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This article contains information from anime sources that were not written by Tite Kubo and therefore are not considered canon material by the wiki.

Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Muramasa is a battle which occurs during the Zanpakutō Rebellion. It is the final fight in the Rebellion, focusing upon the conflict between Ichigo Kurosaki and the instigator of the Rebellion, Muramasa.


Ichigo emerges in Koga's inner world

Ichigo emerges within Kōga's inner world.

Falling through a red-black vortex, Ichigo crashes into water and emerges within Kōga Kuchiki's inner world. As Ichigo wonders where he is, Muramasa steps forward. As Ichigo turns around in surprise, Muramasa states he is surprised to see Ichigo.[1]

255Ichigo asks

Ichigo asks Muramasa where they are.

When Muramasa asks him how he got here, Ichigo says he does not know and asks Muramasa where they are. Asking Ichigo if he cannot tell, Muramasa states he had a place to call his own just like how Zangetsu has a home in the world of Ichigo's mind. Looking around, Ichigo realizes where he is and says Kōga is dead.[1]

255Muramasa's sword manifests

Muramasa's sword manifests in his hand.

Admitting he does not understand it either, Muramasa looks at his hand and wonders how he ended up in this place. Wondering if his reunion with Kōga summoned him here or if this is just a figment of imagination, Muramasa closes his hand and reveals this place will fall apart soon as a column near him collapses. As ripples spread across the water underneath him, Muramasa states he is eternally grateful to the destiny which connects him and Ichigo. Holding out his hand, Muramasa proclaims this destiny will allow them to finish their battle as his sword manifests in his hand.[1]


255Reiatsu flows

Purple Reiatsu flows along Muramasa's sword.

Appearing in front of Ichigo, Muramasa clashes with him several times before slashing at him. Blocking with his sword, Ichigo asks Muramasa why he wishes to fight him and says there is no longer any reason for them to keep fighting each other before pushing Muramasa back. Stating the power which Ichigo possesses will nourish him, Muramasa holds his sword in front of him and says he will never stop fighting Ichigo until he gains this power as purple Reiatsu flows along his sword. Asking Ichigo if he understands, Muramasa rushes forward and attacks Ichigo.[1]

255Ichigo cuts

Ichigo cuts the wave behind him in half.

Blocking Muramasa's attack, Ichigo is pushed back by the force of the attack and struggles with Muramasa as they crash into the water. As a wave surges outward from where they crashed, Ichigo sinks as Muramasa assumes a battle stance. As Ichigo tells himself this is not going to happen, Muramasa thrusts his sword at him as Ichigo fires a Getsuga Tenshō at him. As a column of water surges upward and becomes a wave, Ichigo bursts out of the water and cuts the wave in half as Muramasa stands in the air behind him. As Ichigo looks over his shoulder, a smiling Muramasa uncurls his fingers.[1]

255Ichigo fires

Ichigo fires a Getsuga Tenshō at Muramasa.

Moving away with Shunpo, Ichigo proclaims he is not going to let Muramasa use this as several tentacles extend from Muramasa in the water's reflection. As the air around Muramasa distorts, Ichigo fires a Getsuga Tenshō at him, only for Muramasa to move away as the Getsuga Tenshō hurtles through the area where he was standing. When something constricts his wrist, Ichigo expresses shock as an invisible hand clenches his throat. As Ichigo is thrown onto an invisible surface, Muramasa rises into the air in front of him and states it is useless.[1]


Several tentacles coil around Ichigo's shoulders and head.

Saying Ichigo flailing his sword around like an idiot will not be enough to protect him from Muramasa's onslaught, Muramasa gestures with his hand. Cursing, Ichigo notes he cannot move before looking down to see dozens of tentacles constricting him in the reflection of the water. As several tentacles with hands coil around Ichigo's shoulders and head, Muramasa bids him farewell and manifests his sword in his hand. Laughing, Muramasa expresses surprise when the columns behind him begin to fall apart. As a chunk of a broken column crashes into the water, Ichigo's right hand is freed.[1]

255Ichigo glows

Ichigo glows with red-black Reiatsu.

