Arrancar are already dead. As Aaroniero is a bit baffled, Szayelaporro, reminded of his defeat by Mayuri Kurotsuchi, attacks the stranger, asking him if there is a way to escape Hell. Unfazed, the stranger says there is not. When Szayelaporro, warning him against trying to hide information from him, threatens him with torture, the unimpressed stranger, introducing himself as Shuren, says if they wish to survive in hell, the Arrancar should obey him.

When three more beings appear behind Shuren, an astonished Szayelaporro asks what they are. Introducing them as Taikon, Gunjō, and Garogai, Shuren orders his associates to educate the Arrancar about the order of things in Hell. Having entered his Resurrección, Aaroniero, attacking, tells his enemies to not underestimate the Espada. As he sets his sights on Taikon, Szayelaporro, also releasing his Zanpakutō, charges a Gran Rey Cero. Recognizing it, Shuren asks if the Arrancar believes this attack is necessary to defeat him. Saying he is using this attack because he does not mind incinerating Shuren, Szayelaporro states if Shuren's three comrades are eaten by Aaroniero's Glotonería, he would only have to kill Aaroniero in order to study them. Shuren tells him they are like-minded, for he too has judged him unnecessary.

After the two Arrancar are defeated, Shuren assures his associates it all went as he expected, for beings such as the Arrancar could not possibly hope to open the gates of Hell. Holding up a lantern, where he sees an image of Ichigo Kurosaki in his final Hollow form, Shuren tells his comrades they should bring Ichigo down to Hell.

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