Expressing surprise, Ichigo notes he can move before looking down to see the tentacles in the reflection of the water fading as ripples pass over them. When Ichigo glows with black-red Reiatsu, Muramasa expresses surprise as Ichigo fires a Getsuga Tenshō into the water below. As a large amount of water surges into the air, a wave passes over the reflection of the tentacles and Muramasa, who expresses shock. Slashing through the water in front of him, Ichigo points his sword at Muramasa and states he has finally figured it out before saying Muramasa's technique is not invisible.[1]

255Reiatsu surges

Black-red Reiatsu surges along Ichigo's sword.

Stating Muramasa makes his enemies believe there is an invisible force at work, Ichigo says he saw the image of Muramasa's attacks reflected in the water and states the real power is contained in the reflected image before slashing at the water below. When the water below them parts and rises up on either side of them, Muramasa expresses shock as Ichigo rushes forward and attacks him. Pushing Muramasa back, Ichigo slashes at him several times while proclaiming Muramasa cannot use his technique if it cannot reflect on the water. As Muramasa blocks Ichigo's attacks, black-red Reiatsu surges along Ichigo's sword.[1]

255Muramasa appears

Muramasa appears behind Ichigo.

Yelling, Ichigo pushes Muramasa back and proclaims he is defenseless before impaling Muramasa. Smiling, Muramasa laughs and fades away. As Ichigo expresses surprise, Muramasa appears behind him and slashes Ichigo across the back. Flying forward, Ichigo skids to a halt and turns around before rushing toward Muramasa, who fades away as Ichigo slashes at him. When Muramasa reappears several feet away, Ichigo attacks him, prompting Muramasa to block with his sword. As he and Ichigo clash several times, Muramasa admits he cannot utilize his technique to its fullest extent right now.[1]


Several clones of Muramasa appear around Ichigo.

As he and Ichigo cross blades, Muramasa says Ichigo should know this is not the only ability which he possesses. Leaping back, Muramasa smiles and holds his arms out to his sides. Rushing forward, Ichigo stabs at Muramasa and impales him, only for Muramasa to fade away once more. As several clones of Muramasa appear around Ichigo, Muramasa reveals he had Ichigo placed under his spell the moment they faced each other in battle. As Muramasa's clones assume battle stances, Ichigo blocks the attack of one of them, which fades away as two more attack Ichigo.[1]

255Ichigo is slashed

Ichigo is slashed across the chest.

Blocking the attack of one clone, Ichigo dodges the attack of the second. Appearing behind him, another clone slashes Ichigo's shoulder before fading away as Ichigo slashes at him. As Ichigo blocks two more attacks, another clone leaps toward him, only to fade away when Ichigo slashes at him. Turning around, Ichigo is slashed across the chest and sent flying back. As Ichigo kneels, Muramasa appears behind him and attacks Ichigo, who crashes into a pillar below. As Muramasa points his blade at Ichigo and chuckles, Ichigo looks up and pants.[1]

255Dust swirls

Dust swirls around Ichigo as he holds his sword in front of him.

As Ichigo wonders how he can beat Muramasa, Zangetsu calls out to him and tells him to feel it. As Ichigo says his name, Zangetsu states Muramasa's power of suggestion does not work on him and says he will become Ichigo's eyes. When Zangetsu states it will be impossible for this to work unless he and Ichigo are truly connected to one another as Zanpakutō Spirit and master, Ichigo wipes the blood off of his face and agrees to do this. Standing up, Ichigo holds his sword in front of him as dust swirls around him, prompting Muramasa to ask him if he is going to try again.[1]

Muramasa appears behind Ichigo

Muramasa reappears next to Ichigo.

As Zangetsu tells him to get ready, Ichigo moves away with Shunpo as Muramasa rushes forward. As he and Muramasa clash several times, Ichigo stabs at Muramasa, who deflects Ichigo's attack with his sword. When Ichigo slashes at him, Muramasa blocks before attacking Ichigo. Blocking with his sword, Ichigo kicks Muramasa, sending him flying toward a column. Landing on the side of the column, Muramasa leaps off of it and hurtles toward Ichigo. As he and Ichigo clash several times, Muramasa grins and chuckles as he fades away before reappearing next to Ichigo.[1]

255Muramasa smashes

Muramasa smashes through a pillar.

When Muramasa attacks him, Ichigo turns around and blocks with his sword. Continuing to clash with Ichigo, Muramasa wonders how Ichigo saw him. As he and Ichigo cross blades, Muramasa forces him back, sending Ichigo crashing into another pillar. As the dust clears to reveal Ichigo standing up, black-red Reiatsu flows along the blade of Tensa Zangetsu. When Muramasa rushes toward him from behind, Ichigo turns around and fires a Getsuga Tenshō at a shocked Muramasa. Blocking the Getsuga Tenshō, Muramasa smashes through a pillar before crashing into another one.[1]

255Ichigo slashes

Ichigo slashes at Muramasa, who blocks with his sword.

As broken chunks of the columns fall into the water and send waves outward, the dust clears to reveal Muramasa kneeling on top of the pillar with his sword embedded in the pillar. Attempting to stand up, Muramasa looks at Ichigo, who stands on top of another pillar with his eyes closed. Saying he understands, Muramasa states Ichigo has Zangetsu by his side once more and jumps to another pillar before leaping toward Ichigo. When Muramasa attacks him, Ichigo blocks as Muramasa slashes at him. Blocking with his sword, Ichigo forces Muramasa back and slashes at him.[1]

255Ichigo says

Ichigo says Muramasa likely already knew this.

Blocking, Muramasa struggles with Ichigo, who steps to the side as Muramasa tumbles forward. When Ichigo says he understands what Zangetsu was trying to say, Muramasa expresses surprise as Ichigo states recognizing and accepting each other's existence is the foundation of the relationship between a Zanpakutō Spirit and a Shinigami. When Ichigo looks over his shoulder and says Muramasa likely already knew this, Muramasa expresses anger and stands up before asking Ichigo what he knows about anything. Turning to face Muramasa, Ichigo asks him why he will not accept it before expressing surprise.[1]

255Energy falls

Blue energy falls around Ichigo.

Rumbling, the column which Ichigo and Muramasa are standing on collapses. As the pieces fall into the water, Ichigo and Muramasa fly out of the water and rapidly clash with each other several times. As Ichigo stands on the water, blue energy falls around him as Zangetsu tells him they must leave this place. Stating there is a maelstrom of deep-seated anger which is driven by the Hollows whom Muramasa consumed for all those years, Zangetsu reveals they will rise up and destroy Muramasa at any moment. As Ichigo expresses surprise, Muramasa bursts out of the water behind him.[1]

255Ichigo pushes

Ichigo pushes Muramasa back.

Clashing, Ichigo and Muramasa separate before crossing blades. Yelling, Ichigo pushes Muramasa back, sending him flying into another column. When Zangetsu tells him they do not have much time, Ichigo says he knows. Attempting to stand up within the crater, Muramasa expresses surprise when the water level begins to rise. As the column above him collapses, several large chunks of stone fall on top of Muramasa as he tries to escape. As Ichigo expresses shock, Muramasa sinks through the water. As Ichigo calls out to him, Muramasa notes Kōga's voice never reached him.[1]

255Ichigo tells

Ichigo tells Muramasa to give up.

Hearing Ichigo yell his name, Muramasa opens his eyes in shock. Telling Ichigo to get out of here, Zangetsu reveals Ichigo will be trapped here forever if he does not. When Muramasa bursts out of the water, Ichigo expresses surprise as Muramasa lands on top of a nearby column and pants. As Muramasa groans in pain, Ichigo asks him why he cannot let this go. When Muramasa states it is none of Ichigo's business, Ichigo says Kōga claimed he did not need Muramasa anymore and tells Muramasa to give up. Stating Kōga's abilities were advanced enough for him to rule over all of Soul Society, Muramasa says he was always proud of this.[1]

255Ichigo blocks

Ichigo blocks Muramasa's attack.

Proclaiming Kōga possessed amazing power, Muramasa states this is why he will never stop and appears in front of Ichigo before attacking him. As Ichigo blocks, the force of Muramasa's attack disturbs the water around him. Asking Muramasa what is wrong with him, Ichigo pushes his blade down and reminds Muramasa of his mission to free the Zanpakutō Spirits from captivity. Saying Ichigo will believe almost anything, Muramasa states this was just a ploy to trick the Shinigami and pushes Ichigo back. As Muramasa leaps after him, Ichigo raises his sword over his head.[1]

255Muramasa expresses

Muramasa expresses surprise.

Asking Muramasa if this is the truth, Ichigo clashes with him. Separating, Ichigo and Muramasa land on separate pillars as Ichigo says Muramasa told them he killed his master. When Ichigo proclaims Kōga never saw Muramasa as anything more than his weapon, Muramasa expresses surprise as Ichigo states Muramasa struggled to exist in order to free Kōga from his seal despite knowing this. As Ichigo says Muramasa did all of this because he wanted Kōga to appreciate him at least once, Muramasa looks at his hand, which is transparent, and notes it was a lofty goal.[1]

255Hole appears

A hole appears in Muramasa's chest.

As Muramasa notes it would not have lasted long, a hole appears in his chest before vanishing. As Muramasa groans in pain, more columns collapse as Ichigo calls out to him. As Muramasa pants, Zangetsu tells Ichigo time is running out and reveals the pockets of Reishi in the Human World will become dangerously unbalanced and Karakura Town could be destroyed if Muramasa becomes a Hollow. Stating Muramasa will not become a Hollow, Ichigo tells Muramasa he and Zangetsu shall be together until the end and says this applies to his friends and the captains as well.[1]

255Ichigo proclaims

Ichigo proclaims a Zanpakutō Spirit should have free will.

Stating each Shinigami and their Zanpakutō Spirit are special and irreplaceable to one another, Ichigo proclaims Muramasa knew this better than anyone else and asks him how he could betray the honor which he once fought for. Saying Ichigo has no right to stand there and judge him, Muramasa reveals he knew what he was doing all along. When Ichigo states taking what one wants when one wants it is no way to treat a Zanpakutō Spirit, Muramasa expresses shock as Ichigo proclaims a Zanpakutō Spirit should have free will just like its Shinigami master.[1]

The end of the conflict

Ichigo and Muramasa attack each other.

As a large wave crushes several more columns, Muramasa's Hollow mask begins to form on his face as he notes his time has finally come. When Zangetsu says his name, Ichigo states he knows and proclaims they will end this. As black-red Reiatsu surges around a yelling Ichigo, Muramasa rips off his Hollow mask and yells as blue Reiatsu surges around him. Bursting out of the wave, Ichigo yells and rushes forward as a yelling Muramasa hurtles toward him. Holding their swords in front of them, Ichigo and Muramasa attack each other as the wave crashes down on top of them.[1]


255Muramasa coughs

Muramasa coughs up blood after being defeated by Ichigo.

As Muramasa sinks through the water, Ichigo says his name. Noting how ironic it is for Ichigo's voice to be the one which reaches him, Muramasa reaches up as Ichigo grabs his hand. On the island, Ichigo holds Muramasa's hand as Muramasa lies on the ground and asks Ichigo if this feeling is what he has been trying to explain to Muramasa all along. When Ichigo confirms this, Muramasa states he understands and says he made quite a mess of Kōga. As Muramasa coughs up blood, Ichigo states everyone makes mistakes and says this means Muramasa will fix it some day. Carrying Orihime, Rukia lands on the island. Walking forward, Rukia and Orihime express surprise.[1]

255Muramasa's sword snaps

Muramasa's glowing sword snaps in two.

When Muramasa grasps his hand, Ichigo expresses surprise as Muramasa begins to reveal what he hopes will happen someday. As his hand falls from Ichigo's, Muramasa turns transparent as his glowing sword snaps in two and dissipates. As Ichigo expresses surprise, a stream of purple energy extends into the sky as Ichigo watches. Turning around to see Rukia and Orihime, Ichigo asks them if everyone is alright. As Rukia confirms they are safe, Orihime asks Ichigo if Muramasa is really gone for good. When Ichigo confirms this, Rukia and Orihime express surprise.[1]

255Ichigo smiles

Ichigo smiles.

Stating Muramasa kept his pride as a Zanpakutō Spirit until the very end, Ichigo expresses surprise as 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki appears. As Ichigo asks Byakuya if he is okay, rain begin to fall. As the manifested Zanpakutō Spirits glow and dissipate, they return to their owners as Byakuya says Ichigo's name. Turning away, Byakuya states this is the second time he is thanking Ichigo and says he appreciates Ichigo's help. As Byakuya moves away with Shunpo, Ichigo smiles.[1]